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down the name of the Hotel de Modene, where I lodged, I walked forth without any determination where to gowalk along.

I shall consider of that, said I, as I




AIL ye small sweet courtesies of life, for smooth do ye make the road of it! like grace and beauty which beget inclinations to love at first sight: 'tis ye who open this door and let the stranger in.

-Pray, Madame, said I, have the goodness to tell me which way I must turn to go to the Opera comique :-Most willingly, Monsieur, said she, laying aside her work

I had given a cast with my eye into half a dozen shops as I came along in search of a face not likely to be disordered by such an interruption; till at last, this hitting my fancy, I had walked in.

She was working a pair of ruffles as she sat in a low chair on the far side of the shop facing the door.

-Tres volontiers; most willingly, said she, laying her work down upon a chair next her, and rising up from the low chair she was sitting in, with

so chearful a movement and so chearful a look, that had I been laying out fifty louis d'ors with her, I should have said "This woman is grateful."

You must turn, Monsieur, said she, going with me to the door of the shop, and pointing the way down the street I was to take-you must turn first to your left hand—mais prenez garde—there are two turns; and be so good as to take the second —then go down a little way and you'll see a church, and when you are past it, give yourself the trouble to turn directly to the right, and that will lead you to the foot of the Pont Neuf, which you must cross -and there any one will do himself the pleasure to shew you

She repeated her instructions three times over to me, with the same good-natur'd patience the third time as the first ;-and if tones and manners have a meaning, which certainly they have, unless to hearts which shut them out- -she seemed really interested,

that I should not lose myself.

I will not suppose it was the woman's beauty, notwithstanding she was the handsomest Grisset, I think, I ever saw, which had much to do with the sense I had of her courtesy; only I remember, when told her how much I was obliged to her, that I looked very full in her eyes,- -and that I repeated my thanks as often as she had done her instructions.


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