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the most weighty; and no one can doubt that the qua- gratulate itself upon at length having a prospect of lification would be treated with less respect than the a satisfactory solution of this important and muchassertion. All the experience, indeed, of the Court of vexed question. Some of these attempts were unsucChancery shews, that out of affidavits, in a case of any purely ecclesiastical as well as the civil jurisdiction

cessful simply because they proposed to deal with the difficulty, the truth cannot be got. Very useful evi- which in the progress of time had become so strangely dence is to be obtained by affidavit, followed by a vivâ blended together in these spiritual courts; but public voce cross-examination, but alone it is worse than men, learned by experience, have now become wiser useless.

and more discreet as to the course of action which is On the subject of oral examination in open court likely to be acceptable to the Legislature and to the

country, and they therefore propose gradually to abin causes on motions-in fact, wherever there is a real stract from Doctors' Commons separate portions of its contest as to facts—we have already in these pages more jurisdiction, leaving it in possession only of its Admithan once shortly commented; nor shall we abandon ralty and Spiritual jurisdiction. At the present conthe subject while there is a hope of drawing to it the juncture, when a war appears imminent, and when inattention of those who may have the power as well as of the construction of international law must constantly

numerable cases of prize, of the rights of neutrals, and the will to effect a change. The expense and delay, arise, the practitioners at Doctors' Commons will still arising out of the system of separate examiners, are have left a sufficient amount of lucrative business to enormous: the expense arising out of the unnecessary console them for the inevitable loss of testamentary and multiplication of copies of irrelevant evidence; the divorce cases, even should they decline to practise in delay, partly out of time permitted to be occupied by compensation, ought for the future to be opened to

the ordinary civil courts, which, as a fair measure of examiners upon irrelevant matter, partly out of the them. Her Majesty, in the speech from the throne, impossibility of the official examiners doing a third of announces that “the recent measures of legal reform the business, and the professional avocation of special have proved highly beneficial, and the success which examiners preventing the application of more than has attended them may well encourage you (Parsmall portions of time to their duties as examiners. liament) to proceed with further amendments. Bills The objection continually made to the examination of ecclesiastical courts to the civil courts the cognisance

will be submitted to you for transferring from the witnesses in open court, that it would occupy so much of testamentary and of matrimonial causes, and for time, is, we conceive, worth just nothing. Even if the giving increased efficiency to the superior courts of result were really to be the occupation of much more common law.” The question here occurs, to what judicial time, which we greatly doubt, the question

“civil courts” are these testamentary and matrimonial resolves itself simply into one of one or two additional causes to be transferred? The Divorce Commissioners, judges, which again resolves itself into one of expense. court, coniposed of a vice-chancellor, a common-law

in their report, recommend the constitution of a new Now, the present examiners and their staff cost the judge, and the judge of the Consistorial Court; and that country something like 40001. a year; and the fluc- recommendation, we believe, will be carried out by tuating staff of special examiners costs the suitors cer- the Government without any unnecessary delay. In tainly not less than 10,0001. a year—we believe much dealing with so difficult and delicate a subject as divorce, more; so that the expense saved by abolishing the many important matters have to be considered, such as

extending to the poor a privilege which has hitherto existing system would be just about the expense of been practically the luxury of the rich, and the moral two more judges. But, besides, the question ought not and social injury which might be done to the comto be treated as one of mere expense. The object of munity by furnishing too great a facility for divorce. evidence being to arrive at the truth, it is the interest On this last point Chancellor Kent remarks,“ It is very of the people, even if they had to pay a little more for questionable whether the facility with which divorces it, to have evidence taken in the best manner; and de- not productive of more evil than good;" and he adds,

can be procured in some of the States of America be positions taken in private, though vivâ voce, and trans

“ that he has had reason to believe, in the exercise of a ferred to a brief, to be coldly read out to the judge, judicial cognisance over numerous cases of divorce, that instead of coming warm from the lips of the witness, do adultery was sometimes committed, on the part of the not bring out the truth in the best manner.

husband, for the very purpose of obtaining a divorce.” One recommendation of the commissioners, on the most

obvious grounds of justice, ought to be reconsideredOf the various measures of law reform which are we mean that which restricts the right of a wife to a likely to engage the attention of Parliament during These matters we therefore hope will be carefully

divorce à vinculo to cases of “ aggravated enormity." the present session, we have no hesitation in ranking considered before the measure of the Government is as the most important the bill which is promised by introduced into Parliament. the Government on the subject of the testamentary With regard to the testamentary jurisdiction, the jurisdiction at present exercised by the Ecclesiastical sole question which remains to be decided is simply this Courts. Considering that about thirty years (the period --to what tribunal can it be most beneficially transmentioned by Lord John Russell as requisite for the

ferred? The Real Property Commissioners and Lord

Cottenham advocated the establishment of one cengestation of a measure of law reform) have been ex- tral court of probate, with a general registry of pended by the Legislature in fruitless attempts either wills; and Lord Lyndhurst advocated the establishto abolish these inconvenient and anomalous tribunals ment of metropolitan and diocesan courts throughout altogether, or to reform their procedure-attempts made the kingdom. Both these noble and learned Lords by Lord Brougham, Lord Cottenham, Lord Lyndhurst

, contemplated the abolition of the courts of peculiars, Sir James Graham, the present Chief Justice of the sessing only a limited jurisdiction, and some possess

which — scattered all over the country, some posCommon Pleas, Dr. Nicholl, and, last session, by the ing only voluntary and not contentious jurisdictionpresent Solicitor-General—the public may fairly con- were as inconvenient as they were unnecessary.


the last session of Parliament the whole question was Daniel Smith Bockett, 60, Lincoln's-inn-fields. thoroughly discussed, in reference to the bold and vigo- Robert Manley Lowe, Tanfield-court, Inner Temple. rous plan sketched by the Solicitor-General, and the Ellis Clowes, io, King's-bench-walk, Inner Temple. plan which was embodied in a measure introduced by John Ellis Clowes, Inner Temple. Mr. Collier. The Solicitor-General proposed to abolish George Millar Robinson, 1, Parish-street, St. John's, the peculiar courts, to regulate the future jurisdiction Southwark. of the diocesan courts in matters of common form up to George Peter de Rhe Philipe, 4, Lloyd-street, Lloyd. a limited amount, and to transfer the whole testamentary

square, Pentonville. jurisdiction, at present exercised by the Prerogative William Hilliard Dunster, 3, Henrietta-street, CavenCourt, to the Court of Chancery. He further proposed dish-square. that questions of fact might be sent to the county courts Edward Jennings, 9, Chancery-lane. for decision, and that the same tribunals might grant Alfred Jones, 15, Sise-lane, City. administration in cases where the property did not ex. William Skilbeck, 19, Southampton-buildings, Chanceed a certain amount. This plan, which commanded

cery-lane. the approbation of the House of Commons, was post- John Mortimer, 17, Clifford's-inn, City. poned until the Chancery Commissioners made their William Macmurdo Hacon, 31, Fenchurch-street, City. second report on the subject referred to them, namely, William Anthony Greatorex, 58, Chancery-lane. "to inquire into the law and jurisdiction of the eccle- James Berriman Tippetts, 2, Sise-lane, City. siastical and other courts in relation to matters testa- John Meadows White, 10, Whitehall-place. mentary.” In the meantime Mr. Collier brought in his Henry De Jersey, 2, Śt. Ann's-lane, Aldersgate, City. bill to transfer the testamentary jurisdiction to the com- William Gribble the younger, 80, Lombard-street, City. mon-law courts; and this conflict of propositions led the George Powell, 3, Raymond-buildings, Gray's-inn. practitioners in Doctors' Commons to assert that this William Hebeler Norton, 1, New-street, Bishopsgate. great question had degenerated into a mere squabble Charles Bischoff, 19, Coleman-street, City. between different classes of professional men for a Philip Smith Coxe, 19, Coleman-street, City. monopoly of the testamentary business. The Chan- John Snaith Rymer, 5, Whitehall, Westminster. cery Commissioners have not yet made their report, William Stevens, 6, Queen-street, Cheapside, City. but it is believed that at the last moment they have Frederick Halsey Janson, 4, Basinghall-street, City. been induced substantially to sanction the plan sug- John Henry Bolton, 1, New-square, Lincoln’s-inn. gested by the Solicitor-General. The Court of Chan- Francis Benthall, 22, Lincoln's-inn-fields. cery at the present time is the great court of admi- Henry Parker, 17, Bedford-row. nistration of the country; it already possesses a most Joseph Tatham, 10, New-square, Lincoln’s-inn. important testamentary jurisdiction; it has niachinery George P. Wilton, 1, Raymond-buildings, Gray's-inn. admirably calculated for the cheap and expeditious de- Henry Rivington Hill, 23, Throgmorton-street, City. termination of all questions which may arise in con- William James Grane, 23, Bedford-row, and 28, OxDexion with wills; and its amended procedure is so ford-terrace, Paddington, deservedly popular, that we are convinced, even if the commissioners adhered to Lord Cottenham's plan of a

To be Commissioners in England. separate court, they would have to import into that Philip George Skipworth, Wakefield, Yorkshire. tribunal the simple and rational system which now Robert Taylor Campion, Exeter. exists in Chancery. The common-law courts possess Charles Jagger, New Malton, Yorkshire. no machinery for administration purposes; and though William Francis, Tranmere, Cheshire. Mr. Collier, in defence of his own consistency, may say William Owen, Liverpool. a word in their favour, we believe that the time is at hand when Doctors' Commons must part with its testamentary jurisdiction to the Court of Chancery; and thus an important step will be made towards the obli- GENTLEMEN CALLED TO THE BAR. teration of that system of separate and distinct jurisdictions-curious, perhaps, on account of its antiquity, but utterly repugnant to the wants and wishes of the

The following gentlemen have been called to the deage in which we live.

gree of Barrister at Law:

LINCOLN's Inn.-James Charles Mathew, Esq., B.A.;

Arthur_Ainslie Young, Esq., Samuel Ridings GrimCOMMISSIONERS TO ADMINISTER OATHS shaw, Esq.; Francis Snowden, Esq., M.A.; Henry IN CHANCERY.

Hyde Nugent Bankes, Esq., M.A.; Eugine Comerford

Clarkson, Esq.; William Questel Williams, Esq., The Lord Chancellor, under the powers of the 16 & Pepys Whately, Esq., B.A.

M. A.; Francis Rockcliffe Pierce, Esq., B.A.; Arthur 17 Vict. c. 78, intituled “ An Act relating to the Appointment of Persons to administer Oaths in Chancery,

INNER TEMPLE.—John Budd Phear, Esq., B.A.; and to Affidavits made for Purposes connected with John Edw. Wilkins, Esq.; Robert Archibald Douglas, Registration,” has appointed the following gentlemen Esq., M.A.; John Hart, Esq., B.A.; Henry Padwick, to be Commissioners for administering Oaths in Chan- Esq., M.A.; Ralph Augustus Benson, Esq.; Francis cery :

Young, Esq., B.A.; John Sleigh, Esq.; Wallwood To be London Commissioners.

Maxwell, Esq., B.A.; William Erskine Woodrooffe, Andrew Storey, 17, Featherstone-buildings, Holborn.

Esq.; William Philip Snell, Esq., M.A.; James FitzCharles Few the younger, 2, Henrietta-street, Covent- Frederick Ellis Agar, M.A.; John Henry Bignola,

James Stephen, Esq., B.A.; The Hon. Leopold George garden.

Esq., B.A.; George Campbell, Esq. George Corpe, 3, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Henry William 'Woodhouse, 5, New-square, Lincoln’s- B.A.; John Bower Brown, Esq., Joseph Kaye, Esq.,

MIDDLE TEMPLE.-William Lowndes Yates, Esq., inn. William Hine, 32, Charterhouse-square.

M.A.; Thomas Pacey Keene, Esq.; Joseph Wigg, Septimus Davidson, Weavers' Hall, 22, Basinghall- Esq.; William Frederick Laxton, Esq. street, City.

GRAY's INN.-Wm. Langford, Esq.; James Wynne, William Joseph Meymott, 86, Blackfriars-road. Esq.; Jonas Levy, Esq.

LIST OF SHERIFFS, APPOINTED BY HER THOMAS PROCTOR, Lincoln, engineer and millwright,

Feb. 8 and March 1 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy,
Kingston-upon-Hull: Off. Ass. Carrick ; Sol. Tweed, Lin-

coln.-Petition dated Jan. 16. Bedfordshire-F. C. Polhill Turner, Esq., Howbury Hall.

Berkshire-James Joseph Wheble, Esq., Bulmershe Court.
Buckinghamshire-Henry Hanmer, Esq., Stockgrove.

Edward Bladon and Henry Coates, Manchester, stuff mer. Camb. and Hunt.-Geo. William Rowley, Esq., The Priory, chants, Feb. 8 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, ManchesSt. Neots.

ter, last ex.—Thomas Shenton, Bethnal-green-road, Middleses, Cheshire-Francis D. Palmer Astley, Esq., Duckinfield.

grocer, Feb. 16 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. Cumberland - Thomas Alison Hoskins, Esq., Higham.

ac.- Jacob Wright, Holywell-street, Shoreditch, Middlesex, Derbyshire-William Drury Lowe, Esq., Locko Park.

licensed victualler, Feb. 9 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London, Devonshire-Richard Sommers Gard, Esq., Rougemont.

aud. ac.--James Sadler, Vere-street, Clare-market, MiddleDorsetshire—Sir Henry Oglander, Bart., Parnham.

sex, tallow chandler, Feb. 14 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Durham-Henry John Baker Baker, Esq., Elemore Hall.

London, aud. ac.-Louis Diespecker, Little Moorfields, Lon. Essex— Thomas White, Esq., Weathersfield.

don, dealer in French purses, Feb. 16 at 1, Court of BankGloucestershire-John Henry Elwes, Esq., Colesborne House, ruptcy, London, aud. ac.--- Richard Anderson, Wright's-lane, near Northleach.

Kensington, Middlesex, licensed victualler, Feb. 14 at 12, Herefordshire-Elias Chadwick, Esq., Puddlestone Court, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.Joseph S. Samuel, near Leominster.

Hatton-garden, Middlesex, watch manufacturer and jeweller, Hertfordshire-R. Hanbury, Esq., The Poles, Thundridge.

Feb. 21 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.Kent -- Alexander Glendining, Esq., Ashgrove, Sevenoaks.

John Bosworth Crocker, Sheffield, Yorkshire, draper, Feb. 21 Leicestershire-Henry Corles Bingham, Esq., Wartnaby.

at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Thos. Dallaston Lincolnshire-Anthony Willson, Esq., Rauceby Hall.

Slearn, Ipswich, Suffolk, plumber, Feb. 21 at 1, Court of Monmouthshire, Thomas Brown, Esq., Ebbw Vale.

Bankruptcy, London, div.-W. Salmon, Manchester, leather Norfolk--Benjamin Bond Cabbell, Esq., Cromer Hall.

seller, Feb. 22 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, ManchesNorthamptonshire - The Right Hon. Anthony Henley, Lord ter, div. - John Hall and Henry Hall, Hartshorne, DerbyHenley, Watford.

shire, earthenware manufacturers, Feb. 10 at 10, District Court Northumberland-S. E. Widdrington, Esq., Newton.

of Bankruptcy, Nottingham, div. sep. est. of John Hall.-J. Nottinghamshire--Samuel Bagnall Wild, Esq., Costock.

Gray and Robert Williams, Chester, engineers, Feb. 20 at 11, Oxfordshire-John William Fane, Esq., Wormsley.

District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, fin. div. Rutlandshire, Robert Lee Bradshaw, Esq., Tinwell.

CERTIFICATES. Shropshire-Robert Aglionby Slaney, Esq., Walford Manor. To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or Somersetshire-James Curtis Somerville, Esq., Dinder.

before the Day of Meeting. Southampton-J. R. Ives, Esq., Bentworth Hall, near Alton.

Samuel Cooper, Reading, Berkshire, and Brighton, Sussex, Staffordshire-John Davenport, Esq., Westwood.

builder, Feb. 23 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.—Joha Suffolk-Windsor Parker, Esq., Clopton Hall, Rattlesden. Surrey-Robert Gosling, Esq., Botleys Park.

Hensley, Montague-place, Russell-square, Middlesex, apothe. Sussex—John Day, Esq., Newick.

cary, Feb. 20 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Chas. Warwickshire-William Charles Alston, Esq., Elmdon.

Tipple, Baldock, Hertfordshire, apothecary, Feb. 18 at half. Westmoreland-John Wilson, Esq., The Howe.

past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Richard Tredinnick, Wiltshire-E. L. Clutterbuck, Esq., Hardenhuish Park.

Haymarket, Middlesex, mining broker, Feb. 18 at 1, Court Worcestershire-E. Bearcroft, Esq., Mere Hall, Bromsgrove.

of Bankruptcy, London. Yorkshire-Henry Willoughby, Esq., Birdsall, near Malton. To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered.

John Davis, Colney-hatch, Middlesex, licensed victualler. WALES.

- Edward Butt, Newcastle-place, Edgeware road, MiddleAnglesey – R. Brisco Owen, Esq., Haulfre, near Beaumaris. laceman.-Charles Wrightson, High-street, Marylebone, Breconshire-John Powell, Esq., Watton Mount.

Middlesex, grocer.-Joseph Hopkinson, Barlborough, Derby. Carnarvonshire-Thos. Love D. Jones Parry, Esq., Madryn. shire, brick maker.- Isaac Fineberg, Manchester, general Carmarthenshire-John Jones, Esq., Blaenos.

dealer. Cardiganshire-Morgan Jones, Esq., Penlan.

Denbighshire- Richard Jones, Esq., Bellan Place, Ruabon.
Flintshire--Henry Raikes, Esq., Llwynegrin.

Edward Sumner, Waterloo, near Liverpool, licensed vic

tualler. Glamorganshire-William Llewellyn, Esq., Courtcolman.

Montgomeryshire-John Michael Severne, Esq., Wallop.
Merionethshire-George A. Huddart, Esq., Plasynpenrhyn.

Thos. Brook Bridges Stevens and George Bonnor, Marl. Pembrokeshire-The Hon. R. Fulke Greville, Castle Hall.

borough-chambers, Pall-mall, Middlesex, attornies and solici. Radnorshire-John Jones, Esq., Cefnmaes.

tors.-Wm. Henry Porritt and John Swithinbank, Leeds,
Yorkshire, attorpies and solicitors.

London Gazettes.

Gilbert Mackenzie Scott, Wilton by Hawick, baker.-J.
Rae, Edinburgh, bat manufacturer.- Alexander Thomson,

deceased, Edinburgh.-William Williamson, Pulteney-town, FRIDAY, JANUARY 27.


INSOLVENT DEBTORS JACOB STONE, Little Moorfields, London, coachmaker, who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy,

(carrying on business with Elizabeth Hill), Feb. 7 at 2, and and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from March 7 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass.

Process. Lee; Sol. Neale, 23, Trinity-square, Newington, Surrey.- Stephen Thomas Crocker, Bristol, accountant, Feb. 1 at 11, Petition filed Jan. 20.

County Court of Gloucestershire, at Bristol.-William Carr, LUCY MARTIN, Teignmouth, Devonshire, baker, confec. Kingston-upon-Hull, contractor, Feb. 10 at 10, County Court

tioner, lodging-house keeper, dealer and chapwoman, Feb. 8 of Yorkshire, at Kingston-upon-Hull.—Thos. M'Rie Hunter, and 27 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter: Off. Kingston-upon-Hull, master mariner, Feb. 10 at 10, County Ass. Hernaman; Sol. Willesford, Exeter. —Petition filed Court of Yorkshire, at Kingston-upon-Hull. - John Cock. Jan. 20.

rane, St. Woollos, near Newport, Monmouthshire, beer reHENRY HUDSON, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, cattle dealer, tailer, Feb. 8 at 12, County Court of Monmouthshire, at New

dealer and chapman, Feb. 10 und March 3 at 11, District port.- Thomas Marwick, King's Lynn, Norfolk, coal dealer, Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds: Off. Ass. Young; Sols. Clay, Feb. 8 at 3, County Court of Norfolk, at King's Lynn.- Geo. Huddersfield; Bond & Barwick, Leeds.- Petition dated Davies, Chatham, Kent, librarian to the Rochester, Chatham, Jan. 18.

Strood, and Brompton Mechanics' Institution, Feb. 9 at 10,


County Court of Kent, at Rochester.-James Penfold the At the County Court of Huntingdonshire, at HUNTINGDON, younger, Horsham, Sussex, blacksmith, Feb. 14 at 12, County

Feb. 14 at 10. Court of Sussex, at Horsham.-E. Parr, Peplow, Shropshire, Thomas Cousins the younger, Bluntisham, farmer. in no business, Feb. 22 at 10, County Court of Worcestershire, at Kidderminster.—Thomas Hall, North Shields, Tynemouth,

At the County Court of Kent, at Dover, Feb. 15 at 11. Northumberland, master mariner, Feb. 17 at 10, County Court The Hon. Brownlow T. M. Cecil, Dover, in no profession. of Northumberland, et North Shields.— Wm. Reed Robson, -Henry Sibley, Ampton-place, Gray's-inn-road, Middlesex, Tynemouth, Northumberland, canteen keeper, Feb. 17 at 10, and Dover, attorney-at-law. County Court of Northumberland, at North Shield3.- Ben

MEETING. jamin Baxter, Keighley, Yorkshire, grocer, Feb. 22 at 11, County Court of Yorkshire, at Keighley.-William Cotes,

Francis L. Tappy, Woolwich, Kent, gentleman, Feb. 6 at Wirksworth, Derbyshire, auctioneer, Feb. 8. at 10, County 10, Court-house, Portugal-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, LonCourt of Derbyshire, at Wirksworth.-Wm. Leedle, Shipley,

don, pr. d. near Bradford, Yorkshire, saddler, Feb. 21 at 11, County Court of Yorkshire, at Bradford. - William Wells, Bradford, Yorkshire, painter, Feb. 21 at 11, County Court of Yorkshire,

TUESDAY, JANUARY 31. at Bradford.

BANKRUPTS. The following Persons, who, on their several Petitions filed in HENRY CHANCELLOR, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, tailor,

the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection Feb. 7 at 1), and March 9 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, from Process, are required to oppear in Court as herein- London: Off. Ass. Bell; Sols. Chamberlain, Great Yarafler mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, mouth; Storey, Southampton-buildings, Holborn.-Petition Lincoln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with filed Jan. 20. according to the Statute:

FRANCIS PAXON, Bloomsbury.square, Middlesex, scriFeb. 10 at 10, before the Chief COMMISSIONER.

vener, Feb. 7 at 1, and March 16 at 12, Court of Bank.

ruptcy, London: Off. Ass.' Johnson; Sols. J. & J. H. George Court Steel, Deptford, Kent, market gardener.

Linklater, Sise-lane, London.- Petition filed Jan. 27. Feb. 11 at 11, hefore Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS. WILLIAM CHARLTON, Basingstoke, Southampton, grocer, Rees Edwards, Ladd's-court, Park-st., Southwark, Surrey, dealer and chapman, Feb. 13 at 1, and March 14 at 12, labourer.- Wm. Byron, Southampton-street, Fitzroy-square, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Lee; Sols. Lamb Middlesex, lodging-house keeper. --Chas. Edwards, Cheshunt, & Co., Basingstoke, Southampton ; Johnson & Co., King's Hertfordshire, beer-shop keeper.- Henry Smith, Vere-street, Bench-walk, Inner Temple, London.- Petition filed Jan. 27. Clare-market, Middlesex, out of business.

LOUISA MATILDA RACHEL SMITH, Salisbury-street, Feb. 13 at 11, before the CHIEF COMMISSIONER.

Strand, Middlesex, commercial and family boarding-house

keeper, dealer and chapwoman, Feb. 10 and March 17 at John T. Connor, Old Chapel-row, St. Pancras, Kentish

12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Cannan ; Sols. town, Middleses, schoolmaster.-Robert Aslin the younger,

J. & J. H Linklater, 17, Sise-lane, Bucklersbury.-Peti. Drury-lane, Holborn, Middlesex, shoemaker.-Wm. Thomas

tion dated Jan. 27. Bainbridge, Uxbridge, Middlesex, butcher.

THOMAS WATTS, Cassington, Oxfordshire, cattle dealer, Feb. 13 at 1l, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS. farmer and grazier, dealer and chapman, Feb. 10 at half-past Thomas Smith, Waltham Holy Cross, Waltham Abbey, 12, and March 17 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Essex, out of business.

Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Field, Finchley, Middlesex, and

Duke-street, Smithfield.-Petition dated Jan. 30. The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before JOSEPH VINCE, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, boot and shoe the Court, in Portugal-street, to be examined and deall

maker, Feb. 8 at 2, and March 22 at 11, Court of Bankwith according to the Statute:-

ruptcy, London: Off

. Ass. Pennell; Sols. Chamberlain, Feb. 10 at 10, before the Chier COMMISSIONER. Great Yarmouth ; Storey, 17, Featherstone-buildings, Hol

born.- Petition dated Jan. 20. Thomas Bonser the younger, Devonshire-terrace, Barnsbury-park, Islington, Middleses, assistant to a meat salesman. MIER LEVY, late of Belfast, Antrim, Ireland, but now of -Wm. Allen, New-road, Commercial-road East, Middlesex,

Little Alie-street, Goodman's-fields, Middlesex, clothier labourer in the London Docks.

and tailor, dealer and chapman, Feb. 8 at half-past 12, and

March 22 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Feb. 10 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. Pennell; Sols. Messrs. J. & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise-lane, John Wm. W. Evison, Belvidere-place, Southwark-bridge- London.-Petition dated Jan. 27. road, Southwark, Surrey, clerk in the office of the Clerk of HENRY PURCELL, Dudley, Worcestershire, hosier and the Papers of the Queen's Prison.-George C. Skilton, Athol. laceman, Feb. 11 and March 4 at 10, District Court of Bankplace, Pentonville, Middlesex, shoemaker.-Charles Robinson, ruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sols. Coldicott Providence-place, High-street, Kentish-town, Middlesex, out & Canning, Dudley; Hodgson, Birmingham. - Petition of business. - Robert Lindsay, Kew-road, Richmond, Surrey, dated Jan. 27. licensed brewer.-George Smith, St. Swithin's-lane, King HENRY PRESTON GOODWIN, Solihull, Warwickshire, William-street, London, appraiser.

tallow chandler, dealer and chapman, Feb. 13 and March 4 Peb. 11 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner Phillips. at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Louis Delorme, Curtain-road, Shoreditch, Middlesex, mer

Ass. Bittleston ; Sols. Hawkes, Birmingham ; Thomas, 3, cantile clerk.

Ely-place, Holborn, London.-Petition dated Jan. 26.

JOHN POINTON, Monks Coppenball, Cheshire, innkeeper Feb. 13 at 11, before the Chier COMMISSIONER.

and timber merchant, dealer and chapman, Feb. 15 and Henry Askham, Arlington-street, Camden-town, Middlesex, March 6 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool : tailor.-- Thomas James Boardman, Albion-road, Wandsworth- Off. Ass. Cazenove ; Sol. Broughton, Nantwich.- Petition road, Surrey, teacher of music.-Stephen Austen, Dover-road,

filed Jan. 19. Southwark, Surrey, coffee-house keeper.

JAMES M'COLM, Manchester, waste dealer and rope ma

nufacturer, Feb. 13 and March 8 at 12, District Court of The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before

Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Fraser ; Sols. Messrs. a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt

J. & B. Whitworth, Manchester.-Petition filed Jan. 26. with according to the Statute:

JOHN BENNETT, Manchester, licensed victualler, Feb. 10 At the County Court of Durham, at DURHAM, Feb. 10. and March 3 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, ManJames Garry, Bishop Auckland, shoemaker.-Wm. Wood,

chester : Off. Ass. Pott; Sol. Wilson, Manchester.-Peti. South Shields, builder.-— Robert Robson, Claypath, grocer.

tion filed Jan. 20.

WILLIAM CHESWORTH, Manchester, merchant, Feb. 16 At the County Court of Hampshire, at WINCHESTER,

and March 9 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, ManFeb. 14.

chester : Off. Ass. Pott; Sols. Sale & Co., Manchester.Thomas Harris, Burghclere, near Newbury, farmer.

Petition filed Jan. 21.


Scotch SEQUESTRATION. Henry Kirk, Portland-terrace, St. John's-wood, Middlesex,

Wm. M Lean, Dundee, draper. hay dealer, Feb. 14 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last

INSOLVENT DEBTORS ex.-F. W. Thomas, Leadenhall-street, London, auctioneer,

Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, Feb. 14 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex.- Mary

and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Ann Thomas and William Thomas, Upper King.street,

Process. Bloomsbury, and Green-street, Theobald's-road, Middlesex, builders, Feb. 14 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London,

Joseph Fairclough, Liverpool, engine driver, Feb. 6 at 10, last ex.- Edwin Orphin, Brighton, Sussex, builder, Feb. County Court of Lancashire, at Liverpool.- Stephen Skeep, 15 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last es:- Henry Court of Lincolnshire, at Holbeach. Thos. Helman, Bristol


Holbeach, Lincolnshire, cordwainer, Feb. 23 at 10, County Wheeler, Richmond, Surrey, baker, Feb. 27 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.— Jacob Connop, New Finch- baker, March 1 at 11, County Court of Gloucestershire, at ley-road, St. John's-wood, Middlesex, bill broker, Feb. 14

Bristol.-James Griffin, Bristol, bellhanger, Feb. 22 at 11, at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.

County Court of Gloucestershire, at Bristol. - James Meetens, Robert S. Parry, Leadenhall-street, London, bookseller, Feb. Broadwater, Sussex, butcher, Feb. 13 at 11, County Court of 15 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.; Feb. 21 at Sussex, at Worthing. - J. Siddons, Belper, Derbyshire, hatter, 11, div.— Henry P. Taylor, Queen's-road, Dalston, Middle - Feb. 16 at 10, County Court of Derbyshire, at Belper.- John sex, licensed victualler, Feb. 15 at half-past 12, Court of Boulton, Hulme, Manchester, out of employment, Feb. 20 at Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-J. Palmer, Hove, Brighton, 12, County Court of Lancashire, at Manchester.—Jas. Adsett, Sussex, builder, Feb. 15 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, Guildford, Surrey, gunsmith, Feb. 21 at 1, County Court of aud. ac.-Thomas Cook Millington, Maldon, Essex, chemist, Surrey, at Guildford. - George Linstead, Guildford, Surrey, Feb. 15 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.; Feb? saddler, Feb. 21 at 1, County Court of Surrey, at Guildford. 21 at half-past 1, div.- George Betts, Forncett St. Peter, Alfred Cobby, Littlehampton, Sussex, organist, Feb. 18 at 10, Norfolk, draper, Feb. 15 at half-past 12, Court of Bank County Court of Sussex, at Arundel.John Ward, Chester, ruptcy, London, aud. ac.; Feb. 21 at 12, div.-Wm. Holme, furniture broker, Feb. ) at 10, County Court of Cheshire, at

Chester. Manchester, cotton manufacturer, Feb. 17 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac.- Robert James, The following Persons, who, on their several Petitions filed in Lenton, Nottinghamshire, lace maker, Feb. 10 at 10, District

the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection from Court of Bankruptcy, Nottingham, aud. ac. ---John Rogers,

Process, are required to appear in Court as hereinafter Leicester, grocer, Feb. 10 at 10, District Court of Bank.

mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, Lin. ruptcy, Nottingham, aud. ac.—John Saller, Backchurch-lane,

coln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with Whitechapel, and Ratcliffe-highway, Middlesex, yeast mer. according to the Statute:chant, Feb. 27 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.

Feb. 15 at 10, before the CHIEF COMMISSIONER. Thomas Manson, Lloyd's Coffee-house, Royal Exchange, and King William-street, London, underwriter, Feb. 22 at 2, Court

Henry Norton North, Radnor-street, Ironmonger-row, St. of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Henry B. Roff, Woolwich, Luke's, Middlesex, assistant to a greengrocer. - Jas. Carter Kent, wharfinger, Feb. 22 at half-past 12, Court of Bank- the elder, Nelson-road, White-square, Clapham, Surrey, out ruptcy, London, div.-Wm. H. Osborn,, Pimlico, of business. Middlesex, wine mercbant, Feb. 22 at half-past 1, Court of

Feb. 15 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. Bankruptcy, London, div. Sarah Pattison, Winchester, Hampshire, glazier, Feb. 21 at half.past 12, Court of Bank- fancy cabinet manufacturer.-G. Crawford, Frith-st., Sobo,

Benjamin Harden, Coppice-row, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, ruptcy, London, fin. div.-Charles C. Hamilton, Little Queen: Middlesex, composition manufacturer. - Jas. Hobbs, Strathostreet, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Middlesex, ironmonger, Feb. 21 at half past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Wm. Isaac Smith, Hayes, Middlesex, beer-house keeper.-Onesi

non-terrace, Shadwell, Middlesex, lodging-house keeper.Pickering, Piccadilly, Middlesex, bookseller, Feb. 21 at 12, phorus Smith, Rutland-street East, Commercial-road East, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Wm. Cross, Chester, Middlesex, cabinet maker. - George Husted, Peacock-square, lead merchant, Feb. 21 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Peacock -street, Newington Butts, Surrey, assistant to the tipLiverpool, div.-John Gray and Robert Williams, Chester, staff of the Court of Exchequer. engineers, Feb. 21 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, div.

Saturday, Jan. 28.

Assignees have been appointed in the following Cases. Pur.

ther particulars may be learned at the Office, in Portugal. To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or

street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, on giving the Number of the before the Day of Meeting.

Case. A. Cohen, Houndsditch, London, clothier, Feb. 22 at 12,

Robert Welham the elder, Somersham, near Ipswich, SufCourt of Bankruptcy, London.-George W. Bright, Swansea, folk, bricklayer, No. 77,039 C.; Simon Fenn, assignee.Glamorganshire, licensed victualler, March 1 at 11, District Mary Hughes, widow, Birmingham, No. 77,382 C.; James Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.- Joseph Johnson the younger, Bennett and John Bennett, assignees.-Edward Owen, New. Liverpool, estate agent, Feb. 21 at 11, District Court of town, Montgomeryshire, shopkeeper, No. 70,315 C.; Wm. Bankruptcy, Liverpool.

Nutter, assignee. - James Wm. Giles, Aldersgate-street, City, To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered.

haberdasher, No. 64,141 T.; Joseph William Bennett, as. Thomas Hutchings, Park-street, Westminster, Middlesex; folk, out of business, No. 74,973 C.; Andrew Davies Bird,

signee.-William Flowarday Silcock, Great Yarmouth, Nor. Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire; and Anston, Yorkshire, railway assignee. - Thomas Badman, Bradford, Yorkshire, fruiterer, contractor.-George Hennet, Duke-street, Westminster, Mid- No. 77,340 C.; Patrick Reilly and Wm. Wood, assignees. dlesex, railway contractor.- Eliza Lloyd, Wigmore-street, Cavendish-sq., Middlesex, dressmaker.- Charles Geal, East

Saturday, Jan. 28. row, Kensal New-town, Middlesex, grocer.—Henry Solomon, Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee Holborn-hill, London, and Cumberland-place and Surrey- the Estates and Effects of the following Persons:place, Old Kent-road, Surrey, furniture broker.- Wm. M.

(On their own Petitions). Harker, Little Moorfields, London, currier.-James Roberts,

James Johnson, River-terrace, York-road, King's-cross, Coal Harbour, Blackwall, Middlesex, timber merchant.

Middlesex, out of employment: in the Debtors Prison for Douglas Bradbury, Derby, builder.—T. Taylor, Derby, inn- London and Middlesex.—George Wilmshurst Tye, Chatham, keeper.

Kent, licensed victualler : in the Debtors Prison for London PETITION ANNULLED.

and Middlesex.-J. Kirkpatrick, Sussex-place, Rotherfield. David F. Bower, Rawcliffe, Yorkshire, flax scutcher. street, Islington, Middlesex, solicitor's clerk: in the Debtors

Prison for London and Middlesex.-Robert Bowman, Swin. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED.

ton-st., Gray's-inn-road, Middlesex, carver : in the Queen's Robert Stainbank, Robert D. Gerard, and Alex. Brown, Prison-Wm. Henry Howe, New Park-street, Southwark, Ceylon and London, attornies and general merchants. Surrey, baker: in the Debtors Prison for London and Mid

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