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road, Middlesex, carpenter, No. 64,659 T.; J. Rolfe, assignee.

In 1 vol. 12 mo., price 48. 6d. cloth boards, Thomas Hanesworth. Bolton-le-Moors. Lancashire, hatter. 1 THE LAW and PRACTICE of the COPYRIGHT. RE. No. 78,356 C.; James Gee, assignee.- John Kempter, Lon


DESIGNS; and the COPYRIGHT and REGISTRATION of SCULPdon-wall, London, engraver, No. 64,613 T.; James Pattison, TURE: with Practical Direction

TURE; with Practical Directions: the Remedies, Pleadings, and assignee.-W. Osborne, Hampstead-road, Middlesex, butcher, Evidence in Cases of Piracy: with an Appendix of Tables of Fees, StaNo. 64,621 T.; John Webb, assignee.

tutes, and the Rules of the Board of Trade. By JOHN PAXTON

NORMAN, M.A., of the Inner Temple, Special Pleader.
Saturday, Oct. 7.

S. Sweet, T, Chancery lane.
Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee
the Estates and Effects of the following Persons:-

For the private and confidential Use of Subscribers only.

THE LAW TIMES is about to publish the LEGAL (On their own Petitions).

1 CIRCULAR Weekly, containing the Judgments and Bills of Sales Wm. Lellan, James-st., Cannon-st.-road, St. George's-in registered, Crown Debts, a complete Analysis of the Gazette, Diary of the-East, Middlesex, mining agent: in the Debtors Prison Bankrupt and Insolvent Meetings, complete Stock and Share Lists, &c.

Subscription 10s. 6d. per quarter, sent free by post. As it will be supfor London and Middlesex.-Henry Maunton Julian, Arun.

plied only to Subscribers, persons desirous of being supplied with it are del-st., Strand, Middlesex, out of business: in the Debtors

requested to send their names forth with to the Law Times Office, 29, Prison for London and Middlesex.- Francis Edward Steele, Essex-street, Strand. Norland-road, Shepherd's-bush, Middlesex, assistant to a licensed victualler : in the Debtors Prison for London and


Offices, 12, John-street, Adelphi, and 18, Nassau-street, New Middlesex.-Wm. Paxon, High-st., Hampstead, Middlesex, | York.–This institution has been established many years (with great auctioneer: in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex. success) as a medium for the introduction of parties unknown to each -Charles Norwood the younger, Southgate-road, West Hack other, who are desirous of forming matrimonial alliances, but who, from ney, Middlesex : in the Debtors Prison for London and Mid

some cause or other, cannot find partners in their own circle of ac

quaintance suitable in position, &c. The strictest honour and secresy dlesex.-Walter Collett, Windsor-place, Old Kent-road, Sur

is maintained in every case.- Prospectuses, Application, Forms, Rules, rey, cheesemonger : in the Queen's Prison.-- Thomas Dow. and every information sent free to any name, initials, or address, on ding, Clayton-place, Caledonian-road, Islington, Middle

receipt of twelve postage stamps.

By order of the Directors, sex, cheesemonger : in the Debtors Prison for London and

LAURÉNCE CUTHBERT. Middlesex.—John Leykauff, Clapham-road-place, Surrey, not 12, John-street, Adelphi, London. in any trade : in the Queen's Prison.-Geo. Andrews, Aston, Warwickshire, baker : in the Gaol of Coventry.- William H.


TO TRADESMEN, MERCHANTS, SHIPPERS, OUT. Moschay, Bristol, omnibus conductor : in the Gaol of Bristol.

1 FITTERS, &c.-Whereas it has lately come to my knowledge -George Noel, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, salesman of ship that some unprincipled person or persons have for some time past been chandlery goods : in the Gaol of Cardiff.-David Clayton, imposing upon the public by selling to the Trade and others a spurious Bingley, Yorkshire, mechanic: in the Gaol of York.-james

article under the name of BOND'S PERMANENT MARKING INK,

this is to give Notice, that I am the ORIGINAL and SOLE PROSteed, West Malvern, Worcestershire, bricklayer : in the

PRIETOR and MANUFACTURER of the said article, and do not Gaol of Worcester.- Lawrence Clapham, Lawkland, near employ any traveller, or authorise any persons to represent themselves Settle, Yorkshire, farm labourer : in the Gaol of York.-H. as coming from my Establishment for the purpose of selling the said Axe, Sheffield, Yorkshire, slate merchant: in the Gaol of

Ink. This Caution is published by me to prevent further impositions

upon the public, and serious injury to myself. York.-Julius Joseph, Manchester, dealer in cigars : in the E. R. BOND, sole Executrix and Widow of the late John Bond, 28, Gaol of Lancaster. – Edwin Eaton, Salford, Lancashire, Long-lane, West Smithfield, London.

** To avoid disappointment from the substitution of counterfeits, baker : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Robert Thompson, Durham,

be careful to ask for the genuine Bond's Permanent Marking Ink, and joiner : in the Gaol of Durbam.- Alfred Vidler the younger,

further to distinguish it, observe, that NO SIXPENNY SIZE is or has Hastings, Sussex, painter : in the Gaol of Lewes.- Francis at any time been prepared by him, the Inventor and Proprietor. Taylor, Brighton, Sussex, lodging house keeper : in the Gaol of Lewes.- Wm. Scoby, Middlesbrough-on-Tees, Yorkshire, CITY of LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, plumber : in the Gaol of York.- Elizabeth Francis, Manches

for General, Accumulative, and Self-protecting Assurance.

Head Offices, 2, Royal Exchange-buildings, London. ter, grocer : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-John Berry, Heywood,

Subscribed Capital, a Quarter of a Million. near Bury, Lancashire, out of business : in the Gaol of Lan This Society, guaranteed by a capital fully adequate to every concaster.-M. Medcalf, Manchester, brush manufacturer : in the tingency, and not injuriously large, offers all the advantages of the Gaol of Lancaster.-R. Riding, Altrincham, near Manchester,

mutual system.

PREMIUMS.-Rates calculated expressly for this Society, based upon builder : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-S. Green, Manchester, out actual experience, and thus accurately graduated. of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster.— Jas. Stott, Rochdale, POLICIES granted on any Life Contingency, and indisputable. Lancashire, printer : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Jas. Wild,

CLAIMS.-Promptitude and liberality in the settlement.

Bonus.-Announced, 1852, equivalent to a cash bonus of 20 per cent. Over Darwen, near Blackburn, Lancashire, out of business :

STAMPS.-No charge for stamps. in the Gaol of Lancaster. - James Pickup, Wood Top, near INCOME TAX.–Payments for Life Assurance are free from this Tax Burnley, Lancashire, labourer : in the Gaol of Lancaster. and the new Succession Duty. James Taylor, Lancaster, out of business : in the Gaol of

E. F. LEEKS, Esq., Secretary. Lancaster.- Samuel Whiteley, Salford, Lancashire, out of NORWICH UNION FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY. business : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Jas. Birtwistle, Alden,

Established 1797. near Haslingden, Lancashire, out of business : in the Gaol of

PRESIDENT-ANTHONY HUDSON, Esq., Banker. Lancaster.-Thos. Weech Jones Forwood, Tiverton, Devon.


It is provided by the constitution of the Society that the insured shall shire, attorney-at-law: in the Gaol of St. Thomas-the

be free from all responsibility; and to guarantee the engagements of the Apostle.-John Woodman, Birmingham, wire worker : in the office, a fund of 550,0001. has been subscribed by a numerous and opu. Gaol of Coventry.-John Dales, Manchester, out of business :

lent proprietary, which fund has been further increased by the accumu

lation of an additional reserve, now amounting to 96,8001. Returns of in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Thomas Thompson, Durbam,

three-fifths of the profits of the Company are periodically made to parties joiner : in the Gaol of Durham.

insuring, who have thus from time to time received from the Society Con Creditor's Petition).

sums arounting in the aggregate to nearly 380,0001. : Francis Armstrong, Haltwistle, Northumberland, labourer :

The rates of premium are in no case higher than those charged by the

other principal offices making no returns to their insurers. in the Gaol of Morpeth.

The business of the Company exceeds 62,000,0001., and, owing to the The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before

liberality with which its engagements have been performed, is rapidly

increasing. The duty paid to Government for the year 1852 was e Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt 74,0371. 98. Ild.; and the amount insured on farming stock was upwith according to the Statute:

wards of 9,066,0801. At the County Court of Buckinghamshire, at AYLESBURY,

For Prospectuses apply at the Society's Offices, 6, Crescent, New

Bridge-street, Blackfriars; and Surrey-street, Norwich. Oct. 26 at 10. John House Baker, Langley Broom, Langley Marsh, in no DEAFNESS CURED in a few hours, by painless treatbusiness.

ment, and relief from those unpleasant noises in the ears. TestiAt the County Court of Yorkshire, at SHEFFIELD, Nov. 1

monials of such cures may be seen, and the persons referred to. Just

published, by Dr. HERBERT MANFRED, Member of the Edinburgh at 12.

Royal College of Surgeons, a little Volume, sent post free for eight Henry Roberts, Sheffield, scissor manufacturer.

postage stamps. Mode of self-cure by means of his new and painless At the County Court of Gloucestershire, at BRISTOL, Nov. 2 treatment. Deafness, accompanied with noises in the ears, removed in

half an hour's time, and in many cases the hearing restored instantly. at half past 10.

Address to Dr. Manfred's residence, 72, Regent-street, (first door in John Copp, Bristol, shoe manufacturer.

Air-street), where patients are received daily.



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IMPORTANT TO SOLICITORS AND OTHERS. IR R. DAVIS (son of the late R. T. Daris, Law BookLarge Consumers of Stationery may effect a “Saving of at least Thirty 19. seller, of Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn) begs to return his sincere per Cent." by purchasing at

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of the same on BEHALF of the WIDOW and FAMILY, for whose

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* Orders over 20s. carriage paid.

Just published, in 8vo., price 8s. 60. boards,

Per ream. TILSLEY'S NEW STAMP ACTS of 1850, 1853, and

1 1854; with Notes and Explanatory Observations, and Tables of Good Fine draft

.. 66 all thes

" Super Satin ditto

all the Stamp Duties payable after the 10th October, 1854, including the

.. "78.,78. 92., and 8 3 New Loan Fund, Equity Fund, Civil Bill Courts, and Judgments Re Thick Super Satin ditto, P. & C.'s own manufacture-a first-rate

gistry Duties in Ireland; together with a Digest of Cases. By HUGH article

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9 Best Ruled Draft

TILSLEY, Assistant Solicitor of Inland Revenue. Sixth Edition.

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Also, by the same Author, Good Lined Brief .


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Tables of all the Stamp Duties payable in the United Kingdom after Very best ditto, (none better made, usually charged by many

the 10th October, 1854. Second Edition. With a Supplement. In one houses 24s.) :: .. ..

thick vol. 8vo., boards.

.. .. .. .. 18 6 Blue Ruled Brief or Abstract ..

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SMITH'S ACTION AT LAW.-New Editios. Extra superfine ditto, (a first-class paper

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an ACTION at LAW. By JOHN WILLIAM SMITH, Esq., late Ditto ditto Letter .. .. 78. 6d., 8s. 6d., 98. 6d., and 10 6

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2s. 3d., 2s.6d., 3s. 6d., and 4

"A Compendium of Mercantile Law," &c. Fifth Edition. Adapted to Extra Super Thick ditto, (a splendid paper, made exclusively for

the Practice under the Common-law Procedure Acts, 1852 and 1854. By P. & C., and unequalled)

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.. 18 6

Term. 1854; and Forms, Tables, and Index. By PHILIP FRANCIS, P. & 'C.'s Patent Absorbent Blotting Board, (and which forms a good |

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Saturday, October 14, 1864.



No. 928—Vol. XVIII.

OCTOBER 21, 1854.



Court or QUEEN's Bench (Continued ).
Clark v. Browne. - (Will - Construction Legacy,

of Health-District Part of Parish-11 & 12 Vict. whether specific or general-Ademption - Result.

c. 63, 88. 68, 117).........

........... 907 ing Trust-Erecutrix, subsequent Acts of )...... 903 Plowden v. Campbell. - (Security for Costs - Civil VICE-CHANCELLOR Wood's Court.

Service of East India Company)................ 910 Avery o. Langford.—(Condition in Restraint of Trade) 905

Court of Queen's Bench.

The Ecclesiastical Commissioners v. The London and Ex parte Mawby.- (Churchwarden-Election-Right

South-western Railway Company.-(Copyholdsto vote-Tenants of small Tenements - Rejection of

Lands Clauses Consolidation Act-EnfranchiseVotes- Mandamus).........

ment - Compensation to the Lord).............. 911

....... 906 Reg. o. The Trustees of the Worthing and Lancing

Court of ExcHEQUER. Turnpike Roads.-(Local Act-Commissioners

Taylor v. The Crowland Gas and Coke Company.Turnpike Road- Contribution torcards Repair of

(Statute, Illegal Contract - Penalty-Certificate Turnpike Road-4 8 5 Vict. c. 59- Local Board

- Drawing Conveyance, &c.).................. 913


debt to himself. It did not appear that the extent of

the plaintiff's debts was a condition of the father's OF INJUNCTIONS.

consent. The Lord Chancellor said the defendant con(Continued from p. 368).

fessed a confederacy to cheat Robinson, and he would There is a class of cases in which the doctrine of not lay it down as a rule, that fraud in cases of that relief against fraud has been carried to an extent which nature must be upon an article expressly contracted for; seems almost to defeat the very object of that doctrine, and granted an injunction to restrain the defendant and to repress fraud in one party by supporting it in from proceeding to recover any debt due before the another. I allude to the cases in which persons having marriage of Neville, except certain claims agreed upon concealed the truth, or made false representations re- between the parties; and he delivered his opinion that specting their legal and fair claims, for the purpose of the defendant could not ever recover that debt against enabling fraud to be committed upon others, or upon the plaintiff. (See also, as to the effect of a private the policy of the law, have been restrained by equity agreement in fraud of a marriage contract, Palmer v. from afterwards enforcing their claims, even as between Neave, 11 Ves. 165). themselves and the parties to the fraud. (Gale v. We take now, out of its order, the subject of injuncLindo, 1 Vern. 475; Id. 348; Montefiori v. Montefiori, tions to restrain infringement of patents, as a subject 1 W. Bl. 363; see also Lamlee v. Hanman, 2 Vern. on which, perhaps, the earliest use of the common-law 466, and Turton v. Benson, Id. 764; 1 P. Wms. 496). jurisdiction, by way of injunction, is likely to be exer

But in cases of this kind, where equities are equal, cised. the rule “ Qui prior est in tempore potior est in jure" | In order to prevent irreparable mischief, or to supapplies. (Roberts v. Roberts, 3 P. Wms. 66).

press multiplicity of suits and vexatious litigation, In some of the cases above mentioned it is to be equity interferes by injunction to restrain the infringeobserved that the instruments given were originally ment of alleged patent rights for inventions. (Vide 2 without valuable consideration, and the transaction Story's Eq. Jur. 209; Jer. Eq. Jur., b. 3, c. 2, s. 1, altogether based on a fraudulent purpose; but the lead. p. 327; 1 Fonb. Eq. 34, notis). The jurisdiction, in ing case on this subject is Neville v. Wilkinson, (1 Bro. / restraining the infringement of patents, is in aid of a C. C., App., 543), in which the legal title was originally legal right; the plaintiff coming to the Court on the fair, and based on a valuable consideration, and yet the assumption that he has a legal right, and the Court plaintiff at law was deprived in equity of the benefit of granting its assistance on that ground. (Per Lord Cotsuch his legal title, because he had so dealt with it as tenham, C., in Bacon v. Jones, 4 My. & C. 436). to make it an instrument of fraud on a third party. In At the present day it is not generally necessary that that case the defendant was the plaintiff's solicitor, and, the plaintiff should establish his right at law in order having had various pecuniary transactions with him, to come into equity, the right appearing primâ facie on had claims against him for a valuable consideration to a record by the letters-patent. (Mitf. Pl. 147; Hicks v. considerable amount. On the occasion of the plaintiff's Raincock, Dick, 647; and see 2 Atk. 391; Anon., 1 negotiations for a marriage with the daughter of Robin- | Ves. sen. 476). See the case of The Universities of son, the defendant was induced by the persuasions of the Oxford and Cambridge v. Richardson, (6 Ves. 689, 707), plaintiff to make to Robinson a false representation of where the principle in regard to patents is stated to be, the plaintiff's debts, and in particular to conceal the that if a party gets his patent and pu's his invention in Vol. XVIII.

0 0


execution, and has proceeded to a sale, that may be The Lectures to be delivered to the Private Classes called possession under it. However doubtful it may be will comprise the following subjects:-With the Senior whether the patent can be sustained, equity will hold Class the Reader proposes to discuss the application of that possession under a colour of title is ground enough the rule in Shelley's case, as illustrated by modern deci. to enjoin, and to continue the injunction till it shall sions; and with the Junior Class, the leading prinbe proved at law that it is only colour, and not real ciples upon which the Learning of Powers and Contintitle.

gent Remainders is founded, and the application of (To be continued).

those principles to the Practice of Conveyancing.

The Public Lectures will be delivered at Gray's Inn

Hall on Friday in each week, at two P. M., (the first PROSPECTUS OF THE LECTURES

Lecture to be delivered on the 10th November). The To be delivered during the ensuing Educational Term by Private Classes will be held in the North Library of the several Readers appointed by the Inns of Court. Gray's Inn on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morn

ings, from a quarter to twelve to a quarter to two ConstituTIONAL LAW AND LEGAL HISTORY, o'clock. The Reader on Constitutional Law and Legal History

JURISPRUDENCE AND THE CIvil Law. proposes, in the ensuing Term, to pursue the History

The Reader on Jurisprudence and the Civil Law will, Of Constitutional Law during the Reigns of the Stuarts in the course of the ensuing Educational Term, deliver and William III, and during such further period as

Six Public Lectures on the following subjects :time may permit. The books to which he will chiefly I. On the Science of Jurisprudence, its Nature. refer are

Limits, and Uses-On some prevalent errors concerning Hallam’s Constitutional History- Millar's Consti-' it, and the misapprehensions from which they have tutional History—Tindal's Continuation of Rapin- arisen. Parliamentary History--Blackstone's CommentariesMarten's Histoire de France-Clarendon's Life-Tem Primary Terms of Jurisprudence- On the extreme imple's Memoirs-Somerville's History-Burnet's History portance of this Analysis, the mode in which it has of his own Time.

occasionally been prosecuted, and the results to which In his Private Classes the Reader will treat of the it has been supposed to lead. Progress of Constitutional Law in England, and of the III. The Relation of Jurisprudence to certain Demost remarkable State Trials from the commencement partments of Moral Philosophy - The Jus Gentium of the Reign of Charles I to the Revolution of 1688. and Jus Naturale of the Romans-On some Modern

The Reader on Constitutional Law and Legal His-Theories of Natural Law, considered with reference to tory will deliver his Public Lectures at Lincoln's Inn the soundness of the assumptions on which they rest. Hall on Wednesday in each week, (the first Lecture to IV. On Grotius, his Method, his Doctrines, and be delivered on the 8th November), commencing at

the School which he founded -The Influence of his two P. M. The Reader will receive his Private Classes Writings on Modern Private Law and on the Internaon Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings, from

tional System-On some recent Symptoms of Reaction half-past nine to half-past eleven o'clock, in the against his Views. Benchers' Reading Room at Lincoln's Inn Hall.

| V. and VI. On the Roman Civil Law and its RelaEQUITY.

tion to Scientific Jurisprudence- On the principal

Points of Contrast between the Laws of England and The Reader on Equity proposes to deliver, during the ensuing Educational Term, a course of Six Lectures

the System of the Jurisconsults—The Study of the

Civil Law in England, and the grounds on which it is on the Causes which led to the Separation of the Equi

to be defended and recommended. table from the Legal Jurisdiction in England; the With his Private Class the Reader proposes to disleading principles on which the Equitable System has

stem nas cuss the Roman Law of Property, using as his Textbeen established; the Origin of the Superior Tribunals, ko

1818, book the Institutiones Juris Romani Privati of Warnand the Distinctions between the Modes of Procedure

| könig.

It is desirable that students should provide adopted in the Courts of Chancery and Common Law;

themselves with the Latin text of Justinian's Instithe History of the Court of Chancery, and the recent

tutes, and of Gaius's Commentaries; and also, if posAlterations by which a partial Amalgamation of the

sible, with the Explication Historique des Instituts of two Jurisdictions has been effected.

Ortolan, or with the annotated English edition of the The Reader on Equity will deliver his Public Lec

| Institutes by Sandars. Copies of the entire Corpus tures at Lincoln's Inn Hall on Thursday in each week

| Juris will be found in the Lecture Room. during the Educational Term, commencing at two o'clock p.M., (the first Lecture to be delivered on the the Middle Temple on Tuesday in each week. at two

| The Public Lectures will be delivered in the Hall of 9th November). The Reader will receive his Private

P. M., (the first Lecture of the course on Tuesday, the Classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings,

7th November). from seven to nine o'clock, in the Benchers' Reading

The Private Classes will assemble at the Class-room Room at Lincoln's Inn Hall.

in Garden-court on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday · Law or REAL PROPERTY, &c.

evenings, from seven to nine o'clock. The Reader on the Law of Real Property, &c. proposes to deliver, in the ensuing Educational Term, a

COMMON Law. course of Six Public Lectures on the following súb- The Reader on Common Law proposes to deliver, jects:

during the Educational Term, commencing on the 1st I. On the Law of Mortmain-Statutory Restrictions November, 1854, a course of Six Public Lectures, as on the Alienation of Lands; Licenses to hold Land in under :Mortmain; Stat. 9 Geo. 2, c. 36.

Lecture I.-A Preliminary View will in this Lecture II. On the Law of Charitable Uses Stat. 43 Eliz. be taken of our Common Law, and of some of the leadc. 4; Construction put upon the Statute by Courts of ing principles which it recognises. Equity; Effect of the Statute of Limitation upon Tes- Lectures II and III.-Of the Nature of Legal Rights tamentary Gifts in favour of Charities.

generally-Rights ex Contractu and Rights ex Delicto, III. On the Accumulation of Income-Stat. 39 & how distinguishable. 40 Geo. 3, c. 98; Accumulation independent of the Lecture IV.–Of our Legal Tribunals, superior and Statute.



Lecture V.-The Remedy by Action at Law, or by

Measurement of Tonnage. buit in the County Court, when applicable.

20. Tonnage deck ; feet ; decimals. Lecture VI.-Of Extraordinary Remedies.

21. Rule I. For ships to be registered, and other ships of With his Private Class the Reader on Common Law which the hold is clear. proposes to discuss the subjects indicated in the above 22. Rule II. For ships not requiring registry, or with Prospectus, so that a foundation may thus be laid for cargo on board. uture Lectures concerning the Law of Contracts and

23. Allowance for engine-room in steamers. To be rateable of Torts. The books to be principally made use of in

in ordinary steamers. May be measured where the space is he present Introductory Course will be Smith's Lead

unusually large or small. Mode of measurement.

1 24. Open ships, how measured. ng Cases, Smith's Lectures on Contracts, and Black

25. Tonnage and number of certificate to be carved on main tone's (or Stephen's) Commentaries.

beam. The Lectures on Common Law during the ensuing 26. Tonnage, when once ascertained, to be ever after deemed Educational Term will be delivered, and the Private the tonnage. Classes will meet, in the Hall of the Inner Temple, as 27. Re-measurement of ships already registered may be inder :

made, but not to be compulsory. The Public Lecture on Monday in each week at two 28. Power to re-measure engine-rooms improperly ex?.M.

tended. The Private Class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur 29. Officers may be appointed, and regulations made for lay mornings, from a quarter to twelve to a quarter to measurement of ships. wo o'clock.

Registry of British Ships.
By Order of the Council,

30. Registrars of British ships.
(Signed) RICHARD BETHELL, 31. Substitution of governor abroad for commissioners of

Chair customs, and of consul for justice. Council Chamber, Lincoln's Inn,

32. Registrar to keep register books. Oct. 13, 1854.

33. Port of registry of British ship.

34. Name of ship. Note.—The Educational Term commences on the

35. Application for registry, by whom to be made. 1st November, and ends on the 22nd December, 1854.

36. Survey of ship. The several Readers will receive their respective 37. Rules as to entries in register book. Classes on the appointed days, commencing on Monday, 38. Declaration of ownership by individual owner. the 6th November.

39. Declaration of ownership by body corporate.

40. Evidence to be produced on registry. PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES.

41. Penalty on builder for false certificate.

42. Particulars of entry in register book. 17 & 18 VICTORIÆ.—SESSION 2.

43. No notice taken of trusts.

Certificate of Registry. (Continued from p. 372).

44. Certificate of registry to be granted. CAP. CIV.

45. Change of owners to be indorsed on certificate of reIn Act to amend and consolidate the Acts relating to Mer- gistry. chant Shipping.

[10th August, 1854.] 46. Change of master to be indorsed on certificate of reARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES.


47. Power to grant new certificate. Preamble.

48. Provision in case of loss, &c. of certificate. 1. Sbort title of act.

49. Provisional certificate, when to be delivered up. 2. Interpretation of certain terms in this act.

50. Custody of certificate ; delivery of certificate may be 3. Commencement of act.

required; penalty for detention. 4. Exemption of her Majesty's ships.

51. Mode of proceeding if detaining party abscond. 5. Division of act.

52. Penalty for using improper certificate. PART 1.

53. Certificate of ship lost or ceasing to be British to be THE BOARD OF TRADE-ITS GENERAL FUNCTIONS. delivered up. 6. Board of Trade to be department to superintend merchant

54. Provisional certificate for ship becoming rested in Brihipping.

tish owners at foreign port. 1. Certificates and documents purporting to be sealed or

Transfers and Transmissions. igned in a given manner.

55. Transfer of ships or shares therein. 8. Board of Trade to issue forms of instruments, (other 56. Declaration to be made by transferee. han those required by the second part of the act).

57. Registration of transfer. 9. Certain forms and instruments to be exempt from stamp 58. Transmission of shares by death, bankruptcy, or marlaty.

riage. 10. Penalties for forgery of seal and fraudulent alteration of 59. Proof of transmission by bankruptcy, marriage, will, or orms, and for not using forms issued by the Board.

on intestacy. 11. Application of monies and fines paid to Board of Trade. 60. Registration of transmitted share. 12. Returns to Board of Trade.

| 61. Registrar to retain certain evidence. 13. Officers of Board of Trade, naval officers, consuls, the 62. Unqualified owner entitled by transmission may apply egistrar-general of seamen, officers of customs, and shipping to Court for sale of ship. basters may inspect documents and muster crews.

63. Order to be made by Court. 14. Board of Trade may appoint inspectors.

64. Limit of time for application. 15. Powers of inspectors ; witnesses to be allowed expenses ; 65. Power of Courts to prohibit transfers. enalty for refusing to give evidence.

Mortgages. 16. Penalty for obstructing inspectors in the execution of heir duty.

66. Mortgage of ships and shares therein. PART II.

67. Mortgages to be registered in order of time of pro. BRITISH SHIPS-THEIR OWNERSHIP, MEASUREMENT, AND


68. Entry of discharge of mortgage. REGISTRY.

69. Priority of mortgages. 17. Application of Part II of act.

70. Mortgagee not to be deemed owner. Description and Ownership of British Ships.

71. Mortgagee to have power of sale. 18. Description and ownership of British ships.

72. Rights of mortgagee not affected by any act of bank19. British ships, with certain exceptions, must be regis- ruptcy of mortgagor. ered.

73. Transfer of mortgages.

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