Cases Argued and Decided in the Supreme Court of Mississippi ..., Band 9

E.W. Stephens Publishing Company, 1844

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Seite 611 - It is an established rule in the exposition of statutes that the intention of the lawgiver is to be deduced from a view of the whole and of every part of a statute taken and compared together.
Seite 275 - Ship called the whereof is Master for this present Voyage and now riding at Anchor in the and bound for to say being marked and numbered as in the Margin, and are to be delivered...
Seite 276 - In witness whereof, the master or purser of the said ship hath affirmed to three bills of lading, all of this tenor and date, one of which being accomplished, the other two to stand void.
Seite 501 - Where the debtor conceals himself, so that the ordinary process of law cannot be served upon him.
Seite 568 - ... indictments, than by their own innocence, and many times gross murders, burglaries, robberies, and other heinous and crying offences, escape by these unseemly niceties, to the reproach of the law, to the shame of the government, and to the encouragement of villainy, and to the dishonour of God. And it were very fit, that by some law this over-grown curiosity and nicety were reformed, which is now become the disease of the law, and will, I fear, in time grow mortal, without some timely remedy.
Seite 282 - ... whether understood in its more extended sense as including inevitable accidents occurring upon that element, must still in either case be understood to include such losses only to the goods on board as are of an extraordinary nature or arise from some irresistible "force, or from inevitable accident or some overwhelming power which cannot be guarded against by the ordinary exertions of human skill and prudence.
Seite 726 - Saving to the king's most excellent majesty, his heirs and successors, and to all and every person and persons, bodies politic and corporate, their respective heirs and successors...
Seite 564 - ... on conviction of the defendant or defendants of the offense so charged and failure to pay the penalty imposed by this act, with costs, shall commit said defendant or defendants to the common jail of the county for a period of not less than one day for each dollar of penalty imposed.
Seite 560 - In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall have a right to be heard by himself and by counsel; to demand the nature and cause of the accusation...
Seite 470 - Fraud, indeed, in the sense of a Court of Equity, properly includes all acts, omissions, and concealments, which involve a breach of legal or equitable duty, trust, or confidence, justly reposed, and are injurious to another, or by which an undue and unconscientious advantage is taken of another.

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