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Hon. OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, Circuit Justice..
Hon. LE BARON B. COLT, Circuit Judge......
Hon. WILLIAM L. PUTNAM, Circuit Judge....
Hon. CLARENCE HALE, District Judge, Maine
Hon. EDGAR ALDRICH, District Judge, New Hampshire..
Hon. FRANCIS C. LOWELL, District Judge, Massachusetts.
Hon. ARTHUR L. BROWN, District Judge, Rhode Island.

Washington, D. C.

...Bristol, R. I.

.Portland, Me.

Portland, Me. ..Littleton, N. H.

Boston, Mass. .Providence, R. I.


Hon. RUFUS W. PECKHAM, Circuit Justice..

Washington, D. C. Hon. WILLIAM J. WALLACE, Circuit Judge........

......... Albany, N. Y. Hon. E. HENRY LACOMBE, Circuit Judge..........

........New York, N. Y. Hon. WILLIAM K. TOWNSEND, Circuit Judge

.............New Haven, Conn. Hon. ALFRED C. COXE, Circuit Judge

................ Utica, N. Y. Hon. GEORGE C. HOLT, District Judge, S. D. New York ................New York, N. Y. Hon. JAMES P. PLATT, District Judge, Connecticut.

...........Hartford, Conn. Hon. GEORGE W. RAY, District Judge, N. D. New York ..................Norwich, N, Y. Hon. GEORGE B. ADAMS, District Judge, S. D. New York ......New York, N. Y. Hon. EDWARD B. THOMAS, Dis ict Judge, E. D. New York....29 Liberty St., New York. Hon. HOYT H. WHEELER, District Judge, Vermont..

..Brattleboro, Vt. Hon. JOHN R. HAZEL, District Judge, W. D. New York,

...Butfalo, N. Y.


Hon. HENRY B. BROWN, Circuit Justice
Hon. MARCUS W. ACHESON, Circuit Judge.
Hon. GEORGE M. DALLAS, Circuit Judge.
Hon. GEORGE GRAY, Circuit Judge
Hon. EDWARD G. BRADFORD, District Judge, Delaware.
Hon. ANDREW KIRKPATRICK, District Judge, New Jersey
Hon. WILLIAM M. LANNING, District Judge, New Jersey

.Washington, D. C.

Pittsburgh, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa, .Wilmington, Del, Wilmington, Del.

.Newark, N. J. .. Trenton, N. J.


? Died May 3, 1904.
* Appointed June 1, 1904, to succeed Kirkpatrick, District Judge.
130 F.



Hon. JOHN B. MCPHERSON, District Judge, E. D. Pennsylvania......Philadelphia, Pa. Hon. J. B. HOLLAND, District Judge, E. D. Pennsylvania ........ ...Philadelphia, Pa. Hon. ROBERT WODROW ARCHBALD, District Judge, M. D. Pennsylvania. .Scranton, Pa. Hon. JOSEPH BUFFINGTON, District Judge, W. D. Pennsylvania........ ..Pittsburgh, Pa.


Hop. MELVILLE W. FULLER, Circuit Justice..

.Washington, D. C. Hon. NATHAN GOFF, Circuit Judge......

..Clarksburg. W. Va. Hon. CHARLES H. SIMONTON, Circuit Judge .....

.........Charleston, S. C. Hon. JETER C. PRITCHARD, Circuit Judge ........

....... Asheville, N. C. Hon. THOMAS J. MORRIS, District Judge, Maryland..

Baltimore, Md. Hon, THOMAS R. PURNELL, District Judge, E. D. North Carolina. .Raleigh, N. C. Hon. JAMES E. BOYD, District Judge, W. D. North Carolina...... .... Greensboro, N. C. Hon. WILLIAM H. BRAWLEY, District Judge, E. and W. D. South Car..Charleston, S. C. Hon. EDMUND WADDILL, Jr., District Judge, E, D. Virginia....

..Richmond, Va. Hon. HENRY CLAY MCDOWELL, District Judge, W. D. Virginia... ..Lynchburg, Va. Hon. JOHN J. JACKSON, District Judge, N. D. West Virginia... .Parkersburg, W. Va. Hon. BENJAMIN F. KELLER, District Judge, S. D. West Virginia......Branwell, W. Va.


Hon. EDWARD D. WHITE, Circuit Justice..

Washington, D. C. Hon. DON A. PARDEE, Circuit Judge...

..........Atlanta, Ga. Hon. A. P. McCORMICK, Circuit Judge..

..........Dallas, Tex. Hon. DAVID D. SHELBY, Circuit Judge

......Huntsville, Ala. Hon. THOMAS GOODE JONES, District Judge, M. and N. D. Alabama...Montgomery, Ala. Hon. HARRY T. TOULMIN, District Judge, s. D. Alabama.

..... Mobile, Ala. Hon. CHARLES SWAYNE, District Judge, N. D. Florida.

.... Pensacola, Fla. Hon. JAMES W. LOCKE, District Judge, S. D. Florida..

.Jacksonville, Fla. Hon. WILLIAM T. NEWMAN, District Judge, N. D. Georgia.

.Atlanta, Ga. Hon, EMORY SPEER, District Judge, S. D. Georgia....

..Macon, Ga. Hon. CHARLES PARLANGE, District Judge, E. D. Louisiana.

New Orleans, La. Hon. ALECK BOARMAN, District Judge, W. D. Louisiana.

..Shreveport, La. Hon. HENRY C. NILES, District Judge, N. and S. D. Mississippi..........Kosciusko, Miss. Hon. DAVID E. BRYANT, District Judge, E. D. Texas......

....... Sherman, Tex. Hon. EDWARD R. MEEK, District Judge, N. D. Texas.

.......Ft. Worth, Tex. Hon. THOMAS S. MAXEY, District Judge, W. D. Texas.

.....Austin, Tex. Hon. WALLER T. BURNS, District Judge, S. D. Texas.

..Houston, Tex.


Hon. JOHN M. HARLAN, Circuit Justice.....

Washington, D. C. Hon. HENRY F. SEVERENS, Circuit Judge.

.Kalamazoo, Mich. Hon. HORACE H. LURTON, Circuit Judge.

....Nashville, Tenn. Hon. JOHN K. RICHARDS, Circuit Judge

..Ironton, Ohio. Hon. ANDREW M. J. COCHRAN, District Judge, E. D. Kentucky. ..Covington, Ky, Hon. WALTER EVANS, District Judge, W. D. Kentucky.

.Louisville, Ky. Hon. HENRY H. SWAN, District Judge, E. D. Michigan.

.Detroit, Mich. Hon. GEORGE P. WANTY, District Judge, W. D. Michigan. Grand Rapids, Mich. Hon. AUGUSTUS J. RICKS, District Judge, N. D. Ohio.....

Cleveland, Ohio. Hon. FRANCIS J. WING, District Judge, N. D. Ohio

.........Cleveland, Ohio. Hon. ALBERT C. THOMPSON, District Judge, s. D. Ohio

.....Cincinnati, Ohio. Hon. CHARLES D. CLARK, District Judge, E. and M. D. Tennessee....Chattanooga, Tenn. Hon. ELI S. HAMMOND, District Judge, W. D. Tennessee..

.Memphis, Tenn.

3 Appointed in accordance with an act of Congress providing for an additional District Judge for this District.

• Died April 25, 1901.
* Appointed April 27, 1904, to succeed Símonton, Circuit Judge.


Hon. WILLIAM R. DAY, Circuit Justice.........

.Washington, D. C. Hon. JAMES G. JENKINS, Circuit Judge..

Milwaukee, Wis. Hon. PETER S. GROSSCUP, Circuit Judge

.Chicago, Ill. Hon. FRANCIS E. BAKER, Circuit Judge

Indianapolis, Ind. Hon. CHRISTIAN C. KOHLSAAT, District Judge, N. D. Illinois...

Chicago, Ill. Hon, ALBERT B, ANDERSON, District Judge, Indiana..

.Indianapolis, Ind. Hon. J. OTIS HUMPHREY, District Judge, S. D. Illinois..

...Springfield, Ill. Hon. WILLIAM H. SEAMAN, District Judge, E. D. Wisconsin.

..Sheboygan, Wis. Hon. ROMANZO BUNN, District Judge, W. D. Wisconsin......................Madison, Wis.


Hon. DAVID J. BREWER, Circuit Justice......
Hon. WALTER H. SANBORN, Circuit Judge.......
Hon. AMOS M. THAYER, Circuit Judge..
Hon. WILLIAM C. HOOK, Circuit Judge
Hon. JACOB TRIEBER, District Judge, E. D. Arkansas..
Hon. JOHN H. ROGERS, District Judge, W. D. Arkansas.
Hon. MOSES HALLETT, District Judge, Colorado.....
Hon. SMITH MCPHERSON, District Judge, S. D. Iowa,
Hon. HENRY THOMAS REED, District Judge, N. D. Iowa........
Hon. JOHN C. POLLOCK, District Judge, Kansas.....
Hon. WM. LOCHREN, District Judge, Minnesota.....
Hon. PAGE MORRIS, District Judge, Minnesota.....
Hon. ELMER B. ADAMS, District Judge, E. D. Missouri.
Hon. JOHN F. PHILIPS, District Judge, W. D. Missouri.
Hon. W. H. MUNGER, District Judge, Nebraska.....
Hon. CHARLES F. AMIDON, District Judge, North Dakota..
Hon. JOHN E. CARLAND, District Judge, South Dakota..
Hon. JOHN A. MARSHALL, District Judge, Utah.....
Hon. JOHN A. RINER, District Judge, Wyoming........

.Washington, D. C. ...... St. Paul, Minn, .....St. Louis, Mo.

.Cheyenne, Wyo. .Leavenworth, Kan. .Little Rock, Ark. .Ft. Smith, Ark.

.Denver, Colo. Red Oak, Iowa. ...Cresco, Iowa.

Topeka, Kan. .Minneapolis, Minn.

....Duluth, Minn, ....... St. Louis, Mo. Kansas City, Mo.

.Omaha, Neb.

.Fargo, N. D. Sioux Falls, S. D. .Salt Lake City, Utah.

....Cheyenne, Wyo.


Hon. JOSEPH MCKENNA, Circuit Justice....
Hon. WM. W. MORROW, Circuit Judge.......
Hon. WILLIAM B. GILBERT, Circuit Judge.
Hon. ERSKINE M. ROSS, Circuit Judge...
Hon. JOHN J. DE HAVEN, District Judge, N. D. California.
Hon. OLIN WELLBORN, District Judge, S. D. California.....
Hon. WILLIAM H. HUNT, District Judge, Montana 8.
Hon. CORNELIUS H. HANFORD, District Judge, Washington.
Hon. THOMAS P. HAWLEY, District Judge, Nevada...
Hon. CHARLES B. BELLINGER, District Judge, Oregon..
Hon. JAMES H. BEATTY, District Judge, Idaho......

.Washington, D. C. ..San Francisco, Cal,

...Portland, Or. .Los Angeles, Cal. .San Francisco, Cal. ..Los Angeles, Cal.

..Helena, Mont.

.Seattle, Wash. Carson City, Nev,

Portland, Or. .Boise City, Idaho.

• Appointed April 19, 1904, to succeed Knowles, District Judge.


C. A.)



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989 Adams, In re (D. C.)...

788 Besse, Burlee Dry Dock Co. v. (C, C. A.) 444 Adams, Shirk v. (C. C. A.) 441 | Best v. Kessler (C. C. A.).....

24 Adler-Weinberger S. S. Co., Rothschild v. Bevis v. Markland (C. C.)....

226 C. C. A.)... 866 Bidwell, Mosle v. (C. C. A.)....

334 Ah Chung, United States v. (C. C. A.).... 885 Blair, Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York Alaska Packers' Ass'n v. Letson (C. C. A.) 129 V. (C. C.)....


688 Alaska & P. S. s. Co., Guffey v. (C. C. A.) 271 Blevins, Southern R. Co. v. (C. C. A.). Allen v. Field (C. C. A.)...

641 | Board of Trade of City of Chicago v. L. A. American Bonding Co. of Baltimore v.

Kinsey Co. (C. C. A.)...

507 Spokane Building & Loan Soc. (C. C. A.). 737 Bomberger, Chicago Terminal Transfer R. American Bridge Co. v. Hunt (C. C. A.). . 302 Co. v. (C. C. A.).

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635 Bookkeeper Pub. Co., Seal v. (C. C. A.).. 449 American Cement & Oil Co., G. W. Cole Boorman, Independent Baking Powder Co. Co. s. (C. C. A.) 703 v. (C. C.)

726 American Exch. Cigar Co., E. Regensberg

Boston & M. R. Co., Gokey v. (C. C.). 992 & Sons y. (C. C.).

549 Boston & M. R. Co., Gokey v. (C. C.)... 994 American Lawbook Co., Edward Thompson Bothe, Pratt v. (C. C. A.)...

670 Co. v. (C. C.)....

639 Bradley, Diamond Stone Sawing Mach. American Newspaper Ass'n, Encyclopædia Co. v. (C. C.)..

896 Britannica Co. v. (C. C.) 460 | Brett, In re (D. C.).

981 american Newspaper Ass'n, Encyclopædia

Bridgewater Roller Mills Co. v. Receivers Britannica Co. v. (C. C.) ..

493 of Baltimore Building & Loan Ass'n (C. American Soda Fountain Co. v. Sample (C. C. A.)

.1021 145 British & Foreign Marine Ins. Co., PortAmerican Transformer Co., Westinghouse

land Flouring Mills Co. v. (C. C. A.)... 860 Electric & Mfg. Co. v. (C. C.). 550 | Brown v. McDonald (C. C.).....

964 Andrews, In re D. C.)....

383 | Brown, Diamond Stone Sawing Mach. Co. Andrews, Chicago & N. W. R. Co. v. (C. V. (C. C.)...

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Brunswick & Birmingham R. Co., Quillan
Co. (C. C. A.)...

V. (D. C.)....

216 Arter v. Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co. Bryan v. Dupoyster (C. C. A.).

768 Buffalo Hump Min. Co., Olson v. (C. C.)..1017 Art Metal Works, Royal Metal Mfg. Co. v. Bunker Hill & Mining & Concentrating 778 Co. v. Julies (C. C. A.).

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13 Burr, Pennsylvania R. Co. v. (C. C. A.)... 847 Bạer v. Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Mary. Burrill v. Crossman (C. C. A.).

763 land (C. C. A.)...

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(D. C.)

222 Baker & Co. v. Slack (C. C. A.). 514 Butler v. Barret & Jordan (C. C.)...

944 Baltimore & L. R. Co., Steel Rail Supply Co. v. (C. C. A.) 433 Cahill, The Winfield S. (D. C.)........

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(C. C.)

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486 130 F.


C. A.)....

(O. C. A.)..


(C. C. A.)..

C. C. A.)..

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