Narrative of the North China Campaign of 1860: Containing Personal Experiences of Chinese Character, and of the Moral and Social Condition of the Country; Together with a Description of the Interior of Pekin

Smith, Elder and Company, 1861 - 391 Seiten

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Seite 301 - My conscience hath a thousand several tongues, And every tongue brings in a several tale, And every tale condemns me for a villain. Perjury, perjury, in the highest degree; Murder, stern murder, in the direst degree; All several sins, all used in each degree, Throng to the bar, crying all, — Guilty ! guilty ! I shall despair.
Seite 128 - The long-extended squadrons shape their way ! Death, in approaching terrible, imparts An anxious horror to the bravest hearts ; Yet do their beating breasts demand the strife, And thirst of glory quells the love of life.
Seite 380 - While through the ice the crimson berries glow. The thick-sprung reeds the watery marshes yield, Seem polished lances in a hostile field. The stag in limpid currents with surprise, Sees crystal branches on his forehead rise. The spreading oak, the beech, and towering pine, Glazed over, in the freezing ether shine.
Seite 391 - Price 10s. cloth. True Law of Population. By Thomas Doubleday. Third Edition, 8vo. Price 6s. cloth. England and her Soldiers. By Harriet Martineau. With Three Plates of Illustrative Diagrams. 1 vol. crown 8vo, price 9s. cloth. Grammar and Dictionary of the Malay Language. By John Crawfurd, Esq. Two vols. 8vo. Price 36s. cloth.
Seite 294 - General Montauban, pointing to them, "I have had a few of the most brilliant things selected, to be divided between the Queen of Great Britain and the Emperor of the French.
Seite 393 - Post 8vo, with Map. Price 10s. 6d. cloth. Narrative of the Mutinies in Oude. By Captain G. Hutchinson, Military Secretary, Oude. Post 8vo. Price 10s. cloth. A Lady's Escape from Gwalior During the Mutinies of 1857. By Mrs. Coopland. Post 8vo. Price 10s.
Seite 393 - Price 4s. 6d. cloth. The Sanitary Condition of Indian Jails. By Joseph Ewart, MD, Bengal Medical Service. With Plans, 8vo. Price 16s. cloth. District Duties during the Revolt In the North- West Provinces of India. By II.
Seite 394 - The Cauvery, Kistnah, and Godavery : being a Report on the Works constructed on those Rivers, for the Irrigation of Provinces in the Presidency of Madras. By R. BAIRD SMITH, FGS, Lt-Col. Bengal Engineers, &c., &c. In demy Svo, with 19 Plans, price 28s. cloth. " A most curious and interesting work.
Seite 390 - Demy 8vo, with Illustrations. Price 14s. cloth. 10 New and Standard Works published by Sea Officer's Manual. By Captain Alfred Parish. Second Edition. Small post 8vo. Price 5s. cloth. Victoria, And the Australian Gold Mines in 1857. By William Westgarth. Post 8vo, with Maps. 10s. 6d. cloth. New Zealand and its Colonization. By William Swainson, Esq. Demy 8vo. Price 14s. cloth. The Education of the Human Race. Now first Translated from the German of Lessing. Fcap. 8vo, antique cloth. Price 4s.

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