Transactions, Band 28,Ausgabe 1

American Institute of Electrical Engineers., 1909
"Index of current electrical literature" Dec. 1887-1890 appended tov. 5-7.

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Seite 345 - As to the suggestion that competitors were excluded from the use of the new patent, we answer that such exclusion may be said to have been of the very essence of the right conferred by the patent, as it is the privilege of any owner of property to use or not to use it, without question of motive.
Seite 566 - The torque of an induction motor varies as the square of the applied voltage and of a synchronous reluctance motor as approximately the 2 1/2 power of the voltage.
Seite 320 - ... made of the sole working or making of any manner of new manufactures within this realm, to the true and first inventor and inventors of such manufactures, which others at the time of making such letters patent and grants shall not use, so as also they be not contrary to the law, nor mischievous to the State by raising of prices of commodities at home, or hurt of trade, or generally inconvenient...
Seite 319 - I will show you how the judges have heretofore allowed uf monopoly patents — which is that when any man by his own energy and industry or by his own charge and industry, or by his own wit or invention doth bring any new trade into the realm, or any engine tending to the furtherance of a trade . . . that never was used before, and that for the good of the realm...
Seite 177 - concurrent development of the streams and their sources for every useful purpose to which they may be put," as it is stated in the "declaration of principles" of the recent North American Conservation Conference, all engineers will agree that each stream should be studied with reference to its possibilities "for domestic and municipal supply, irrigation, navigation, and power, as interrelated public uses." But the development of a plan economically sound calls for unbiased consideration and fairly...
Seite 345 - And another fact may be mentioned. In some foreign countries the right granted to an inventor is affected by non-use. This policy, we must assume, Congress has not been ignorant of nor of its effects. It has, nevertheless, selected another policy; it has continued that policy through many years. We may assume that experience has demonstrated its wisdom and beneficial effect upon the arts and sciences. From the character of the right of the patentee we may judge of his remedies.
Seite 168 - Putnam, of New York, and the results set forth in an interesting paper on " Conservation of Power Resources,"* presented by him at the conference on the Conservation of Natural Resources, held at the White House, May 13-15, 1908.
Seite 175 - The paramount use should be that of water supply; next should follow navigation in humid regions and irrigation in arid regions. The development of power on the navigable and source streams should be kept subordinate to the primary and secondary uses of the waters; though other things equal, the development of power should be encouraged, not only to reduce the drain on other resources, but because properly designed reservoirs and power plants retard the run-off and so aid in the control of the streams...
Seite 321 - to promote the progress of science and the useful arts, by securing for limited times, to authors and inventors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries...
Seite 90 - Explain why the specific heat of a gas at constant pressure is greater than the specific heat at constant volume.

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