Abbildungen der Seite

Cheshire, silk manufacturer, Aug. 23 at 12, District Court of shire, grocer, Aug. 16 at 11, County Court of CarmarthenBankruptcy, Manchester, last ex.- IVm. Bale, Manchester, shire, at Llandilo.-Henry M. Wheeler, Dean-street, Sobo, baker, Aug. 23 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Man- Middlesex, schoolmaster, Aug. 15 at 3, County Court of chester, last er.-Joseph Bailey Millinyton, Marlborough. Essex, at Saffron Walden. - Thomas Freestone, St. Ives, place, Harrow-road, Paddington, Middlesex, builder, Aug. | Huntingdonshire, plumber, Aug. 19 at 12, County Court of 17 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.-Charles Huntingdonshire, at Huntingdon.- Thomas Jemmeson, SalPigot, Wigan, Lancashire, scrivener and miner, Aug. 15 at 12, fordLancashire, saddler, Aug. 21 at 11, County Court of District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, aud. ac.- George Lancashire, at Blackburn.-Daniel Gaches, Ipswich, Suffolk, Forster, Liverpool, stockbroker, Aug. 16 at 11, District Court surgeon-dentist, Aug. 18 at 9, County Court of Suffolk, at of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.-W. Sharp, Birkenhead, Ipswich.-Wm. Woods, Wissett, Suffolk, brewer, Aug. 24 at Cheshire, and Liverpool, merchant, Aug. 16 at 11, District 12, County Court of Suffolk, at Halesworth.- Robert A. Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.-Samuel Boulton Copping, Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, plumber and glazier, and John Swindells, Greenfield Works, near Holywell, Flint. Aug. 28 at 10, County Court of Suffolk, at Bury Št. Ed. shire, spelter manufacturers, Aug. 17 at 11, District Court of mund's.- The Rev. John Roberts, Holyhead, Anglesea, clerk, Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac. -- John Crosthwaite, Liver. Aug. 18 at 10, County Court of Anglesea, at Llangefni.-C. pool, merchant, Aug. 16 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Church, Newport, Monmouthshire, beerhouse keeper, Aug. Liverpool, aud. ac. - Richard Deane, Liverpool, merchant, 16 at 12, County Court of Monmouthshire, at Newport.-R. Aug. 16 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. S. Gilbert, Pembury, Kent, superintending constable of the ac. - Thomas Casson, Liverpool, coach builder, Aug. 17 at Tunbridge Petty Sessions Division, Aug. 17 at 10, County 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.-John Court of Kent, at Tunbridge Wells.-George Rowe, ScarboWithers, Oxford, chemist, Aug. 15 at half past 1, Court of rough, Yorksbire, tailor, Aug. 9 at 10, County Court of YorkBankruptcy, London, div.- John W. Williams and Wm. F. shire, at Scarborough.-John Fallowfield, Leamington Priors, Warbreck, Liverpool, manufacturing chemists, Aug. 25 at 11, Warwickshire, commission agent, Aug. 21 at 10, County Court District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool, div.-James Garnett of Warwickshire, at Warwick. Lockett, Manchester, merchant, Aug. 29 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, div.- John Collins, Clitheroe, The following Persons, who, on their several Petitions filed in Lancashire, provision dealer, Aug. 29 at 12, District Court of

the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection Bankruptcy, Manchester, div.

from Process, are required to appear in Court as herein

afler mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal.street, CERTIFICATES.

Lincoln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or |

according to the Statute:before the Day of Meeting.

Nov. 4 at 10, before the CHIEF COMMISSIONER. Wm. Milton, Southborough, Tunbridge, Kent, miller, Aug.

W. Rait, St. John's-wood-terrace, St. Marylebone, Mid. 26 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Richard Beckett, L. Liverpool, currier, Aug. 28 at 11, District Court of Bank

dlesex, timber merchant.-James Marshall, Canal-terrace, ruptcy, Liverpool. - Henry Clayburn, Hulme, Manchester,

York-road, King's-cross, Middlesex, smith.-Wm. Rockliffe builder, Aug. 29 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Man

the elder, Deptford, Kent, dealer in bread.- Wm. Savage the chester.

younger, Pleasant-place, Lower Tulse-hill, Brixton, Surrey,

whitesmith.-J. D. Cremmens, Golden-square, St. James's, To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered.

Middlesex, surgeon.- Thomas S. Meadows, Kingsland-road, John Wilson, Barking, Essex, corn dealer.-Wm. Wright, Shoreditch, Middlesex, tailor.-John Brennan, Great SuttonThetford, Norfolk, butcher.- Joseph Bradstreet, Pearson-st., street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, lamp maker.-W.J. Chorne, Kingsland-road, and Great Cambridge-street, Hackney-road, Barclay-street, Somers-town, Middlesex, coach painter. Middlesex, miller.-J. Merchant, Foulmire, Cambridgeshire, grocer. Thomas Holland, Milner-square, Islington, Middle

Nov. 6 at 10, before the Chief CoMMISSIONER. sex, tobacco broker.-Archibald Vickers, Disley, Cheshire,

James Funge, Bromley, Middlesex, baker.-Wm. P. Mor. cotton spinner.-Montgomerie Gladstone and Joseph Creevy

ris, Praed.street, Paddington, Middlesex, attorney.-James Bond, Manchester, general brokers.- Thomas Hind, Sheffield, Wilkins, Hayfield-place, Mile-end-road, Middlesex, licensed Yorkshire, joiner.- John Holmes and Robert Holmes, Shef beer retailer.-James B. Artis, Argyle-square, New-road, St. field, Yorkshire, builders.-Maurice Jarvis, Leeds, Yorkshire,

Pancras, Middlesex, draper's assistant. - Richard Wheaton, woolstapler,

Breck nock-crescent, Camden-town, Middlesex, banker's clerk. PETITION ANNULLED.

-James Richardson, George-street, Blackfriars-road, Christ. John Williams, Plymouth, Devonshire, dealer in Berlin

church, Surrey, coal dealer.-Henry Collyer, Church-street, wools.

Lower Tooting, Surrey, out of business.

Nov. 6 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS. Philip F. Curry and Henry H. Statham, Liverpool, attor. George Nurton, New Church-street, Lisson-grove, St. Ma. nies and solicitors.

rylebone, Middlesex, printer.- Michael Mortlock, StaffordSCOTCA SEQUESTRATIONS.

place, Vauxhall-bridge-road, Middlesex, shoemaker.- John

Goodall, Middle-bill, Egham, Surrey, English and Foreign Wm. H. Gratrix, Glasgow, dyer.- Wm. G. Johnstone,

nstone, timber dealer.— Henry Havenden, Bromley, Middlesex, cor. Dumfries, bookseller. - George Mitchell, Paisley, dyer.

keeper.—Henry John Scott, Colebrook-row, Islington, MidLeys, Masson, & Co:, Grandholm Works, near Aberdeen, flax

dlesex, lodging-house keeper.-John Dumayne, Englefield. spinners.-- Robert Bennett, Kelso, cabinet maker.-John Ross,

terrace, Beauvoir-town, Kingsland, Middlesex, woollendraper. Glasgow, marble cutter.

- Charles J. Dillon, Shepherdess-walk, City-road, Middleses, INSOLVENT DEBTORS

comedian. Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, The following Prisoners are ordered to be brougkt up before

and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt Process.

wilh according to the Statute :Robert E. Cheeseman, Brighton, common brewer, Aug. 12 | At the County Court of Berkshire, at READING, Aug. 18 at 10, County Court of Sussex, at Brighton.-Joseph Painter,

at 10. Hanham, Bitton, Gloucestershire, builder, Aug. 31 at balf. past 10, County Court of Gloucestershire, at Bristol.-James

George Kennet Pollock, Willows, near Windsor, attorney. Butcher, Bristol, chemist, Aug. 31 at half.past 10, County

at-law. Court of Gloucestershire, at Bristol.-John Fantham, Soul. At the County Court of Glamorganshire, at CARDIFF, bury, Buckinghamshire, corn dealer, Aug. 23 at 12, County

Aug. 18. Court of Bedfordshire, at Leighton Buzzard.-W. Grantham,

Wm. C. Barber, Cardiff, bellhanger.-David Jones, Mor. Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, sboemaker, Aug. 23 at 12,

12: | riston, near Swansea, overman to a Copper Mining Company. County Court of Bedfordshire, at Leighton Buzzard.-George Headey. Littleworth, Wing, Buckinghamshire, straw dyer, At the County Court of Suffolk, at Ipswich, Aug. 18 Aug. 23 at 12, County Court of Bedfordshire, at Leighton

at 9. Buzzard.-David James, Cwmamman, Bettus, Carmarthen- ! Wm. Burch, Mendlesham, veterinary surgeon.

At the County Court of Lancashire, at LANCASTER, tailor : 18. 3fd, in the pound. - Frederick Nicholson, Ches. Aug. 18 at 12.

terton, Cambridgeshire, gentleman: 61d. in the pound. Wm. Jones, Wigan, druggist.-John Astley, Pendleton,

Wm. Giltenan Lang, De Beauvoir-grove, Kingsland, MiddleSalford, out of business.-J. Embleton, Manchester, painter.

sex, merchant's clerk : 38. 2d. in the pound.—Joshua Kidd, -John Reynolds, Manchester, provision-shop keeper.-John

Lower Wike, near Halifax, Yorkshire, worsted spinner : 6d. Hayward, Birkenhead, commission agent.-Wm. Whitehead,

in the pound.- James Kettle, Tynemouth, Northumberland, Butterworth, near Rochdale, out of business.- Edward R.

tailor: 7 d. in the pound.-William Hunt, Aston Flamville, Parton, Salford, out of business.-George Salisbury, Oxton,

Leicestershire, chemist : 6d. in the pound.- Roger Marsh, Cheshire, banker's clerk.-J. Geary, Longsight, near Man.

Preston, Lancashire, provision dealer : 8s. 7d. in the pound. chester, gardener. - John Holland, Heaton Norris, out of bu.

1-Charles Eastwood, Manchester, fruiterer : 38. 13d. in the siness.- Wm. Bowles, Burnley, out of business. - Thomas

pound.-Thos. Beeson, Manchester, flour factor : 28. 3d. in Parkinson, Marsden, manufacturing chemist.-H. Stevens,

the pound. Salford, out of business. - John Farrell, Manchester, baker.

Apply at the Provisional Assignees' Office, Portugal-street, Ralph Horne the younger, Heaton Norris, near Manchester, Lincoln's-inn-fields, London, between the hours of 11 and 3. twine manufacturer.- Wm. Tither, Royton, near Oldham, Watson Yorke, Brigstocke, near Thrapston, Northampton. cotton waste dealer.— Thomas Robinson, Bentley Wood Green, shire, farmer, Aug. 17, at Yorke's, solicitor, Oundle: 7d. in near Padibam, block printer.-Thomas Lancaster, Liverpool, the pound. assistant to a publican.- Patrick Gormly, Liverpool, ship broker. - Thomas Higham, Manchester, out of business.-N.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 8. Livesey, Blackburn, bookseller.-Wm. Hayes, Manchester, out of business.- Joseph Redish, Liverpool, merchant.-R.

BANKRUPTS. Bradley, Blackburn, provision dealer. -Edward Cavanah,

WILLIAM ROBERT NIELD and WILLIAM HENRY Manchester, plasterer.-C. Neursome, Rochdale, joiner.-J.

HUGH COLLANDER, Cannon-street, London, shawl Dickinson, Manchester, retail dealer in ale.-- John Ramsbottom, Accrington, manufacturer.- George Purdy, Liverpool,

warehousemen, dealers and chapmen, Aug. 21 at half-past 2, out of business.- Thomas Moss, Preston, tailor.- William

and Sept. 25 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Hindley, Manchester, retail dealer in ale. - John Bate,

Ass. Lee; Sol. Reed, 4, Elgin-chambers, 10, Ironmonger. Manchester, out of business.- Samuel Robinson, Hulme,

lane, London.- Petition filed July 10. Manchester, out of business. - John Jackson, Salford, joiner.

CHARLES WILLIAM NORMAN, Shoreditch, Middlesex,

tailors' trimming seller and haberdasher, dealer and chap-Joseph Harrop, Manchester, cart owner.-Daniel Small, Liverpool, hawker.—Matthew Jackson, Manchester, out of

man, Aug. 19 and Sept. 19 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy,

London: Off. Ass. Lee; Sol. Reed, 4, Elgin-chambers, 10, business.- Eduard IVhiteley, Ashton-under. Lyne, grocer.Robert Fletcher, Manchester, out of business.-Peter Jack.

Ironmonger-lane, London.- Petition filed July 27.

HENRY TURTLE, Mount Etna-place, Mile-end-road, Mid. son, Manchester, milk seller.- James Nuttall the elder, Hal. liwell, near Bolton-le-Moors, out of business.- Robt. Nicolls

dlesex, cheesemonger, dealer and chapman, Aug. 19 and Whitehead, Manchester, commercial traveller.-Wm. Piercy

Sept. 19 at half-past 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Westley, Liverpool, clerk in her Majesty's Customs.- Eduard

Of. Ass. Lee; Sols. Ashurst & Co., 6, Old Jewry, Lon.

don.-Petition filed July 27. Sharples, Burnley, grocer.- Wm. Henry Gaskell, Salford, out of business.- James Taylor, Lancaster, out of business. —

HENRY TAYLOR, Newbury, Berkshire, grocer, druggist,

and tallow chandler, Aug. 14 at 11, and Sept. 21 at 1, Thomas Armstrong, Salford, hat manufacturer.-John Ashworth, Heaton Norris, near Manchester, out of business.

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Bell; Sols. Gra. John Bell, Liverpool, master mariner.-J. Farr, Manchester,

ham & Lyde, Mitre-court-chambers, Temple. — Petition joiner.-James Broad, Preston, pig dealer.-Richard Robin.

filed July 31. son, Manchester, out of business.-Richard Ellis, Ashton.

| JAMES BISHOP, Southampton, boot and shoe maker, Aug.

18 at 12, and Sept. 22 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: under-Lyne, out of business.-G. Erasmus Brown, Salford,

Off. Ass. Whitmore ; Sols. Miller & Son, Norwich ; Sole joiner.- Thos. Hanesworth, Bolton-le-Moors, dealer in hats.

& Co., 68, Aldermanbury.- Petition filed July 27. -Richard Shaw, Preston, beerseller.- Wm. Mellor, Black

| HENRY COPPINGER, Hawkhurst, Kent, tailor, Aug. 17 burn, tailor.-Wm. Austin, Manchester, brush maufacturer.

at half-past 12, and Sept. 22 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, -1. Housley, Staleybridge, near Ashton-under-Lyne, spring

London: Off. Ass. Cannan; Sols. Thomson & Son, 9, maker.- John Dongsworth Kirk, Rochdale, out of business.Wm. Barrett, Bury, coachbuilder.- Wm. Whiteley, Colne,

George-street, Minories.- Petition filed July 27. out of business.- Wm. Wildman, Skerton, near Lancaster,

| EDWARD DAVIES, Harrow-road, Paddington, and Park.

terrace, Regent's-park, Middlesex, oil and colour man, out of business.

Aug. 17 at half-past 11, and Sept. 22 at 12, Court of BankAt the County Court of Warwickshire, at WARWICK, ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Cannan ; Sol. Carpenter, 3, Aug. 21 at 10.

Elm-court, Temple.- Petition filed Aug. 4. Geo. Charman, Redditch, Worcestershire, out of business. THOMAS JOHN HOLLOWAY, Salisbury, Wiltshire, rope At the County Court of Lancashire, at MANCHESTER,

and twine manufacturer, Aug. 18 at half past 12, and Sept.

22 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Cannan ; Aug. 21 at 12.

Sol. Wyatt, 4, Verulam-buildings, Gray's-inn. - Petition John Daniels Varley, Stretford, estate agent.

filed Aug. 8. At the County Court of Shropshire, at SHREWSBURY, THOMAS KIMPTON, Liverpool, carrier, dealer and chapAug. 22 al 10.

man, Aug. 17 and Sept. 14 at 11, District Court of BankEdw. Hughes, Shrewsbury, attorney-at-law.-J. Griffiths,

ruptcy, Liverpool: Off. Ass. Bird; Sols. Fenwick & Aspi. Shrewsbury, out of business.

nail, Liverpool.- Petition filed July 24.

WILLIAM ARMSTRONG and WILLIAM OLDROYD At the County Court of Westmoreland, at APPLEBY, Aug.

HANKEY, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, tailors and drapers, 23 at 10.

Aug. 18 at 12, and Sept. 14 at 10, District Court of BankJohn Heavyside, Kendal, out of business.

ruptcy, Birmingham : Off, Ass. Christie ; Sols. Loxdale & At the County Court of Gloucestershire, at GLOUCESTER,

Peele, Shrewsbury; Motteram & Knight, Birmingham.Aug. 22 at 10.

Petition dated July 28.

GEORGE HENRY FOURDRINIER, Shelton, StokeJames Glynn, Bishton, Tidenham, gardener.- Philip Hopkins, Gloucester, hatter.-Martha Taylor, Cheltenham, out

upon-Trent, Staffordshire, paper manufacturer and dealer, of business.

Aug. 18 at 12, and Sept. 14 at 10, District Court of Bank

roptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass. Christie ; Sols. Kerry & INSOLVEXT DEBTORS' DIVIDENDS.

Sheppard, Stoke-upon-Trent; E. & H. Wright, Birming. Wm. M. R. Price, Orange-st., Red Lion-square, Middlesex, ham.-Petition dated Aug. 5. clerical tailor : 38. ld. in the pound. - William Rowe, Ply- WILLIAM HOOPER, Bristol, cabinet maker, dealer and mouth, Devonshire, out of business : 11d. in the pound. chapman, Aug. 21 and Sept. 19 at 11, District Court of Thos Grimmitt, Coventry, Warwickshire, maltster : 38. 3 d. Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Hutton; Sols. Bevan & in the pound.-John Henry Francis, St. Helen's, Lancashire, l Girling, Bristol.-Petition filed July 31.

THOMAS BELSHAM HUTTON, Birmingham, wine and shire, at Newport.- Edward Mead, Othery, Somersetshire,

spirit merchant, dealer in fancy goods, and commission carpenter, Aug. 24 at 10, County Court of Somersetshire, at agent, dealer and chapman, Aug. 18 at 12, and Sept. 14 Bridgewater.-Booth Hodgson, Cropfield, Halifax, Yorkshire, at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off. cabinet maker, Aug. 25 at 10, County Court of Yorkshire, at Ass. Bittleston ; Sol. Greves, Birmingham.- Petition dated Halifax.- Caspar Imbery, Halifax, Yorkshire, clock maker, Aug. 5.

Aug. 25 at 10, County Court of Yorkshire, at Halifax.GEORGE EDWARDS, Newport, Monmouthshire, grocer Jos. Waterhouse, Halifax, Yorkshire, cabinet maker, Aug. 25

and provision dealer, Aug. 21 and Sept. 19 at 11, District at 10, County Court of Yorkshire, at Halifax.-Thos. Smith, Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Acraman ; Sols. Clegg Nook, Mytholm Royd, Halifax, Yorksbire, shopCarslake, Bridgewater ; Castle & Co., Bristol.- Petition keeper, Aug. 25 at 10, County Court of Yorkshire, at Halifax. filed Aug. 3.

- Wm. Tebbs, Woodhouse, near Leeds, Yorkshire, mason, STEPHEN TROTMAN, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucester Aug. 25 at 10, County Court of Yorkshire, at Halifax.- Jas.

shire, corn dealer, mealman, baker, beer retailer, dealer Gee, Birmingham, labourer, Aug. 19 at 10, County Court of and chapman, Aug. 19 and Sept. 19 at 12, District Court Warwickshire, at Birmingham. - Charlotte Eades, widow, of Bankruptcy, Bristol : Off. Ass. Miller; Sol. Trenfield, Birmingham, licensed to retail ale, Aug. 19 at 10, County

Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire.-Petition filed July 28. Court of Warwickshire, at Birmingham. - James Varnom, GEORGE HINGESTON, Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, money Birmingham, tailor, Aug. 19 at 10, County Court of Warwick

scrivener, dealer and chapman, Aug. 16 and Sept. 14 at 1, shire, at Birmingham. - George Lyndon, Birmingham, ironDistrict Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzel; monger, Aug. 19 at 10, County Court of Warwickshire, at Sol. Stogdon, Exeter.- Petition filed Aug. 7.

Birmingham.- John Gibbins, Birmingham, carpenter, Aug. 19 JOHN SUGDEN and GEORGE WEBSTER, Bradford, at 10, County Court of Warwickshire, at Birmingham.-Jos.

Yorkshire, woolstaplers, dealers and cbapmen, Aug. 22 and Jackson the elder, Birmingham, builder, Aug. 19 at 10, Sept. 18 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds: Off. County Court of Warwickshire, at Birmingham.- Thomas Ass. Hope ; Sols. Lees, Bradford ; Bond & Barwick, Leeds. Britton, Birmingham, glass blower, Aug. 19 at 10, County - Petition dated Aug. 28.

Court of Warwickshire, at Birmingham.- Wm. Goode, Has. GEORGE JEEVES, Sheffield, Yorkshire, brush manufac- lingfield, Cambridgeshire, bricklayer, Aug. 21 at 10, County

turer, (carrying on business at Sheffield and Manchester, Court of Cambridgeshire, at Cambridge.- Thomas Arber, under the firm of George Jeeves & Sons), Aug. 19 and Cambridge, boot closer, Aug. 21 at 10, County Court of Cam. Sept. 23 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Sheffield : bridgeshire, at Cambridge.-Joseph Teague, Lantwit Lower, Olf. Ass. Brewin; Sols. Smith & Son, Sheffield.-Petition Glamorganshire, beer-house keeper, Aug. 12 at 10, County dated Aug. 5.

Court of Glamorganshire, at Neath.

The followiny Persons, who, on their several Petitions filed its John Winder, Little May's-buildings, Bedfordbury, Middle.

the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection from sex, tobacconist, Aug. 31 at half past 1, Court of Bank

Process, are required to appear in Court as hereinafter ruptcy, London, diy,

mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, LinCertiFICATES.

coln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or

according to the Statute :before the Day of Meeting.

Nov. 8 at 10, before the CHIEF COMMISSIONER. Charles Thomas Laycock, Brighton, Suffolk, perfumer, Aug. 31 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.- Edw. Shallis,

John Nash, George-street, Blackfriars-road, Surrey, toolBedford-place, Commercial-road East, and Salmon's-lane,

handle maker.- Eliza Minto, Grove-place, Euston-square, Limehouse, Middlesex, grocer, Aug. 30 at half-past 12, Court

? Middlesex, stewardess of the refreshment department of the

University College, Gower-street.-Joseph Pestell, Kent-st., of Bankruptcy, London.-- Alfred Ford, Lowndes-street, Bel. grave-square, Middlesex, surgeon, Aug. 30 at 12, Court of

& St. George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey, baker.– Thomas Bankruptcy, London.-Joseph Lakin, Crawford-street, St.

Parmenter, Highgate-rise, Kentish-town, Middlesex, nurseryMarylebone, Middlesex, linendraper, Aug. 29 at 12, Court of

man. - Abraham Van Crewell, Duke-street, Aldgate, London, Bankruptcy, London.-Hugh Barclay, Liverpool, commis.

butcher.-George Gurr, Westbourne-gardens, Westbournesion agent, Aug. 30 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy,

grove West, Bayswater, Middlesex, cab driver. Liverpool.-John Hadfield, Dukinfield, Cheshire, grocer, Nov. 8 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. Sept. 6 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester. - William Hall, Railway-cottages, Upper Sydenham, near Henry Peace Baldwin, Ironbridge, Shropshire, druggist, Forest-bill Station, Kent, carpenter. - Francis S. Moore, Sept. 28 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham. Upper Charles-st., Northampton-square, Clerkenwell, Mid.

To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered. dlesex, bookbinder.-Edwin Chas. Smallman, Oakley-street, Samuel Luke Pratt,' New Bond-street, Middlesex, uphol.

Lambeth, Surrey, medical student. --Samuel Cornwell, Great sterer.-Joseph Jenkinson Wells, Coventry, Warwickshire,

George-street, Bermondsey, Surrey, carpenter.—Thos. Reid, baberdasher.—Thomas Hoy Burton, Winchester, Hampshire,

Aldersgate-street-buildings, London, porter.-Busick Joseph cowkeeper.-Thomas Norbury and Richard Bindloss, Man.

Winbolt, St. John-street-road, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, genechester, silk manufacturers.-Edward Coultate and Thomas

ral stationer.- William Lambert Kelly, Albert-road, North Swindells, Manchester, brokers.- Edward Pateson, Preston,

Woolwich, Kent, baker.-Jas. Taylor, George-street, Dept. Lancashire, draper.-Joshua Wormald, Glossop, Derbyshire,

ford New-town, Kent, carpenter.- William Henry Knowles, shoemaker.

King-street, Borough, Southwark, Surrey, tailor.

Noo. 9 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS.
T. M. Dickson & Co., Glasgow, merchants.-A. Purvis, Sarah Blake, Eaton-place, Eaton-square, Middlesex, house.
Milngavie, Stirlingsbire, contractor.- John Couper, Old maid.-J. Everet, Coleman-street, New North-road, Isling-
Monkland, Lanarkshire, grocer.-Paul Cameron, Glasgow, ton, Middlesex, commercial traveller.- Fred. Archer Stone,
wright. - William Squair, Cantray Mills by Ardersier,

High-street, Southwark, Surrey, grocer.-Charles H. Kelly, miller.

Barbican, London, grocer.- John Bailey, St. John's-road, INSOLVENT DEBTORS

Hoxton, Middlesex, butcher.-Philip Marten, Enfield, MidWho have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy,

dlesex, licensed beer retailer.-Wm. David Taphouse, Great and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from

Guildford-street, Southwark, Surrey, engineer.—John Long, Process.

| High street, St. Giles-in-the-Fields, Middlesex, beer retailer. William Collier Thomas Sheridan, Ryde, Isle of Wight,

- Theophilus Leahy, York-terrace, Chelsea, Middlesex, wood Southampton, out of business, Aug. 31 at 10, County Court

carver. of Hampshire, at Newport.- Robert Islip the younger, Stam Nov. 15 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. ford, Lincolnshire, merchant, Aug. 21 at 11, County Court of George Shrimpton, Canterbury-road, Ball's-pond, Isling. Lincolnshire, at Stamford.-- Daniel Swift, Barnack, North- ton, Middlesex, commercial traveller.-Henry Hart, Duke amptonshire, butcher, Aug. 21 at 11, County Court of Lin- street, Aldgate, London, gasfitter.-Joseph Wm. Key, Part. colnshire, at Stamford.—Julius Lyons, Ryde, Isle of Wight, street, Hoxton New-town, Middlesex, out of business. -T. Southampton, baker, Aug. 31 at 10, County Court of Hamp-| Browning, Sussex-street, Tottenbum-court-road, Middlesex,

out of business.-B. Thornton, Liverpool-street, Broad-street, Waddilove, Little Horton, near Bradford, Yorkshire, out of Finsbury, Middlesex, dispenser of medicine.-H. Bridgman, business : in the Gaol of York.-James Evans, Tenewydd Waltham Abbey, Essex, baker.— Chas. T. Briant, Havering. Lodge, Llanrythan, Pembrokeshire, in no business : in the street, Commercial-road East, Middlesex, clerk in the East Gaol of Haverfordwest. --Robt. E. Thorley, Bristol, beer re. Wood-wharf, East and West India Docks, Blackwall.-Chas. tailer: in the Gaol of Bristol.--Abraham Chamberlain, StoneHood, Sussex-place, Old Kent-road, Surrey, carver.

gate, Yorkshire, out of business : in the Gaol of York.-J. Saturday, Aug. 5.

Hudson, Guiseley Green Bottom, near Leeds, Yorkshire,

weaver : in the Gaol of York.—Henry Lockwood, Guiseley Assignees have been appointed in the following Cases. Fur: Green Bottom, near Leeds, Yorkshire, weaver : in the Gaol of

ther particulars may be learned at the Office, in Portugal. York.- George Demaine, Ilkley, Yorkshire, tailor : in the streel, Lincoln's-inn-fields, on giving the Number of the Gaol of York. ---John Fox, Leeds, Yorkshire, joiner : in the Case.

Gaol of York.- James Purdon, Leeds, Yorkshire, bricklayer : F. Henderson, Pleasant-row, Shacklewell-green, Shackle- in the Gaol of York.-Wm. H. Foster, Halifax, Yorkshire, well, Middlesex, surgeon-dentist, No. 64,537 T.; George out of business : in the Gaol of York.-L. Holland, Hulme, Gilbert Reeves, assignee.-John Calder, South Shields, Dur- Manchester, stonemason : in the Gaol of Manchester.- E. ham, shoemaker, No. 78,282 C.; Donald Cameron and Abra- Hughes, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, attorney-at-law: in the ham Bamberger, assignees.-James Allen, Heaton Norris, near Gaol of Shrewsbury:--Joseph Sowry, Bradford, Yorkshire, Manchester, out of business, No. 78,307 C.; Joseph Wilson grocer: in the Gaol of York.-John Dawson, Wakefield, Owen, assignee.- Frederick Page, Brighton, Sussex, plas- Yorkshire, chemist : in the Gaol of York.-John Armitage, terer, No. 78,324 C.; Christopher Cheesman Martin, as- Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, corn porter: in the Gaol of Linsignee.- Daniel Spencer Wilkins, Gloucester, general dealer, coln.- Wm. Pate, Spalding, Lincolnshire, out of employment : No. 78,340 C.; Thomas Nicholson, assignee. -John Best, in the Gaol of Lincoln.- Joseph Brand, North Shields, TyneIpswich, Suffolk, barrister-at-law, No. 78,384 C.; Meyer mouth, Northumberland, builder : in the Gaol of Morpeth. Nathan, assignee. - John Jones, Gilford-cottage, Whitmore. Wm. Haggett, Haselbury, Plucknett, near Crewkerne, Soroad, Hoxton, Middlesex, builder, No. 63,803 T.; John M. mersetshire, baker : in the Gaol of Wilton.- Walter Mizen, Douglas, assignee.- Francis Tomkins, Orchard-street, Poplar Clevedon, Somersetshire, mason : in the Gaol of Wilton.-J. New-town, Middlesex, out of business, No. 64,461 T.; Wm. Gilchrist, York, out of business : in the Gaol of York.-R. Wright, assignee.-Peter Wighton, Coventry-street, Hay- Milnes, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, woollen merchant : in the market, Middlesex, baker, No. 64,464 T.; Henry Hutton, Gaol of York.- George N. Tootal, Leeds, Yorkshire, shareassignee.-H. Bell, Sadberge, Durham, grocer, No. 78,259 broker : in the Gaol of York.- John Ford, Liverpool, builder : C.; Joseph Snaith Wooler, assignee.— Thos. Gould, Graves in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Edmund Taylor, Rochdale, Lanend, Kent, licensed victualler, No. 78,304 C.; Henry Pack cashire, cotton waste spinner : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-J. Woodford, assignee.

Scott, Blackburn, Lancashire, retail dealer in ale : in the Gaol Saturday, Aug. 5.

of Lancaster.- Wm. Sharp, Manchester, stuff merchant: in Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee the Gaol of Lancaster. the Estates and Effects of the following Persons:- The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before (On their own Petitions).

a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt Wm. Thomas Haines, Gloucester-crescent, Regent's Park,

with according to the Statute :Middlesex, clerk in the Money Order Office, General Post At the County Court of Cambridgeshire, at CAMBRIDGE, Office: in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.

Aug. 21 at 10. Phineas Joseph Lara, Warwick-place, Kingsland-road, Mid- John Millard, Cambridge, out of business. dlesex, house agent: in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-Wm. Payton, Westbourne-gardens, Kensington, At the County Court of Devonshire, at EXETER, Aug. 22 Middlesex, in no business : in the Debtors Prison for London

at 10. and Middlesex.-Geo. Biggs, Drayton-villas, Uxbridge-road, Thos. Skinner, Poughill, farmer.-Edwin Shooter, Exeter, Middlesex, carpenter : in the Debtors Prison for London and carver. -- John W. H. Blatchford, mouth, innkeeper.-W. Middlesex.- John Glasscock, Harlow, Essex, miller : in the T. Long, Tiverton, chemist.-William Tucker, Exeter, out of Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.- Stephen Fleming, business. Storey-st., Caledonian-rd., Middlesex, carman : in the Debtors At the County Court of Gloucestershire, at GLOUCESTER, Prison for London and Middlesex.-T. Smith the elder, Grange

Aug. 22 at 10. road, Bermondsey, Surrey, out of business : in the Queen's Prison.-Nicholas Lys, Lime-street, London, tailor: in the

David Gregory, Cheltenham, out of business. Queen's Prison.- George Kersting, Morland-place, Howard. At the County Court of Westmoreland, at APPLEBY, row, Hornsey, Middlesex, clerk to a wholesale perfumer : in

Aug. 23. the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex. ---W. Tucker, John Peet, Clifton, labourer. Exeter, Devonshire, out of business : in the Gaol of Exeter.

At the County Court of Herefordshire, at HEREFORD, John Armitage, Holm Banks, near Holmfirth, Yorkshire, woollen cloth manufacturer: in the Gaol of York.-- Edward

Aug. 24 at 10.

Wm. Jarvis, Ross, town crier. Sharples, Burnley, Lancashire, grocer : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Thos. Dugelby, Little Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, beerseller : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Robert Redman, Liver- Recently published, vol. 3, royal 8vo., price 21. 12. 6d. cloth boards, of

CHITTY'S STATUTES. pool, out of business ; in the Gaol of Lancaster:--Robert Fer: CHITTY'S COLLECTION of STATUTES, with. Notes Robinson, Mancbester, out of business : in the Gaol of Lan. Second Edition, containing all the Statutes of practical utility in the caster.John Bell, Liverpool, master mariner : in the Gaol Civil and Criminal Administration of Justice to the present time. By

W.N WELSBY and EDWARD BEAVAN, Esqrs., Barristers at Law. of Lancaster.-John D. Kirk, Haugh, near Rochdale, Lan

*.* Also Vols. 1 and 2 of the above, price 21. 2s. each, in cloth boards. cashire, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-J. Lord, Vol. 2 contains the title “Criminal Law," with separate paging and Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, labourer: in the Gaol of contents, to enable the Subscribers to bind it by itself; and the Titles Lancaster.- John Crook, Tong.with-Houlgh, near Bolton-le- detached, and bound for Sessions use.

“Poor" and "Sessions of the Peace," in Vol. 3, can be in like manner Moors, Lancashire, debt collector : in the Gaol of Lancaster. S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane; V. & R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, 26, Belle -John Smith, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, shoemaker: in the yard, Lincoln's-inn. Gaol of Bedford. --Richard Hicks, Ottery St. Mary, De-CRIMINAL LAW-PLEADING, EVIDENCE, AND PRACTICE, vonshire, labourer : in the Gaol of St. Thomas-the- A postle.

In I thick vol. royal 12mo., price 248. cloth boards, Wm. Austin, Manchester, brush manufacturer : in the Gaol ARCHBOLD'S PLEADING and EVIDENCE in CRI. of Lancaster. - David Gregory, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, &c.; and the Evidence necessary to support them. By JOHN JERVIS, out of business : in the Gaol of Gloucester.-John Griffiths, Esq.. (now

Lord Chief Justice of her Majesty's Court of Common Pleas. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, in no business : in the Gaol of The Twelfth Edition, including the Practice in Criminal Proceedings Shrewsbury.-- Thomas Spooner, Claines, near Worcester, out generally. By W. N. WELSBY, Esq., Barrister at Law, Recorder of of business : in the Gaol of Worcester.-Wm. Swales, Brad.

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane, and V. & R. Stevens & G. S. Norton, ford, Yorkshire, out of business : in the Gaol of York.-T. | Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn, Law Booksellers and Publishers.




Just is published, in 12mo., price 108. Gd. cloth,
Just published, price 58. cloth bds.,

A MANUAL of the LAW of MARITIME WARFARE; THE RIGHTS of BRITISH and NEUTRAL COM. embodying the Decisions of Lord Stowell and other English

MERCE, as affected by recent Royal Declarations and Orders in Judges, and of the American Courts, and the Opinions of the most emiCouncil. By JOHN HOSACK, of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. nent Jurists. With an Appendix of the Official Documents and Core S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

respondence in relation to the present War. By WILLIAM HAZLITT

and HENRY PHILIP ROCHE, Esqrs., Barristers at Law,

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
In 1 vol. Svo., price 208. in cloth buards,


This day is published, in 12mo., price 58. Gd. cloth, SHIPPING, with an Appendix, containing all the Statutes of practical utility. By FREDERIC PHILIP MAUDE and CHARLES THE SUCCESSION DUTY ACT, 1853 ; with an IntroEDWARD POLLOCK, Esqrs., of the Inner Temple, Barristers at Law.

duction, explanatory and illustrative Notes, and an Index. By S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

HENRY THRING, M. A., Barrister at Law.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's.inn.

In 12mo., price 58. cloth,
Recently published, price 11.58., in 8vo., cloth

bds., the Second Edition of A TREATISE con the PRINCIPLES of EVIDENCE

THE BURGESS'S MANUAL; a Practical Exposition of

the Constitution of Corporate Towns, as regulated by the various and PRACTICE as to PROOFS in COURTS of COMMON Municipal Corporation Acts; comprising the Provisions relating to the LAW; with Elementary Rules for conducting the Examination and

Municipal Elections, the Officers of the Corporation, the Town Council, Cross-examination of Witnesses. By W. M. BEST, A. M., LL. B., of the general Government and Improvement of and the Administration Gray's-inn, Esq., Barrister at Law.

of Justice in Boroughs, and the Grant of Charters of Incorporation to S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

non-corporate Towns. By FREDERIC MERRIFIELD, Esq., Barrister


Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoin's-inn.
In 1 vol. royal 8vo., price 11. lls. 6d. cloth,

TRACTS NOT UNDER SEAL, and upon the usual Defences to

This day is published, in 12mo., price 6s. cloth, Actions thereon, By JOSEPH CHITTY, Jun., Esq. The Fifth Edi- THE CHARITABLE TRUSTS ACT, with copious Notes; tion.

By JOHN A. RUSSELL, LL.B., of Gray's-inn, Barrister at an Introduction, and Notes of the chief Cases. To which is added Law, and Professor of English Law in University College, London. an Appendix of Precedents of Schemes. By W. F. FINLASON, Esq., S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

Barrister at Law.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.

In 12mo., price 58. cloth boards,

In one thick vol. royal 8vo., price 11. 168. cloth, THE LAW and PRACTICE OF FOREIGN ATTACH,

MENT in the LORD MAYOR'S COURT, under the NEW A Of RULES of PRACTICE. With an Appendix of the forms of Proceed

DENCE. By THOMAS STARKIE, Esq. Fourth Edition, ing in Attachment and in ordinary Actions. By JOHN LOCKE, M.A.,

with very considerable alterations and additions; incorporating the Sta. Barrister at Law, and one of ihe Common Pleaders of the City of

tutes and reported Cases to the present time. By G. M. DOWDES. London.

WELL, Esq., and J. G. MALCOLM, Esq., Barristers at Law.
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

" It is also the only work of which a new edition has been brought

out at such a time as to render it possible that it should apply to OLIPHANT ON THE LAW OF HORSES, GAMING, &c. practice, with any degree of consideration and accuracy, the modern Recently published, in 1 vol. 12 mo., the Second Edition, price 12s. cloth changes in the law The volume published has been rendered boards, of

a complete, clear, and well-digested treatise on the principles of the THE LAW OF HORSES; including the Bargain and Sale Law of Evidence." --Legal Observer, Nov. 27, 1852. of Chattels; also the Law of Racing, Wagers, and Gaming. By

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell.yard, Lincoln's-inn. GEORGE HENRY HEWIT OLIPHANT, Esq., of the Inner Temple, BRAITHWAITE'S EPITOME OF THE NEW CHANCERY Barrister at Law, Author of "The Law of Pews and Prohibition,"

PRACTICE. "The Law of Church Ornaments," &c.

In 12mo., price 88. cloth,
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

containing the Acts 15 & 16 Vict. cc. 80, 86, and 87, and all Price 38. boards,

the General Orders hitherto made in pursuance thereof : so arranged A TREATISE on the POWER of the COURTS of COM

as to give a connected reading to the Acts and Orders. With an ApMON LAW to compel the Production of Documents for Inspec- pendix containing the Acts and Orders. By THOMAS W. BRAITHtion; with an Appendix, containing the Act to Amend the Law of

WAITE, of the Record and Writ Clerks' Office.
Evidence, 14 & 15 Vict. c. 99, and Notes thereto. By CHARLES

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
EDWARD POLLOCK, Esq., of the Inner Temple.
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

COPYRIGHT LAW.-The verbatim REPORT of the

JUDGMENTS of the HOUSE of LORDS in the important Case Just published, price 98. cloth,

of JEFFERYS v. BOOSEY will appear in a Double Number of THE TUDOR’S CHARITABLE TRUSTS ACT, 1853 : with LOA in Tosines on Saturday next, August 12. A copy

sent to any perthe General Orders, Minutes, Forms, and Schemes; prefaced by

son inclosing 18 , ,

street, Strand. a Summary of the LAW of CHARITIES,

London: W. H. Bond, 8, Bell-yard, Temple-bar; Wildy & Sons, Lin- Cox, MACRAE, & SAUNDERS'S COUNTY COURTS coln's-inn-archway; and W. Amer, Lincoln's-inn-gate, Carey-street, Law CASES and APPEALS, including Insolvency. Part 1 of vol. 3, Booksellers.

comprising the Cases of this Year Price 5s.6d. This is the authorised Just published, price 18.,

Report of the County Courts.

Crockford, 29, Essex-street.

MINISTER OATHS in CHANCERY, arranged alphabetically

LAW BOOKS. as to their Addresses; by means of which a ready reference may be

Mr. HODGSON will SELL by AUCTION, at his Great Room, 192, obtained to any Commissioner in any particular locality.

Fleet-street, on THURSDAY, Aug. 17, at half-past 12,
Frederick Elsworth, 39, Chancery-lane.

THE LAW LIBRARY of a Country Solicitor, deceased :

comprising some of the best modern Books of Practice and ReIMPORTANT CASE OF CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.

ference, Law and Equity Reports, &c.; among which are-The Las Just published, price 98., (free by post on remittance of stamps), Journal, from 1840 complete to July, 1854; The Justice of the Peace, R EPORT of the TRIAL, before the HIGH COURT of 15 vols. Burn's Justice, by Bere & chitty, last edition, 6 vols., Bythe

JUSTICIARY, of Dr. SMITH, charged with the MURDER of wood & Jarman's Conveyancing, with Sweet's Index, 11 vols., Taylor WILLIAM MACDONALD at ST. FERGUS. With a Plan. By A. on Evidence, 2 vols.; Williams on Executors, 2 vols.; Bacon's Abridg. F. IRVINE, Esq., Advocate.

ment, by Gwillim & Dodd, 8 vols.; Cruise's Digest, by H. H. White, The above (reported in the New Part of Irvine's Justiciary Reports) 7 vols.; Pickering's Statutes at Large, from Magna Charta, 43 vols., is one of the most curious " causes celebres" of modern days.

with Continuation by Tomlins, 16 vols. 4to.; Public General Statutes, Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark. London: Benning & Co., and Stevens & 25 vols., &c. All in good condition. Norton.

To be viewed, and Catalogues had.

Orders for THE JURIST given to any Newsman, or letter (postvised, of HUGHES'S CONCISE PRECEDENTS in MODERN paid) sent to the Office, No. 3, CHANCERY-LANE, or to STEVENS CONVEYANCING. Price 28. 6d. Also, the First Quarterly Part, & NORTON, 26, BELL-YARD, LINCOLN'S-INN, will insure its price 7s.6d. Issued monthly.

punctual delivery in London, or its being forwarded on the evening of SAUNDERS'S PRACTICE of MUNICIPAL REGIS. publication, through the medium of the Post Office, to the Country. TRATION; with the Forms. Price 58. 6d.

Printed by HENRY HANSARD, PRINTER, residing at No. 14, Second Edition of SAUNDERS'S LAW and PRACTICE Park Square, Regent's Park, in the Parish of St. Marylebone, in the of BASTARDY. Price 5s. 6d.

County of Middlesex, at his Printing Office, situate in Parker Street.

in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, in the County aforesaid; and Part 1 of vol. 3 of COX, MACRAE, & SAUNDERS'S Published at No. 3, CHANCERY LANE, in the Parish of St. Dunstan COUNTY COURTS CASES and APPEALS, including Insolvency; in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET, LAW Booscontaining the Cases of this year. Price 5s. 6d. The back numbers SELLER and PUBLISHER, residing at No. 41, Great Coram Street, in can still be had.

the Parish of St. George, Bloomsbury, in the County of MiddlesexCrockford, 29, Essex-street, Strand.

Saturday, August 12, 1854.

AN ,

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