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Turnpike Roads—continued.

II. Reports-continued.

3. Metropolis Roads :
Twenty-first Report of the Commissioners of the Metropolis Turnpike Roads
North of the Thames ; (410.)


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III. Accounts and Papers :

1. England and Wales:
Abstract of statements of income and expenditure of the several turnpike trusts in
England and Wales, 1845; (695.) -

XLIV. 421

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2. South Wales :
Abstract of return of statements of the receipts and expenditure on account of
the turnpike roads in South Wales in 1846, with estimates for 1847; (107.)

XLIV. 563

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Quantities imported, exported, and retained for consumption ; rates and amount
of duty, 1844 and 1845; [in 843.]

- LXV,
Quantities imported from each country and retained for consumption, 1845;

[in 843.]


LXV. 05

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Tuscany :

Treaty of commerce and navigation between Her Majesty and the Grand Duke
of Tuscany, signed at Florence 5 April 1847; [838.]

LXX. 91
Tyne Docks. see Preliminary Inquiries, 2.

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Undertakings of a Public Nature :

Bill for consolidating in one Act certain provisions usually contained in Acts with

respect to the constitution and regulation of bodies of Commissioners appointed

for carrying on undertakings of a public nature; (84.) Bill (as amended by the Committee]; (110.)

III. 361

III. 323

Union Workhouses (Ireland):

1. Cork, Bantry, and Lurgan Workhouses.
2. Inmates of Workhouses.
3. Loans.
4. State of Union Workhouses.

1. Cork, Bantry, and Lurgan Workhouses :
Abstract copy of the reports inade to the Board of Health in Dublin by the

medical ofticers sent to inquire into the state of the workhouses in Cork, Bantry,
and Lurgan; (257.)

LV. 11

2. Inmates of Workhouses :
Returns of the several unions in Ireland, showing the acreable contents and popu-

lation by the last census; the number of work houses; the number of inmates
which each workhouse was constructed to contain; the additional accommoda-
tion since provided, and the total number of paupers in each of the work house
buildings on 27 March 1847; (397.)

- XLIX. 205

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3. Loans :
Account of the sum total advanced on loan on the security of the poor rates in

Ireland, for the building of workhouses, specifying the amount granted to each
union, the date of such advance, the sum already received in repayment from
each union; the date of such repayment; and an account of the sum total still
due on the entire loan; (157.)

LV. 1

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vol. I page.

Union Workhouses (Ireland)—continued.

4. State of Union Workhouses : Copies or extracts of correspondence relating to the state of union workhouses in Ireland ; [766.]


27 Second series ; [790.] Third series; [863.]

see also Distress (Ireland).

LV. 141 LV. 231

United States of America :

1. Imports and Exports.
2. Shipping
3. Tariff

1. Imports and Exports: Account of exports to, and imports from, the United States; also, ships entered

and cleared from the United Kingdom for the same, 1840-1846; (in 717.)


LXV. 104

Quantities of principal articles imported therefrom, 1845; [in 843.] LXV. 86
Quantities of principal articles exported thereto, 1845; [in 843.] LXV. 98
Quantities and declared value of British and Irish produce and manufactures ex-
ported thereto, 1845 ; [in 843.]

2. Shipping :
Return of the number and tonnage of ships entered inwards and cleared outwards

for the United States of America, distinguishing those of British, Colonial, and

American build, 1836-1846; (50.)
Return of the number and tonnage of vessels eniered inwards and cleared our

waids from Great Britain for the United States of America; (in 308.)

LX. 147

LX. 151

Statement of the shipping employed in the trade (inwards) of the United King

dom with the Uniied States of America, 1844, 1845, and 1846, showing the number of the crews navigating the ships to each 100 tons of burihen; the tonnage, American and foreign, which eniered at ports in the United States

, 1821-1844; shipping registered for employment in the foreign trade of the United States, and ihe tonnage of American, British, and other foreign shipping that entered the ports of the United States, 1821-1844; (in 588.)

LX. 139

3. Tariff : Copy of despatch from Mr. Pakenham, Her Majesty's Minister at Washington,

10 Viscount Palmerston, dated 29 March 1847, on the subject of the customs revenue of the United States under the New Tariff; (369.)

LIX. 509

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Usury Laws (Canada) :

Copy of all correspondence between Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the

Colonies, respecting the effect of the Usury Laws in Canada on the industrial and commercial interests of that province, and of all correspondence with the Governor-general on that subject; (569.)


Utrecht, Treaty of:

Appendix 10 correspondence relating to the marriages of the Queen and Infanta

of Spain (Treaty of Utrechi); [759.]

LXIX. 391

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Vagrants (Ireland):

Bill 10 make provision for the punishment of vagrants and persons offending against

the laws in force for ihe relief of the destituie poor in Ireland ; (282.) III. 403 Amendinants made by the Lords; (632.)

. III. 407

VOL. I page.

Valonia :
Quantities imported, exported, and retained for consumption; rates and amount of

LXV. 14
duty, 1844 and 1845 ; [in 843.) -
Quantities imported from each country, and retained for consumption, 1845 ; [in

LXV. 95

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Valuation (Ireland):
Return of the valuation of each electoral division in Ireland in 1841; (in 159.)

LVI. 379

Return of the several counties in Ireland of which the valuation has been com

pleted, specifying the name of the barony, the acreable contents, and the valua-
iion thereof; sum ordered to be levied at spring and summer assizes, 1846 ; rate
which it bears to the valuation ; expense of valuation ; similar return from the
counties of Waterford and Cork, and for the other counties; (701.) LVI. 367

see also Rental (Ireland).


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Van Diemen's Land:

1. Commissariat.
2. Convict Discipline.
3. Duties, Tonnage, Imports and Exports.

4. Sir Eardley Wilmot.

1. Commissariat :
Abstract of sums received into and issued from the commissariat chest of Van
Diemen's Land in the year ending 31 March 1846; (in 253-II.) XXXVI. 17

2. Convict Discipline :
Correspondence on the subject of convict discipline in Van Diemen's Land; [in
785, 800, and 811.]

XLVIII, 93, 297, and 313
3. Duties, Tonnage, Imports and Exports :
Returns of duties imposed in the colony; number and tonnage of vessels arriving
at and departing from the colony; imports and exports, 1835-1844; (in 696.)

4. Sir Eardley Wilmot ;
Copies of correspondence between the Secretary of State and Sir Eardley Wilmot,

Bart., relative to the recall of the latter from the government of Van Diemen's
Land; (262.) -

Further correspondence; (400.)

see also New South Wales. Transportation, II. 6.

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IV. 385
IV. 391

Vexatious Suits :

Bill intituled, An Act for protecting from Vexatious Actions persons discharging

public Duties; (367.)

Bill (as amended by the Committee]; (627.)
Vice-Admiralty Courts :

Return from the several vice-admiralty courts of all cases adjudged in the said
courts from 10 August 1842 to March 1846 ; (625.) -


Victualling Department. see Navy, II. 12.
Vicuna Wool. see Wool and Woollen Manufactures, 1.
Vincent, St. see West Indies.

Vinegar :
Quantities charged with excise duty; amount thereof in England, 1843 to 1845;

LXV. 24
[in 843.]



vol. page.

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Quantities charged with excise duty; amount thereof in Scotland, 1843 to 1845;

[in 843.]
The same in Ireland in the same years ; [in 843.]
The same in the United Kingdom in the same years ; [in 843.]

see also Malt, 2. Visitors to Public Buildings. see British Museum, 5. Hampton Court Palace. National

Gallery Tower of London. Poters. see Elections. Electors.

LXV. 25 LXV. 25 LXV. 27


Wakefield Borough Market. see Preliminary Inquiries, 1.
Wakefield Gas Company. see Preliminary Inquiries, 1.

Wales :

Reports of the Commissioners of Inquiry appointed by the Committee of Council
on Education into the state of education in Wales :

Part I. Carmarthen, Glamorgan, Pembroke ; [870.] XXVII. Part I. 1

Part II. [871.] XXVII. Part II. I

Part III. [872.] XXVII. Part II. 339 see also Turnpike Roads, III. 2. Walker, James. see Railways, IV. 5. 8. 12. Wallasey Pool. see Birkenhead Docks.

Ware Union :

Copies of all letters to and from the Poor-law Commissioners, and their Assistant

Commissioner Mr. Hall, relative to the compulsory resignation of Mr. Palmer, late clerk and superintendent registrar of the Ware Union, received subsequently

to those presented to the House of Commons in July 1846; (88.) XLIX. 97 Warminster Union :

Correspondence relative to the refusal of the Rev, Arthur Fane, Vicar of War

minster, 10 bury Sarah Garrett, a pauper of that union ; (694.) - XLIX. 101

Warner's Invention :

Copy of report of officers appointed to make a trial of Mr. Warner's long range,

addressed to the Master-general of the Ordnance, dated 9 December 1846; (165.)

XXXVI. 473 Copy of the instructions given by the Board of Ordnance to the officers appointed

for the examination of the invention of Mr. Warner called the “ Long range,". and of the journal of the proceedings of the officers so appointed by the Board of Ordnance to conduct the examination; (250.)

XXXVI. 475 Account of public money placed at the disposal of the officers appointed to report

upon the trials to be made of Mr. Warner's invention, called the "Long range," to enable him to exhibit its powers, and a copy of the engagements entered into for the repayment of the public money so expended in the event of the alleged invention proving abortive, and an account of what has been done with respect to the same ; (302.)

• XXXVI. 485 Warrington Gas Company. see Preliminary Inquiries, 1. Warrington Petty Sessions. see Gerrard, James, and Others. Washington, Captain. see Newhaven. Waste Lands (Colonies). See New South Wales, 5. Watches. see Plate, &c.

Waterford :

Amount of customs duty thereat, 1844 and 1845 ; [in 843.)

Amount of postage thereat, 1844 and 1845; [in 843.] Waterford and Limerick Railway. See Railways, III, 1.

LXV. 13
LXV. 4

1847.-(19 Jan. to 23 July.)]




vol. page.

Waters, Lieutenant :

Letter from Lieutenant Waters to Captain Denham, dated 15 February 1847, respecting paddle-box safety boats; (448.)

XXXVI. 183

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I. Bill:

Clauses Consolidation :
Bill for consolidating in one Act certain provisions usually contained in Acts autho-

rising the making of waterworks for supplying towns with water ; (86.)

IV. 399 IV. 427 IV. 455

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LVII. 217

LXV. 23

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Bill [as amended by the Committee]; (112.)
Amendments made by the Lords ; (265.)

11. Accounts and Papers :
Instructions to surveying officers appointed by the Commissioners of Woods and

Forests for instituting preliminary inquiries 'under 9 & 10 Vict. c. 106, in cases
of application for Waterworks Bills; (in 33.)

Wear River. see Sunderland, 2.
Weur Valley, Bishop Auckland and Weurdale Railway. see Railways, III. 1.
Wellington Statue :

Correspondence relative to the Wellington statue ; (577.)

Amount of customs duty thereat, 1844 and 1845 ; [in 843.]
West Coast of Africa. see Africa, West Coast of. African Emigration. Miscellaneous

Services, V.
West Cornwall Railway see Railways, III. 1.
West Indies :

1. Commissariat.
2. Free Emigrants.
3. Imports and Exports.
4. State of the West India Colonies.

5. Sugar Duties.

1. Commissariat : Absiract of suis received into and issued from the commissariat chest of the West Indies in the year ending 31 March 1846 ; (in 253-II.) - XXXVI. 17

2. Free Emigrants : Copies of all papers relative to the further progress of emigration from Africa to the West Indian colonies ; (191.)

XXXIX. Preturn showing the number of free emigrants into Jamaica, British Guiana, and

Trinidad, for each year since the abolition of slavery in August 1834, and the number of emigrant labourers now ordered by the above-mentioned colonies; (in 496.)

XXXIX. 15 3. Imports and Exports : Account of the imports into the United Kingdom of sugar, molasses, rum, coffee, and cocoa, from the West Indies and British Guiana, 1831 to 1846; (438.)

LIX. 361 Account of exports to, and imports from, the British West India colonies; also

ships entered and cleared from the United Kingdom for the same, 1840-1846 ; (in 717.)

LX. Quantities of principal articles imported from the British West Indies, 1845; [in 843.]

LXV. 86 Quantities of principal articles exported thereto, 1845; [in 843.]

LXV. 98 Quantities and declared value of British and Irish produce and manufactures exported thereto; [in 843.]

LXV. 104 Quantities and value of the principal articles imported into each of :he Britisi

West India colonies, distinguishing the countries from which the same were imporied in the year 1844; [in 868.]

LXV. 258–275 The same, of articles exported from the British West India colonies, 1844; [in 868.]

LXV. 276–281 U

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