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relinquished, there is no assignable minimum of learn- cise language, all that is material of circumstance, dec ing with which they may not be content. The text- sion, and dictum, in those which remain. Having doi books themselves are rapidly deteriorating, from several that, we may give to our digest the same authorit causes besides the general decline of science in the class which the reports now possess, and forbid the citatio which is to produce them. First, the increasing ten- of the reports prior to the digest; and we may provid dency of the judges to decide on particular precedents, for the annual revision of the digest. Such a wor rather than on a wide induction from many precedents, would reduce the existing thousand volumes of prec is destroying the scientific character of the law, and dents to twenty, and would tend, more than any othe thus renders the task of an institutional writer more measure, to facilitate and improve the practice an and more repulsive ; secondly, the mere labour of col- administration of the law*” lating and criticising the decisions is almost beyond the powers of humanity; and, thirdly, the inducement

Correspondence. to encounter that labour is daily diminishing. Confidence in the stability of the law has vanished. The !

CONSOLIDATION OF THE STAMP LAWS. annual alteration and refashioning of large branches of

TO THE EDITOR OF “THE JURIST.” the law is now considered to be a part of the constitu

SIR,—The accumulation of patched and contradictor tion; and, besides the consequent discouragement to en

moto enactments consequent upon repeated alterations in th study, we have this further result, that a text-book, 'stamp duties renders consolidation absolutely necessary however learnedly and carefully prepared, has no pe- I need not remind you that there are at the presen cuniary value in the publishing market. No law book time no less than five acts to which constant referene can bring an adequate return for its expenses and the is required. The duty payable on an appointinent mus

be sought for in the act of 1815; on a mortgage, in the risk of the adventure in fewer than six or seven years; '

fals; act of 1850; on an apprenticeship indenture, in an ac and, as things are now ordered, no publisher can hope of 1853; on articles of clerkship, in another act of th that any book he publishes will not be rendered obso- same year; and, finally, upon conveyances, upon chie lete in the ensuing session by some remorseless amending ! rent, and on certain descriptions of leases, in the act o statute.

| the present year. And though the duties ordinarily

| payable are comprised in the five acts above mentioned So much of the evil as is attributable to the state the directions and regulations to be observed, and the of the statute law would be considerably diminished penalties by which those directions and regulations an by a code of the statutes; for it is certain, that if the enforced, are scattered, here a little and there a little statute law were once reduced to order, and provision through a multitude of statutes, which, but for th: made that all subsequent legislation should take the ',

formidable list of them, occupying pages 85.3, 854, 855

856, 857, and 858 of Tilsley, (this is a fact), I shouk form of substitution, and not of patching, a great have felt no hesitation in pronouncing to be innumera element of stability would be secured. We have little ble. Indeed, it may fearlessly be affirmed, that of thes hope of any such result from the labours of the present statutory regulations as such, save as regards a few al Statute-law Commission. With the exception of one every-day application, legal practitioners are wholls equity judge, whose time is of course too much occu- ignorant, and are only saved from the consequences of pied to enable him to be a working member of the

disobedience by a cautious adherence to the traditional

course of practice in which the spirit of the statutory commission, we do not see one name on the list * which rules is preserved. promises any scientific result. But the great evil lies But to return to the acts with which I set out. As in the reporting system; and, especially now that the regards the stamping of newly-prepared instruments, fusion of law with equity has commenced in earnest, experience may enable the practitioner, in any ordinary there is no hope that any lawyer will be able to master case

ter case, to turn up readily the proper act, and the precise his business until two things have been done—first, but if an instrument out of the common course should

“: part of it where he may learn the duty he must pay, the purification and abridgment of the existing reports come before him, or if a question of exemption from by authority, resulting in either a chronological series duty should occur, even the tried and experienced law or a digest of subsisting authorities in a concise form; yer soon finds that he is wandering in a labyrinth and, secondly, the establishment of an authorised staff without a clue. Still more unfortunate is the prac of reporters for the future. If such a reform were

titioner who is called to investigate a title. He may

be master of the law current in his own day; bat for effected on a sound basis, The Jurist would gladly

IST would gladly the purpose in hand this may avail him nothing

the retire, and seek some new form of existence. In the Every deed must stand or fall by the laws in force when words of a late contributor, “ We cannot generalise it first saw the light; and to qualify the conveyancer our common law, because its essence is, that it teaches for his task, he must be as familiar with the laws of by example: but we may put those examples in a i that particular era of stamp legislation to which the

instrument under consideration belongs, as with the more convenient form. We may revise our reports,

B, most recent phase of the law. It may happen, there and digest them, as we propose to digest our statutes; fore, that in perusing an abstract, going back but we may expunge precedents which have been over- very few years, the conveyancer may have occasion to ruled or become obsolete; and we may express, in con- display an acquaintance with four or five distind


This state of things is really too bad. It is surely * The commission consists of the Lord Chancellor, Lords enough for Government to levy contributions upon ou Lyndhurst, Brougham, Wrottesley, and Campbell, the Chief pockets, without taxing so unmercifully our time and Justice of the Common Pleas, the Chief Baron, the Lord tempers. I repeat, that consolidation has become ahsa Advocate, Mr. Walpole, Mr. Napier, Sir W. P. Wond, V.C., lutely necessary. It is a debt due to the country, a the law officers for the three kingdoms, and Mr. Bellenden Ker.

* 17 Jur., part 2, p. 460.

an effort is all that is wanting to discharge it. One 6. Power to appoint substitute in illness or unavoidable abshort section formed on the model of that which re- sence of commissioner or registrar. peals the usury laws would suffice to sweep away Mr.

7. Power to appoint substitute in reasonable absence of Tilsley's long list of statutes, and “all existing laws country commissioner or registrar. relating to stamp duties.” Another section, equally

8. Substitute to have like authority, &c. short, might render reference to the past unnecessary,

9. Appointments of messengers and ushers.

10. Sect. 76 of stat. 5 & 6 Vict. c. 122, and sect. 49 of stat. by declaring that instruments bearing, any, stamp 7 & 8 Vict. c. 96, repealed, and salaries of officers to commence should be deemed to be duly stamped. The rubbish of

from appointment. 200 years being thus cleared away, it would not, one 11. Remuneration of official assignees. would think, be difficult, by the help of past expe- 12. Fees may be altered by order of Lord Chancellor. rience, to re-construct the law in a shape at once com- 13. Per-centage paid to chief registrar's account may be pact and intelligible—a result of which I should be the abolished or varied by order. more hopeful if the draftsmen would condescend to 14. Power to fix maximum payable for fees. submit their work to public criticism a few weeks before 15. Power to make General Orders. asking for it the sanction of Parliament. Without 16. Where declarations of insolvency to be filed. this precaution, we could look for nothing better than

17. Filing in country district court effectual. a repetition of the egregious blunders which have

18. Copies to be sent to chief registrar. marked every recent effort at stamp legislation.

19. Copy certified by country registrar to be evidence. It would be ridiculous, however, to expect Govern

20. Trader petitioning to shew 1501. assets. ment to take the initiative. A little wholesome pressure

21. Form of petition of trader.

22, Proof of assets to the amount of 1501. to be sufficient. must be applied from without. Let the Law Societies

23. Messenger to follow instructions of official assignee. then-particularly let the Incorporated Law Society- 24. Extension of time for disputing adjudication. take the matter up. Let them give the Chancellor of 25. Excepted articles to be allowed to a bankrupt. the Exchequer no rest till he accede to, what even a 26. An inventory and valuation of the remainder of the Chancellor of the Exchequer must admit to be, a rea- bankrupt's household furniture, &c. to be made, which shall sonable request.

not be sold without the order of a commissioner. I remain, Sir, your obedient servant,

27. If the bankrupt shall be entitled to any allowance, his A SOLICITOR. household furniture, &c. to be taken in lieu of money.

28. Construction. Short title. PUBLIC EXAMINATION OF STUDENTS.


An Act to repeal certain Acts and Parts of Acts relating to At the public examination of the Students of the Merchant Shipping, and to continue certain Provisions in Inns of Court, held at Lincoln's Inn Hall, on the 30th the said Acts.

[11th August, 1854.] and 31st October, and 1st November, 1854, the Council Sect. 1. Short Title of Act. of Legal Education awarded to

2. Interpretation of Terms in this Act. Alexander Edward Miller, Esq., student of Lincoln's 3. Commencement of Act. Inn, a studentship of 50 guineas per annum, to continue 4. Repeal of Acts mentioned in Schedule. for a period of three years.

5. Continuation of Local Marine Boards. William Smart, Esq., student of Lincoln's Inn, a 6. Construction of Sects. 4 and 9 of the Pilotage Law certificate of honour of the first class.

Amendment Act, 1853. Charles Andrew Prescott, Esq., student of Lincoln's

7. Expenses of Life Boats, &c. may be charged on MerInn, M. Maxwell Philip, Esq., student of the Middle

cantile Marine Fund. Temple, and Robert Scott, Esq., student of the Middle

8. Existing Liabilities on Mercantile Marine Fund con

tinued. Temple, certificates that they have satisfactorily passed

9. Provision as to Wages, &c. received before 1852. a public examination.

13 & 14 Vict. c. 102, s. 31. By order of the Council,

10. Receiver-General to conform to Directions of Board (Signed) RICHARD BETHELL, Chairman.

of Trade. Council Chamber, Lincoln's Inn,

11. Powers of Board of Trade as to Appointment of Nov. 3, 1854.

12. Payment of Receivers.

13. Application of Fees.

14. Ninth Part of Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, to

come into Operation immediately. 17 & 18 VICTORIÆ.—SESSION 2.

15. Mode of Procedure in Criminal Cases.

16. Penalty on Masters of Ships leaving certain Seamen (Continued from p. 423).

in Distress in this country. CAP. CXVIII.

Whereas by the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, the acts reAn Act to empower the Legislature of Canada to alter the lating to merchant shipping are amended and consolidated, Constitution of the Legislative Council for that Province, and and it is expedient to repeal certain acts and parts of acts refor other Purposes.

[11th August, 1854.]

lating to merchant shipping, and to make temporary provisions

with respect to certain of the matters referred to in the said CAP. CXIX.

acts : be it therefore enacted &c. as follows: An Act for regulating Appointments to Offices in the Court Sect. 1. This act may be cited for all purposes as “The

of Bankruptcy, and for amending the Laws relating to Bank Merchant Shipping Repeal Act, 1854.” rupts.

[11th August, 1854.] 2. In the construction and for the purposes of this act the Sect. 1. Present vacancies not to be filled up except upon Act, 1854, shall be considered as incorporated with and form

interpretation of terms contained in the Merchant Shipping special order of Lord Chancellor.

2. Lord Chancellor may declare future vacancies not to be ing part of this act. filled up, except upon special order.

3. With the exception of such provisions of this act as are 3. Certain provisions of the 1 & 2 Will. 4, c. 56, s. 9, re- hereinafter expressly stated to be intended to come into opepealed, and registrars may be removed upon certificate of the ration immediately after the passing thereof, this act shall Lords Justices.

come into operation at the same time as the Merchant Ship4. Power to appoint a person to act as registrar temporarily. ping Act, 1854. 15. Remuneration of a person appointed to act under last 4. There shall be hereby repealed preceding section.

The several acts and parts of acts set forth in the first sche

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dule hereto, to the extent to which such acts or parts of to all lawful directions given for that purpose by the Board of acts are therein expressed to le repealed, and all such Trade ; and on a vacancy occurring in his office no successor provisions of any other acts or of any charters, and all shall be appointed, but thereupon all powers and privileges such laws, customs, and rules as are inconsistent with the vested in such Receiver-General shall be transferred to the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854 :

Board of Trade; and this section shall come into operation Provided that such repeal shall not affect

immediately after the passing of this act. (1.) Any provisions contained in the act of the 7 Will. 4. 11. Receivers appointed by the said Receiver-General, under

c. 79, as to title, application of purchase money, or bor- the 10 Vict. c. 99, shall hold their offices only during the rowing money, and having relation to the power of pur- pleasure of the Board of Trade: and the serieants of the ad. chasing lighthouses given to the Trinity House by the miralty of the Cinque Ports, their deputies or other officers, same act:

authorised to perform the duties and to exercise the powers (2.) Any security duly given before this act comes into within the jurisdiction of the Cinque Ports elsewhere per. operation :

formed and exercised by such receivers as aforesaid, shall per. (3.) Any thing daly done before this act comes into ope form and exercise the same only during the pleasure and ration :

subject to the directions of the Board of Trade ; and all such (4.) Any liability accruing before this act comes into receivers, serjeants, deputies, and other officers as aforesaid operation :

shall possess in the several districts within which they have (5.) Any penalty, forfeiture, or other punishment incurred hitherto exercised their duties the same powers, rights, and

or to be incurred in respect of any offence committed privileges, and perform the same duties, as are by the said before this act comes into operation :

Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, vested in and committed to the (6.) The institution of any investigation or legal proceeding receivers therein mentioned, save only that they shall not be

or any other remedy for ascertaining, enforcing, or entitled to take the command in cases of ships or boats recovering any such liability, penalty, forfeiture, or stranded or in distress, unless authorised so to do by the Board punishment as aforesaid :

of Trade. (7.) Any appointment, bye-law, regulation, or license duly made or granted under any enactment hereby repealed,

12. There shall be payable to such receivers, serjeants, and subsisting at the time when this act comes into

deputies, and other officers as aforesaid such fees and other operation; and the same shall continue in force, but

remuneration as are by the said Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, shall be subject to such provisions of the Merchant | made payable to receivers appointed thereunder, and payment Shipping Act, 1854, as are applicable thereto re thereof shall be made by the same persons and in the same spectively.

manner, and shall be capable of being enforced by the same

means, as payment of the fees or other remuneration payable 5. The local marine boards, the members of which have

to the receivers appointed under the Merchant Shipping Act, been appointed or elected under the Mercantile Marine Act,

1854, are payable or capable of being enforced, or as near 1850, shall continue to act until the 4th February, 1857, or

thereto as circumstances permit; and save as aforesaid, and until other boards have been constituted in lieu thereof in

saving also any expenses actually and properly incurred, no pursuance of the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act,

such receiver, serjeant, deputy, or other officer as aforesaid 1854.

shall be entitled to demand or receive from any person any fees 6. The 4th and 9th sections of the Pilotage-law Amend. or other sums in respect of any services performed by him as ment Act, 1853, shall be construed as if the fifth part of the receiver; and this section shall come into operation immeMerchant Shipping Act, 1854, were therein referred to, in lieu diately after the passing of this act. of the act of the 6 Geo. 4, c. 125.

13. All fees or other remuneration received by any such 7. The Board of Trade may, out of the Mercantile Marine | receiver, serjeant, deputy, or other officer as aforesaid, may be Fund, direct payment to be made of such expenses for esta applied by him to his own use. blishing and maintaining on the coasts of the United Kingdom

1 14. The provisions contained in the ninth part of the Mer. proper life boats, with the necessary crews and equipments, chants

chant Shipping Act, 1854, shall come into operation at the and for affording assistance towards the preservation of life

same time as if the same were herein repeated, and were and property in cases of shipwreck and distress at sea, and for

hereby expressed to be intended to come into operation immethe granting rewards for the preservation of life in such cases,

diately after the passing of this act; and the following acts, as it thinks fit; and this section shall come into operation

that is to say, the 7 Geo. 2, c. 15, the 26 Geo. 3, c. 86, and mmediately after the passing of this act.

the 53 Geo. 3, c. 159, shall be considered as repealed imme. 8. Nothing in the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, or in this diately after the passing of this act. act contained, shall operate to prevent the exercise of the

15. All criminal proceedings under the Seamen's Fund powers contained in the 12th and 16th sections of the Mer

Winding-up Act, 1851, the Pilotage-law Amendment Act, chant Amendment Act, 1853, of paying the debts, liabilities, and expenses therein mentioned out of the this act, shall be carried on in the same manner as similar

1833, the Merchant Shipping-law Amendment Act, 1853, or iMercantile Marine Fund : and whereas it was arranged that al

proceedings under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854; and sum, to be ascertained by the calculation of actuaries, should, before the said last-mentioned act came into operation, be paid

Hoi all rules of law, practice, and evidence which are applicable to by the Trinity House out of the cash balances then in their

such last-mentioned proceedings shall be applicable to criminal bands, for the purpose of supplying a deficiency in the funds

I proceedings under this act. of the Cinque Ports pilots, and of indemnifying the funds of

16. If a native of any country in Asia, Africa, or of any of the Trinity House pilots against any loss consequent upon the

the islands in the South Sea or the Pacific Ocean, or of any settlements to be made under the Pilotage-law Amendment other country not having any consul in the United Kingdom, Act, 1853: and whereas, when the Merchant Shipping-law is brought to the United Kingdom in any ship, British or Amendment Act, 1853, came into operation, the said calcula. foreign, as a seaman, and is left in the United Kingdom, and tion was not completed : be it enacted, that such payment within six months of his being so left becomes chargeable upon may, with the consent of the Board of Trade. be made by the the poor rate, or commits any act by reason of the committal Trinity House in the same manner as payment of the debts. | whereof he is liable to be convicted as an idle and disorderly liabilities, and expenses referred to in the said 12th section of person, or any other act of vagrancy, the master or owner of the said last-mentioned act; and this section shall come into the said ship, or in case of a foreign ship the person who is operation immediately after the passing of this act.

consignee of the ship at the time of the seaman being so left as 9. All monies arising from any wages and effects of deceased

aforesaid, shall incur a penalty not exceeding 301., unless he seamen or apprentices to the sea service which were received

can shew that the person so left as aforesaid quitted the ship before the 1st January, 1852, shall be applied in the same

without the consent of the master, or that due means bave been manner as if the same had been received under the provisions

afforded by such master, owner, or consignee, or one of them, of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854.

to such person, of returning to his native country or to the

country in which he was shipped ; and the Court inflicting 10. The Receiver-General of Droits of Admiralty shall, as such penalty may order the whole or any part of such penalty to all things to be done by him in virtue of his office, conform to be applied towards the relief or sending home of such person.


Lighthouses and Lights round the Coasts of Ireland, and to Acts and Parts of Acts to be repealed.

raise a Fund for defraying the Charge thereof." - The whole

Act. 8 Eliz. c. 13—“An Act touching Sea Marks and Mariners." 53 Geo. 3, c. 159—“ An Act to limit the Responsibility of -The whole Act, except sect. 5.

Shipowners in certain Cases.”—The whole Act. 11 Ann., st. 2, c. 18–“ An Act for the preserving all such 54 Geo. 3, c. 136—"An Act for enabling the Commissioners Ships and Goods thereof which shall happen to be forced on Shore of the Northern Lighthouses to purchase the Island and Light ir stranded on the Coasts of this Kingdom, or on any other of of May, at the Entrance of the Frith of Forth ; for enabling the aer Majesty's Dominions."-So much as is not already re- Commissioners of the Treasury to advance a certain Sum of pealed.

Money towards that Purpose ; and for amending several Acts 4 Geo. 1, c. 12—"An Act for enforcing and making per. in regard to the Northern Lighthouses.”The whole Act. petual an Act of the twelfth Year of her late Majesty, intituled 55 Geo. 3, c. lxvii, (local and personal)—" An Act for

An Act for the preserving all such Ships and Goods thereof enabling the Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouses to which shall happen to be forced on Shore or stranded upon the erect Lighthouses on the Isles of Man and Calf of Man."Coasts of this Kingdom, or on any other of ber Majesty's Do. The whole Act. minions;' and for inflicting the Punishment of Death on such 59 Geo. 3, c. 12—“An Act to amend the Laws for the Re. as shall wilfully burn or destroy Ships."-So much as is not lief of the Poor."-Sect. 32. slready repealed.

1 & 2 Geo. 4, c. 76—"An Act to continue and amend certain 7 Geo. 2, c. 15—"An Act to settle how far Owners of Acts for preventing the various Frauds and Depredations com. Ships shall be answerable for the Acts of the Masters or Ma- mitted on Merchants, Shipowners, and Underwriters, by Boat. riners."- The whole Act.

men and others, within the Jurisdiction of the Cinque Ports, 20 Geo. 2, c. 38—"An Act for the Relief and Support of and also for remedying certain Defects relative to the Adjustmaimed disabled Seamen, and the Widows and Children of ment of Salvage under a Statute made in the twelfth Year of such as shall be killed, slain, or drowned in the Merchant Ser- the Reign of her late Majesty Queen Anne."--The whole Act, rice."-So much as is not already repealed.

except Sects. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 15, 16, and 18. 26 Geo. 2, c. 194“ An Act for enforcing the Laws against 4 Geo. 4, c. 88_" An Act for regulating Vessels carrying Persons who shall steal or detain shipwrecked Goods, and for Passengers between Great Britain and Ireland.”—The whole the Relief of Persons suffering Losses thereby."-So much as Act. is not already repealed.

6 Geo. 4, c. 125_" An Act for the Amendment of the Law 26 Geo. 3, c. 86—"An Act to explain and amend an Act respecting Pilots and Pilotage, and also for the better Preser. made in the seventh Year of his late Majesty's Reign, inti- vation of Floating Lights, Buoys, and Beacons.”—The whole tuled • An Act to settle how far Owners of Ships shall be an- Act. swerable for the Acts of the Masters or Mariners;' and for 9 Geo. 4, c. 864" An Act to amend an Act for the Amend. giving a further Relief to the Owners of Ships.”—The whole ment of the Law respecting Pilots and Pilotage, and also for Act.

the better Preservation of Floating Lights, Buoys, and Bea26 Geo. 3, c. 101—" An Act for erecting certain Light- cons.”—The whole Act. houses in the Northern Parts of Great Britain.”—The whole 11 Geo. 4, c. 20—“An Act to amend and consolidate the Act.

Laws relating to the Pay of the Royal Navy.”- Sect. 82. 28 Geo. 3, c. 25—"An Act to render more effectual an Act 4 & 5 Will. 4, c. 52–"An Act to amend an Act of the passed in the twenty-sixth Year of his present Majesty's Reign, twentieth Year of his Majesty King George the Second, for the intituled 'An Act for erecting certain Lighthouses in the. Relief and Support of sick, maimed, and disabled Seamen, and Northern Parts of Great Britain.'"-The whole Act.

the Widows and Children of such as shall be killed, slain, or 29 Geo. 3, c. 52—"An Act to give further Powers to the drowned in the Merchant Service; and for other Purposes.”— Commissioners for erecting certain Lighthouses in the Northern So much as is not already repealed. Parts of Great Britain." -The whole Act.

5 & 6 Will. 4, c. 19—"An Act to amend and consolidate 38 Geo. 3, c. lvii, (local and personal)—" An Act for incor- the Laws relating to the Merchant Seamen of the United porating the Commissioners appointed for erecting certain Kingdom, and for forming and maintaining a Register of all Lighthouses in the Northern Parts of Great Britain.”The the Men engaged in that Service.”- So much as is not already whole Act.

repealed. 46 Geo. 3, c. 106—“An Act to provide for the better Exe- 6 & 7 Will. 4, c. 79—"An Act for vesting Lighthouses, cution of the several Acts relating to the Revenues, Matters, Lights, and Sea Marks on the Coasts of England in the Cor. and Things under the Management of the Commissioners of poration of Trinity House of Deptford Strond ; and for making Customs and Port Duties, and of the Commissioners of Inland Provisions respecting Lighthouses, Lights, Buoys, and Bea. Excise and Taxes in Ireland."-Sects. 75 and 76.

cons, and Sea Marks, and the Tolls and Duties payable in 46 Geo. 3, c. 132—" An Act for erecting a Lighthouse on respect thereof."The whole Act. the Bell or Cape Rock on the Eastern Coast of Scotland, and 1 & 2 Vict. c. 66—“An Act for maintaining a Lighthouse for enabling the Commissioners of the Treasury to advance a at Gibraltar, and respecting Lighthouses not within the United certain Sum of Money out of the Consolidated Fund of Great Kingdom.”The whole Act. Britain towards that Purpose.”The whole Act.

3 & 4 Vict. c. 68—“ An Act to enable her Majesty in Coun. 48 Geo. 3, c. 130_" An Act for preventing the various cil to authorise Ships and Vessels belonging to Countries Frauds and Depredations committed on Merchants, Ship- having Treaties of Reciprocity with the United Kingdom to owners, and Underwriters, by Boatmen and others, within the be piloted, in certain Cases, without having a licensed Pilot on Jurisdiction of the Cinque Ports, and also for remedying cer- board ; and also to regulate the Mode in which Pilot Boats tain Defects relative to the Adjustment of Salvage under a Sta- shall be painted and distinguished.”The whole Act. tate made in the twelfth Year of the Reign of her late Majesty 7 & 8 Vict. c. 112_" An Act to amend and consolidate Queen Anne." - The whole Act.

the Laws relating to Merchant Seamen, and for keeping a 50 Geo. 3, c. 95—“ An Act to enable the Corporation for Register of Seamen.”—The whole Act. preserving and improving the Port of Dublin to erect, repair, 8 & 9 Vict. c. 86—" An Act for the General Regulation of and maintain Lighthouses round the Coast of Ireland, and to the Customs." --Sects. 45, 51, 53, and 140. raise a Fund for defraying the Charge thereof.The whole 8 & 9 Vict. c. 87—“ An Act for the Prevention of Smug

gling." - Sect. 10. 51 Geo. 3, c. 66_" An Act to amend and render more 8 & 9 Vict. c. 89—"An Act for the registering of British effectual several Acts for promoting the Trade of Dublin, by Vessels.”The whole Act. rendering its Port and Harbour more commodious, and for 8 & 9 Vict. c. 116—"An Act for the Protection of Seamen erecting, repairing, and maintaining Lighthouses round the entering on board Merchant Ships." -The whole Act. Coast of Ireland, and to raise a Fund for defraying the Charge 9 & 10 Vict. c. 99—" An Act for consolidating and amendthereof.”The whole Act, so far as relates to lighthouses ing the Laws relating to Wreck and Salvage.The whole

Act. 52 Geo. 3, c. 115_" An Act to make more effectual Pro. 12 & 13 Vict. c. 29—" An Act to amend the Laws in force vision for enabling the Corporation for preserving and im- for the Encouragement of British Shipping and Navigation."proving the Port of Dublin' to erect, repair, and maintain the whole Act.


and light dues.

12 & 13 Vict. c. 88_"An Act to amend the Laws relating WILLIAM ANDREW MEYER, Dartford, Kent, licensed to Pilotage.”—The whole Act.

victualler, innkeeper, dealer and chapman, Nov. 13 at 11, 13 & 14 Vict. c. 93—“An Act for improving the Condi. and Dec. 11 at half past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: tion of Masters, Mates, and Seamen, and maintaining Dis. Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sol. Stopher, 52, Cheapside. - Petition cipline in the Merchant Service." - The whole Act.

filed Nov. 2. 13 & 14 Vict. c. 95—“An Act to amend the Laws re ABRAHAM CORONEL, Great Alie-street, Goodman's lating to the Customs."-Sect. 14.

fields, Middlesex, cigar manufacturer, dealer and chapman, 14 & 15 Vict. c. 35—“An Act to extend the Benefits of Nov. 15 at 11, and Dec. 14 at 12, Court of Bankruptey, certain Provisions of the General Merchant Seamen's Act, re. London: Off. Ass. Lee; Sol. Abrahams, 23, Sonthamptonlating to Apprentices bound to the Sea Service, to Apprentices buildings, London. - Petition filed Aug. 5. bound to the Sea Service by Boards of Guardians of the Poor | ROBERT GEORGE ROSE, Cowley-terrace, North Brixton, of Ireland, and to enable such Guardians to place out Boys in Surrey, draper, dealer and chapman, Nov. 10 at half-past the Naval Service.”—The whole Act, except sect. 10.

1, and Dec. 20 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Ofi. 14 & 15 Vict. c. 79—"An Act to consolidate and amend Ass. Nicholson ; Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise-lane. the Laws relating to the Regulation of Steam Navigation, and - Petition filed Oct. 24. to the Roats and Lights to be carried by sea-going Vessels."— | RICHARD CURTIS, Southsea, Portsea, Southampton, com The whole Act.

and wine merchant, Nov. 11 at 11, and Dec. 18 at half14 & 15 Vict. c. 86—" An Act to amend the Mercantile past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Cannan; Marine Act, 1850."- The whole Act.

Sol. Low, 65, Chancery-lane.-Petition filed Nov. 2. 14 & 15 Vict. c. 102—" An Act to amend the Acts relating EDWARD CASTENDIECK, Mincing-lane, London, ship to the Merchant Seamen's Fund, and to provide for winding up agent and merchant, dealer and chapman, Nov. 11 at 2, the said Fund, and for the better Management thereof in the and Dec. 18 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Meantime."- Sects. 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, Off Ass. Whitmore; Sols. Marten & Co., Mincing-lane.and 61.

Petition filed Nov. 2. 16 & 17 Vict. c. 129—" An Act further to amend the Law HENRY JANNINGS, Laurie-terrace, Westminster-road, relating to Pilotage."--The whole Act, except sects. 3, 4, 5, ! Surrey, ironmonger, dealer and chapman, Nov. 14 at 2, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and so much of sect. 9 as relates to the and Dec. 12 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Of. recovery of pilotage rates by Cinque Ports pilots licensed Ass. Graham; Sol. Paxon, 8, New Boswell-court, Careybefore the Act came into operation.

street.— Petition filed Nov.2. 16 & 17 Vict. c. 131– An Act to amend various Laws re- JOHN THOMAS, Upton-upon.Severn, Worcestershire, and lating to Merchant Shipping." -The whole Act, except sects. Ledbury, Herefordshire. draper, dealer and chapman, Nor. 12, 13, 24, 28, and 29.

13 and Dec. 11 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy. Bir17 & 18 Vict. c. 5—"An Act to admit Foreign Ships to the mingham : Off. Ass. Bittleston ; Sols. Motteram & Knight, Coasting Trade." --Sect. 4.

Birmingham; Jones, 15, Sise-lane, London.- Petition dated

Oct. 2.

ROWLAND BOSWORTH, Leicester, oil merchant, dealer An Act to apply a Sum out of the Consolidated Fand and cer

and chapman, Nov. 14 and Dec. 12 at 10, District Court tain other Sums to the Service of the Year 1854, and to

of Bankruptcy, Nottingham : Off. Ass. Harris; Sois. Miles appropriate the Supplies granted in this Session of Parlia

& Gregory, Leicester; Hodgson, Birmingham.- Petition

dated Oct. 30. * ment.

[12th August, 1854.]

JOHN DUMBLE, Sunderland, Durham, commission agent CAP. CXXII.

and ship chandler, Nov. 9 and Dec. 14 at 1, District Court An Act for the further Alteration and Amendment of the Laws

of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-apon Tyne: Off. Ass. Baker; and Duties of Customs.

[12th August, 1854.]

Sols. Hodgson, Birmingham; Brewis, Newcastle-upon

Tyne.- Petition filed Oct. 19.

SAMUEL BELL, Liverpool, confectioner, dealer and chap. An Act to render any Dealing with Securities issued during

man, Nov. 14 and Dec. 6 at 11, District Court of Bankthe present War between Russia and England by the Rus

ruptcy, Liverpool: Off. Ass. Morgan; Sols. Fletcher & sian Government a Misdemeanour.

Hull, Liverpool.- Petition filed Oct. 31. [12th August, 1854.]


Thomas Wheeldon, Bakewell, Derbyshire, tailor, Nov. 17 CAP. cxxiv.

at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, ch. ass.An Act to settle the Contribution to be made by certain

|| Nicholas Kennedy, Manchester, ivory turner, Nov. 16 at 12, Baronies in Roscommon and Galway and the County of the

District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac.; Nov. 24 Town of Galway to the Midland Great Western Railway of

at 12, div.-William Lloyd Marshall, Almondbury, YorkIreland Company.

[12th August, 1854.]

shire, common brewer, Nov. 28 at 12, District Court of CAP. CXXV.

Bankruptcy, Leeds, aud. ac. and div.-Lewis Cooke Hertalet, An Act for the further Amendment of the Process, Practice,

Union-court, Broad-street, London, merchant, Nov. 28 at

half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Dan. Keua and Mode of Pleading in and enlarging the Jurisdiction of

and Thomas Shoobridge, Wood-street, Cheapside, London, the Superior Courts of Common Law at Westminster, and

warehousemen, Nov. 28 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, of the Superior Courts of Common Law of the Counties

div. sep. est. of Dan. Keith.- Joseph Whitmore, Leicester, Palatine of Lancaster and Durham.

woolstapler, Dec. 5 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy. Not [12th August, 1854.]

tingham, aud. ac. and div.- Robert Rimmer, Southport and [See ante, p. 313.]

Seaforth, Lancashire, builder, Nov. 27 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, div.-John Henry Whitfield and

Francis Lyth, York, builders, Nov. 27 at 11, District Court London Gazettes.

of Bankruptcy, Leeds, diy, sep. est. of F. Lyth.-G. Jeere,

Sheffield, Yorkshire, brush manufacturer, Nov. 25 at 11,

District Court of Bankruptcy, Sheffield, div.

CERTIFICATES. WILLIAM TYSON, High-street, Marylebone, Middlesex, To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary ox ar butcher, dealer and chapman, Nov. 9 and Dec. 14 at 11,

before the Day of Meeting. Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Bell; Sol. Tetts, Joseph Wm. Hall, Cardiff, Glamorgansbire, dealer in agri

Temple-chambers, Fleet-street.- Petition filed Oct. 28. cultural implements, Nov. 28 at 11, District Court of BaakHENRY THWAITES BAYLEY, Canterbury, Kent, linen- ruptcy, Bristol.-T. Wigfall. Sheffield, Yorkshire, table-side

draper, Nov. 10 at 1, and Dec. 20 at 12, Court of Bank. manufacturer, Nov. 25 at 11, District Court of Bankrapoy. ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Nicholson ; Sol. Heather, 17, Sheffield.- John Chaplin and R. Wigley, Leicester, curries, Paternoster-row, London,-Petition dated Oct. 24. | Dec. 12 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Nottinghamn.

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