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ciation at the Hague, 284. Is made lord chamberlain to the queen, 286. His military credit at

Mons, 289. His death, ibid. Osory, earl of, son of the preceding earl, married to the lady Anne Hyde, I. 290.

Her death, 294. Marries lady Mary Somerset, 296. Osory, bishop of, l. 426. Othwelie Gillemiholoth, I. 31. Outlawry for high-treason, made a disqualification for

peers or their descendants sitting in the house of Jords, I. 376. List of peers so disqualified, 378.

P Paisly, capt. William, II. 65. Pale, in Ireland, how understood, and its extent, II. 4. Parliament of England, Mr. Hooker's account of the

conftitution and forms of, 11 Eliz. I. 87. Parliament of Ireland, fummary view of the early hir

tory of, I, 44. Ancient and modern methods of holding, 57. Historical view of the alterations, 62. Proceedings of, under Elizabeth, 66. Method of proceeding in the parliament held by fir Henry Sid. ney, 11 Eliz. 68. . Proceedings of, under James I. 165. Proceedings of the house of lords from the session of 1634 to 1666, 314. The first regular entry of a writ of error in, 358. Table of alĩ the sessions and laws, 418, note. Its several places of meeting, 390. II. 97. Places of holding parliament, 98. List of the parliament under Oliver

Cromwell, 234. Parfonage houses, acts to encourage the building of,

11. 36, note. Patty, Nicholas, and Anne his wife, II.

70. Peers of Ireland, outlawed, a list of, 378. Peerage, the descent of, not to be barred by a fine, I.

198, note. Pensions, not to be granted on the hereditary revenue, Vol. II.



1. 424•


Peppard, Mr. II. 38.
Pery, Mr. event of his proposition relative to Poyn-

ing's law, I. 55.
Petitions, regulations for the reading of, in the house

of commons, II. 61.
Petty, fir William, II. 96. 150. His character, 160.
Philip and Mary, laws enacted in Ireland during their

reign, I. 50.
Philip down, derivation of the name, I. 52, note.
Piers, sir Edward, I. 391.
Plague at London, I. 265.
Ploughland, a term of indefinite signification, I. 181.
Plunkett, James, II. 67.
Plunkett, Henry Talbot, II. 70.
Ponsonby, Mr. I. 405.
Ponsonby, colonel, 11. 75, note.
Ponsonby, fir John, II. 94. 122.
Pont Volant, at Nimeguen, 11. 169, note.
Poor of Ireland, no regular provision for, II. 118.
Popish plot, I. 289.
Porter, fir Charles, lord chancellor, is chosen deputy

of Ireland, on the death of the lord lieutenant, 1.

Portland, duke of, II. 21. 63. 113.
Portsmouth, duchess of, I. 287.
Poynes, Tobias, erg. II. 68.
Poyning's law, hiftory of, I. 48. Was repealed un-

der James II. il. 199, note.
Precedence of the Irifh peers in the sessions 1634 and

1635, I. 331. Preferments, ecclesiastical, in England and Ireland, not

to be held together, l. 426.
Presentations to benefices, regulated, I. 372.
Preston, fir Richard, lord Dingwall in Scotland, and

earl of Desmond in Ireland, I. 201.
Preston, lady Elizabeth, I. 211, 212. 292.
Price, capt. Charles, II. 10.
Price, Lott, esq. II. 13.



Prisoners, rates to be levied for their relief, 1. 426. Prizage, how it came into the family of Butler, I. 193. Proctors for the clergy, how introduced into the lower

house, Il. 5. Are excluded, and aflemble in con

vocation, 6. Prorogation of parliament, how it affects business dea

pending, II. 21. Protections abolished, 1, 362. II. 61. Proteft, the first formally entered on the Irish journals,

1. 402. Protesting by proxy, peculiar to Ireland,

II. 195.

Proxies in the Irish house of lords, the exercise of, re

gulated, I. 321. The appearance of lords by, re-
Itricted, 341. No peer to have more than two,
384. Proceedings relating to lords who have no
estates in Ireland, 385. Regulations and practice

of proxies, Il. 190.
Pulteney, Mr. II. 112. 186.
Purbeck, viscount, his case. I. 198, note.
Purcell, Edward, I. 276.
Purcell, William, II. 69.
Purdon, ferjeant, II. 182.



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Quatremaine, Dr. I. 243.

R Ranelagh, lord, I. 283. 285. 340. 375. 395. II. 141. Raphoe, bishop of, Il. 105. Ratcliffe, fir George, I. 219. 347. 355. 357. II. 20. Rathmines, battle of, I. 227. Reading, William, esq. II. 68. Reimond le Gross, his expedition to Ireland, I. 25, Remonstrances presented by the commons against griev.

ances, II. 30. 38. Residence, clerical, enjoined by an early statute in Ireland, I. 46.

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162. 305

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Revenue, hereditary, restraining clauses in the laws for

granting pensions, I. 424. Farm of, by fir James

Shaen, II. 245.
Rickesis, Mr. Il. 132.
Ridgway, Thomas, I.
Road act, the first passed in Ireland, I. 180.

Roberts, lord, 1. 270.
Roberts, William, Ulster king at arms, II. 87.
Rochford, earl of, an Irish commoner, II. 83.
Rolls, master of, in Ireland, when it became a finecure

office, I. 314. 347 Roman catholics, their parliamentary disabilities, I. Roscommon, lord, I. 411. His character, II. 160. Ross, lord, I. 362. Ross, Mr. II.

137 Rothorike, monarch of Ireland, swears fealty to Henry

II. of England, I. 32. Rouvigny, Monf. I. 281. Russel, bishop, I. 255. Ruffel, colonel, I. 242. Rutland, duke of, I. 410. Ryves, judge, I. 354.

S Sande, marquis de, Portuguese ambassador, I. 254. 286. Santry, lord, I. 412. 11. 197: Sarsfield, judge, I. 167, 168. Savage, Philip, esq. clerk of the crown, I. 383. Scotch, restrictions on their settling in Ireland, repeal

ed, I. 180. Acts for their naturalization, 370. II.

15. Levy on them for parliament fees, 70. Scott, colonel Thomas, Il. 91. Scott, Mr. II. 136. Secretary of state for Ireland, how this office funk into

a finecure, II. III. Settlement, act of, for Ireland, I. 259. Proceedings

on, 267. 396. Table of the expences attending the commiflion for it in England, 406. II. 145.


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Shaen, fir James, farms the whole revenue of Ire

land, II, 141. Copy of the grant, 245.
Shaftesbury, earl of, I. 289.
Shapcote, Mr. II. 136.
Shean, fir James, I. 275.
Shelden, archbishop, I. 271.
Sherlock, Mr. his offer to bribe the lord chancellor,

complained of, I. 172. Is punished, 174.
Shrewsbury, earl of, I. 393. II. 193.
Sidney, fir Henry, account of the Irish parliament held

by him, II Eliz. I. 68. Slane, William lord, I. 315. Slingsby, fir Harry, beheaded, I. 242. Southampton, lord treasurer, I. 264. 267 Southwell, fir Robert, anecdotes and character of, by the first duke of Ormond, I. v.

Copy of the dedication to his narrative, viii. 189. His narrative of the duke's life, 192. Is made secretary of

state, II. 111. Speaker of the house of lords, allowed the same fees as

in England, I. 400. Speaker of the house of commons, a deputy appointed,

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II. 107

Spirits, not to be distilled from corn, without licence,

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St. John, Mr. treasurer, I. 173. 175.
St. Leger, fir William, II. 20. 61.
Standing order of the house of lords, the peculiar ad-

vantage of, I. 318.
Stanihurt, Mr. recorder of Dublin, chosen speaker of

the Irish house of commons, 11 Eliz. I. 71.
Staples, Mr. II. 136.
Stewart, Mr. I. 405.
Strabane, lord, I. 383.
Strafford, earl of, accused by the Irish commons, I.

220. His reprimand of the house of commons, 329.
His parliamentary transactions, II. 20. 22. 25. 29.
30. 42. 104.


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