The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Band 3

Bell and Daldy, 1866

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Seite 243 - Lo, swich it is for to be recchelees And necligent, and truste on flaterye. But ye that holden this tale a folye, As of a fox, or of a cok and hen, Taketh the moralite, goode men.
Seite 232 - And certes, in the same book I rede, Right in the nexte chapitre after this, (I gabbe nat, so have I joye or blis...
Seite 121 - My lady Prioresse, by your leve, So that I wiste I sholde yow nat greve, I wolde demen that ye tellen sholde A tale next, if so were that ye wolde. Now wol ye vouche-sauf, my lady dere?" "Gladly," quod she, and seyde as ye shal here.
Seite 123 - And eek also, wher-as he saugh thimage Of Cristes moder, had he in usage, As him was taught, to knele adoun and seye His Ave Marie as he goth by the weye.
Seite 250 - And keep it al-so clenly as thou may; Al-though his cage of gold be never so gay, Yet hath this brid, by twenty thousand fold, Lever in a forest, that is rude and cold, Gon ete wormes and swich wrecchednesse.
Seite 88 - Thanne peyne I me to strecche forth the nekke, And est and west upon the peple I bekke, As dooth a dowve sittynge on a berne. Myne handes and my tonge goon so yerne That it is joye to se my bisynesse.
Seite 241 - Why woldestow suffre him on thy day to dye? O Gaufred, dere mayster soverayn, That, whan thy worthy king Richard was slayn With shot, compleynedest his deth so sore, Why ne hadde I now thy sentence...
Seite 227 - O herte dere, What eyleth yow, to grone in this manere? Ye been a verray sleper, fy for shame!' And he answerde and seyde thus, 'madame, I pray yow, that ye take it nat a-grief: By god, me mette I was in swich...
Seite 260 - Crist, and to the regne of glorie./ Of whiche weyes, ther is a ful noble wey and a ful covenable, which may nat fayle to man ne to womman that thurgh synne hath mysgoon fro the righte wey of Jerusalem celestial;/ and this wey is cleped Penitence...
Seite 251 - Al so a sche wolf hath a vilayns kynde ; The lewidest wolf that sche may fynde, Or lest of reputacioun, him wol sche take In tyme whan hir lust to have a make. Alle this ensamples tel I by this men That ben untrewe, and nothing by wommen.

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