Journal of the Franklin Institute, Band 20;Band 50

Pergamon Press, 1850
Vols. 1-69 include more or less complete patent reports of the U. S. Patent Office for years 1825-59.

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Seite 348 - State to the undivided functions of science," would, he contended, do more and better work than those who snatch an hour or two from their daily toil or nightly rest. This ideal of "combining what is insulated, and uniting in one great institution the living talent which is in active but undirected and unbefriended exercise around us...
Seite 335 - Grove's battery, in 24 hours; while 75 pounds are consumed in the same time to produce the same power in a battery of Daniell's construction. The cause of this was referred to the necessity of producing a high degree of excitement, to overcome the resistance which the molecular forces offer to the electrical perturbations, on which the magnetic force depends. It was contended, that although we have not perhaps arrived at the best form of voltaic battery, yet that we have learnt sufficient of the...
Seite 367 - ... the simple combination of a bell hung to a spring, a cord or chain leading therefrom, and a tripping lever or apparatus, which, when moved in one direction, shall pull the cord and cause the bell to vibrate, as this is a well known combination, applied todoors, for the purpose of sounding an alarm.
Seite 362 - As it soon appeared, in the course of our inquiry, that the effects of heavy bodies moving with great velocity upon structures had never been made the subject of direct scientific investigation, and as it also appeared that, in the opinion of practical and scientific engineers, such an inquiry was highly desirable, our attention was early directed to the devising of experiments for the purpose of elucidating this matter.
Seite 393 - The material of which this filter is made is of little importance. One of the best, according to Dr Smith, as far as clearing the water is concerned, being of steel filings,— oxide of iron, oxide of manganese, and powdered bricks all answering equally well. This shows that the separation of the organic matter is due to some peculiar attraction of the surfaces of the porous mass presented to the fluid. — This paper was a continuation of Dr Smith's Report, published last year ; and he purposes...
Seite 245 - ... oil, in the manner and for the purpose substantially as herein set forth ; said compound constituting a new manufacture.
Seite 402 - It was requisite for a specific purpose to reduce the internal diameter to 34 inches, and this was effected by the insertion of a smaller cast-iron cylinder into the centre of the large one ; and to insure some initial strain, the large cylinder was expanded by heating it, and the internal cylinder, being first turned too large, was thus powerfully compressed. The inner cylinder was partly filled with pewter, and, a steel piston being fitted to the bore, a pressure of 972 tons was put on the steel...
Seite 94 - What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the method substantially as herein described, of making the frame work of iron houses of more than one story, by means of beams cast in sections, with end flanches, which receive bolts for uniting and drawing them together, and with top and bottom parallel flanches, when this is combined with columns, pilasters, or posts cast with horizontal flanches at top and bottom, the top flanche of one column, and the bottom flanche of...
Seite 396 - ... employed on a mine, a mine in the west of Cornwall. The latter was fibrous, about half an inch thick, and consisted chiefly of sulphate of lime, with a little silica and peroxide of iron and a trace of fluorine. The former were from one-tenth of an inch in thickness to one inch. They were laminated, of a gray colour, and had much the appearance of volcanic tufa.
Seite 170 - I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the application to steam-boilers of a fusible alloy which will melt at a given temperature and allow the steam to escape, as herein described, using for that purpose the aforesaid metallic compound, or any other substantially the same, and which will produce the intended effect.

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