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300. The food of prisoners will be sent to their places of confinement when practicable, but post commanders may arrange to send prisoners, under proper guard, to their messes.

301. Kitchen and table ware and mess furniture will be supplied by the Quartermaster Corps. Allowances will be announced in orders. Post commanders will enforce rigid economy in regard to such property. Articles broken, lost, or damaged will be charged to individuals at fault. Such proportions of company allowances of fuel, illuminating supplies, brooms, and scrubbing brushes as may be necessary for the service of a general mess will be allotted by the post commander.

302. In the field the mess furniture of a soldier will be limited to one tin cup, knife, fork, and spoon, and such device for individual cooking as may be furnished by the Ordnance Department.



THE CHIEF OF COAST ARTILLERY. 303. 1. It shall be the duty of the Chief of Coast Artillery to keep the Chief of Staff advised at all times of the efficiency of the personnel and matériel of the coast artillery, and he shall, as circumstances require, make such recommendations in reference thereto as shall in his judgment tend to promote efficiency.

2. He shall from time to time, and as frequently as conditions require, confer directly with the chiefs of bureaus of the War Department and advise them of all matters relating to coast artillery matériel or personnel that pertain to their respective branches of the service, which the experience and observation of the coast artillery arm of the service show to be of practical importance. In like manner he may correspond directly with the commandant of the Coast Artillery School, and with the president of the Coast Artillery Board, on coast artillery questions of a purely technical character which do not involve matters of command, discipline, or administration, and do not relate to the status or interests of individuals.

3. He shall make recommendations as to the instruction of coast artillery officers and men, and as to examinations for appointment and transfer of oficers to the coast artillery arm and for promotion therein, and shall recommend such examinations and such courses and methods of instruction in the Coast Artillery School and elsewhere as he shall deem requisite to secure a thoroughly trained and educated force; to this end he is authorized to issue directly to coast artillery officers bulletins and circulars of information on current coast artillery matters of a purely technical character which do not involve matters of command, discipline, or administration, and do not relate to the status or interests of individuals.

4. He is charged generally with the recommending of officers of coast artillery for special duty and assignment to coast artillery organizations and stations.

5. He shall be a member of the Board of Ordnance and Fortification and is by law a member of the General Staff Corps.

6. The office of the Chief of Coast Artillery will form a part of the office of the Chief of Staff and will not be an office of record except of correspondence authorized by section 2 of this paragraph. All other records pertaining to the performance of the duties of the Chief of Coast Artillery will be kept in the office of The Adjutant General of the Army, to whom all communications from the Coast Artillery Corps intended for the War Department, except such communications as may be addressed directly to the Chief of Coast Artillery under section 2 of this paragraph, shall be addressed as required by paragraph 782.

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7. Nothing in these regulations shall be deemed to relieve the department and coast artillery district commanders of the duties of inspection and command, or of the responsibility for the condition and efficiency of the matériel and personnel of the coast artillery in the several departments and districts.

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304. The coast defense command, as an administrative unit, consists of one or more forts with their accompanying mine fields and land defenses. defense commands are established, their limits defined, and their headquarters designated in orders from the War Department.

The command of coast defenses devolves upon the senior Coast Artillery Corps officer therein, who is responsible for its efficiency to department commanders and subject to their authority, and has control within the limits of the command of all matters relating to coast artillery instruction, drill, practice, and the procurement of coast artillery supplies and accessories. He will prescribe the hours of drill and instruction throughout the command.

The commanding officer of coast defenses may, with the sanction of the department commander, continue to exercise the more important functions of his command when temporarily absent therefrom on artillery duty within the department.

305. All correspondence and reports relating to the Coast Artillery Corps personnel or matériel will pass through coast defense command headquarters.

306. The commander of coast defenses should continually labor for the instruction and efficiency of his command. He should encourage among his officers harmonious relations and a friendly spirit of emulation in the performance of duty. His timely interference to prevent disputes, his advice to the inexperienced, and immediate censure of any conduct liable to produce dissension in his command, or to reflect discredit upon it, are of great importance in securing and maintaining its efficiency. In such efforts he will receive the loyal support of his subordinates.

307. The coast defense command staff consists of the coast defense adjutant, coast defense quartermaster, coast defense ordnance officer, and the coast defense artillery engireer. They are appointed from the officers serving in the command by the coast defense commander, who will confine his selection to the allowance published from time to time in orders from the War Department. Should the officers selected be assigned to companies, application will be made for their transfer to the unassigned list. The names of the officers selected and any change in the officers on these duties will be promptly reported to The Adjutant General of the Army.

308. The coast defense adjutant is, under the coast defense commander, responsible for the discipline and efficiency of the Coast Artillery Corps noncommissioned staff and band assigned to coast defense headquarters.

Master electricians, engineers, electrician sergeants, first class, electrician sergeants, second class, master gunners, and firemen are under the supervision of the artillery engineer of the coast defense command or post to which they are assigned.

A coast defense command staff officer may be attached to a company for duty or assigned to any staff duty by the coast defense commander.

309. The coast defense command records consist of an order file, a correspondence book and document file, all orders, circulars, and instructions from higher authority, and all returns and reports concerning the command or affecting its personnel.

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310. The Coast Artillery Corps noncommissioned staff officers consist of sergeants major, senior grade; master electricians; engineers; electrician sergeants, first class; electrician sergeants, second class; master gunners; sergeants major, junior grade, and firemen. They are appointed upon the recommendation of the Chief of Coast Artillery after due examination under rules announced from time to time by the War Department. They will be furnished with warrants signed by the Chief of Coast Artillery. The appointment takes effect on the day upon which it is made and the warrant may be continued in force upon discharge and reenlistment if reenlistment be made on the day following that of discharge; each reenlistment and continuance will be noted on the warrant by the coast defense commander and The Adjutant General of the Army will be informed of the fact. Master electricians, engineers, electrician sergeants, first class, electrician sergeants, second class, and master gunners, though liable to discharge for inefficiency or misconduct, will not be reduced. Any other Coast Artillery Corps noncommissioned staff officer may be reduced to the ranks by the sentence of a court-martial or upon the recommendation of the coast defense commander, approved by the Secretary of War.

Each noncommissioned staff officer of the Coast Artillery Corps, changing station under proper orders, upon arrival at his new station will report to The Adjutant General of the Army the date on which he left his former station and the date on which he reported for duty at his new station, such report to be forwarded directly by the coast defense commander. Similar report will be made both upon departure for and return from any detached duty, furlough, or other absence, except that when detached duty or other absence of a temporary character is directed by a coast defense commander, and involves duty within his command, the report will not be made. The report of departure on furlough will state the length thereof and the authority under which it is granted.

When a noncommissioned staff officer of the Coast Artillery Corps is discharged or reduced the officer under whose command he is serving will notify The Adjutant General of the Army as early as practicable of the date, place, and cause of discharge or reduction; in case of discharge the report will state whether or not the soldier reenlisted on the day following that of discharge.

311. A Coast Artillery Corps noncommissioned staff officer will not be detailed upon any service not pertaining to his proper position unless the necessities of the service require such detail, in which case the commanding officer making the detail will report the fact, with reasons therefor, on the noncommissioned staff officer's personal report.

The appropriate duties of Coast Artillery Corps noncommissioned staff officers are announced from time to time in orders.

312. A Coast Artillery Corps noncommissioned staff officer may be reenlisted provided he shall have conducted himself properly and performed his duties in a satisfactory manner. If, however, his commanding officer should not deem the reenlistment to be for the best interests of the service, he will communicate his reasons to The Adjutant General of the Army in time to receive the decision of the War Department before the soldier is discharged.

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313. The details of the methods of conducting technical instruction, target practice, and competitions of the Coast Artillery Corps will be prescribed in orders and instructions from the War Department.


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314. The allowance of ammunition for the instruction and practice of tne coast artillery will be determined each year and announced in general orders from the War Department.

315. Targets and target material for coast artillery practice will be provided by the Ordnance Department. The Quartermaster Corps will furnish all necessary assistance in placing, removing, and storing targets.

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3 16. Post exchange, company, and mess councils of administration are assembled to audit the exchange, company, and mess funds, respectively, to ascertain and examine the sources from which and methods by which they have accrued, and to recommend expenditures therefrom. The post exchange officer and company commanders are, respectively, the custodians of the exchange and company funds.

317. On the last day of each quarter, and when necessary, the general mess council will be convened by the post commander. The post exchange and company councils will meet at the end of each month and when necessary. The mess, exchange, and company councils will also meet at the call of their presidents. The post exchange council will consist of the officer in charge of the exchange and the commanding officer of each organization participating in the exchange. It may delegate to an executive committee of its own members the performance of such portion of the duties prescribed for the council as the council may decide. The company council will consist of all officers present for duty with the company, and the mess council of the commanders of the seyeral companies participating in the general mess. The council to audit the hospital fund will consist of the three senior officers on duty at the hospital, or as many as are available if less than three. A formal order convening the company or post exchange council is not necessary.

318. The junior member of each council will record its proceedings in an appropriate book, to include a written certificate of the responsible officer that the funds are on deposit in a reputable banking institution named in the certificate, or a statement that they have been exhibited to the council, which proceedings will be signed by the president and recorder. The post or other commander will require the proceedings to be kept as this regulation prescribes and will decide disagreements in those of company councils. Those of the exchange and mess councils will be submitted to the post or other commander, who will sign his approval or objection in the council book. Should the post or other commander disapprove the proceedings, and the council, after reconsideration, adhere to its conclusions, a copy of the proceedings will be sent by the commanding officer to the department commander, whose decision thereon will be final. The final orders in each case will be entered in the council book.

319. The post exchange council will fix laundry charges and prices charged by tradesmen for making and repairing uniforms of enlisted men.

320. The commanding officer who approves the appropriations of a council, and in the matter of the company fund the company commander, will be held responsible for all expenditures not made in accordance with regulations.

321. In case of loss of regimental, exchange, company, or mess funds, the circumstances will be carefully investigated and reported by a board of three officers, with recommendation as to responsibility, for the decision of the department commander

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322. The purchase from regimental, company, or mess funds of any article which can be obtained on requisition from a supply department is forbidden, except that, with the approval of the post commander, such articles may be purchased if necessity exists for their immediate use and they are not on hand for issue at the post.

323. No projects by which money will accrue will be entered upon under color of military control without specific authority from the War Department.

324. Under no circumstances will regimental, company, mess, hospital, post exchange, or band funds be taken away from the post where the organization to which they pertain is stationed, except as may be necessary to pay indebtedness or for deposit in a bank.

Should the officer who is custodian of any of these funds be absent from the post, on leave or otherwise, for any period beyond three and less than 10 days, he will leave the funds with the officer acting in his place, taking memorandum receipt therefor. If an officer is to be absent for more than 10 days he will regularly transfer the funds of which he is custodian to his successor.

Company, post exchange, and other funds referred to in paragraph 316 will. if deposited in a bank, be placed under their official designation, as, for example, “Company Fund, Company B, Twenty-first Infantry,” and not to the credit of the officer who is custodian.

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325. This fund consists of the gross amounts received on account of the band, from post exchange profits, voluntary contributions, amounts retained for regimental use from proceeds of private engagements of the band, from sale of articles purchased, or from any other source. The adjutant will be the treasurer of the fund, and will disburse it under the direction of the regimental commander for the promotion of the efficiency of the band and for such objects as facilitate the transaction of regimental business. A record of all receipts and expenditures and a complete list of property purchased will be kept in the regimental fund book.

326. In Coast Artillery Corps commands to which bands are assigned the corresponding fund will be designated “The band fund," and will in all particulars be governed by the same rules as regimental funds, except that all funds, property, and records pertaining to this fund are transferred with the bands. The senior Coast Artillery Corps officer of the command and his adjutant perform the duties prescribed for regimental commander and adjutant, respectively, in case of regimental funds. This fund will be kept distinct from the company fund of the band, authorized by paragraph 327.


327. The company fund, which will consist of the gross amounts of money received from all sources, is received by the company commander and, with the concurrence of the company council, is disbursed by him solely for the benefit of the company.

The fund of the hospital, or of a detachment or band having a separate mess, is regarded as a company fund. Moneys accruing to the fund of a detachment of the Hospital Corps, together with the proceeds from the ration and savings account of the sick in hospital, and the commutation of

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