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No. 1.

Viscount Palmerston to Count Ste. Aulaire.

M. l'Ambassadeur,

Foreign Office, January 20, 1847. WITH reference to the verbal communications which I have had with your Excellency upon the affairs of Tahiti, I have the honour to state to your Excellency that I have received from almost every part of Great Britain the mosť numerous and earnest representations, requesting Her Majesty's Government to obtain from that of France permission that such of the people of Tahiti as may wish to withdraw from the island and to remove and settle elsewhere, may do so without molestation; carrying with them of course any moveable property which they may possess, or being allowed to dispose of that or any other property which they may have in the island, if they wish to do so.

Her Majesty's Government cannot imagine that the Government of France can have any objection to consent to this request, a compliance with which will afford very great satisfaction to a large portion of the British nation, while at the same time it would probably put an end to local differences and contests which must be more or less embarrassing to the Government of France.

It will afford Her Majesty's Government great pleasure if your Excellency can enable me to state to the memorialists that the above-mentioned permission will be granted by the French Government to the people of Tahiti.

&c. (Signed) PALMERSTON.

I am,

No. 2.

Count Ste. Aulaire to Viscount Palmerston.

Londres, le 1 Février, 1847. LE Soussigné, Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire de Sa Majesté le Roi des Français près Sa Majesté Britannique, a reçu la note que son Excellence le Vicomte Palmerston, Principal Secrétaire d'Etat de Sa Majesté Britannique pour les Affaires Etrangères, a bien voulu lui adresser, le 20 Janvier dernier, pour lui exprimer le désir de savoir si les habitans de Tahiti qui voudraient quitter cette île pour s'établir ailleurs, pourraient s'en éloigner sans opposition de la part des autorités locales.

Le Soussigné est en mesure d'annoncer à son Excellence le Vicomte Palmerston, que, dès le 2 Décembre dernier, M. le Ministre de la Marine et des Colonies à écrit à M. le Gouverneur des établissements Français de l'Océanie, pour lui prescrire de n’opposer aucun obstacle à l'émigration vers les îles du nord-ouest des indigènes de Tahiti qui demanderaient à abandonner l'île, dans la vue de se soustraire à l'autorité du Protectorat. [179]

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Le Soussigné se félicite d'avoir à annoncer à son Excellence Lord Palmerston une décision qui lui sera agréable, et dans laquelle son Excellence verra une nouvelle preuve de la modération et de l'esprit de conciliation que le Gouvernement du Roi apportera toujours dans ses rapports avec les naturels de Tahiti. Il saisit, &c.




London, February 1, 1847., THE Undersigned, &c., has received the note which his Excellency Viscount Palmerston, &c. addressed to him on the 20th of January last, and in which he expressed a desire to learn whether such of the inhabitants of Tahiti as might wish to quit that island in order to establish themselves elsewhere, would be allowed to depart therefrom without opposition on the part of the local authorities.

The Undersigned is enabled to announce to his Excellency Viscount Palmerston, that as long ago as the 2nd of December last, the Minister of the Marine and Colonies wrote to the Governor of the French establishments of Oceania, instructing him to offer no obstacle to the emigration to the islands of the north-west, of such of the natives of Tahiti as might desire to depart from that island with the view of withdrawing from the authority of the Protectorate.

The Undersigned therefore congratulates himself on having to communicate to his Excellency Lord Palmerston a decision which will be satisfactory to him, and in which his Excellency will see a new proof of the moderation and of the spirit of conciliation which the Government of the King will always manifest in its relations with the natives of Tahiti. He avails, &c.

(Signed) STE. AULAIRE.

Declaration of the Plenipotentiaries of Great Britain and

France, acknowledging the Independence of the
Islands of Huahine, Raiatea, and Borabora, and of
the small Islands adjacent thereto.

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HER Majesty the Queen of the SA Majesté la Reine du Royaume United Kingdom of Great Britain Uni de la Grande Bretagne et d'Ireand Ireland, and His Majesty the lande, et Sa Majesté le Roi des King of the French, being desirous Français, désirant écarter une cause of removing a cause of discussion de discussion entre leurs Gouvernebetween their respective Govern- mens respectifs, au sujet des îles de ments, relative to the islands in the l'Océan Pacifique désignées ci-après, Pacific Ocean which are hereinafter ont cru devoir s'engager réciproquedesignated, have thought proper ment: reciprocally to engage:

1. Formally to acknowledge the 1o. A reconnaître formellement independence of the Islands of Hua- l'indépendance des lles de Huahine, hine, Raiatea, and Borabora (to the Raiatea, et Borabora (sous le vent leeward of Tahiti), and of the small de Tahiti), et des petites îles adjaislands adjacent to and dependent centes qui dépendent de celles-ci. upon those islands.

2. Never to take possession of 2o. A ne jamais prendre posses. the said islands, nor of any one or

sion des dites îles, ou d'une ou plumore of them, either absolutely, or sieurs d'entre elles, soit absolument, under the title of a Protectorate, or soit à titre de Protectorat, ou sous in any other form whatever.

aucune autre forme quelconque. 3. Never to acknowledge that a 3o. A ne jamais reconnaître qu'un Chief or Prince reigning in Tahiti Chef ou Prince régnant à Tahiti can at the same time reign in any puisse en même tems régner sur one or more of the other islands une ou plusieurs des autres îles above mentioned ; nor, on the other susdites; et réciproquement, qu'un hand, that a Chief or Prince reign- Chef ou Prince régnant dans une ing in any one or more of those ou plusieurs de ces dernières, puisse other islands can reign at the same régner en même tems à Tahiti; l'intime in Tahiti; the reciprocal inde. dépendance réciproque des îles dépendence of the islands above men- signées ci-dessus, et de l'Ile de tioned, and of the Island of Tahiti Tahiti et dépendances, étant posée and its dependencies, being esta- en principe. blished as a principle.

The Undersigned, Her Britannic Les Soussignés, Principal SecréMajesty's Principal Secretary of taire d'Etat pour les Affaires EtranState for Foreign Affairs, and the gères de Sa Majesté Britannique, Minister Plenipotentiary of His Ma- et le Ministre Plénipotentiaire de Sa jesty the King of the French at the Majesté le Roi des Français près la Court of London, being furnished Cour de Londres, munis des pouwith the necessary powers, hereby voirs nécessaires, déclarent en condeclare, in consequence, that their séquence par les présentes, que leurs said Majesties take reciprocally dites Majestés prennent réciproquethat engagement.

ment cet engagement.



In witness whereof the Under

En foi de quoi les Soussignés ont signed have signed the present signé la présente Déclaration, et y Declaration, and have affixed there- ont fait apposer le sceau de leurs to the seals of their arms.

Done in duplicate at London, the Fait double à Londres, le dix-neuf nineteenth day of June, in the year Juin, l'an de Grâce mil huit cent of our Lord one thousand eight hun- quarante-sept. dred and forty-seven. (L.S.) PALMERSTON.



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