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Descriptive Catalogues of the Pathological Specimens. By Messrs. Stanley and
Paget. 4to, 5 vols.


Vol. I., 1846, pp. 144. General Pathology'.


Vol. II., 1847, pp. 255. Pathology of the Blood and Organs of Locomotion..


Vol. III., 1848, pp. 287. Pathology of the Organs of Digestion, Absorption,
and Circulation


Vol. IV., 1849, pp. 350. Pathology of the Respiratory and Urinary Organs,
the Nervous System, and Organs of the Senses, the Generative Organs,
and the Mammary Glands


Vol. V., 1849, pp. 182. Specimens preserved in the Dry State


Supplement I., 1863, pp. 115. Specimens added to the series since the pub-
lication of the above volumes. Edited by Mr. Flower


Supplement II., 1864, pp. 96. Additional Specimens of Injuries and Diseases
of the Eye. By Mr. C. Bader

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Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Calculi and other Animal Concretions.
By Mr. T. Taylor.

Human Urinary Calculi

Part I., 1842, pp. 138, 12 plates.
Part II., 1845, pp. 128, 5 plates.

Calculi from the Biliary Organs, Stomach,
and Intestines of Man; Calculi from the Lower Animals, &c.
Supplement, 1871, pp. 87


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Descriptive Catalogue of the Dermatological Specimens, 1870. By Professor Wilson 2 0


Descriptive Catalogue of the Teratological Series. 8vo, pp. 110, 1872. By Mr.

B. T. Lowne.

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The formation of a regular Library may be said to have commenced in the year 1801, at which time and in succeeding years presentations and bequests of books, often in considerable numbers, were made to the College-the principal donors being Dr. Baillie, Sir Everard Home, Sir Charles Blicke, the widow of Mr. Sharp, Sir Ludford Harvey, Dr. Fleming, Mr. Cotton, and Mr. Long. The Court of Assistants also directed from time to time the expenditure of small sums of money for the purchase of books, and eventually voted a sum of £100 per annum for this purpose. Sir Charles Blicke, in the year 1816, invested the sum of £300, the proceeds of which sum were to be devoted to the same object. Some of the purchases thus made were considerable, as in the cases of the Libraries of Mr. Pitt, Mr. St. Andre, and Sir Anthony Carlisle, and books of importance were added at the recommendation of the Conservator of the Museum and others. In this way a Library of considerable value was gradually accumulated, but it was only accessible to a limited number of persons. In 1827 active steps were taken to render it more generally useful, and with this object catalogues and extensive lists of desirable acquisitions were ordered to be prepared. Large sums of money were also expended during this and the ensuing two years, amounting in the aggregate to nearly £6000. A Librarian was appointed, and in 1828 the Library, then containing 10,500 volumes, was thrown open to members of the College, and all other persons engaged in the pursuit of natural science were freely admitted. This large collection, thus opened, offered great facilities to the studious. By means of extensive additions, the collection was well nigh complete in works on Medicine and Surgery, both domestic and foreign, whilst it was also very rich in publications relating to the accessory sciences. The transactions of Academies and Societies, and the collection of periodical publications in general, owing to their completeness, and the difficulty with which access can be obtained to this class of literature elsewhere than in large libraries, formed a valuable feature. The maintenance of the Library from that time to the present has involved a very cousiderable expenditure of the funds of the College. It has been the object of those to whose care it has been confided to ensure the completeness and excellence of the collection, and great facilities of reference have been provided by the preparation of additional catalogues and indexes of subjects. During the last year there have been added to the Library 423 volumes (comprising 98 new works) and 122 tracts, pamphlets, essays, reports, and theses. The entire collection now contains 34,754 volumes, 14,037 works, and 37,367 tracts, pamphlets, essays, reports, and theses.

The following is a list of the donations that have been presented to the Library during the year 1873-74, viz.—

Dr. Grimshaw. The Influence of Digitalis on the Weak Heart of Typhus Fever. Dr. Fayrer. European Child-Life in Bengal; and the Nature and Physiological Action of the Poison of Indian Venomous Snakes, by Drs. Brunton and Fayrer. L'Académie des Sciences de Paris. Comptes Rendus, 1873-74.

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L'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg. Mémoires and Bulletins, in continuation.

Dr. Liveing. Megrim, Sick-Headache, and some allied Disorders.

J. P. Pennefather, Esq. Deafness and Diseases of the Ear; their Causes and Treatment.

Dr. Jagielski. Marienbad Spa, and the Diseases curable by its Waters and Baths. Dr. Orange. Report on the Criminal Lunatic Asylum, Broadmoor, for 1872. The Commissioners in Lunacy for England and Wales. Twenty-seventh Report.

The Commissioners in Lunacy for Scotland. Fifteenth Report.

Dr. J. Murray Lindsay. Twenty-first Report on the Derbyshire County Lunatic Asylum.

J. Soelberg Wells, Esq. Treatise on Diseases of the Eye. Third Edition.

Dr. Parkin. The Causation and Prevention of Disease.

Jabez Hogg, Esq. Skin-Diseases and their Parasitic Origin.
Professor Erasmus Wilson. Lectures on Dermatology, delivered in 1871-73.
The British Association for the Advancement of Science. Report for 1872.
Dr. Ross. Report on the Sanitary Condition of St. Giles's District during 1872.
Daniel Hanbury, Esq. On Pareira Brava.

W. Sands Cox, Esq. Annals of Queen's College, Birmingham, vols. 3 & 4.
Edward Lund, Esq. Case of a Foreign Body in the Bladder, Case in which a Knife
was swallowed, Case of Removal of both Astragali; and the Fifth volume of the
Liverpool Medical and Surgical Reports.

Dr. Rorie. Fifty-third Report on the Dundee Royal Asylum for Lunatics.
L'Université Laval, Quebec. Annuaire de 1873.

T. C. Eyton, Esq. Osteologia Avium, Supplement 2, part 1.

Dr. Jamieson. Report on the Aberdeen Royal Lunatic Asylum for 1872.

Dr. Reeves, Melbourne. Heart-Diseases in Australia.

Dr. Norris, Philadelphia.

Contributions to Practical Surgery.

Alfred Smee, Esq. My Garden, its Plan and Culture; and Sewage, SewageProduce and Disease.

The Royal Irish Academy. Transactions and Proceedings, in continuation.

The Linnean Society. Transactions and Proceedings, in continuation.

Daniel Birt, Esq. Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Parish of St. George the Martyr for 1872-73.

Dr. Dudfield. Report on the Sanitary Condition of Kensington for 1872.

John C. Galton, Esq. Convolutions of the Human Brain, translated from Ecker. Dr. Whitmore. Report on the outbreak of Typhoid Fever in St. Marylebone; and Monthly Reports on the Health and Meteorology of the Parish of St. Marylebone during 1873-74.

Dr. Crombie. New and easy Method for the Subcutaneous Application of Morphia.
Lieut.-Col. Marshall. A Phrenologist among the Todas.

The Clinical Society. Transactions, vol. 8.

The Royal Society. Transactions and Proceedings, in continuation; and the Anatomy of the Lymphatic System, by E. Klein, M.D.

Dr. Dudgeon. Eleventh Report on the Peking Hospital.
Memoir on Leprosy in Syria.

Dr. Wortabet.

The Council of University College. The Calendar for 1873-74.

Joseph Daw, Esq. Dr. Letheby's Report on the Sanitary Condition of the City for 1871-72.

John E. Erichsen, Esq. Modern Surgery; its Progress and Tendencies; and Hospitalism and the Causes of Death after Operations.

Professor Owen. Anatomy of the King Crab.

Dr. Charles Drysdale. Syphilis, its Nature and Treatment. Second Edition.
M. le Dr. Pellarin (Paris). Le Choléra, comment il se propage et comment l'éviter.
Dr. Kitching. Seventy-seventh Report on the Retreat near York.

Dr. Hardwicke. Report on the Sanitary Condition of Paddington for 1872-73; and on the Abolition of Slaughter-Houses.

W. Fairlee Clarke, Esq. Manual of the Practice of Surgery. Second Edition. The Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society. Transactions, vol. lvi., and Proceedings, vol. vii. No. 6.

Dr. Dyce Duckworth.

New Method of determining the presence of, and recovery

from, True Ringworm.

The Pathological Society. Transactions, vol. xxiv.

George Cowell, Esq. Hospital.

Introductory Address delivered at the Westminster

Professor Rolleston.

The Harveian Oration for 1873.

Edward Bellamy, Esq. The Student's Guide to Surgical Anatomy; and Reports of the Charing-Cross Hospital for 1871-73.

Inspector-General Dr. John Murray. The Channels through which Cholera is communicated; and Observations on the Pathology and Treatment of Cholera.

M. le Dr. Voillemier (Paris). Eléphantiasis du Fourreau de la Verge et du Scrotum.
Professor Curtis (New York). Address on the Protoplasm Theory.

Dr. Gilland. First, Second, and Third Reports on the Berkshire Asylum.
Dr. Barnes. Clinical History of the Diseases of Women.

Dr. Michael Foster. Studies from the Physiological Laboratory, Trinity College, Cambridge.

Dr. Curnow. Address on Individualism delivered at King's College. George Critchett, Esq. Report on the Fourth Ophthalmological Congress. Professor Baümler (Erlangen). Acker's Pathogenie der Geschwulstmetastasen. Die Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft (Frankfort). Bericht für 1872-73.

Professor Acland. Report of the Radcliffe Trustees for 1873.

The Pharmaceutical Society. Catalogue of the Library; and Calendar for 1874.
The Zoological Society. Transactions and Proceedings, in continuation.
Dr. Gerson Da Cunha. Essay on the Dengue.

M. le Dr. Noel Guéneau de Mussy (Paris). Clinique Médicale, tome premier. Professeur Verneuil (Paris). Quelques Réformes dans la Statistique Chirurgicale; and Résection du Coccyx dans les Imperforations du Rectum.

The Census Commissioners for Ireland. Report on the Status of Disease.

Dr. Kirkman. Thirty-sixth Report on the Suffolk County Asylum.
Dr. Vandyke Carter. The Microscopic Structure of Urinary Calculi.

M. le Dr. Muron (Paris). Pathogénie de l'Infiltration de l'Urine; and five other Essays.

The Obstetrical Society. Transactions, vol. xv.

The Geological Survey of India. Memoirs, Records, and Palæontologia Indica, in continuation.

Dr. Trench. Report on the Health of Liverpool during 1873.

J. L. Milton, Esq. On the Modified Turkish and Vapour Bath.

Dr. Jepson. Eighth Report on the City of London Lunatic Asylum. 1874.

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Sir Henry Thompson. Leçons Cliniques sur les Maladies des Voies Urinaires, traduites par J. Hue et F. Gignaux.

The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. List of Fellows from 1581 to 1873. Dr. Russell. Reports on the Health of the City of Glasgow for 1871 and 1872. Dr. MacCormack. Thirteenth to the Seventeenth Reports on the Sanitary Condition of Lambeth.

The Manchester and Salford Sanitary Association Reports for 1871 and 1872. Acton Tindal, Esq. Twenty-first Report on the Buckinghamshire Lunatic Asylum. Dr. Bower. Fifty-fifth Report on the Stafford Lunatic Asylum.

Dr. Seaton. Report on the Sanitary Condition of Nottingham during 1873.
Dr. Andrew Smith (New York). The Effects of High Atmospheric Pressure.
Dr. Pye-Smith. Catalogue of Preparations of Comparative Anatomy in Guy's
Hospital Museum.

Dr. Medlicott. Twenty-sixth Report on the Somerset Lunatic Asylum.
Surgeon-Major Atchison. Timely Counsel.

The Durham University. The Calendar for 1874.
Monsieur Rouvain (Paris). La Tête Humaine.

Professore Rizzoli (Bologna). Memorie Chirurgiche e Obstetriche; and Aneurisma Arterioso-Venosa.

Professor Holmes. Report on Hours and Ages of Employment in Textile Factories, by J. H. Bridges, M.D., and T. Holmes.

Dr. Bowditch (Boston). Fifth Report of the Massachusetts Board of Health. William Davies, Esq. Report on the Northumberland Lunatic Asylum for 1873. Dr. Hills. Report on the Norfolk Lunatic Asylum for 1873.

Dr. Crane. Report on the Sanitary Condition of Leicester during 1873.
Dr. Mackenzie Bacon. Report on the Cambridgeshire Lunatic Asylum for 1873.
The Royal Society of Tasmania. Monthly Notices for 1872.
The London Fever Hospital. The Seventy-second Report.

Reports on the Lancashire Lunatic Asylums at Prestwich and

W. Smith, Esq. Wittingham for 1873.

Dr. W. Dommett Stone. Epitome of Therapeutics.

Miss Ford. Howship's Drawings from Baillie's Morbid Anatomy.
J. G. Symes, Esq. Report on the Dorset Lunatic Asylum for 1873.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh. Transactions and Proceedings, in continuation. Professor Bentley. The Characters, Properties, and Uses of Eucalyptus Globulus. The Secretary of the British Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. Squire's Photographie Clinique, Nos. 1 to 4.

Dr. Williams. Fifteenth Report on the Sussex Lunatic Asylum.

A. M. Jeaffreson. Report on Bethlem and Bridewell Hospitals for 1873.
Dr. Buzzard. Clinical Aspects of Syphilitic Nervous Affections.

Dr. Bakewell. Growth and Reproduction of the Red Corpuscles of the Blood.
Cæsar Hawkins, Esq. Contributions to Pathology and Surgery.

Dr. Brigham's Influence of Mental Cultivation on Health. (New Edition, presented by the Editor.)

Dr. Sherlock. Twenty-first Report on the Worcester Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. Woodman. On certain symptoms of Congenital Lues.

Dr. McCullough. Twenty-first Report on the Abergavenny Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. Phillimore. Eighteenth Report on the Nottingham Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. Clouston. Report on the Edinburgh Royal Asylum for the Insane for 1873.
Dr. Bland. First Report on the Sanitary Condition of Macclesfield.

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