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West Indies - continued.

4. State of the West Indies : Correspondence relative to the supply of labour in the West Indies ; (in 325.)

XXXIX. 115

Correspondence exhibiting the past and present state of the West India colonies ;

[in 869.]


5. Sugar Duties: Copies of any memorials to Her Majesty from the island of Jamaica, and from

the other West India colonies, respecting the sugar duties, together with copies of the replies thereto; (160.)

XXXVIII. 235 see also Barbadoes. British Guiana. Hayti. Honduras. Jamaica. Miscellaneous Services, V. Sugar. Tariffs, 2.


Western Australia :
Abstract of sums received into and issued from the commissariat chest of Western

Australia in the year ending 31 March 1846 ; (in 253-II.)

see also Miscellaneous Services, V.

Western Gas-light Company. see Preliminary Inquiries, I.

LVII. 231

Westminster New Palace :

1. Architect's Report : Copy of the architect's report of the present state of the works of Westminster New Palace, 30 June 1847 ; (684.)

2. Clock: Copies of all papers and correspondence relating to the great clock and other clocks for the new Palace at Westminster ; (724.)

- LVII. 241 3. Dr. Reid : Answer of Dr. Reid to a document issued by the Commissioners of Woods on

2 December 1845; and minutes of eviden ce of Dr. Reid before a Conmittee of the House of Lords for inquiring into the progress of the building of the new Houses of Parliament ; (750.)

LVII. 233

Westminster Sewers. see Sewers (Westminster).
Westmoreland Lock Hospital (Dublin). see Miscellaneous Services, VI.

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Weymouth Union :

Reports made by Mr. Payne, district auditor to the Poor-law Commissioners, on

the Weymouth Union; also the last report by the Assistant Commissioner of the district on the Weymouth Union, with the date of the report; (63.)

XLIX. 119 Copies of applications and correspondence relative to the removal of the Weymouth Union from the Poor-law Assistant Commissioner's district now held by Mr. Gulson ; (in 263.)

XLIX. 129

Whale Fins :

Quantities imported, exported, and retained for consumption ; rates and amount of duiy, 1844 and 1845; [in 843.]

LXV. 20 Quantities imported from each country, and retained for consumption, 1845 [in 843.)

LXV. go

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Whale Fisheries :
Quantities of principal articles imported therefrom, 1845; [in 843.] - LXV.

LXV. 86
Quantities of principal articles exported thereto, 1845; [in 843.]

LXV. 98 Quantities, and declared value of British and Irish produce and manufactures exported thereto, 1845; [in 843.]

LXV. 104

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Wilmot, Sir Eardley :

Copies of correspondence between the Secretary of State and Sir Eardley Wilmot,

relative to the recall of the latter from the government of Van Diemen's Land, (262.)

XXXVIII. 513 Further correspondence; (400)


Wilsontown, Morningside, and Coltness Railway. see Railways, III. 1.

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Window Duty:

Return of the amount of window duty assessed for the year 1845 for the twelve towns paying the largest amount, with the net amount of duty received for the

XXXIV. 481 same on 5 April 1846; (213.)

LXV. 34, 35 Amount of taxes on windows, 1842 to 1845; [in 843.)

Windsor Castle:

I. Bill:
Bill to empower the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Woods to make ceriain alter-

ations and improvements in the approaches to the castle and town of Windsor,

IV. 461
II. Accounts and Papers :
Return of the number of visitors admitted free of charge to the state apartments

at Windsor Casıle, 1845 and 1846 ; (in 527.)

LVII. 77

Wine :

Account of the number of gallons of each description of foreign wine imported,

exported, and retained for consumption, 1846; together with the quantity remaining in bond on 5 January 1847, at London and other places ; (624.)

LIX. 447


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Quantities of each sort imported, exported, and retained for consumption ; rates and amount of duty, 1844 and 1845; [in 843.]

Quantities imported from each country and retained for consumption, 1845 ;

[in 843.]
Quantities of each sort re-exported to each country; 1845 [in 843]

see also Sweets or Made Wines.


LXV. 96 LXV. 103

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Amount of customs duty thereat, 1844 and 1845; [in 843)
Wolverhampton Gas Company. see Preliminary Inquiries, 1.

LXV. 23

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1. Annual Report :
Twenty-fourth Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners of Woods, Forests, and

Land Revenues (with Plans ;) (605.)


XXII. 133

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XXII. 249
XXIV. 295
XXVI. 447




XXV. 403

2. Local Acts :
Copies of Reports from the Commissioners of Woods and Forests relative to appli-
cations for Local Acts, viz.:
Ashton Gas Act Amendment; (124-36.)

XXVI. 222
Belfast Improvement Acts Amendment; (124-80.)
Bingley Gas Company; (124-38.)
Bingley Improvement; (124-52.)
Birkenhead Improvement Acts Amendment (Gas);(124-85.)
Birkenhead Improvement Acts Amendment (Purchase of Property); (124-81.)

XXVI. 277

XX. 307
Birkenhead Improvement Acts Amendment (Water); (124-20.)

XIX. 269
Blackburn Improvement and Market; (124-7.) -

Bolton Improvement; (124-27.)
Bristol Building and Improvement Act Amendment; (124-33.) XXII.

XXII. 57
Bristol and Clifton Oil Gas Company; (124-34.)
Cheltenham Waterworks; (124-31.)

XXI, 269

XXIV. 119
Cockermouth Improvement; (124-49.)
Colchester Navigation and improvement; (124-50.) -

XXIV. 151
Commercial Gas Light and Coke Company; (124-1.)

Croydon Commercial Gas and Coke Company; (124–62.) -

XXI. 41
Darwen Waterworks and Reservoirs ; (124-28.)
Dublin Consumers Gas Company; (124-79.)

XXVI. 187

Dublin Improvement; (124-77.)

XXVI. 129
Appendix to Report; (275–77.)

XXV. 591
Dunfermline Waterworks; (124-71.)

XXV. 449
Edinburgh Markets and Customs; (124-69.)

XXV. 477
Edinburgh Waterworks; (124-70.)

XXV. 435
Edinburgh, Leith anu Granton Railway; (124-68.)

XX. 391
Etherow Reservoirs; (124-21.)

XXI. 73
Falmouth Waterworks; (124-29.)

XXV. 615
Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock, and Ayr Railway; (124–72.)

XIX. 237
Heywood In:provemenis; (124-5.)

XXV. 643
Inverness Gas and Water Company; (124-75.)

XXV. 675
Inverness Municipal and Police; (124–76.)

Ipswich Gas Light Act Amendment; (124-12.)
Kilmarnock Police and Improvement; (124-73.)

XXV. 629

XXII. 453
Kingston-upon-Hull Cemetery; (124-40.)
Kingston-upon-Hull (Holy Trinity) Cemetery ; (124-57.) - XXIV. 697
Leeds Waterworks Acts Amendment; Leeds and Thirsk Railway (Water-

XX. 593
works); (124–24.)
Leicester Waterworks; (124-58.)


XXI. 321
Liverpool Corporation Waterworks; (124-32.)
Liverpool Gas Light Acts Amendment; Liverpool Guardian Gas; (124-83.)

XXVI. 3-5




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XX. 471

Woods and Forestscontinued.
2. Local Acts-continued.

XXV. 155
London Sewage Chemical Manure; (124-60.)

XIX. 274
Lytham Improvement;(124-6.)

XIX. 345
Manchester Corporation Waterworks (No. 1); (124-9.)

XIX. 507
Manchester Corporation Waterworks (No. 2); (124-10.)
Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway to supply Manchester and

XIX. 535
Salford with water; (124-11.)
Manchester and Salford Waterworks Act Amendment; (124-8.)

XIX. 287

XXV. 93
Metropolitan Sewage Manure; (124-59.) -

XXIV. 553
Newbury Cemetery ; (124-55.)

XXII. 473
Portsmouth Paving, Lighting and Improvement;(124-41.)

XXVI. 157
Rathmines Improvement; (124-78.)
Reading Improvement, Market, Waterworks and Sewage ; (124-45.)


XX. 675
Rochdale Improvement Acts Amendment; (124-26.)

XX. 627
Rochdale Waterworks Act Amendment; (124-25.)

XX. 245
Runcorn Gas Amendment; (124-14.)

XXII. 563
Ryde Esplanade and Pier Street Improvements; (124-43.) -

XXIL. 529
Ryde Iinprovement; (124-42.)

XXII. 617
St. Ives Improvement; (124-44.) -

XXII. 215
Shipley Gas Light Company; (124-37.)

XIX. 115
South Metropolitan Waterworks; (124-3.)


Southampton Consumers Gas Light and Coke; (124-13.)

XX. 465
Sowerby Bridge Improvement; (124-22.)
Staffordshire Potteries Waterworks; (124-23.)

XIX. 165
Stockport Manorial Tolls and Bridges ; (124-4.)
Sunderland Markets, Bridge, Ferries, &c., Sunderland Improvements, Mar-

kets and Bridge; (124-48.)

XXV. 255
Surrey and Kent Sewers; (124-61.)

XXI. 135
Taunton Improvement and Market; (124-30.) -

XXIV. 225
Tunstall Improvement and Market Improvement; (124-51.)

XXIV, 333
Wakefield Borough Market; (124-53.)
Wakefield Gas Light Act Amendment, and Wakefield New Gas Company;

XXII. 283
Warrington Gas Light and Coke Company; (124-15.)

XIX. 103
Western Gas Light Company; (124–2.)


Wolverhampton Gas; (124-35.)

XXIV. 613
Wolverhampton General Cemetery; (124-56.) -
Woodford Metropolitan Cemetery; (124-54.)

XXIII. 739
York, Lendal Bridge, and Approaches; (124-46.)

XXVI. 531
Index to Reports; (124-86.)
Wool and Woollen Manufactures :

1. Wool.
2. Woollen Factories.
3. Woollen Manufactures.

4. Woollen and Worsted Yarn.

1. Wool:
Accounts of the quantities of British sheep and lamb's wool, and woollen yarn, ex-

poried 1846 ; the quantity of mohair (or goat's wool) imported and re-exported,
and the quantities of wool imported into the United Kingdom, 1846; specifying
Alpaca and Vicuna wool, and distinguishing the countries whence imported; (486.)

LIX. 461
Quantities of sheep and lamb’s wool imported, exported, and retained for con-

LXV. 20
sumption; rates of amount of duty, 1844 and 1945; [in 843.]
Quantities of sheep's wool imported from each country, and retained for consump-

LXV. 97
tion, 1845; [in 813.] -


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XX. 271

XXIV. 449

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VOL. / page.

Wool and Woollen Manufactures—continued.

1. Wool-continued.
Quantities of sheep's wool re-exported to each country, 1845; [in 843.]

LXV. 103

Quantities and declared value, of British and Irish wool, exported to each country,

1845; (in 843.]

LXV. 109

LIX. 143

2. Woollen Factories : Return of the number of persons, showing those under 13, 13 and under 18, and

18 years of age and upwards, employed in the woollen factories of the United Kingdom; (in 294.

- XLVI. 609 3. Woollen Manufactures: Account of the imports of woollen manufactures 1846, compared with 1845; (in

413.) Account of the quantities, and declared value, of British woollen manufactures

exported from the United Kingdom 1846, specifying the countries to which they were sent; (521.)

. LIX. 465 Return of the declared value of woollen manufactures, and woollen yarn exported in the five months ending 5 June 1845 and 1847; (in 728.)

XXXIV. 401 Declared value of woollen manufactures exported in the years 1844, 1845, and

1846; (in 731.) Quantities imported, exported, and retained for consumption ; rates and amount of

LXV. 20 duty, 1844 and 1845 ; [in 843.] Quantities and declared value of British and Irish, exported to each country, 1845;

[in 843.]

LIX. 373


LXV. 109

LIX. 373

4. Woollen and Worsted Yarn : Declared value of woollen yarn exported in the years 1844, 1845, and 1846; (in

731.) Quantities of woollen and worsted yarn imported, exported, and cleared for con

sumption; rates and amount of duty, 1844 and 1845; [in 843.] LXV. 20 Quantities, and declared value, British and Irish, exported to each country, 1845; [in 843.]

LXV. 109 see also Worsted Manufactures.

Woolwich Hulks.

see Convict Discipline and Transportation, 1. 3.

Hulks, 1.

Woolwich, Royal Arsenal :

Copy of the evidence taken before the Court of Inquiry instituted in April 1845,

by the Board of Ordnance at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich, to investigate charges preferred by Daniel Toner against Wm. Jones, late deputy-storekeeper, with a copy of the charges and the report thereon; copy of the charges preferred and the evidence given against Daniel Toner, late a labourer in the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, by Mr. Reed, a clerk in the Storekeeper's department, before Lord Bloomfield, Colonel Barnes, and Mr. Cheetham, in August 1845, with their report, and any memorial or correspondence that has passed between Daniel Toner and the Board of Ordnance thereon ; (166.)

XXXVI. 407 Workhouses (Ireland). See Union Workhouses (Ireland).

Workhouse Schools :

Copies or extracts of all reports made by Assistant Commissioners to the Poor-law
Commission, on the subject of workhouse schools, since i January 1846; (514.)

XLIX. 141 Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education, relative to training masters for workhouse schools; [in 787.]

XLV. 1

Worsted Manufactures :

Return of the number of persons, showing those under 13 years of age, 13 and

under 18, and 18 and upwards, employed in worsted factories in the United Kingdom ;(in 294.)

XLVI. 60g see also Wool and Woollen Manufactures, 4.

Wyke, Thomas. see Gerrard, James, and Others.

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