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Your veracious, friend, Casimir Perier, after having been obliged nearly to die to appease the people, has recovered from his last and most successful ruse; while his obedient master, the King of the French, surrounded by that enlightened, prosperous, and happy crowd, who disclaim being his subjects, exercises all the patriarchal virtues which become “ a President in disguise,” in the midst of revolt, conspiracy, conflagration, pest, poison, and massacre. The Deputies, having fulfilled all the duties befitting the representatives of freemen, in voting the budget, are now about to return to their constituents. In less than a month, we shall no doubt hear of their warm reception in the Provinces, and of some gratifying, perhaps startling, demonstration of national gratitude.

Your Lordship will observe with complacency the pleasure with which I have commemorated the complete satisfaction which has been accorded to you for the affair of Ancona.

Doubtless, by this time, the cosmopolite expedition of Belleisle has met with the success which it deserves ; and your ally, M. de Palmella, attended by his forlorn Ex-Emperor,

is already fulfilling your intentions in the Foreign Office at Lisbon.

Algiers and Greece, you will delight to hear, are flourishing under the benign influence of that tricolour flag, whose immaculate glory, your colleague, Lord Althorp, vindicated with that easy eloquence, and curious felicity of diction, for which he is so remarkable.

Fortunately, my Lord, you are, at length, disembarrassed of those unhappy Poles, on whom, some months ago, you showered your sincere sympathy, and lavished the faithful promises of your aid. Allow me to congratulate your Lordship on the distinguished manner in which, in this affair, you have supported the honour and the interests of the country, whose fortunes, by a wild caprice of Destiny, you are, for a moment, regulating.

Although we have not heard much of Germany lately, I think I can assure your Lordship, from my last advices, that you will soon be apprised that its interesting inhabitants are not entirely deprived of their share in the universal felicity which your golden rule appears to have generally occasioned.

And for Belgium, my Lord, - oh! with what feelings of enviable self-congratulation you must perceive that your once almost desolate signature, so long and so faithfully guarded by the vigilant paraph of the Prince of Benevento, is at length surrounded by the royal and imperial emblems of the baffled powers.

Your Lordship, indeed, has arranged this affair with such dexterity, that I should not be surprised were the King of the Netherlands and the King of the Belgians to present your Lordship, in

stead of a snuff-box of state, with a sabre of honour.

As all the world is now disarming — as Ireland is at length content, and Jamaica almost cool — and your Lordship’s mind suffused with that calm satisfaction which is the consolatory offspring of success — your Lordship may perhaps condescend to spare a moment to these innocent, but, I trust, not altogether uninstruc

tive, pages.

My Lord, it has ever been considered an indubitable characteristic of insanity in men to mistake their friends for their enemies. It is on this principle alone that I can account for the perseverance with which

your Lordship invariably seizes every opportunity of injuring and insulting our ancient allies, and assisting and eulogising our hereditary foe.

To your Lordship, therefore, as the most eminent Gallomaniac of the day, I dedicate this volume. I should consider myself happy if it in any degree tended to allay that fatal frenzy under which, unfortunately for your

fellowsubjects, your Lordship has so long and so consistently laboured.

* * * *

April 14. 1832. Saturday morning, 8 A.M.

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