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traveller. - James Gillon, Richmond-terrace, Queen's-road, HENRY BROOME, Portsmouth, Southampton, licensed Dalston, Middlesex, warehouseman.

victualler, Dec. 1 at half-past 2, and Jan. 2 at 12, Court of Adjourned Hearing.

Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Edwards; Sols. Stening, Dec. 4 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner Phillips. Portsea, Hampshire; Dynes & Harvey, 61, Lincoln's-in. W. Miller Harding, Sydney-st., Fulham-road, Middlesex, fields, London.-Petition filed Nov. 20. commission agent.

ANTHONY MADDISON TODD, Clement's-lane, Lou.

bard-street, London, merchant, commission agent, dealer The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before

and chapman, Dec. 5 at half-past 2, and Jan. 2 at 12, a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt

Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Edwards ; Sols. with according to the Statute:

Lawrance & Co., 14, Old Jewry-chambers, London. -- Peti. At the County Court of Lincolnshire, at LINCOLN, Dec. 5

tion filed Nov. 16. at 12.

JOHN CLAY, Wednesfield, (and not Wednesbury, as adrerMary Ann Bagworth, Keisby.

tised in last Tuesday's Gazette), Staffordshire, bricklayer Al the County Court of Rutlandshire, at OAKHAM, Dec. 8 and victualler, Nov. 24 at 12, and Dec. 21 at half-past 10, at 10.

District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham: Off. Ass. John Seaton Richmond, Bisbrooke, in no business.

Christie; Sols. Pinchard & Shelton, Wolverhampton ; Mot

teram & Knight, Birmingham.- Petition dated Nov. 8. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21.

JOHN BROWN, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, corn factor,

dealer and chapman, Dec. 2 and 23 at 12, District Court BANKRUPTS.

of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sols. WILLIAM WESTON, Chiswell-street, Finsbury, Middlesex, Duignam & Hemmant, Walsall ; Motteram & Knight, Bir

boot and shoe agent, dealer and chapman, Nov. 30 and mingham.- Petition dated Nov. 16. Dec. 29 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. JOSEPH ELLIS, Bishopthorpe, Yorkshire, farmer, and Bell; Sol. Heath, Artillery-place West, Finsbury.- Petition York, hoot and shoe maker, (surviving partner of Elizabeth filed Nor. 20.

Ellis, deceased, carrying on business under the form of FREDERICK CARSON, St. Helen's-place, Bishopsgate- Elizabeth Ellis & Son), Dec. 11 at 12, and Jan. 8 at ll,

street, London, merchant, dealer and chapman, (trading District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds: Off, Ass. Hope ; Sols. under the style or firm of Frederick Carson & Co., and re- Mance, York ; Clarke, Leeds.- Petition dated Nos. 17. siding at Upton-place, West Ham, Essex), Dec. 2 at half- BRIDGER WOOLGER the younger, Beeding, Sussex, wheels past 12, and Jan. 12 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : wright and carpenter, dealer and chapman, Dec. 4 at half. Off, Ass. Nicholson ; Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise. past 1, and Dec. 27 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London : lane, London.- Petition filed July 5.

Off. Ass. Stansfeld ; Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise. BENJAMIN WORKMAN PEARCE, Bayham-terrace, lane, London.- Petition filed Nov. 14. Camden. town, Middlesex, builder, dealer and chapman,

MEETINGS. Nov. 30 at half-past 12, and Jan. 13 at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. Wright John Dilworth, Robert M. Arthington, and Robl. Birkett, & Bonner, 15, London-street, Fenchurch-street.- Petition Lancaster, bankers, Dec. 6 at 11, District Court of Bank. dated Nov. 21.

ruptcy, Manchester, ch. ass.—Henry John Steuart, JermynHENRY JOHNS, Latchmoor Distillery, Battersea, Surrey, street, Middlesex, hotel keeper, Dec. 6 at 1, Court of Bankand Grange-terrace, Brompton, Middlesex, distiller, dealer ruptcy, London, aud. ac.- George Hammond, King's-rom, and chapman, Nov. 30 at 11, and Jan. 10 at 12, Court of Walworth, Surrey, carpenter, Dec. 6 at 1, Court of Bank. Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. Lawrance ruptcy, London, aud. ac.-W. Thomas, Bridge-street, Black. & Co., 14, Old Jewry-chambers, London.-Petition dated friars, and Noble-street, London, commission agent, Dec. 6 at Nov. 18.

1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.- John C. Penfold, THOMAS BAYS, London-road, Southwark, Surrey, baker, Park-terrace, Chelsea, Middlesex, oilman, Dec. 6 at 2, Court and Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, miller, Nov. 30 at 12, and of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. - John Patton, Waltham. Jan. 10 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. stow, Essex, merchant, Dec. 12 at 11, Court of Bankruptes, Nicholson ; Sol. Smith, 13, Tokenhouse-yard, London.- London, aud. ac.- Wm. Clerk, Surbiton, Kingston-uponPetition dated Nov. 6.

Thames, Surrey, builder, Dec. 12 at 11, Court of Bankraptcy, JOSHUA CLEMENTS, Mill-street, Conduit-street, Hano. London, aud. ac. - Thomas Cummins, Gateshead, Durham,

ver-square, Middlesex, woollendraper and trimming seller, painter, Dec. 12 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Nera Nov. 28 at 1, and Jan. 10 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, castle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac. ; Dec. 14 at 12, fin. div.-James London: Off. Ass. Nicholson; Sol. Page, 13, Duke-street, Howard, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and Manningtree and Manchester-square.- Petition dated Nov. 17.

Mistley, Essex, shipowner, Dec. 6 at 12, District Court of ROBERT GRAY, Bishops Waltham and Southampton, Bankruptcy, Kingston-upon-Hull, aud. ac. - George Clay,

coro, seed, and hop merchant, dealer and chapman, Nov. Queen-street, Cheapside, London, woollen warehouseman, 25 at half past 2, and Jan. 6 at half past 12, Court of Dec. 14 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-D. Hading. Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. Lawrance ham, Cambridge, linendraper, Dec. 12 at 12, Court of Bank. & Co., 14, Old Jewry-chambers, London. ---Petition dated raptcy, London, fin. div. - John Jacob Hill, High Holborn, Nov. 17.

Middlesex, ironmonger, Dec. 14 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, WILLIAM PAXON, Queen's-road, Bayswater, Middlesex, London, div.- Wm. Quincey, Old-street, St. Luke's, Middle

corn dealer, Dec. 2 at 12, and Jan. 6 at half-past 11, Court sex, tin-plate worker, Dec. 14. at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Cannan; Sol. Smith, London, fin. div.- John Lamont, John D. Stewart, and Joka 13, Tokenhouse-yard.-Petition filed Nov. 17.

Matravers, Skinner-street, Bishopsgate, London, brewers, GEORGE BASEKE, St. George-place, Knightsbridge, Mid. Dec. 14 at 11, Court of Bankrupicy, London, fin. dis.-C.

dlesex, tobacconist, dealer and chapman, Dec. 4 at 2, and Salter and R. M. Evans, Upper King.street, Bloomsbury, Jan. 3 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Stans. Middlesex, and Cornhill, London, tailors, Dec. 14 at 11, feld; Sol. Jobnston, 57, Chancery-lane.-Petition filed Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-John Hewett, Leaming. Nov. 20.

ton Priors, Warwickshire, brickmaker, Dec. 14 at half-past THOMAS NIGHTINGALE, Broadchalke, Wiltshire, inn- 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham, div.-joka

keeper and miller, Dec. 4 and 27 at 1, Court of Bank. Williams, Lower Wookey Mill, Wells, Somersetshire, paper ruptcy, London : Off. Assy Graham; Sol. Reed, 11, Iron maker, Dec. 14 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, monger-lane, London.-Petition filed Nov. 10.

div.-Francis Turfrey, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, brewer, THEOPHILUS BETHEL, Riley-st., Bermondsey, Sarrey, Jan. 4 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, div.

licensed victualler, Nov. 28 at 12, and Dec. 27 at 1, Court Joseph Francis, Manchester, baker, Dec. 12 at 12, District of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Graham; Sol. Asprey, Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, div.

6, Furnival's-inn, Holborn.- Petition filed Nov. 14. ROPER DUXBURY, Over Darwen, Lancashire, innkeeper,

CERTIFICATES. Dec. 6 and Jan. 10 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy | To be allowed, unless Cause be sheron to the contrary on or Manchester : Off. Ass. Fraser ; Sol. Swift, Blackburn,

before the Day of Meeting. Lancashire. — Petition dated Nov. 11.

George Webb, Shoreditch, Middlesex, cheesemonger, Dec.

at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Wm. Howell, Gos- The followiny Persons, who, on their several Petitions filed in ell-street, St. Luke's, Middlesex, licensed victualler, Dec, 13 the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection from half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. ---John Chan. Process, are required to appear in Court as hereinafter llor, Phænix-place, Dorrington-street, Clerkenwell, Middle- mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, Lin. %, and Hyde House, Battersea, Surrey, funeral carriage coln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with aster, Dec. 13 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-H. C. according to the Statute :Pelsford, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, cornfactor, Dec. 22

Dec. 6 at 10, before the Chief COMMISSIONER. 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-Ralph Hutchin17, Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham, shipbuilder, Dec. 15 milk seller.- Moss Levy, Gravel-lane, Houndsditch, Middle.

Rees Wm. Walters, Princes-st., Storey's-gate, Middlesex, 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. -Joseph Peers, Ruthin, Denbighshire, scrivener, Dec. 13 at Upper East Smithfield, Middlesex, out of employ.--- Charles

sex, butcher.- Patrick Alvisyus Scanlan, Providence place, 1. District Court of Barkruptcy, Liverpool.-- John Moats Eldridge, St. Matthew's-place, Hackney-road, Middlesex, le elder, Spalding, Lincolnshire, coal merchant, Dec. 12 at D, District Court of Bankruptcy, Nottingham.-J. Hewett, park, Paddington, Middlesex, physician.-William Warne,

shocmaker.- Edward Bascombe, Alexander-st., Westbourne. eamington Priors, Warwickshire, brickmaker, Dec. 14 at 10, Museum-street, Middlesex, greengrocer. listrict Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham.

Dec. 7 at 10, before the Chief CommISSIONER. To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered. William Jabez Hall, Russell-terrace, Warrington-street, Henry Dary, Fordton, Crediton, Devonshire, linen manu

Oakley square, Middlesex, upholsterer.--Henry Hume, Half icturer. I'm. Mudye, Paignton, Devonshire, fly proprietor. Middlesex, wholesale milliner.-James Pilgrim, St. John's

Moon-crescent, Charlotte-street, Barnsbury-road, Islington, PETITION ANNULLED.

Wood-terrace, Middlesex, carpenter.-Abraham Wm. Ling, Thomas Bunyard, Maidstone, Kent, grocer.

Walbrook-place, Hoxton, Middlesex, baker.- John Morton,

Devonshire-mews West, Portland-place, Marylebone, MiddlePartnership DissolvED.

sex, out of business.-Eliza Harris, Roupell-street, Lam. James Skerratt and Joseph Remer, Sandbach, Cheshire, beth, Surrey, baker. Hornies and solicitors.

Adjourned Hearing.

Dec. 7 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS. Scorca SEQUESTRATIONS.

Jonathan Marsden, Draper's-place, Burton-crescent, New. Wm. M. Lean, Glasgow, cotton-waste dealer. --J. Wallace, road, Middlesex, dealer in provisions. Hasgow, contractor.- Fred. S. Barnjum, Portobello, wine

Saturday, Nov. 18. vercbant. - Francis E. Barnjum, Portobello, wine merchant. Assignees have been appointed in the following Cases. Fur. -John T. Telfer, Edinburgh, working jeweller.

ther particulars may be learned at the Office, in Portugal. INSOLVENT DEBTORS

street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, on giving the Number of the

Case. Vho have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from of business, No. 64,654 T.; John Jefferis, assignee.-William

Benjamin Burfield, Borough-road, Southwark, Surrey, out Process.

Turner, King-st., Regent-st., Middlesex, licensed victualler, Joseph Griffiths the elder, Liverpool, schoolmaster, Nov. No. 64,701 T.; Samuel Roper and Alfred Roper, assignees. 7 at 10, County Court of Lancashire, at Liverpool.- Wm. J. - W. Bonney, Poulton-le. Sands, near Lancaster, contractor, 7. Zink, Liverprol, clerk to a ship broker, Nov. 27 at 10, No. 76,806 C. ; Edward Hemingway, assignee.- Geo. SherCounty Court of Lancashire, at Liverpool.- George Walker, lock, Hulme, Manchester, out of business, No. 78,644 C.; iverpool, advertising agent, Nov. 27 at 10, County Court of John Lowe, assignee.John Taylor, Whitley Lower, near ancashire, at Liverpool. --- Joseph W. Wardill

, Everton, Wal. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, out of business, No. 18,781 c. ; R. on, Lancashire, commission agent, Nov. 27 at 10, County Wood, assignee.-Wm. Alexander Holmes, Ipswich, Suffolk, Court of Lancashire, at Liverpool.- Thomas Blair, Liver- clerk in the Ordnance Office, Tower of London, No. 78,837 C.; lool, smallware dealer, Nov. 27 at 10, County Court of Lan- | William Frederick Bowker, assignee. ashire, at Liverpool. - Rev. Isaac Urban Cooke, East Lulvorth, Dorsetsbirc, clerk in orders, Dec. 8 at 10, County Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee

Friday, Nov. 17. Court of Dorsetshire, at Wareham.- Wm. Brook, Huddersield, Yorkshire, commission agent, Dec. 4 at 10, County

the Estates and Effects of the following Persons:Court of Yorkshire, at Huddersfield.-James Rayner, Hud

(On their own Petitions). lersfield, Yorkshire, -tailor, Dec. 4 at 10, County Court of Jacob Fieller, Goulston-square, Whitechapel, Middlesex, Yorkshire, at Huddersfield.- Abraham Ellis, Huddersfield, tailor: in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-Yorkshire, trading in rags, Dec. 4 at 10, County Court of Andrew Isaac Berncastle, Nelson-square, Blackfriars-road, Yorkshire, at Huddersfield. - Robert Wm. While, Pembroke, Surrey, manufacturing furrier : in the Debtors Prison for Pembrokeshire, currier, Dec. 11 at 11, County Court of Pem- London and Middlesex.John Martin, Wakefield-street, prokeshire, at Pembroke.- Robert Cox, Ilchester, Somerset. Regent-street, Gray's-inn-lane, Middlesex, hatter : in the ihire, baker, Dec. 4 at half-past 10, County Court of Somer. Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.—Hermann Lud. jetshire, at Yeovil.-- Henry Hope, Wood-hill, near Bury, wig Frederick Christopher Knuth, Red Lion-st., Clerken. Lancashire, farmer, Dec. 13 at 11, County Court of Lanca- well, Middlesex, manufacturer of fancy leather goods : in the ihire, at Bury.-- Henry IVood, Worcester, chip bonnet ma

Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-William Atkins, jufacturer, Dec. 13 at 9, County Court of Worcestershire, at

Little Stanmore, Edgeware, Middlesex, cattle dealer : in the Worcester. --Robert Blake, Gravesend, Kent, tobacconist, Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.–J. Tarr, RoseDec. 9 at 10, County Court of Kent, at Gravesend.- Robert mary Branch Bridge Wharf, Hoxton, Middlesex, coul mer. Parr, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, brushmaker, Dec. 11 at

chant: in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-half.past 11, County Court of Lincolnshire, at Gainsborough. John Ablitt, Monkwell-st., London, commission agent : in the -Wm. Bartlett, lichester, Somersetshire, baker, Dec. 4 at

Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-Chas. Goeringer, salf-past 10, County Court of Somersetshire, at Yeovil.-W. Queen-st., Golden-square, Middlesex, licensed victualler: in Smilh James, Jarrow, Durbam, out of business, Dec. 11 at

the Queen's Prison. --James Cummins, Stacey-st., St. Giles's, 10, County Court of Durham, at Gateshead. Thos. Cleaver, Middlesex, out of business: in the Debtors Prison for London Harrietsham, Kent, bricklayer, Dec. 5 at 12, County Court of and Middlesex.- Alerander Samuel, Globe-road, Mile-endKent, at Maidstone.Thos. George, Bridge-end, St. Dog- road, Middlesex, out of business in the Debtors Prison for nells, Pembrokeshire, cabinet maker, Dec. 14 at 10, County London and Middlesex.- Thomas Madder, Lambeth-walk, Court of Cardiganshire, at Cardigan.- Wm. Grayson, Sher. Lambeth, Surrey, grocer : in the Gaol of Surrey.- Susannah ield, Yorkshire, publican, Dec. 7 at 12, County Court of Baker, widow, Stanhope-st., Camden-town, Middlesex, in no Yorkshire, at Sheffield.-Charles Drury, Mount Pisgah, near business : in the Queen's Prison. Sheffield, Yorkshire, out of business, Dec. 7 at 12, County

Saturday, Nov. 18. Court of Yorkshire, at Sheffield.- John Henry Revill, Shef.

(On their own Petitions). ield, Yorkshire, joiner, Dec. 7 at 12, County Court of York- Joseph Stevens, Bath, Somersetshire, licensed victualler : in shire, at Sheffield.

the Gaol of Bristol.-Eliza Barnett, St, Day Gwennap, Corn.


wall, out of business : in the Gaol of Bodmin.-R. Fowler, At the County Court of Essex, at CheLMSFORD, Dec. 1 Liverpool, railway guard : in the Gaol of Lancaster. Thomas

at 12. Hindmarch. Morpeth, Northumberland, master mariner : in Wm. Browne, Leytonstone, coachbuilder. the Gaol of Morpeth.-J. T. Robson, Derby, out of business ;Al the County Court of Gloucestershire, at BRISTOL, Dee. in the Gaol of Derby. James Kane, Birmingham, retail

at half-past 10. brewer: in the Gaol of Warwick.-W. Holmes, St. Leonards, Devonshire, commercial traveller: in the Gaol of Exeter.

Joseph Stephens, Bath, Somersetshire, licensed victualler. John Shores, Kingston upon. Hull, out of business : in the At the County Court of Yorkshire, at KINGSTON-UPOS. Gaol of Kingston-upon-Hull.— Thomas J. Hill, Nelson-place,

Hull, Dec. 8. Old Kent.road, Surrey, jobbing dealer : in the Gaol of Maid. John Shores, Kingston-upon-Hull, out of business.- Joly stone. - Henry L. Toomer, Cranbrook, Kent, out of employ : Frankish, Kingston-upon-Hull, out of business. in the Gaol of Maidstone.- Joseph Lines, Warmley Siston,

INSOLVENT DEBTORS' DIVIDENDS. near Bristol, Gloucestershire, coal miner: in the Gaol of

John Hull, Church-street, Lee, near Lewisbam, Kent, pa, Gloucester. - James Wainhouse, Norland, near Halifax, York. sioner of the East India Company: 98. 1d. (making 186.) ir shire, farmer : in the Gaol of York.- Edmund Hallawell, the pound.- John Lynch, Cheetham, Manchester, newstender Norland, near Halifax, Yorkshire, farmer : in the Gaol of 38. 5d. in the pound.- George Southern, Haswell, Darban York.- Ely Smith, Norland, near Halifax, Yorkshire, farmer : draper: 103d. in the pound.- James Marsden, Worcester in the Gaol of York.-William Browne, Leytonstone, Essex, bookseller : 38. in the pound.- George Bentham, Wrexham coachbuilder : in the Gaol of Springfield.- Samuel Barrett, Denbighshire, North Wales, bookkeeper : ls. in the pound.Great Bolton. Lancashire, out of business : in the Gaol of William Danby, Caistor, Lincolnshire, tailor : 48. 5d. in the Lancaster.- Wm. Andrus, Gravesend, Kent, out of business :

pound. in the Gaol of Maidstone. Richard Carlisle, Bolton-leMoors, Lancashire, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster, Lincoln's-inn-fields, London, between the hours of 11 and 3.

Apply at the Provisional Assignee's Office, Portugal-street - George Woollen, Manchester, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster. - John Wormleighton, Walmer-terrace, Walmer

Now ready, price 58., Third Edition of Part 3 of the road, Notting-hill, Middlesex, carpenter : in the Gaol of Maid.

INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT and stone. - Thomas Y. Newman, Liverpool, electrician: in the TREATISE .on

EMIGRATION; being Suggestions for the Enfranchisement and Gaol of Lancaster.-James Pendlebury, Little Bolton, Lanca- Improvement of Copyhold, Life Leasehold, and

Church Properts, the shire, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-J. Littler, the Application of the Life Assurance Principle; with Rules and Tabia Dunham-o'-th'- Hill, Cheshire, labourer : in the Gaol of Ches

for the formation of Copyhold Enfranchisement and Freehold La

Societies, and a Mathematical Appendix. By ARTHUR SCRATCHter.-Roger Duxbury, Over Darwen, near Blackburn, Lan- LEY, M. A., F. R. A. S., Actuary to the Western Life Assurance Saciets, cashire, innkeeper : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- John R. Jones, 3, Parliament-street, Westminster. West Derby, near Liverpool, commission agent : in the Gaol

London Friendly Societies’ Institute, 23, Pall-mall; and Charia of Lancaster.-John Coward, Manchester, clog.iron maker: Mitchell, 12, Red Lion court, Fleet-street. in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Wm. Mellor, Ashton-under-Lyne, GUARDIAN FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COM. Lancashire, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- John

No. Charlton, St. Thomas-the Apostle, Devonshire, bleacher : in the Gaol of St. Thomas-he- Apostle.- Wm. Gist, Devonport,

Sir Walter R. Farquhar, Bart., Chairman.

Francis Hart Dyke, Esq., Deputy Chairman. Devonshire, out of business : in the Gaol of St. Thomas-the.

Henry Hulse Berens, Esq.

Stewart Marjoribanks, Esq. Apostle.- Joseph Clegg, Rochdale, Lancashire, out of business : John Dixon, Esq.

John Martin, Esq., M.P. in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Edward Goring Corbet, Ashfield,

Sir W. M. T. Farquhar, Bart. Rowland Mitchell, Esq. Wavertree, near Liverpool, clerk in a broker's office : in the

Thomson Hankey, jun., Esq. M.P.

James Morris, Esq.
John Harvey, Esq.

Henry Norman, Esq.
Gaol of Lancaster.-W. Clegg, Salford, Lancashire, butcher: John G. Hubbard, Esq.

Henry R. Reynolds, Esq. in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Thomas Smith, Preston, Lanca. George Johnstone, Esq.

John Thornton, Esq. shire, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster. - Wolff

John Labouchere, Esq.

James Tulloch, Esq.
John Loch, Esq.

Henry Vigne, Esq.
Maurice, Liverpool, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster.
- Thomas Cowdrey, Brighton, Sussex, tobacconist: in the A. W. Robarts, Esq.

Henry Sykes Thornton, Esq. Gaol of Lewes.

Lewis Loyd, jun., Esq.

John Henry Smith, Esq. The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before George Keys, Esq., Secretary-Griffith Davies, Esq., P.R.S., Actuars. the Court, in Portugal-street, to be examined and dealt this Company now offers to future Insurers FOUR-PIFTHS of the Pre

LIFE DEPARTMENT.- Under the provisions of an act of Parliament, with according to the Statute:

FITS, with QuiNQUENNIAL DIVISION, or a Low RATE OF PRENITY Dec. 5 at 10, before the Chief ComMISSIONER.

without participation of Profits.

The next Division of Profits will be declared in June, 1855, when a/ Francis Dunham, Marlborough-mews, Blenheim-street, Participating Policies which shall have subsisted at least one year a: Oxford-street, Midulesex, carpenter.

Christmas, 1854, will be allowed to share in the Profits.

At the several past Divisions of Profits made by this Company, the Dec. 5 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. Reversionary Bonuses added to the Policies from ONE-HALF the Proots Thomas Bullinaria, Chatham, Kent, ginger beer maker.

amounted on an average of the different ages, to about One per Cent.

per Annum on the sums insured, and the total Bonuses added at the The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before lour Septennial Divisions exceeded 770,0001. a Judye of the County Court, to be examined and dealt

FOREIGN Risks.-The Extra Premiums required for the East ad with according to the Statute:

West Indies, the British Colonies, and the northern parts of the United

States of America, have been materially reduced. At the County Court of Kent, at MAIDSTONE, Dec. 5 at 12.

INVALID Lives.-Persons who are not in such sound health as would Thomas Heward, Maidstone, out of business.- Wm. P. their Lives Insured at extra Premiums.

enable them to Insure their Lives at the Tabular Premiums, may have Fisher, Dartford, apothecary.- Henry L. Toomer, Cranbrook, Loans granted on Life Policies to the extent of their values, provided out of business.John Wm. Hunt, Milton-next-Gravesend, such Policies shall have been effected a sufficient time to have attained

in each case a value not under 501. grocer.—John Wormleighton, Walmer-terrace, Walmer-road,

ASSIGNMENTS OF POLICIES-Written Notices of, received and reNotting-hill, Kensington, Middlesex, carpenter - Thomas J. gistered. Hill, Chatham, and Swan-place, Old Kent-road, jobbing

Medical fees paid by the Company, and no charge will be made it dealer.

Policy Stamps.

FIRE DEPARTMENT.-Insurances effected upon every description of At the County Court of Northamptonshire, at Northamp- property at the usual rates.

TON, Dec. 6. Stephen Smith, Northampton, butcher.


Offices, 12, John-street, Adelphi, and 18, Nassau-street, Sau At the County Court of Cheshire, at CHESTER, Dec. 6.

York.-This institution has been established many years (with great William Torkington, Stockport, out of business. - Charles other, who are desirous of forming matrimonial alliances, but who, from

success) as a medium for the introduction of parties unknown to each Hammoud, Sale Moor, in no business.- James Pearson the some cause or other, cannot find partners in their own circle of ac younger, Northen Etchells, Northen, near Wilmstow, out of quaintance suitable in position, &c. The strictest honour and seeres business.

is maintained in every case.- Prospectuses, Application, Forms, Rules,

and every information sent free to any name, initials, or address, on At the County Court of Cornwall, at Bodmin, Dec. 6 receipt of twelve postage stamps. at 10.

By order of the Directors, Eliza Barnett, Gwennap, out of business.

LAURENCE CUTHBERT. 12, John-street, Adelphi, London.


&. d.




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In a few days will he published.

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196 HE SUCCESSION DUTY ACT, (16 & 17 Vict. c. 51),

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3s. 9d., 48, 6d., and 5 6 for granting to her Majesty Duties on Succession to Property, and

Ditto ditto Letter

78. 6d., 8s. 6d., 98. 6d., and 10 6 altering certain Provisions of the Acts charging Duties on Legacies Fine Cream Laid Note

28. 3d., 28. 6d., 38. 6d, and 4 6 i Shares of Personal Estates. With an Introduction and Notes. By Extra Super Thick ditto, (a splendid paper, made exclusively for INRY THRING, Esq., Barrister at Law. In 12mo., price 58. 6d. P. & C., and unequalled)

6 Super Cream Laid Letter 6s. 68., 7s.6d., 88.6d., 9s. 6d., and 10 6 Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's.inn.

Extra Large Cream Laid Letter, 12s.6d.; ditto Note
Thick Blue Laid Note, (unglazed)

5 9 HE ACT (16 & 17 Vict. c. 137) for the BETTER RE.

Queen's and Albert-sized Cream Laid Note


13 6 With copious Notes,

Very best Pink Blotting, 5 quires for 4s., or
58., or

18 6 I an Introductory Essay on the Jurisdiction exercised over them by Court of Chancery; with all the decided Cases; and an Appendix,

Partridge & Cozens'Envelope Note Paper, blue or cream laid, very best itaining Precedents of Sehemes, &c. By W. F. FINLASON, Esq.,

quality. 98. per ream. mister at Law. In 12mo., price 6s. cloth,

Royal Cartridge, Is. per quire, or 5 quires for 48. 6d. Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

Large size, fine and thick ditto, 2s. per quire, or 5 for $8.6d.

Brown Paper, 5 quires for 48. 6d.

Best stout ditto, 5 quires for 78.
COMPENDIUM of the LAW and PRACTICE of Best quality Copying Paper, for the Machine, 78. 6d. per ream.

VENDORS and PURCHASERS of REAL ESTATE; com- Copying Books, hall-bound, strong basil, index and type-paged, &c. king the Authorities down to the time of publication By J. HENRY 88. each. IRř, Esq., Barrister at Law. Second Edition. In 8vo., price 21s. Printing Letter or Note Paper, copperplate address heading, 38. 6d. per urds.

ream extra, no charge being made for plate when more than two Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's inn.



Good Cream Laid Adhesive, all warranted well gummed, 4s. 6d. per 1000 MANUAL of EQUITY JURISPRUDENCE, founded Superfine ditto, 68. 6d. per 1000. on Story's Commentaries and Spence's Equitable Jurisdiction;

Thick superfine ditto, either stamped with initials, or from private dies, i comprising in a small compass the Points of Equity usually occur

without extra charge, 78. 6d. per 1000, g in Chancery and Conveyancing, and in the general Practice of a

Thick Blue Laid, 78. 6d. and 88. 6d. per 1000. icitor. By JOSIAH W. SMITH, B.C. L., of Lincoln's-inn, Esq.,

Foolscap official-size 83 by 34. 28. per 100, or 16s. 6d. per 1000. rrister at Law. Fourth Edition. Just published, in 12mo., price

Demy superfine ditto, 109 by 39. 38. 6d. per 100. 6d. boards.

* Draft Cartridge, open at end, 101 by 5, 38. 6d. per 100. *"A manual especially adapted to the exigencies of a solicitor's

* Brief ditto, ditto, 14. by 154, 58. per 100. letice,"-Jurist, No. 465.

* Deed ditto, ditto, 113 by 94, 68. 6d. per 100. Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

Cloth-lined envelopes at the same low rate of charges.

This day is published, in 8vo., price 8s. 6d. boards,

These Pens are all made of the purest Steel, and selected with the 'ILSLEY'S NEW STAMP ACTS of 1850, 1853, and

greatest care, and, at the very moderate price at which they are

charged, command an universal sale. “Nearly twenty millions sold 1854; with Notes and Explanatory Observations, and Tables of

annually.” the Siamp Duties payable after the 10th October, 1854; together with

The Correspondence or Drafting Pen, only 1s. 3d. per box of twelve Digest of Cases. By HUGH TILSLEY, Assistant Solicitor of Inland

dozen. venue. Sixth Edition.

The Fine Point, for light writing, 18. 3d. per ditto. Also, by the same Author, in 8vo., price 11. 118. 6d., A TREATISE on the STAMP LAWS; with Tables of The Broad Point, for engrossing, &c., a good pen for parchment, 18. 6d. the Stamp Duties payable in the United Kingdom after the 10th Extra Broad Point, a very easy pen, will write with comfort on brown tober, 1854. Second Edition. With a Supplement.

paper, 18. 6d. per ditto. Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

Polished Cedar Holders, fit any pen, 6d. per dozen, or 58. per gross. THE COMMON-LAW PROCEDURE ACT, 1854.

PARCHMENT. Just ready, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 10s. cloth boards,

“Best quality, London manufacture." HE COMMON-LAW PROCEDURE ACT, 1854,

Indentures for 20 or 30 folios, machine-ruled and printed, 173. per doz., (17 & 18 Vict. c. 125); with Treatises on Injunction and Relief.


Followers, ruled, 15c. per doz., or 708. per roll.

Memorials or Records, 58. 6d. per doz., or 258. per roll. D., of the Inner Temple, Esqrs., Barristers at Law. Also, a Treatise on

Plain Skins, any size, at the same low scale of charges. spection and Discovery, under the above Act and the 14 & 15 Vict. 99. By CHARLES EDWARD POLLOCK, of the Inner Temple,

SUNDRIES FOR SOLICITORS' OFFICES. 4., Barrister at Law. Together with Notes, Cases, and Index to the

Best Red Tape-narrow, 9d.; middle, 18.; broad, 1s. 4d. per dozen ole.

pieces. S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane, London.

Narrow Green Silk, Is.; Green Silk Cord, 18. per piece.

Silk Ferrit, Is. 9d.; Cotton Ferrit, 6d. and ls. per piece. THE CONCLUDING VOLUME OP CHITTY'S STATUTES.

Runners, from No. 5 to 14, 1s. 9d.; Bodkins or Piercers, with or without is day is published, in royal 8vo., price Il. lls. 6d. in cloth boards,

eyes, 9d. each. Vol. 4 of

Strong Blue Bags, 28. 6d. each. HITTY'S COLLECTION of STATUTES or PRAC. Very best Wax, 38. 9d. per Ib.; Super ditto, 28. 6d.; Parcel Wax, 1s.

TICAL UTILITY, with Notes thereon. By W. N. WELSBY Elastic Bands, 18. per box of six dozen, various. 1 EDWARD BEAVAN, Esqs., Barristers at Law.

Silver Pens, 18.; Gold, 3s. 6d. each; Plated Pocket-holders for ditto, 6d. Sweet, 1, Chancery lane; Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's- each


Bonum Pens, 4d. per dozen. Desk Knives and Erasers, ls. each. SMITH'S ACTION AT LAW.-NEW EDITION.

Writs, 6d.; Copies, 3d. per dozen; Copies, 28. per 100.

100 Writs and 100 Copies, with your name and address inserted, for 6s. This day is published, in 12mo., price 98. boards, N ELEMENTARY VIEW of the PROCEEDINGS

Affidavit of Service of Writ, 9d. per dozen.

Terms, Cash. Catalogues post free. in an ACTION at LAW. By the late JOHN WILLIAM SMITH, 9., Author of "Leading Cases," " A Compendium of Mercantile Law,"

Observe-PARTRIDGE & Cozens, Stationers and Paper Makers, 127 The Fifth Edition. Adapted to the Common law Procedure Acts of

and 128, Chancery-lane, two doors from Fleet-street. 52 and 1854. By EDWARD WISE, Esq., of the Middle Temple, risrter at Law.

* These are all made from a strong, fine, and smooth cartridge; but London: Stevens & Norton; S. Sweet; and W. Maxwell. inferior qualities can be had of the same sizes if required.

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AW PARTNERSHIP.-A Solicitor, of long-established

To be had separately, price 7s. 6d. boards,

THE WEEKLY REPORTER practice, is willing to take as his PARTNER a Gentleman of exBezie tine saridebility whose character and professional knowledge will DIGEST OF ALL CASES DECIDED during the past

Legal Year, November, 1853, to the Rising of the Courts, AC quested that letters, addressed to R. P., Symond's Library, Edgeware- 1854, as reported in all the Reports and Legal Publications. Eute. road, may contain full details, with references, and, if possible, the real H. F. BRISTOWE and A. EDGAR, Esqrs. To be continued za name and address of the writer.

Wildy & Sons. Lincoln's-inn, London
Recently published, much enlarged, price 258.,

Just published, price 98.,
Decisions on the late Acts and Orders to the present Time, with

of and the Practice at Judges' Chambers, and with Forms of Decrees, Orders, issued pursuant thereto; Schemes, Index, &c. Pleadings, Affidavits, Costs, &c.; being intended as a Supplement to the

“What the law was before the statute, and what it is since, is well as Books of Practice already published. By F. S. WILLIAMS, Esq., of shortly stated."-Jurist. the Chancery Bar.

London: Bond, Wildys, Amer, and all Booksellers. S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane, Fleet-street.

Just published, 8vo., price 5s. cloth,
This day is published, in I vol. 12 mo., price 20s. cloth, TUSCULANA; or, Notes and Reflections, written duria
SHE L F O'R D’S BAN K R U P T L AW. Vacation. By ANDREW EDGAR, Esq., of the Middle Terra
Second Edition.

Barrister at Law.
W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

SUBJECTS.-Writings on Toleration and the Freedom of the Piece

Political Prophecy-Christian Legislation–The Popular Inteller Just published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 10s. 6d. cloth,

Popular Literiture. THE NEW COMMON-LAW PROCEDURE, founded ** The production of a well-informed mind and scholar-like taste.

on the Acts of 1852 and 1854; including the New Rules on Prac- Edgar vindicates in his preface the right of lawyers to have other tice and Pleading, with Notes of Cases decided thereon to Michaelmas terests than ihose of their profession, and his book shews that be ad Term, 1854; and Forms, Tables, and Index. By PHILIP FRANCIS, on his principles."--Guardian. of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister at Law.

" They are evidently the production of a cultivated and reflectie W. Maxwell, 32, Bell-yard, Lincoln's inn.

mind. Mr. Edgar writes clearly and well.”—Morning Post. KERR'S COMMON LAW PROCEDURE, 1854.

* Various questions of much interest are discussed by a man of

thoughtful and cultivated mind. The titles of the different papers ad Just published, 12 mo., 93. boards,

suffice to shew the nature of the subjects, the treatment of which is can THE COMMON.LAW. PROCEDURE ACT, 1854. ducted in a philosophical and at ihe same time an agreeable st!

With full Practical Notes, an elaborate Introduction, and a historical illustrations being copiously adduced to support the antha! copious Analytical Index. By R. MALCOLM KERR, Esq., Barrister statements and arguments." --Literary Guzette. at Law.

George Bell, 186, Fleet-street. “Mr. Kerr's careful, lucid, and able synopsis of the act."-Law Ma

Just published,, 14s. cloth, the Seventh Edition of gazine. "The work certainly forms a valuable edition of the act."—


* The notes being numerous and copious.”—Law WHARTON'S Times.

containing complete Courses of Study in all Branches of London: Butterworths, 7, Flcet-street, Law Publishers to the Queen's Law; together with a Digest of all the Examination Questions, arrange most Excellent Majesty.

upon a new plan, and a variety of information useful to Articled Clerk

with reference to their Examination and Admission as Attornies ka JARMAN'S NEW CHANCERY PRACTICE.-SECOND EDITION.

Solicitors. By J. J. S. WHARTON, M. A., Barrister at Law. This day is published, in 1 vol. 12 mo., price 188. cloth,

"We have read it, and appreciated it as a valuable help."- Laz Resim THE NEW PRACTICE of the HIGH COURT of "The fact of this book having run to a seventh edition is alone a

CHANCERY relative to the Conduct of Suits by Bill, Claim, or ficient proof of its value, and of the estimation in which it is held by d Original Summons, and to Proceedings in the Judges' Chambers and Profession."-Law Magazine. Masters' Offices: including Forms of Costs and numerous other Forms, " A book whose appearance for the seventh time, in a still iteprure the Practice relating to Special Cases, the several Acts concerning shape, we cannot omit to welcome with renewed applause."-Lax T Trustees and Charitable Trusts, and the Indemnity of Executors and "The plan upon which it proceeds is one which more than any con Administrators, with the Orders and Decisions of the Court thereunder; is likely to fix the knowledge of legal principles in the student's used and a copious Index. By HENRY JARMAN.

-Justice of the Peace. London: W. Maxwell; S. Sweet; and Stevens & Norton, Law

London: Butterworths, 7, Fleet-street, Law Publishers to the Queen Booksellers and Publishers.

most Excellent Majesty. This day is published, 8vo., in various bindings,


Mr. HODGSON will SELL by AUCTION, at his Great Room, 154

Fleet-street, on THURSDAY, Nov. 30, at half-past 12, AND DIARY, 1855. No. 1. One page for each day, half-bound, law calf, price 5s. THE VALUABLE LAW LIBRARY of a Barrister 2. Two days on each page,


price 4s.

retired from Practice; including a Collection of Civil Law Book 3. Three days on each page, bound in cloth, price 2s.6d.

among which are, in folio, Corpus Juris Civilis, 2 vols.; Tanner's Xo This Diary is printed on superfine paper. The Almanack division

titia Monast'ca; Udalrici Tasii Opera, 6 vols. Quarto: Heineccii Opera contains the New Stamp Acts; Legal, Parliamentary, Assurance, and

8 rols.; Harris's Justinian, &c. Octavo: Bacon's Abridgment, Banking Directories; the Attornies and Solicitors Act; in addition to

Gwillim & Dodd, 8 rols.; Viner's Abridgment, 30 rols.; Repertein the usual valuable information applicable to the Profession.

Universel de Jurisprudence, 81 vols.; Marten's Recueil des Traites à Groombridge & Sons, Publishers, 5, Paternoster-row.

l'Europe, 11 vols.; Taylor's Civil Law, &c. Also a Series of the moden

Reports in Common Law, and a large Collection of the old Reporters REPORTS OF CASES DECIDED 1853-4.

in folio. The whole in good condition. Now ready, imperial 8vo., price 1l. 108. cloth,

To be viewed, and Catalogues had. THE WEEKLY REPORTER, 1853–4, (received as an

CAUTION. authority in the Courts, and extensively quoted in the Text Works upon the New Laws), contains Reports of Cases decided at Equity and TO TRADESMEN, MERCHANTS, SHIPPERS, OUT Common Law during the past Legal Year, November, 1853, to the Rising

FITERS, &c.-Whereas it has lately come to my knowledg of the Courts, August, 1854. To which is added, a Digest of all Cases

that some unprincipled person or persons have for some time past been decided during the same period, as reported not only in the Weekly imposing upon the public by selling to the Trade and others a spurias Reporter, but in all other Reports and Legal Publications. Edited by

article under the name of BOND'S PERMANENT MARKING ISE H. F. BRISTOWE and A. EDGAR, Esqrs. The Reports by a staff of

this is to give Notice, that I am the ORIGINAL and SOLE PRO Reporters, (whose names are given), members of the Bar.

PRIETOR and MANUFACTURER of the said article, and to N. B. The Work will be resumed at the commencement of next Term, employ any traveller, or authorise any persons to represent themes November, and regularly continued during the sitting of the Courts, in

as coming from my Establishment for the purpose of selling the ai Weekly Numbers, price 6d.; stamped 7d.

Ink. This Caution is published by me to prerent further imposition Wildy & Sons, Lincoln's-inn, London.

upon the public, and serious injury to myseli.

E. R. BOND, sole Executrix and Widow of the late John Band, IMPROVED EDITION OF THE STATUTES OF THE SESSION. Long-lane, West Smithfield, London. Price 10s. 6d. boards,

* To avoid disappointment from the substitution of counterfe STATUTES, 1854, (THE WEEKLY. Reporter Edition); be careful to ask for the genuine Bond's Permanent Marking Ink, and containing-1. A Review of the Legislation of the Session, in which

o the changes introduced in the pre-existing Law are succinctly stated. at any time been prepared by him, the Inventor and Pronrietor.

House of Par. which afford some indication of the changes likely to be proposed during monials of such cures may be seen. and the persons referred to Jail

ment, and relief from those unpleasant noises in the ears. Testi the ensuing Session. 3. A Table, shewing what Acts and Sections of Acts are directly affected by the Acts of the Session, and so arranged Royal College of Surgeons, a little Volume, sent post free for en

published, by Dr. HERBERT MANFRED, Member of the Edinburgh that existing editions of the Statutes at Large, Indexes, and Digests may be noted up and kept concurrent with the latest legislation. 4. The

postage stamps. Mode of self-cure by means of his new and painles Acts themselves; those relating to England being given in full, except

treatment. Deafness, accompanied with noises in the ears, removed a ing those which affect only the administrative functions of certain public half an hour's time, and in many cases the hearing restored instant's departments, and of which full abridgments are given. Those Acts

Address to Dr. Manfred's residence, 72, Regent-sureet, (first door a which relate exclusively to Scotland, Ireland, and the Colonies, are also

Air-street), where patients are received daily. fully and carefully abridged. The whole interspersed with notes. 5. The Titles of the Local and Personal and Private Acts, arranged upon a plan Street, in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, in the County of Mid

Printed by HENRY HANSARD), at his Printing Office, in Parse Edited by JOHN WARRINGTON ROGÉRS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law: dlesex; and Published at No. 3, CHANCERY LANE, in the Parish To be continued annually.

St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET, Wildy & Sons, Lincoln's-inn, London.

residing at No.34, Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, in the Ceauty Middlesex.-Saturday, November 25, 1854.


liament during
the Session, but which were not passed into

laws, bana DEAFNESS CURED in a few hours, by painless treat

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