A Report of the Examination of Messrs. Amasa Chapin, Lorenzo Chapin, Lyman Cole, William H. Holland, and William Kissane, (of Cincinnati): Charged with a Conspiracy to Burn the Steamboat Martha Washington on the Mississippi River, in January, 1852, with Intent to Defraud Certain Insurance Companies : Before P.B. Wilcox, Esq., a Commissioner of the Circuit Court of the United States, at Columbus, Ohio, from December 29th, 1852 to January 15th, 1853

Cincinnati Gazette Company Print., 1853 - 207 Seiten

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Seite 8 - When committed upon the high seas, or on any other waters within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States and out of the jurisdiction of any particular State...
Seite 15 - London, lost or not lost, with primage and average accustomed. In witness whereof, the master or purser of the said ship hath affirmed to four bills of lading, all of this tenor and date, the one of which bills being accomplished, the other three to stand void.
Seite 31 - Ship called the whereof is Master for this present Voyage and now riding at Anchor in the and bound for to say being marked and numbered as in the Margin, and are to be delivered...
Seite 44 - Maryland, duly commissioned and qualified, residing in the city of Baltimore, in the state aforesaid, do hereby certify, attest, and make known, that on the day of the date hereof, before me, personally appeared...
Seite 77 - EF merchant there, or to his assigns, he or they paying for the said goods per piece freight, with primage and average accustomed. IN WITNESS whereof, the master or purser of the said ship hath affirmed to three bills of lading of this tenor and date, one of which bills being accomplished, the other two to stand void. And so God send the good ship to her designed port in safety.
Seite 10 - Constitution, extends the judicial power of the United States "to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction...
Seite 12 - ... or shall, within the United States, build or fit out, or aid in building or fitting out, any ship or vessel, with intent that the same shall be cast away, burnt, or destroyed, for the purpose or with the design aforesaid, every person, so offending, shall, on conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of felony, and shall be punished by fine, not exceeding ten thousand dollars, and by imprisonment, and confinement to hard labor, not exceeding ten years.
Seite 12 - States, wilfully and corruptly conspire, combine, and confederate, with any other person or persons, such other person or persons being either within or without the United States, to cast away, burn, or otherwise destroy, any ship or vessel, or to procure the same to be done, with intent to injure any person, or body politic, that hath underwritten, or shall...
Seite 15 - No. 3, the bill of lading stipulating that the goods were "to be delivered without delay, in like good order, at the port of New Orleans, Louisiana, the dangers of navigation, fire, and unavoidable accidents excepted.
Seite 44 - In testimony whereof, the said deponent hath hereunto subscribed his name, and I, the said notary, have hereunto set my hand and affixed my notarial seal, the day and year first hereinbefore written.

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