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Hedgeland, Frederick W., statement of.
Helf & Hager Co
Herbert, Victor....
Hey), Jacob, present at hearings..
Higgins r. Keutfel..
Hill, Frank P., statement of.
Hinshaw. Edmund H., House of Representatives Committee
on Patents:

Extension of existing copyright.
Importation clauses.
Mechanical reproductions..

Right of sale.
Holland, rights of foreign authors
Hollis, W. H., present at hearings.
Holmes r. Hurst.
Hopkins, Edwin, president Playwrights League Club, letter

Horgan, S. II., on newspaper illustrations.
How to secure copyright. (See Formalities.)
Howard, Bronson, on infringement of dramatic composi-

Howells, W. D., present at hearings.
Hughes, Charles E., counsel for Æolian Company
Hungary, mechanical devices.
Hurst. Holmes 1..
Hurtig & Seaman, letter.

In book.
Protection in foreign countries.
To be substituted ior lithographs'

See also Lithographs.

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 633), secs. 22, 25–30).......
By mail-

C. P. Montgomery

G. H. Putnam..
Consent of copyright proprietor.
Exceptions to prohibítion of.
Foreign laws on..
Of books reprinted in Japan.
Of foreign editions of copyrighted books-

W. A. Jenner.

G. H. Putnam.
Of foreign type-set books.

Of Association of the Bar of New York

Of W. B. Hale....
Seizure in case of unlawful copies...
Statements of -

A. E. Bostwick, of Amer. Library Association.
R. R. Bowker..
W. P. Cutter..
G. W. Furniss..
F. P. Hill, of American Library Association.
W. A. Jenner..
R. U. Johnson..
C. P. Montgomery, of the Treasury Department.
G. W. Ogilvie.
S. H. Olin.
T. N. Page.
George Hlaven Putnam.
H. Putnam, Librarian of Congress.
T. Solberg, Register of Copyrights, in re prohibitions

of law of 1891..
B. C. Steiner.
A. Stenart.
J.J. Sullivan.
H. Van Dyke.

A. H. Walker.
Imprisonment for infringement of copyright:
Statements of--

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American (Authors') Copyright League
JI. C. Clarke..
Hon. F.D. (urrier.
L. Johnson.
A. Lucking.
H. P. Mawson.
392074-08 -29


[blocks in formation]

Infringement of copyright:

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 6330, secs. 21-36).
Statement of-

W. A. Jenner.

E. E. Wise.
See also Cases cited; Mechanical devices; Penalties; Suits

for infringement.
Infringement of unpublished manuscript should be a misde-

Ingram, Tolbert R., Music Co., letter.
Injunction in case of infringement..
Inland Printer, extract from
Innes, Fred N., represented by H. Fromme.
Interim copyright:

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 6330, secs. 16, 17)..
Exclusive right to translate.
Notice of date of publication and reservation of copy-

right abolished (sec. 4952)

Republication in United States,
International Advertising Association, invited to conference

on copyright.
International Brotherhood of Bookbinders:

Amendments proposed.
Letter of J. L. Feeney.
Statement of

R. Glockling.

1. L. Feeney
International Congress of Publishers, abolition of legal de-

International copyright:

Statement of S. II. Olin.
Talking machines...
See also Berne Convention; Foreign authors; Interim

International Talking Machine Co. of Berlin.
International Typographical Union:

Invited to conference on copyright..
Amendments proposed by.
Statement of

S. H. Olin.
J. J. Sullivan.

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Interpretation of copyright law as affected by new bill.
Inventors, effect of copyright bill on:
Statement of

R. R. Bowker.
G. H. Davis.

A. H. Walker..
Israel, Harry, letter..

Mechanical reproduction of music.

Rights of foreign authors..
Jack, Annie, letter of...
Jackson, George J., present at hearings
Jacobs, Walter, letter.
Janlet, Victor, quoted.
Japan, books imported from.
Jenner, W. A.

Deposit of copies.....
Foreign statutes on importation.
Importation of foreign books.

Section 2 (S. 2499).
Section 34 (S. 2499)

Section 44 (S. 2499).
Forfeiture of copyright upon failure to deposit


Importation without permission of proprietor.
Reply to American Publishers' Copyright League.

Term of copyright...
Johnson, F. T. F., on importation of foreign edition.
Johnson, Ligon:




Amendment proposed..

Statement of.
Johnson, R. 1'.:

Statements of
Duration of copyright
Mechanical reproduction of music..
Term"making and first publication

23, 173, 363

54, 79, 360


38, 41.88.132

162, 210, 230),

165, 402

[blocks in formation]

Johnston's History of Library of Congress, quoted...
Joint authors, duration of copyright in works by.

S. bill 6330, sec. 18..,
Jordan, Jules, letter of.
Judicial decisions not subject-matter of copyright..
Jurisdiction of courts in copyright cases.
Kaufman, S. L., present at hearings.
Kehr, Cyrus, correspondence with
Kennedy v. McTammany.
Keuffel,'Higgins r..
Kilburn, D. W., & Co., statement of D. C. Remich
Kimball Company.
Kirk, Hyland c., present at hearings.
Kittredge, Alfred B., chairman, Senate Committee on

Bills S. 8190 and S. 2900, introduction of..
Contracts regarding mechanical reproduction of music.
Definition of publication”.
Jurisdiction of courts in copyright cases.
Mechanical devices...
Notice of copyright on paintings..
Right of sale,

Royalty system..
Klaw & Erlanger, letter of..
Klein, Charles, statement of.
Kleist, Eugene de, (See De Kleist Musical Instrument

Manufacturing Co.)
Knowles, Harry, statement of.
Kohler, Josef.
Krell, Albert, on perforated rolls.
Kremer, Victor, Co..
Labels and prints for articles of manufacture.
Lacalle, Jos., letter of...
Laffargue & Co..
Lambs Club..
Latimer, Asbury C., Senate Committee on Patents:

Mechanical reproduction of music.

Republication of foreign books..
Law, Charles B., House of Representatives, Committee on

Importation of foreign editions.

Talking pictures..
Leake, Eugene W., House of Representatives, Committee on

Importation of foreign edition.
Infringement of dramatic composition.
Mechanical devices.
Royalty for mechanical reproduction of music.

Talking pictures....

Copyright in unpublished..
Notice of copyright for oral..
Oral, omitted from substitute draft of C. S. Burton..
Right of delivery of..

Tulking machine, reproductions of.
Leeds and Cattlin Co...
Legare, George S., llouse of Representatives, Committee on

Copyright in State reports..
Mechanical devices..
Notice of copyright
Renewal of copyright.
Right of sale
Seizure of copies.

Talking pictures.
Lenox Music Co., letter of.
Lewandowski, D. P., letter of.
Librarian of Congress, Herbert Putnam:

Affidavit as to place of manufacture..
Analysis of copyright bill
Certificate of registration for stereoscopic views.
Conferences, correspondence, and hearings on copyright.
Copyright deposits..
Copyright fees.

Of copyright”.
Of "publication"

[blocks in formation]
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Librarian oi Congress, Herbert Putnam-Continued.

Duration of copy right..
Failure of deposit and registration
History of copyright bill.
How to secure copyright.

Foreign statutes.

Reply of W. A. Jenner.
Inquiries sent to Copyright Office.
Limitation of actions..
Lithograph, etching, engraving.
Mechanical devices.
Notice of copyright..
Printing of communications in record.
Publications issued by Copyright Oflice.
Subiect-matter of copyright.

Who may obtain copyright.
Libraries, importation for.
Library Copy right League.
Library of Congress, copy right deposits in.
License, compulsory. (See Royalty.)
Limitation of action...
List of associations invited to conference on copyright.
List of music publishers not party to Æolian contracts.
List of persons present at hearings..
“Lithograph: "

Omission of term in copyright bill.
Exception in manufacturing clause--
Statement of

C. II. Candles.
W. A. Livingstone
A. B. Malcomson.
F. D. Millet.
G. H. Putnam

1.II Walker.
Lithograph (Consolidated) Company. (Sec Wilcox, Ansley.)
Lithograph Co. v. Sarony. (See Burrow-Giles Lithograph

Lithographers' Association, East. (See Reproductive Arts

Copyright League.)
Lithographic process, statement of A. H. Walker.
Litigation involving mechanical devices
Litt & Dingwall.
Littlefield, Charles E., House of Representatives, present at

Livingstone, William A., statements of

Memoranda of Print Publishers' Association.
Longmans v. Minerva Publishing Co....
Loud, George A., House of Representatives, present at

Low, H. N.:

Amendments proposed by
Destruction of card indexes

Mechanical musical instruments.
Lowe, Cortelyou r.
Lubin, Edison Co. v.
Lucking, Alfred.
Ludwig, John.
Ludwig & Co.
Lutz, Walter, testimony of.
Lyon & Healy.

[blocks in formation]

Lyon-Caen, Charles, quoted.
Lyons, Maurice, letter of..
Macaulay, Lord, on term of copyright.
McCulloch 1. Maryland...
McDonald, Pirie
McElhone, Philip, present at hearings..
MeGavin, Charles, House of Representatives Committee on

Notice of copyright..

Reproduction of music by mechanical devices
McKinley, William, testimony of.
Mckinney. William M.:

Secondhand book trade.

Statement of.
McLoughlin Bros., represented by A. B. Malcomson
McTamiany, Kennedy i'.....

Free transmission through the.
Importation through the

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“Making," meaning of (S. 6330, sec. 8).
Malcomson, A. Bell..
Mallory, Stephen R., Senate Committee on Patents:

Certificate of copyright registration.
False affidavit.
Importation clauses.
Judicial opinions
Notice of copyright..
**Publication of work of art, etc.
Reprinting of English books.

Seizure of infringing copies..
Mann, Nat D., statement of, in Music Trades, Feb. 1, 1908.
Mansfield, Lord, decision in Bach v. Lincoln..
Manufacture, prints and labels for articles of..
Manufacturing clause:

Provisions of copyright bill (S. 6330, sec. 13)
Affidavit required under..
Amendments proposed by-

A. W. Elson.
International Typographical Union and others..

A. H. Walker opposed by P. MacDonald..
Binding, compulsory in United States...
Books printed abroad from plates made in United States.
Canada, act of July 18, 1900..
Foreign books....
Illustrations in a book.

10, 165, 172


[blocks in formation]

Musical compositions.
Ohjected to by American Association of Directory Pub-

Penalty for false affidavit..
Photographs and chromos.
Statements of -

R. R. Bowker..
W. B. Hale.
W. 1. Jenner.
W. A. Livingstone.
A. B. Malcomson, regarding lithographs.
C. Porterfield.
G. H. Putnam.
A. Steuart.
J. J. Sullivan..

[blocks in formation]

A. H. Walker. Manuscript:

Filing of unpublished, omitted from substitute draft

of C. S. Burton Infringement of unpublished

(See also Unpublished works.)
Manuscript Society, invited to conference on copyright.
Marks, G. Croydon, musical copyright in England.
Marshall. Justice, cited.
Marshall, Sir Herbert, English musical copyright act
Martell, Harry, letter..
Massenet and Puccini o. Ullman & Co., and Pathé Frères..
Material object, transfer of, distinct from copyright..

(See also Assignment of copyright.)
Matthews Piano Co., letter..
Mauro, Philip..
Mawson, Harry P., statements..
Mechanical devices for reproducing sound:
A mendments proposed by-

American Musical Copyright League

Music Publishers' Association. Letters from

American Federation of Musicians.

Music publishers. List of patents. Litigation on. Petitions of

Lambs Club.

Members of New York State senate
Reading of productions on...
Statements of

R. R. Bowker..
Nathan Burkan.
C.S. Burton.
G. H. Davis.

[blocks in formation]


77. 201, 247 201,320,345

34,252 268, 270

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