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(Mr. Justice MAULE will remain in Town).

Ld.Campbell L.C.J.Jervis B. Parke J. Cresswell J. Wightman J. Erle

J. Williams J. Crompton LCB Pollock J. Coleridge B. Alderson B. Platt J. Talfourd B. Martin Friday.. Feb. 17

Lancaster Tuesday 21

Appleby Thursday 23

Carlisle Saturday 25

Monday. 27

Newcastle &

Wednes., Mar. 1
Northamptn. Hertford

(Town Oxford Thursday 2

Saturday ... 4 Aylesbury Lincoln &
Monday 6

[City Chelmsford
Worcester & Salisbury

Swansea Tuesday 7

York & City [City
Thursday 9 Bedford Nottingham
Friday...... 10
[& Town

Saturday.... 11


Stafford Monday 13 Huntingdon

Haverford14 Derby

Exeter & City Welchpool {west & Tn. Maidstone


Bala Saturday 18

Leicest. & B.

Liverpool Monday 20 Norwich and

Carnarvon Tuesday 21 [City

Shrewsbury Bodmin

Carmarthen Thursday 23 Coventry

Beaumaris Saturday.... 25 Bury St. Ed. Warwick Kingston

Hereford Taunton Ruthin Brecon Wednesday.. 29


Mold Thursday 30

Presteign Saturd., April 1

Gloucester &

Chester Chester [City


FYA15 Cambridge

10 { Petitions ppeal reacticand Bankruptey



187 Court Papers.


Tuesday 21 Appeals.

Wednesday 22

23 ) 1854.


24 Petitions and Appeals. Saturday

25 Court of Chancery.


Tuesday. 28 Fourth Seal.
Before the LORD CHANCELLOR, at Lincoln's Inn.

Notice.- Such days as his Lordship is hearing Appeals in Wednesday .. Feb. 8 First Seal.

the House of Lords excepted. Thursday

9 Appeals. Friday ... 10 Petitions and Appeals.

Before the Lords JUSTICES, at Lincoln's Inn. Saturday 11

Wednesday .. Feb. 8 First Seal. — Appeal Motions. Monday.. 13


9 Appeals. Tuesday.. 14 | Appeals.

Friday ... Wednesday 15 1

Petitions. Thursday 16


11 Friday 17 Petitions and Appeals.

Monday.. 13 Saturday 18

Tuesday: 14 Appeals. Monday..

Wednesday 15


Thursday. 16
Wednesday 22

Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy, Thursday.

Friday 23 Second Seal.

and Appeal Petitions. Friday 24 Petitions and Appeals.


18 Saturday 25

Monday.. 20 · Monday..

Appeals. 27 1

Tuesday.. 21 Tuesday: 28 Appeals.

Wednesday 22 Wednesday, March 1

Thursday 23 Second Seal.— Appeal Motions. Thursday 2)

Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy,

Friday... 24 Friday 3 Petitions and Appeals.

and Appeal Petitions. Saturday


25 Monday. 6

Monday.. 27 Tuesday 7 Appeals.

Tuesday. 28 > Appeals. Wednesday

Wednesday, March 1 Thursday 9


2 Friday ... 10 Petitions and Appeals.

Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy,

Friday... Saturday 11 Third Seal.

and Appeal Petitions. Monday.. 13


47 Tuesday. 14


6 Wednesday

Appeals. 15


7 Appeals. Thursday


8 Friday... 17 Petitions and Appeals.



17 { Petitions peal per and Bankruptcy, Saranday



27 Appeals.


11{boShort Claims, and Causes.

Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy, Friday

10 Petitions (unopposed first). Friday ... 10 {Petindo Appeal Petitions.


11 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Saturday 11 Third Seal.-Appeal Motions.


13 Monday 13

Tuesday. 14 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Tuesday. 14

Wednesday 15 Further Directions, and Exceptions. Wednesday

> Appeals. 15

Thursday 16 Thursday 16


17 Petitions (unopposed first).

18 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Friday .... and Appeal Petitions.

Monday... 20

Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Saturday 18



Further Directions, and Exceptions. Monday.. 20

Wednesday 22 Tuesday.. 21 Appeals.

Thursday 23 Second Seal.-Motions and Causes. Wednesday 22

Friday ... 24 Petitions (unopposed first). Thursday 23

Saturday 25 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Petitions in Lunacy and Bankruptcy, Monday.. 27 Friday ... and Appeal Petitions.

Tuesday. 28 | Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Saturday 25

Wednesday, March 1 Further Directions, and Exceptions. Monday:


2 Tuesday: 28 Fourth Seal.- Appeal Motions. Friday

3 Petitions (unopposed first). Wednesday 29 Appeal Petitions.


4 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes.

6 Notice. The days (if any) on which the Lords Justices shall Monday.

7 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, be engaged in the full Court, or at the Judicial Committee of Tuesday

Wednesday 8 the Privy Council, are excepted.

Further Directions, and Exceptions. Thursday

9 Before the Right Hon. the MASTER OF THE Rolls, at

Friday ..

10 Petitions (unopposed first).

Third Seal.- Motions, Short Causes, Chancery-lane.

Saturday Wednesday .. Feb. 8 First Seal.


137 Thursday 9

Tuesday: 14 | Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Friday ... 10

Wednesday 15 Further Directions, and Exceptions. Saturday 11


16 Monday.. 13


17 Petitions (unopposed first). Tuesday.. 14


18 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Wednesday 15 Pleas, Demu rs, Causes, Claims,


20 Thursday 16 Further Directions, and Exceptions.


21 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Friday 17

Wednesday 22 Further Directions, and Exceptions. Saturday 18


23 Monday. 20


24 Petitions (unopposed first). Tuesday. 21

Saturday 25 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Wednesday 22 Thursday 23 Second Seal.


Further Directions, and Exceptions. Friday 24 Petitions in General Paper.

Tuesday...... 28 Fourth Seal.-Motions and Causes. Saturday 25

N. B.-Unopposed Petitions, not exceeding ten, at the Monday.. 27

sitting of the Court, every day except Seal-days. Tuesday:

28 Wednesday, March 1

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir J. STUART, at Lincoln's Inn. Thursday

2 Friday

3 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Wednesday .. Feb. 8 First Seal.-— Motions. Saturday


Thursday 4 Further Directions, and Exceptions.


Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

10 Monday, 6


Claims, and Further Directions.

11 Tuesday

7 Wednesday

Monday.. 13 Petitions. 8

Tuesday.. 14 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Thursday 9


15 Friday 10

Thursday 16 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Saturday 11 Third Seal.


17 Claims, and Further Directions. Monday..

137 Tuesday.

18 14

Saturday Wednesday

20 Petitions. 15

Monday... Thursday

21 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. 16

Tuesday.... Friday 17 Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims, Wednesday 22

Claims, and Further Directions. Saturday 18 Further Directions, and Exceptions.

Thursday 23 Second Seal.-Motions. Monday. 20


24 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Tuesday. 21


Saturday Wednesday

Claims, and Further Directions. 22 Thursday

27 Petitions. Monday...

Tuesday.. 28 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Friday

24 Petitions in General Paper. Saturday 25 / Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Claims,

Wednesday, March 1

Thursday Monday.. 27 ) Further Directions, and Exceptions.

2 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

3 Friday ....

Claims, and Further Directions. Tuesday... 28 Fourth Seal.


4 N.B.--Short Causes, Short Claims, Consent Causes, Un.


6 Petitions. opposed Petitions, and Claims, every Saturday at the sitting Tuesday.. 7 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. of the Court.

Wednesday 8 Notice.-Consent Petitions must be presented, and copies Thursday

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

9 left with the Secretary, on or before the Thursday preceding Friday


Claims, and Further Directions. the Saturday on which it is intended they should be heard.


11 Third Seal.-Motions.

Monday.. 13 Petitions. Before Vice-Chancellor Sir RICHARD T. KINDERSLEY, at

Tuesday. 14 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Lincoln's Inn.

Wednesday 15) Wednesday .. Feb. 8 First Seal.-Motions and Causes. Thursday 16 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

17 Thursday 9

Claims, and Further Directions. Claims, and Further Directions.



e{ , }


.... 22

Wednesday .. Feb. 8 { Firepere

11{Petaiuses & Chaimo, & Generai Papers



Monday....... 20 Petitions.

Campbell or M‘Laren Guinness o. Armstrong Tuesday 21 Short Causes, Short Claims, & Causes. Fisher (Part heard, and Young v. Cuthbertson (First Wednesday

further hearing adjourned) appeal) Thursday 23 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Earl of Stirling v. Officers of Same o. Same (Second appeal) Friday .........

24 Claims, and Further Directions. State of Scotland (Part Orr v. Union Bank of Scot. Saturday 25


land & an. Monday... 27 Petitions.

Sir Henry Bridges v. Fordyce Duncan v. Whitson Tuesday... 28 Fourth Seal.--Motions.


Flowerdew o. M.Intosh (A)

Harrison o. Stickney (Writ of Mayor of Southampton 6. · Before Vice-Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood, at Lincoln's Inn.

error, reheard in part on Attorney-General

Symot v. Simpson
First Seal. - Motions and General Broadley o. Stickney (Writ of Bryden v. Stewart


Clark o. City of Glasgow Life Thursday 92

Assurance Co.
Claims, and Further Directions. o. Newton (A)

Kerr & an. o. Marquis of Ailsa
Saturday :
Petitions, (unopposed first), Short Ranger v. Great Western Rail- (First appeal)

way Co. (Fully heard on re- Same v. Same (Second appeal) Monday... 13


Dickson o. Dickson
Tuesday.. 14

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Edinburgh and Glasgow Rail Her Majesty's Advocate-Ge-
Claims, and Further Directions.

way Co. v. Provost, &c. of neral v. Smith Thursday 16

Linlithgow (Fully heard) Thompson o. North of ScotFriday ... 17

Marianski v. Fairservice & an. land Banking Co. Saturday ...

(First appeal) Petitions, (unopposed first), Short

Ambergate, &c. Railway Co. Causes & Claims, & General Paper. Same v. Same (Second appeal) v. Grantham Canal Naviga. Monday...


Madocks o. Roberts (A)

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,
Claims, and Further Directions.

Christie v. Allan or Hoskins Glendonwyn or Scott o. Max. Wednesday 22

(Cause remitted)

well Thursday ..

Second Seal.—Motions and General Hon. O. F. Toler v. Graham Jorden & Wife v. Money 23 Paper.


Dr. W. Jack v. Lady James Friday .......

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, O'Connell v. Mansfield (Writ 24

Hay & Husband
Claims, and Further Directions. of error, fully heard) Borrows & Co. o. Colquhoun

Petitions, (unopposed first), Short Mayor, &c. of London v. & an.

Causes & Claims, & General Paper. Combe (Lord Lyndhurst's Ostler 0. Cooke
Monday.. 277

judgment in the court below) Torre o. Browne Tuesday.. 28

Grantham Canal Co. o. Hali Blair Iron Co. v. Alison Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Wednesday, March 1 Claims, and Further Directions.

(Under compromise) Dudgeon & an. 0. Thomson Thursday 2

Maunsell & White v. White & an. Friday 3

Gregory o. Duke of Brunswick Commissioners of Harbour Saturday Petitions, (unopposed first), Short (Part heard) SO

and Docks of Leith v. ScotCauses & Claims, & General Paper. Herring & an. v. Clobury land Monday. 6

Dunn v. Lord Blantyre (A) Dr. J. Grant o. Livingstone Tuesday. 7

Robertson Rennie
Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

(First appeal)

Mitchell Thursday

Same v. Same (Second appeal) Claims, and Further Directions. 9

Comerford v. Corley & an. Ure v. Miller Friday

(Under compromise) Caledonian and Dumbarton Third Seal. - Motions and General Bathie v. Flowerdew (A) Saturday .... 11

Railway Co. o. Helensburgh

Manson v. Sir W. Baillie, Harbour Trustees
Monday........ 13
Petitions, (unopposed first), Short Bart. (A)

Stanton o. Percival { Causes & Claims, & General Paper. Reg. v. Gregory (Writ of National Exchange Company Tuesday... 147


of Glasgow o. Drew Wednesday 15 Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Livingston v. Presbytery of Drew v. Drew & an. Thursday 16 Claims, and Further Directions. Hamilton (A)

Unwin v. Heath, Administra. Friday 17

Gregory v. Reg. (Writ of trix Saturday

error, on information) Fleeming & an. v. Orr Causes & Claims, & General Paper. Same v. Same (On indictment) Walker & Co. 0. Sir M. R. Monday....

Gammell v. Commissioners of Stewart, Bart. Tuesday.

21 Wednesday Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes,

Woods, &c. and Lord Ad. Lang & an. o. Brown & an. 22 Claims, and Further Directions.

vocate of Scotland (Fully Buchanan v. Douglas Thursday 23


M'Creight v. M'Creight Friday 24 J

Anderson o. Anderson

Hon. M. E. Norton o. SterSaturday

Petitions, (unopposed first), Short Flowerdew v. Machlan (A) 25

ling Causes & Claims, & General Paper. | Aberdeen Railway Co. v. Melrose & Co.o. Hastie & Co. Monday........ 27

Pleas, Demurrers, Exceptions, Causes, Blakie Brothers (Third ap- Webb v. Direct London and
Claims, and Further Directions. peal, fully heard)

Portsmouth Railway Co.
Fourth Seal.-Motions and General Jefferys v. Boosey (Writ of Baird v. Ross
Tuesday........ 28

error, judges)

O'Connor v. Haslam Edinburgh Water Co. & an. Carron Co. v. Maclaren 0. Hay

Elmsly o. Brown
Voust of Lords.

Bannerman v. Melville Hon. W. H. B. Ogilvy v. Earl
Sbedden v. Patrick

of Airlie
The following abbreviations have been adopted to Scott v. Scott

Caledonian Railway Co. 8. abridge the space the Cause Papers would otherwise have occu- Hull Terrell v. Hutton

Ogilvy pied:- A. Abated-Adj. Adjourned-A. T. After Term-Ap. University of Edinburgh 0. Gray v. Graham Appeal-C. D. Cause Day-C1. Claim-C. Costs—D. De. Lord Provost of Edinburgh Young 0. Londoun & Co. murrer-E. Exceptions-F. D. Further Directions-M. Mo. Wilson o. Wilson

Sawers v. Russell tion-P. C. Pro ConfessoPl. Plea—Ptn. Petition-R. Rе- Bishop of Lincoln, Marquis of Baillie v. Dame A. Macdonald hearing-S. O. Stand Over-Sh. Short.

Bristol, & an. v. Robinson Lockhart.
List of Causes appointed for Hearing, Session 1854.
Andrewes v._Walton (From Galwey 0. Barron (Exche.
Chancery, England)

quer, Ireland) (A)



18 Peticiones & Canoposed Gersthi Papert

...... 20

Moorley ve Moorley 3, Pb, Smith ". Thornhill }(Cause)

[ocr errors]

Same v. Samele }(2 Aps)

. Wilkinson }(Ap)

Nokes v. Stanbrough }(Cau.) Mudge v. Fatvore te

Court of Chancery.

Sparrow v. Sparrow (E) Hurne v. Pike (CI)



Tomlinson v. Trough

(F D, Judson o. Judson (M for dec.) ton Before the LORD CHANCELLOR.

Hoylando. Hemingway (FD, Haydocko. Tomlinson

Hoylandv. Hemingway ) c) Great Western Railway Co. v. Kekewich 7. Marker (Ap to be spoken to).

Olney v. Bates (Cause)

Oxford, &c. Railway Co.
Schofield o. Calmac (Ap).

In re Estate of Sarah (Fur. (M for decree)

ther Squire . Balmanno (FD,

Scotto v. Stone con.) Squire v. Squire C)

Hinton v. Griffiths (CI) Way v. Way (Çause).

Letts 0. London Corn Ex.
Stronge o. Hawkes (F D, C, change (Ap)
by order)
Senhouse o. Hall (Ap)

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir J. STUART.
Att.. Gen. o. Mayor, Aldermen, | Goldie o. Smith (Ap)

Pleas, DEMURRERS, Causes, &c. &c. of Rochester (3 Aps) Allatt o. Bailey

Russell v. M'Cullock (E) Briggs v. Countess of .

(E, Same Bird o. Breese (F D, C, Ptn) Oxford

2 sets) Barrett v. Ring (Ap)

Kerby v. Hill (Cause) S O to Same o. Same Forbes o. Limond (Ap) Haynes v. Forshaw (Ap).


Alington v. Balmer (CI) Stringer v. Fortune (CI) Marshall v. Marshall (CI) Sandford v. Jodrell oarthd.) Lindus v. Shannon (Cause)

(Cause, Before the Right Hon. the MASTER OF THE Rolls.

Porpa v. Porpa (Cause)

Same v. Same

Rangeley o. Rangeley (FDC) Lea v. Smith (Further con-
Lowe v. Lowe (Cause) Butt 9. Hill

(Cause) SO Same v. Same sideration) o

Same v. Same s to chambers Bentley v. Bacon (F D, C) Smith o. Adams (Cause) Kempe o. Kempe (M for dec.) Lockhart v. Reilly (F D, C) Coape v. Arnold (Cause) Austin 7. Austin (Further con.) Tims v. Ashwell (Cause) Crompton v. Huber (M for Arnold v. Coape (Cause) Dawe v. Grandin (Cause) Dinia v. Hollows (M for dec.) decree)

Tynte v. Buller (CI) Williams o. Williams (Cause) Wilson o. Foster (M for dec.) Jones o. Thomas (Cause) Trim o. Hubbard (F D, C) Allen v. Roberts (CI) Andrew o. Simmons (Cause) Roberts v. Ball (Cause)

Moore v. Beames (M for dec.) Daniel v. Knight (3 titles, Att.-Gen. o. Davey (Cause) Mills o. Edge (Cause)

Green v. Warden (Cause) PD, C)

Boosey o. Gardner (Sp. case) Fitzherbert v. Gandolfi (Cau.) Oddy v. Secker (CI) Bayfield v. Bayfield (F D, C) Henderson 6. Smith (M for Branch o. Hall (Further con- Besly v. Kent (CI) Att.-Gen. 6. Governors of decree)


Bruce v. Morris (3 titles, FD, Sherborne Grammar School Nunn o. Hill (Further con.) Drysdale v. Mace (CI)

C) (Cause)

Meeson o. Stock (Sp. case) Ramadge v. Cartwright (Cau.) Jones v. Williams (F D, C) Keddy o. Cottam (CI) Newsham o. Wakelin (Cause) East o. Fleming (M for dec.) Sandford v. Sandars (Cause) Hutchins r. Morris (Cause) Brown 0. Howard (7 titles, Tubb o. Penton (Further con- Pearson o. Day (CI) Armstrong v. Buckland (F D, FD, C)


Hextall v. Cheatle (E, F D, C)

Kensington o. Bouverie (Cau.) Hope v. Hope (M for decree) Same o. Same C) Iredell o. Iredell (M for decree) Wilbraham v. Livesey (CI) Hatton v. Smith (M for dec.) Dixon v. Gillatt (CI) Swan o. Holmes (Special case) Inskip o. Purser (CI) Farrar v. Barraclough (Cause) Beames v. Moore (M for dec.) Shea v. Boschetti (CI) Stewart o. Burge (Cause) Sh Farrer 0. Ellwand (F D, C)

Ellice v. Goodson (10 titles, E) Murton v. Markby (Cause) Playfair o. Harrison (Cause) Baker v. Treble (F D, C) Cooper v. Cooper (F D, C) Metcalfe 1. Breese (Further Hart & Wife v. Tribe (Further Dale o. ayes (F D, C) Att.-Gen. 0. Summers (FD, consideration)

Kane o. Reynolds (CI)

Smith o. Humbly (E) Hart v. Tribe (Further con.) Pearce v. Watkins (F D, C) Gibson v. Evans (F D, C)
Cowling v. Bowstead (M for Fletcher v. Brown (Cause)

(E, decree)

Wright o. Milson (Further Same v. Barnecott ) consid.) Hoyes v. Willey Solley v. Wood (M for de. consideration)

Chambers o. White (3 titles, Bateman v. Cooke (3 titles, F Becker r. Same s cree). Naylor v. Dowling (Cause) F D, C)

D, C)
Pennell 0. Allen (M for dec.) Westmorland v. Swallow (F Rose v. Smith (FD, C) Mander v. Cattell (CI)
Miller o. Morris (Cause) D, C)

Johnson v. Webster (Cause) Fletcher o. Metham (É D, C) Elkins 1. Toleman (Further Wilson v. Harley (Cause) Lawson o. Meek (F D, C) Warbutton v.Warbutton (Fur. consideration)

Gibson v. Goldsmid (Cause) Diplock v. Hammond (Cau.) ther consideration) Att.-Gen. o. Brook (4 titles, Forbes v. Forbes (Cause) Hawkesworth o. Hawkesworth Leathart v. Thorne (3 titles, Cause) Flather o. Halswell (Cl). (Cause)

E, 2 sets, F D, C)

Vaughan o. Harries (5 titles, Taylor v. Gibson (M for dec.) Before Vice-Chancellor Sir RICHARD T. KINDERSLEY.

FD, C)

Welsby v. Ashcroft (Further

Sherratt v. Shufflebotham (F consideration)

D, C)

Bott v. Allen (CI) Saunders o. Richardson (D) Page v. Mintorn (Cause) Thompson v. Partridge (Cau.) Debalinhard the younger Same v. Same (D) Davis v. Chanter

Butler o. Wright (Cause) }(Cause)

o. Bullock Gwennap v. Burns (FD, C, Same v. Plymsell

Foster v. Brookman (Further Debalinhard the younger Same o. Hockley Ptn) Cox v. Middleton (Cause) consideration)

v. Halford Hitchman o. Stewart

Maybery v. Brooking (Cause) Finch v. Southée (Cause) Debalinhard v. Halford Trail v. Same

Pilgrim v. Pilgrim (Cause) Evans o. Summers (F D, C) Wickenden o. Rayson (M for Bishop o. Countess of Jersey Lord o. Colvin (Cause) Bates v. Toller (Further con. decree) (Cause) Devey v. Fisher (F D, C) sideration)

Palmer v. Longland (Cause) Att.-Gen. v. Brown's Clarke v. Taylor (Further con- o.

Macrae v. Ellerton (Cause) (F D, Hospital sideration)

Schofield v. Schofield (Cause) C) Same 0. French

Robinson v. Frampton (M for Thompson v. Wade (CI) Sh Yeats v. M Intosh (F D, C) Briant o. Dennett (Cause) decree)

Buquet o. Hopkins (Cause) Smith v. Jee (Further con.) Pearce v. Peck (CI) Neve o. Hodges (CI)

Wilson v. Still (F D, C) Noakes v. Carr (Further eon.) Countess of Egremont 0. Taylor 0. Austin (Further con- Barnes v. Ridgway (Cause) Att.-Gen. v. Corpo. Thompson (3 titles, FD, C)

(FD, sideration) Bristowe o. Hunt (Cause) ration of Exeter

C) Coates v. Coates

(Fur. Carter v. Sanders (Cause)

Bayley Hawkins o. Gathercole (4 tits., Williams 0. Vaughan (M for Moreton v. Nutt (Cause) FD, C) cause) decree)

Elliott o. Ince (Supp. claim) Phillips v. Phillips (Cause)




Same v. Butcher }(Cause)

Wenbam v. Coates}(FD,C) Ford v. Duley (F D, C)


Wenham. o. Coates} (FD,C)


con. on

Marshall v. Bremner (FD, C) Woodcock o. Leresche (CI), Miller v. Hayhurst (M for de.) | Forsyth o. Ellice
Hood o. Parker (CI)
Lethbridge v. Lethbridge (M Durant o. Jewell (CI)

Same o. Same
Alford o. Hatch (F D, C) Sh for decree)

Smith v. Smith (M for decree) Smythies o. Round (M for deSmith v. Robinson (Further Coathupe v. Dunning (Fur. Lewis o. Clowes (Cause) cree) consideration)

Same v. Same con.) In re Williams (Further Matthews o. Windross (CI) Yates v. Meginn (Cause) Sh Thompson o. Morris (F D, C) Jones v. Williams ) consider.) Lloyd v. Wilkes (CI) Kendall v. Pinsent (CI) Dollond o. Johnson (F D, C) Eberhardt o. Roberts (CI) Trafford o. Barton (Cause) M‘Leod v. Mathinson (F D, Cradock v. Owen (Further Fenn v. Death (Cause, Pen) Ahmuty v. Bowdler (Cause) C)


Mayor of Faversham v. Ryder Ragg d. Prati (Cause) May o. James (Further con.) Kendall v. Roskruge (FD, C) (Cause)

Challens o. Bowden (Cause) Elton o. Crompton (M for de.) Stuart 0. Pollard (Further Goodfellow v. Goodfellow (Sp. Valentine v. Edmondson (M Hyne o. Dingle (CI)


for decree) Cowley v. Smith (Special case) | Stockey o. Countze (CI). Harper o. Harper (CI) Coates v. Coates

Semple o. Hagell (CI)
Before Vice-Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood.

Freeman o. Freeman (Cause) Joy v. Aspinall (M for decree)
Pope o. Sturgis (CI)

Green o. Wanchop (M for de-

Keates v. Bell (M for decree) cree) Crook v. Eyre (D)

Cooper v. Cooper (M for dec.) Hart o. Smith (M for decree, Walcot v. Botfield (Cause) Adams v. Scott (PI) Wright v. Hallam (Cause) CI)

Harrison o. Southwell (Cau.) Adams v. Scott (PI) Ward v. Turner (CI)

Jones o. Owen (M for decree) Moyse o. Moyse (F D, C) Adams o. Scott (PI)

Logdon v. Jocolyne (CI) Neale o. Davies (M for decree) | Draycott v. Wood (M for Smith v. Smith (P1).

Wagstaff v. Oates (M for dec.) Rouse v. Durant (Cause) Same v. Lowe decree) Prance o. Sympson (D) Maule o. Price (M for decree) Hooper o. Dobree (M for de.) Goodbody v. Ward (Further Dalrymple v. Hannah (CI) Blount o. Warwick & Nap- Price v. Harvey (Special case) Challis o. Same con.) Barford o. Barford (CI) ton Canal Co. (Cause) Gabriel o. Neill (CI)

Prescotto. Baron Routh o. Blagrave (CI) Thompson o. Same (M for Lister v. Boulton (CI)

Rendlesham (Cause) Atkinson v. Oxford, &c. Rail. decree)

(CI) Same v. Austin way Co. (Cause)

Bennett 0. Adkins (M for de.) Sadler v. Warren (M for dec.) Earlof Shrewsbury o. Countess Walker v. Poole (Cause) Whitham v. Gill (Cause) Bennion o. Poyser (M for dec.) of Shrewsbury (M for dec.) Lowe o. Thomas (M for dec.) Freeman o. Laslett (F D, C) Potts o. Warwick & Birming- York, &c. Railway Co. e. Thornton v. Stokill (Cause) Crosse v. Young (F D, C) ham Canal Co. (Cause) Sumners (M for decree) Cope v. Harper (Cause) Whitehouse v. Thompson (CI) Bird o. Johnson (Cause) In re Fairbrother (Further Willcox v. Manle (F D, C) Att.-Gen. v. Sturge (Cause) Macdonald v. Every (Cause) Hall Har

con, on Yeoman v. Chawcroft (Cause) Webb o. Ledicott ? (F D,Ć, Harvey v. Harvey (M for dec.) greaves

summons) S O to chambers Harrison o. Same

Bevan o. Alleyne (M for de- Wainman v. Field (M for dec.) Lindsay o. Botling (CI) Barber o. Sterry (Cause) Same o. Goodeve scree) Harris v. Harris (M for deEtherington o. Dewell (CI) Goldsmid v. Stonehaven (CI) Winch o. Winch (M for dec.) Harvey v. Same cree) Bennell v. Bennell (Sp. case) Harper v. Richards (CI) Bell v. Thompson (Further In re Gaze

(Further Fellows o. Page (Special case) Taylor v. Cargill (3 titles, F D, consideration)

Lofty o. Wright Pearsall v. Maundrell (Cause) C)

Smith v. London and South.

summons) Lawton v. Anderton (Cause) Sillibourne v. Newport (M for western Railway Co. (Cau.) Macregor 0. Kidd (Further Furley o. Bishopp (M for dec.) decree)

consideration) Stoddart v. Zotti (Cause) Beech o. Keep (Cause)

Partridge o. Hill (Cause) Bebb o. Bunny (M for decree) Harris v. Watkins (Further Hubbard 0. Smith (Further Williams v. Gerard (CI) Haggar o. Nealby (Sp. case) consideration)


Rawlings o. Nash (CI) Quilter o.

Hignell (Sp. case) Burton o. Starkey (M for dec.) Kemish o. Mitchell (M for de King o. Edwards (M for Douglas v. Douglas (Sp. case) Cook v. Sturgis (CI)


Portway v. Edwards / dec.) Sk (Fur

. ) Day o. Mitchell (M for decree) Waitt v. Waitt (Further con.) Same v. Williams

Crouch o. Bonney (Cause) Gilbert o. Gilbert (M for decree)

Fleming o. Self (CI)

Wilkes v. Swann (CI) decree)

Bellamy o. Cockle (M for dec.) Chapman o. Gilbert (Fur. decree)

Same v. Same

Alabaster o. Silverther consideration) Fisher v.

(M for

Fenwick v. Stuart (M for dec.) thorne Bell v. Cartwright (Cause) Same v. Same

Murta v. Andrew (CI)


Alabaster v. Rolfe West v. Ray (Special case) Daniell v. Miller (CI) Blaxland o. Blaxland (Further Thomas o. Lewis (P C) Reeve v. Hodson (F D, C) Hitchon o. Ormerod (M for consideration)

Downing v. Young (Cause) Rostron v. Turner (Sp. case) decree)

Gwyon . Gwyon (Cause) Hunter 0. Clark
Turner v. Isherwood (CI) Goldney v. Crabb (Cause) Boston o. Boston (CI)
Lewis v. Maule (CI)
White v. Grane (Cause) Turner v. Isherwood

Thorp v. Thorp (Cause). Powiss v. Blagrave (M for de. Blaxland o. Blaxland (Further cree)

consideration) Atchison v. Le Mann (Further Bull o. Champniss (M for de.)

London Gazettes. consideration)

Storry v. Walsh (Special case)
Hill o. Pritchard (Special case) Espey v. Lake (Cause)

Smith v. Johnson (Cause) Turner o. Newland (Sp. case)
Gilbert o. Price (Cause) Bituminous Shale Co. 0. Cas.

Insole v. James (Cause)

sal (CI)

THOMAS DAVIS and WILLIAM WHITEHOUSE Gillet v. Lloyd (Cause) Burbidge v. Parratt (Cause) GRANGER GARRETT, Rathbone-place, Oxford-street, Dean v. Newman (CI) Bainbridge v. Swabcy (CI) Middlesex, export oilmen, Feb. Il at half-past I, and Bing o. Coleman (Cause) Newman v. Gooday (CI) March 29 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off, Ass. Startin v. Gloucester & Berke- Rees o. Gwynne (Cause) Nicholson ; Sol. Wheelock, 10, Chancery-lane.-Petition ley Canal Co. (M for dec.) Pawson o. Pawson (Cause)

filed Jan. 31. Edelsten v. Vick (M for dec.) Brickenden v. May (CI) DANIEL WILLIAM LUCAS and ISAAC DODS, Arthur. Schuldt o. Kent (M for dec.) Evans o. Heath (E)

street West, London, hemp and flax merchants, dealers and Swan v. Webb (Further con.) Same v. Same (F D, C) chapmen, Feb. 14 at 2, and March 20 at 1, Court of BankAllan v. Allan (Further con.) Ward v. Burbury (Sp. case) ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Edwards ; Sols. Parnell & Wil. Rabbeth v. Squire (M for de.) Allden v. Stamps (M for dec.) laume, 34, New Broad-st., London.-Petition filed Feb. I. Leak v. Jones (Cause) Darby v. Darby (Special case) JAMES OSBORNE, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, tailor Kent v. House (Cause) Holland v. Treacher (F D, C) and draper, Feb. 15 and March 15 at 11, District Court of Needham 0. Needham (F D, Att.-Gen. v. Hudson (Cause) Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Bittleston ; Sols. Boy. C)

Turnbull o. Wawn (F D, C) cot & Tudor, Kidderminster.-Petition dated Jan. 31.

Same v. Same in }(Cause)

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Balls }(C1)

Same v. samark }(PDC)


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