The Medical Examiner: A Monthly Record of Medical Science, Band 1

Lindsay & Blakiston., 1845

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Seite 131 - If, then, it is proved, to the satisfaction of the jury, that the mind of the accused was in a diseased and unsound state, the question will be whether the disease existed to so high a degree that for the time being it overwhelmed the reason, conscience, and judgment, and whether the prisoner, in committing the homicide, acted from an irresistible and uncontrollable impulse. If so, then the act was not the act of a voluntary agent, but the involuntary act of the body, without the concurrence of a...
Seite 582 - Modern Cookery in all its Branches, reduced to a System of Easy Practice. For the use of Private Families. In a Series of Receipts, all of which have been strictly tested, and are given with the most minute exactness. By ELIZA ACTON. New Edition : with Directions for Carving, and other Additions.
Seite 419 - WHEREAS, It is believed that a national convention would be conducive to the elevation of the standard of medical education in the United States, and '' WHEREAS, There is no mode of accomplishing so desirable an object without concert of action on the part of the medical societies, colleges and institutions of all the States, therefore...
Seite 416 - Additions, by JOSEPH CARSON, MD, Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in the University of Pennsylvania. In two very large octavo volumes of 2100 pages, on small type, with about 500 illustrations on stone and wood, strongly bound in leather, with raised bands.
Seite 132 - ... facts laid before them. But some questions lie beyond the scope of the observation and experience of men in general, but are quite within the observation and experience of those whose peculiar pursuits and profession have brought that class of facts frequently and habitually under their consideration. Shipmasters and seamen have peculiar means of acquiring knowledge and experience in whatever relates to seamanship and nautical skill.
Seite 499 - MR. SHAW, MRCS THE MEDICAL REMEMBRANCER ; OR, BOOK OF EMERGENCIES : in which are concisely pointed out the Immediate Remedies to be adopted in the First Moments of Danger from Poisoning, Drowning, Apoplexy, Burns, and other Accidents; with the Tests for the Principal Poisons, and other useful Information.
Seite 131 - Either the delusion is such that the person under its influence has a real and firm belief of some fact, not true in itself, but which if it were true, would excuse his act...
Seite 414 - Any employer employing a child contrary to the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and liable to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars, to be placed to the credit of the school fund of the district.
Seite 131 - ... friend or foe indiscriminately; so that although there were no previous indications of violence, yet the subsequent act, connecting itself with the previous symptoms and indications, will enable an experienced person to say that the outbreak was of such a character, that for the time being it must have overborne memory and reason ; that the act was the result of the disease, and not of a mind capable of choosing; in short, that it was the result of uncontrollable impulse, and not of a person...
Seite 131 - ... in order to constitute a crime, a person must have intelligence and capacity enough to have a criminal intent and purpose; and if his reason and mental powers are either so deficient that he has no will, no conscience, or controlling mental power, or if, through the overwhelming violence of mental disease, his intellectual power is for the time obliterated, he is not a responsible moral agent, and is not punishable for criminal acts.

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