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District Court of Bankruptcy, Sheffield, last ex.-Wm. T. monger.-William Harris Spicer, Dudley, Worcestershire,
Ashfield, Church-street, Lambeth, Surrey, lithographic and and Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, hatter.
copper-plate printer, April 25 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy,

London, aud. ac.; May 2 at 11, div.-Daniel W. Lucas and
Isaac Dods, Arthur-street West, London, flax merchants, May Mortimer, Shropshire, attornies-at-law and solicitors.

Samuel Phillips Southam and Adam P. Trow, Cleobury 5 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.- - Thomas Pye, Manor-street, Chelsea, Middlesex, sawyer, April 21 at

PETITION ANNULLED. 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. — Thomas Nixon

William Morris, Ludlow, Shropshire, innkeeper. Kerr, Biggleswade and Southhill, Bedfordshire, miller, April

Scotch SEQUESTRATIONS. 21 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. - John

Geo. Finlay, Glasgow, wine merchant.- Alex. Ronaldson, Smith and James Smith, Brighton, Sussex, and King-street, Wick, Alesher.- Daniel M'Ewan, Glasgow, cabinet maker. Snow-bill, London, stationers, April 21 at 12, Court of Bank. George Lang, Baillieston, Lanarkshire, cattle dealer. ruptcy, London, aud. ac.-Edmund Spettigue and George Farrance, Chancery-lane, Middlesex, booksellers, April 21 at

INSOLVENT DEBTORS half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.- Sampson Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, Langdale, John Eyton, and Masta Joscelin Cooke, Newcastle- and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from upon-Tyne, merchants, May 2 at 11, District Court of Bank. Process. ruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac. sep. est. of John Mary Batters, Horfield, Gloucestershire, retailer of beer, Eyton, and aud. ac. and div. sep. est. of Sampson Langdale. May 18 at half-past 10, County Court of Gloucestershire, at -John M Gibbon and Archibald Galbreath, Kingston-upon- Bristol.-Wm. Scammell, Bristol, fruiterer, May 18 at halfHull, merchants, May 3 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, past 10, County Court of Gloucestershire, at Bristol.- Samuel Kingston-upon-Hull, aud. ac.; at half-past 12, div.-James Randle, Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy, Devonshire, assistant Cowderoy, Hammersmith, Middlesex, omnibus proprietor, draper, April 27 at 11, County Court of Devonshire, at Totnes. May 2 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-J. Turner, -John Symons, Jump, Bickleigh, Devonshire, mason, May Uckfield, Sussex, grocer, May 2 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, 31 at 11, County Court of Devonshire, at East Stonehouse. London, div.-Samuel G. M. Scowen, Wood-street, Cheap- Thomas Hopkins, Southampton, publican, April 20 at 10, side, London, warehouseman, May 2 at 2, Court of Bank. County Court of Hampshire, at Southampton.-- John Roberts, ruptcy, London, div.-Robert W. Wright, Charles Davy, Wrexham, Denbighshire, grocer, April 25 at 10, County Court and Jacob Dixon, Devonshire-street, Queen-square, Blooms- of Denbighshire, at Wrexham.- John Ratcliffe, Bury, Lancabury, Middlesex, goldsmiths, May 9 at 11, Court of Bank- shire, tailor, May 3 at 11, County Court of Lancashire, at Bury. ruptcy, London, fin. div. sep. est. of Charles Davy.--William

-Wm. W. Jones, Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, attorneyCharlton, Basingstoke, Southampton, grocer, May 9 at 12, at-law, May 15 at 10, County Court of Montgomeryshire, at Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Osborn Engall Teasel, Machynlleth.- Charles Goddard, Greasbrough, Yorkshire, Norwich, timber merchant and sawyer, May 9 at 11, Court grocer, April 28 at 12, County Court of Yorkshire, at Rotherof Bankruptcy, London, div.--Henry Chown, St. Swithin's- ham. - Thomas Health, Bentley, Staffordshire, beer-house lane, London, and Croydon, Surrey, wine merchant, May keeper, April 22 at 10, County Court of Staffordshire, at 12 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-John Til. Walsall.-Wm. Thurley, Royston, Cambridgeshire, grocer, bury the younger, Gloucester-place, New-road, Middlesex, April 21 at 12, County Court of Hertfordshire, at Royston.coachmaker, May 5 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div. John Towns, Manchester, provision dealer, May 1 at 12, -John Tate, Darlington, Durham, iron merchant, May 3 at County Court of Lancashire, at Manchester.—Thomas A. P. 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, fin. Giles, Park-street, Forton-road, near Gosport, Hampshire, div.-Henry Shead, Witham, Essex, miller, May 5 at 11, clerk on board her Majesty's convict hulk Stirling Castle, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.

Gosport, May 6 at ii, County Coart of Hampshire, at CERTIFICATES.

Portsmouth. To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or The following Persons, who, on their several Petitions filed in before the Day of Meeting.

the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection from Wm. Hollis Frearson, Wood-street, Cheapside, London,

Process, are required to appear in Court as hereinafter and West Ham, Essex, sewing-cotton manufacturer, May 3 at

mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, Lin. half-past 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-George Coode,

coln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with Victoria-street, Westminster, Middlesex, patent irrigator, May

according to the Statute :3 at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. Claudius April 26 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. Alfred Scrivener, Old Change, London, milliner, May 3 at 2, James East, Newgate-market, London, poultry salesman. Court of Bankruptcy, London.-Jacob Stone, Little Moor - Harry Guerin, Jermyn-street, St. James's, Westminster, fields, London, coachmaker, May 2 at 12, Court of Bank. Middlesex, cook.-John F. Sharman, Warwick-street, Bel. ruptcy, London. - Robert Bishop, Vere-street, Oxford-street, grave-road, Pimlico, Middlesex, upholsterer.-R. Connor, Middlesex, hotel keeper, May 5 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Church-street, Hackney, Middlesex, furniture dealer.-James London.--Henry Shead, Witham, Essex, miller, May 5 at 11, Austen, Poplar-row, New Kent-road, Surrey, coachman.-C. Court of Bankruptcy, London.--Wm. Birkett, Manningham, T. Butterfield, Barking, Essex, fisherman.-H. Pimm, FrancisBradford, Yorkshire, soap manufacturer, May 30 at 11, Dis- street, Westminster-road, Lambeth, Surrey, chandler-shop trict Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds.-C. Bowe Palmer, New- keeper.-E. B. Breton, Whitehead's-grove, Brompton,

Midport, Monmouthshire, porter merchant, May 5 at 12, District dlesex, superannuated clerk of the Metropolitan Police Force. Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol.-Sampson Langdale, J. Eyton, - Thomas Barrett, Uxbridge Moor, Hillingdon, Middlesex, and Masta J. Cooke, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchants, May wharfinger.- John Foster, Hurdle-street, Wellington-street, 3 at half past 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle. Shacklewell, Middlesex, carpenter. upon Tyne.-Joseph Ellis, Ardwick, near Manchester, joiner, May 5 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester.-J.

April 27 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner Phillips. Ashworth, Litchurch, near Derby, hotel keeper, May 5 at 10,

Francis Pegg Payne, Long-acre, Middlesex, coach fringe District Court of Bankruptcy, Nottingham.---s. Bartholomew, weaver.-Charles Cook, South-street, King's-road, Chelsea, Birmingham, licensed victualler, May 6 at 10, District Court of Middlesex, out of business. -Robert J. Bugg, Key’s-terrace, Bankruptcy, Birmingham.

Greatchurch-lane, Hammersmith, Middlesex, carpenter.-C.

Kersting, Pultney-terrace, Barnsbury-road, Islington, MidTo be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered. dlesex, compositor. - Samuel Arundel, Elizabeth-place, AnnWm. Charlton, Basingstoke, Southampton, grocer.- Henry street, Globe-fields, Mile-end, Middlesex, cabinet maker.-T. Green, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, baker.- John Smith and Arundel, Elizabeth-place, Ann-street, Globe-fields, Mile-end, James Smith, Brighton, Sussex, and King-street, Snow-hill, Middlesex, cabinet maker.-J. Tompkins, John-street, HolLondon, stationers.- Thomas Lamb Atkinson, Wood-street, land-street, Blackfriars-road, Surrey, wood turner.-J. Head, London, linen warehouseman.-Geo. Collier, Landport, near Blackmoor-street, Drury-lane, Middlesex, publican.- Charles Portsea, Southampton, draper.--Thomas Lett, College-street, Dugard, Woodland-street, Dalston, Middlesex, commission Camden-town, Middlesex, builder.- Mackinsey Bowell, Man- agent. Martha Neville, Francis-street, Tottenham-court. chester, publican.-Geo. Warhurst, Leigh, Lancashire, iron-1 road, Middlesex, tailor.

Saturday, April 8.

halgh, Manchester, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster. Assignees hate been appointed in the following Cases. Pur. --Emanuel Peter Downs, Haughton, near Manchester, sur.

ther particulars may be learned at the Office, in Porlugal. geon : in the Gaol of Lancaster.—Thomas Jones, Liverpool, street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, on giving the Number of the painter: in the Gaol of Lancaster. John Bromley, Man. Case.

chester, cowkeeper: in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Edmund TayJames Greenwood, Springhead, near Keighley, Yorkshire, lor, Rochdale, Lancashire, cotton waste spinner : in the Gaol out of business, No. 77,45i C.; John Appleyard and John of Lancaster.- Solomon Hart, Portsea, Southampton, clothier : Sateliffe, assignees.-Wm. C. Greenwood, Springhead, Keigb- in the Gaol of Winchester. ley, Yorkshire, farmer, No. 77,454 C.; John Appleyard and the following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before John Sutcliffe, assignees.-Ann James, Tiddenham, Glouces

the Court, in Portugal-street, to be examined and dealt tershire, in no business, No. 72,837 C.; Samuel Sturgis, new

with according to the Statute:assignee; Joseph Gibbs Duffett, late assignee, removed.-John Wormald, Manchester, packer, No. 77,554 C. ; Edward J.

April 25 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. Hughes, assignee.

Thomas Baughan, Catherine-st., Commercial-road East, Saturday, April 8.

Middlesex, cooper.-George Cluer Gwynn, Old-street-road, Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee Shoreditch, Middlesex, licensed dealer in beer.-W. Wright, the Estates and Effects of the following Persons :

Frederick-st., Gray's-inn-road, Middlesex, working engraver. (On their own Petitions).

Charles Cole, Upper Eaton-st., Pimlico, Middlesex, waiter, John C. Trotter, Sloane-terrace, Sloane-street, Chelsea, waiter.-John Brinkworth, Albert-terrace, Bishop's-road,

- Albert Rowsell, Upper Eaton-street, Pimlico, Middlesex, Middlesex, in no business : in the Queen's Prison.- Thomas Paddington, Middlesex, auctioneer's clerk. B. Linsey, Lee-street, Kingsland-road, Middlesex, out of employ : in the Queen's Prison.-Thomas Bristow, Wardour

April 26 at 10, before the CHIEF COMMISSIONER. street, Sobo, Middlesex, dairyman : in the Queen's Prison.- Wm. Daniel Lovell, White Lion-st., Clerkenwell, MiddleThomas Davis, Princes-street, Bedford-row, Middlesex, milk- sex, goldbeater. Wm. Grey Rea, Wyndham-place, Bryanman : in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-T. stone-square, Middlesex, wine merchant.-William Jubber Fisher the elder, Gower-street, Bedford-square, Middlesex, Spurrier, Maddox-street and Burlington-mews, Regent-st., pianoforte maker : in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex, wine merchant.-John Peter Brust, Royal-street, Middlesex.-James Brown, Wellington-plaee, St. George's-in- Royal-road, near Kennington-common, Surrey, out of busithe-East, Middlesex, out of business : in the Debtors Prison ness. — Thomas Gibson,, Park-road, New for London and Middlesex.-Wm. Rolfe, Kennington-green, Peckham, Old Kent-road, Surrey, grocer.-Robert Andrews, Surrey, baker : in the Gaol of Surrey.-George Kitchen, Gre- Angel-alley, Little Moorfields, London, livery-stable keeper ville-street, Hatton-garden, Middlesex, cheesemonger : in the and job master. Queen's Prison.-L. E. Prescott, Oak-place, Battersea, Sur. rey, in no business : in the Queen's Prison.-C. B. Baird, The following Persons, who were ordered to be brought up Clifton-street, Finsbury, Middlesex, out of business : in the

before the CAIEF COMMISSIONER on April 26, at the Court. Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-J. W. Davies,

house, Portugal-street, Lincoln's-inn, to be dealt with Grove-place, St. John's-wood, Middlesex, furniture broker:

according to the Statute, will not be heard on their Peti. in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex-Thomas

tions on that Day, but on April 27 at 10 precisely :Green, Parker-street, Drury-lane, Middlesex, greengrocer: in William Daniel Lovell, (sued as W. D. Lovell).-William the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-Ě. Powell, Grey Rea, (sued as W. G. Rea, and as William Gray Rea).York-place, Portman-square, Middlesex, in no business : in William Jubber Spurrier.- John Peter Brust, (sued as the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.—Thomas John Brust). - Thomas Gibson.-Robert Andrews. Kinner, New Inn, Old Bailey, London, general carriers' agent : Adjourned :-Robert Broad. in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex.-William

Remanet:-William Brock Wild. Arton, Upper Park-street, Liverpool-road, Islington, Middlesex, commission agent : in the Queen's Prison.- Joseph Bland,

Final Orders :- James Forrest.-George Frost the younger. Stone-hill, Long-cross, Chertsey, Surrey, not in any business :

-George Lilley. in the Gaol of Surrey.-W. Griffiths, Gloucester-road, Cam. The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before berwell, Surrey, maltster : in the Debtors Prison for London a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt and Middlesex.- Edward Burnand, Petersfield, Southampton, with according to the Statute: grocer: in the Gaol of Winchester.-Wm. Plant, Dresden, at the County Court of Shropshire, at SARBWSBURY, near Longton, Staffordshire, out of business : in the Gaol of Stafford. Samuel Townsend, Hawksclough, near Hebden

April 25 at 10. bridge, near Halifax, Yorkshire, dyer of cotton cloths : in the

John Cowdell, Oswestry, bookbinder. Gaol of York.- Enoch Haller, Kingston-upon-Hull, shipping At the County Court of Gloucestershire, at BRISTOL, clerk: in the Gaol of Kingston-upon-Hull.-Hugh Fulton,

April 27 at half-past 10.
Rusholme, near Manchester, out of business : in the Gaol of
Lancaster.-John Skerratt, Worcester, out of business : in

H. Pool, Weston-super-Mare, mason.-Richard Parker,

Bath, wharfinger. the Gaol of Worcester. - Joseph Charlesworth, Ardwick, Manchester, fruiterer and greengrocer : in the Gaol of Lan. At the County Court of Buckinghamshire, at AYLESBURY, caster. – John Preston, Blackburn, Lancashire, cut looker :

April 27 at 1. in the Gaol of Lancaster.-Wm. Cameron, Newcastle-upon

James Howard, Newport Pagnell, licensed victualler. Tyne, confectioner: in the Gaol of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.William Radcliffe, Oldham, Lancashire, assistant to a woollen At the County Court of Bedfordshire, at BEDFORD, April 29 rag dealer : in the Gaol of Lancaster.-James Vincett, North.

at 10. fleet, Kent, baker's foreman : in the Gaol of Maidstone.-W. John Ladkin, Pertenhall, farm bailiff. Humphryes, Gravesend, Kent, licensed victualler : in the Gaol of Maidstone. -John Cowdell, Oswestry, Shropshire, book

INSOLVENT DEBTORS' DIVIDENDS. seller : in the Gaol of Shrewsbury.-- John Hall, Gilesgate, Joseph Philip Press, Church-street, Hackney, Middlesex, Durbam, out of business : in the Gaol of Durham.- Thomas draper : 28. 4d. (making 98. 3d.) in the pound. - Jas. Woola Billington, Preston, Lancashire, out of business : in the Gaol fall, Blackburn, Lancashire, plumber: 18.04d. in the pound. of Lancaster.-James Wilson, Blackburn, Lancashire, fish- -Wm. Ling Hicks, Cretingham, near Debenham, Suffolk, monger : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Robert Leyland, Chor. farmer : 58. 4d. in the pound.--Edward Reid, Rose Cottage, ley, Lancashire, joiner : in the Gaol of Lancaster. Thomas Junction-road, Upper Holloway, Middlesex, second clerk of Canlife, Leyland, near Preston, Lancashire, out of business : entries in the Chancery Report Office : 48. 4d. in the pound. in the Gaol of Lancaster.- James Spencer, Salford, Clitheroe, - Frederick A. Simpson, Euston-square, Middlesex, master Lancashire, out of business : in the Gaol of Lancaster.- Jos. mariner : 104d. in the pound.- James Hubbard, Foxes'-lane, Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, provision-shop keeper : in the Shadwell, Middlesex, broom maker: 18.4d. in the pound. Gaol of Lancaster.

Jesse Lee, Brickfield, near Bacup, Lan- Apply at the Provisional Assignees' Office, Portugal-street, cashire, stonemason : in the Gaol of Lancaster.—Thos. Green. | Lincoln's-inn-fields, London, between the hours of 11 and 1.


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Just published, in foolscap 8vo., cloth boards, price 28. 6d., Recently published, price 11. 58., in 8vo., cloth bds., the Second Edition of



and PRACTICE as to PROOFS in COURTS of COMMON CERY;" being a Collection of officially-recoguised Forms of Jurats and LAW; with Elementary Rules for conducting the Examination and Oaths; with Explanatory Notes and Observations. By THOMAS W. Cross-examination of Witnesses. By W. M. BEST, A. M., LL. B., of BRAITHWAITE, of the Record and Writ Clerks' Office. Gray's-inn, Esq., Barrister at Law.

These Forms and Directions (a strict compliance with which will inS. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

sure the validity of the oath) will be found as serviceable to Solicitors as

to all persons authorised to administer oaths in connexion with proWILLIAMS ON PERSONAL PROPERTY.

ceedings pending in the Court of Chancery. Jn 1 vol. 8vo., price 16s. cloth,

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. PRINCIPLES of the LAW of PERSONAL PROPERTY, intended for the use of Students in Conveyancing. The Second


Barrister at Law.

This day is published, in 12mo., price 88.cloth,
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery.lane.


containing the Acts 15 & 16 Vict. cc. 80, 86, and 87, and all WILLIAMS'S LAW OP REAL PROPERTY.

the General Orders hitherto made in pursuance thereof; so arranged In I vol. 8vo., 3rd edit., 185. cloth boards,

as to give a connected reading to the Acts and Orders. With an Apintended as a First Book for the use of Students in Conveyancing. WAITE, of the Record and Writ Clerks'office. By JOSHUA WILLIAMS, Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister at Law.

Stevens & Norton, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.


In 8vo., price 8s. boards,
Just published, in 12mo., price 3s. 6d. sewed,

NEW CHANCERY ACTS, (15 & 16 Vict. cc. 80, A

SUPPLEMENT to the COMMON-LAW PRO. 86, and 87), and all the GENERAL ORDERS,(including those of

CEDURE ACT, 15 & 16 Vict. c. 76, containing the NEW the 3rd and 4th December): with Notes, an Index, and References to RULES of PRACTICE, Table of Fees and Costs, Regulations respect. Daniell's Practice. To which is added, an Appendix of Forms, &c. ing the Admission of Attornies, the Cases to the end of Hilary Terin, By T. E.HEADLAM, Esq., M. P., Q. C. and a General Index to the whole. By EDWARD WISE, Esq., of the

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
Middle Temple, Barrister at Law.
The Work complete, price 138. in cloth boards.

S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.


THE TRUSTEE ACT, 1850, with an Introduction, Notes,

and an Index. By T. E. HEADLAM, Esq., M.P., one of her Just published, in one vol., price 14s. cloth boards,

Majesty's Counsel. Second Edition, with the Cases decided upon the AN INDEX to the STATUTE LAW OF ENGLAND. Act to the present time. To which are added the TRUSTEE RELIEP By GEORGE STAMP, Esq. The Second Edition, much en

ACTS, with the GENERAL ORDERS and CASES. larged, and brought down to the 15 & 16 Vict. 1852, inclusive.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.


This day is published, in one thick vol, royal 8vo., price 11. 168. cloth, PURCHASERS.

A PRACTICAL TREATISE, on the LAW of EVI. In 1 thick vol. 8vo., price 11. ls. cloth boards,

DENCE. By THOMAS STARKIE, Esq. Fourth Edition, A CONCISE and PRACTICAL VIEW of the Law of with very considerable alterations and additions incorporating the Sets VENDORS and PURCHASERS of ESTATES.


WELL, Esq., and J. G. MALCOLM, Esq., Barristers at Law.
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

“ It is also the only work of which a new edition has been brought

out at such a time as to render it possible that it should apply to SIR E. SUGDEN'S WORK ON THE REAL PROPERTY practice, with any degree of consideration and accuracy, the modern STATUTES.

changes in the law . . . . The volume published has been rendered In I vol. 8vo., price 16s. cloth boards,

a complete, clear, and well-digested treatise on the principles of the AN

Law of Evidence.”—Legal Observer, Nov. 27, 1852.
tations of Time, Estates
Tail, Dower, Descent, Operation of Deeds,

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
Merger of Attendant Terms, Defective Executions of Powers of Leasing,
Wills, Trustees, and Mortgagees. By Sir EDWARD SUGDEN.

This day is published, in 8vo., price 11. 11s. 6d. boards,
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.


Edition, with new Tables, and a Supplement, containing the StaIn 1 vol. royal 8vo., price 11. 11s. 6d. cloth boards,

tutes and Cases to the present time, and a new Index to the whole. By A TREATISE on the Law of PROPERTY, as adminis- HUGH TILSLEY, Esq., Assistant Solicitor of Inland Revenue. tered by the HOUSE of LORDS. With an Introductory Chapter

Also, in 8vo., price 8s. boards, on the Jurisdiction of the House of Lords. By the Right Hon. Sir TILSLEY'S STAMP ACTS of 1850 and 1853, with EDWARD SUGDEN.

Tables of all Stamp Duties now payable. Fourth Edition.
S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn.
In 2 vols. royal 8vo., price 21. in boards,


By the

Just published, in 12mo., price 138. cloth, Right Hon. Sir EDWARD SUGDEN. The Seventh Edition. THE COMMON-LAW PROCEDURE ACT, with nuS. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.

merous Notes explanatory of its practical Effect as to Process,

Practice, and Pleading; and an Introduction. By R. MORRIS, Esq. WISE'S BANKRUPT LAW.

and W. F. FINLASON, Esq. To which are added, the New Rules and Just published, in 1 rol. 12mo., price 148. in cloth bds.,

Orders, Tables of Costs and Fees, Regulations as to Admission, &e. THE BANKRUPT. LAW.CONSOLIDATION ACT, : Attornier, the New Rules on Pleading, and a new and copious Index

1849, (12 & 13 Vict. c. 106), and the ABSCONDING DEBTORS ACT, with the New Rules, an Introductory Analysis, and Notes, and

Stevens & Norton, 26, Bell-yard, Lincoln's-inn. a very copious Index. Second Edition. By EDWARD WISE, Esq.,

Just published, Second Edition, price 108., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. S. Sweet, 1, Chancery-lane.


rected to Hilary Term, 1854); describing their legitimate Province;

their Duties and Functions in the general Practice of the Law; their 1. Mormonism. 2. :

, . his Character and Philosophy. 3. History of French Protestant Re- London: William Henry Bond, 8, Bell-yard: Wildy & Sons, Lincoln'sfugees. 4. Moore's Journal. 5. The National Gallery Report. 6. Re

inn-archway; and William Amer, 19, Bell-yard, Law Booksellers. cent Italian Autobiographies. 7. Opinions of the Judges on Codification. 8. Consumption of Food in the United Kingdom.

. Orders for THE JURIST

given to any Newsman, or letter(postLondon: Longman & Co. Edinburgh: A. & C. Black.

paid) sent to the Office, No. 3, CHANCERY-LANE, or to STEVENS

& NORTON, 26, BELL-YARD, LINCOLN'S-INN, will insure its as to CHARITY ESTATES; with all the Rules, Orders, Forms, publication, through the medium of the Post Office, to the Country.

: of a Collection of the Statutes relating to Charities, aud a Digest of the Decided Cases. By PHILIP FRANCIS, Esq., Barrister at Law. Printed by HENRY HANSARD, PRINTER, residing at No. 14. Price 8s. 6d. cloth.

Park Square, Regent's Park, in the Parish of St. Marylebone, in the Law Times Office, 29, Essex-street.

County of Middlesex, at his Printing Office, situate in Parker Street,

in the Parish of St. Glies-in-the-Fields, in the County aforesaid, abd TITLE ASSURANCE.

Published at No.3, CHANCERY LANE, in the Parish of St. Dunstan DEPECTIVE

TITLES, ASSURED, and rendered Mar in the West, in the City of London, by HENRY SWEET, LA Book ASSURANCE SOCIETY, 30, Essex-street, Strand, London.

the Parish of St. George, Bloomsbury, in the County of Middlesex.EDWARD S. BARNES, Secretary. Saturday, April 15, 1854.

THE EDINBURGH REVIEW, Noch, was publishedRights

, Privileges, and Liabilities and the Mode of Proceeding brand


No. 902– Vol. XVIII.

APRIL 22, 1854.


.... 321


Watlington o. Waldron.-(Will, Construction of - Sharshaw v. Gibbs.-(Mortgagor and Mortgagee-
Trust to cut Timber)

317 Lien- Tenant for Life of mortgaged Lands- In. COURT OF APPEAL IN CHANCERY.

terest - Pleading-Petition)

330 Maniere o. Lister.-(Chancery Practice Amendment

Court oF QUEEN's Bench. Act, 15 & 16 Vict. c. 86– Practice under Sect. 15 Alston v. Grant.-(Action for NuisanceKeeping and

- Motion for Decree-Traversing Note)... 320 continuing a Sewer- Disposition of the owner of In re The Estate of J. H. Keogh. — (Incumbered

two Tenements-- Derogation of Grant).......... 332 Estates (Ireland) Act, 12 & 13 Vict. c. 77Prac

COURT OF COMMON PLEAS. tice under, as to Process in England)

Boyce v. Higgins.-(Public Health Act, 11 & 12 Vict. Rolls COURT.

c. 63, 88. 19, 133— Local Board-Penalty against Robinson o. Lowater.—(Title-Charge of specific and

Member voting when disqualified or disabledgeneral Debts-Liability of Purchaser to see to

Shareholder in Public Company Recovery of Application of Purchase Money)

Penalty-- Party grieved)


Tyrrell o. Clark.-(Churchwardens-Will— Dividends


Hunt o. Remnant.-(Right of Entry for Condition

broken, Assignment of_8 & 9 Vict. c. 106, 8. 6).. 335 VICE-CHANCELLOR STUART's Court. Jortin 7. The South-eastern Railway Company.-

COURT OF EXCHEQUER. (Folkestone Harbour Company-Exchequer Loan

Allum o. Boultbee.—(Practice-New Trial-AfridaCommissioners-Priority of Mortgagees-Agree


336 ment and Acts of Parliament, Construction of

COURT OF ADMIRALTY. Permanent Improvements by PurchasersStatute The Rosalie. — (Salvage-Queen's Ship - Want of of Limitations-Notice)....

325 Skill on Part of Salvors- Continuous Service) .. 337


of repair, and that the defendant after notice refused The Scale of Charges for Advertisements will in future be to repair it, whereby it fell during the tenancy and as follows:

£ 8. d. injured the house, was held bad on demurrer. For 2 lines or under

0 2 0

Thirdly, in the absence of any such agreement by 3

0 2 6 4

0 3 0

the landlord to repair, the tenant remains liable for 5

0 3 6 rent, even though the premises should be rendered 6

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uninhabitable for want of repair, (Arden v. Pullen, 10 And so on, at the rate of 6d. per line.

M. & W. 321), or are destroyed by fire; (Belfour v. A discount, proportioned to the number of repetitions, Weston, 1 T. R. 310; Baker v. Holtpzaffell, 4 Taunt. teill be allowed upon all Advertisements ordered for three or more insertions.

45); and even if there be an agreement by the land

lord to repair, his breach thereof does not justify the LONDON, APRIL 22, 1854.

tenant in quitting the premises, so as to exempt him

from the payment of rent. (Surplice v. Farnsworth, QUESTIONS connected with the reparation of property 7 Mac. & G. 576). The tenancy still continues, and are of every-day occurrence, and they affect not only the tenant has his remedy against the landlord for the wide-spread relation of landlord and tenant, but breach of his agreement. also their liabilities with reference to third persons. Fourthly, if there is an express agreement on either

The following rules may be regarded as fixed by the side, then, according to the maxim, "expressio facit decisions upon this subject:

cessare tacitum,” the liabilities of the parties are meaFirst, in the absence of any agreement to repair, a sured thereby, and all implied liability is excluded. tenant, for whatever term he may hold the premises, (Standen v. Christmas, 10 Q. B. 135). is not bound to do more than to keep them wind and Fifthly, where a party enters into possession under a water tight. (Wise v. Metcalfe, 10 B. & Cr.312). lease which is void under the Statute of Frauds, or as

Secondly, in the absence of an agreement by the being an invalid execution of a power, but which lease landlord to repair, he is not bound to do any repairs as contains a covenant to repair, he is still Kable to repair regards the tenant. This was decided in the recent according to such covenant. (Richardson v. Gifford, case of Gott and Another v. Gandy, (18 Jur., part 1, Ad. & El. 52; Beale v. Sanders, 5 Scott, 58). P. 310; 23 L. J., Q. B., 1). There a declaration, Sixthly, whether, where a lease has been executed by stating that the plaintiff was the defendant's tenant the lessee, but not by the lessof, and the former has from year to year of a house, that during the tenancy entered and enjoyed the premises during the whole of à chimney, without the plaintiff's default, became out I the intended term, he is liable on a covenant to repair



during the term, appears to be vexata quæstio. (Pit- mises. In Gott v. Gandy, (supra), on its being said by man v. Woodbury, 3 Exch. 4, 13; Cooch v. Goodman, 2 counsel, that there being no agreement on the part of Q. B. 580, 599). The Court of Exchequer, in Pitman the tenant to repair, the landlord would have been v. Woodbury, seemed to be of opinion that in such a

liable to a passer-by injured by the falling of a chim

ney, &c., Lord Campbell, C. J., asked, “Has that ever case, the term itself not being created, the covenant been decided ?" The doctrine of liability of owners of dependent on such term was void altogether. (See also fixed property for injuries to others was much consito this effect Swatman v. Ambler, 22 L. J., Ex., 81). dered in Reedie v. The London and North-western Rail

Seventhly, as to the extent of liability upon an way Company, (4 Exch. 244). express agreement to repair, the age and class of the whom the duty to repair the premises is cast is liable

Upon principle, it would seem that the party on premises may be taken into estimation. (Paine v.

to third persons for an injury caused by non-repairHaine, 16 M. & W. 541). Under an agreement to that is, the party who has expressly agreed to repair keep and to deliver up the premises in good repair, the them; and in the absence of any agreement, the owner tenant must put them into good repair, and is not justi- of the property would probably be liable, it being a fied in keeping them in bad repair because he found burthen incident to property that it should be kept in them in that condition ; (Ib.); and if the agreement be a safe condition as regards the public; and as the perunconditional, he must rebuild them, even if the pre- tenant had agreed to repair or not, his remedy in all

son injured has no means of knowing whether the mises be destroyed by fire or other accident. If a cases probably would be against the owner, who, if he tenant refuse to repair according to his agreement, and had bound his tenant to repair, could enforce such liahis landlord—who is himself a lessee, and bound, under bility against him. It may be said, if the owner is pain of forfeiture, to keep them in repair–enter and liable to a third party for injury thus caused, why

should he not be liable to the tenant? The distinction, repair them, the measure of damages is the sum neces

however, is obvious, as tenants have an opportunity of sarily expended in putting them into repair, and not inquiring into the state of the premises, and need not the costs of an action brought by the ground landlord become tenants unless they are satisfied to take the against the mesne landlord for non-repair, unless the risk. (See remarks of the Court in Gott_v. Gandy, underlease contain a covenant to indemnify. (Logan supra, and in Seymour v. Maddox, 16 Q. B. 326; 15 v. Hall, 4 C. B. 598; Colley v. Streeton, 2 B. & Cr. Jur., part 1, p. 723). 273). In an action by a lessee against an assignee of French law upon the subject of repairs as between

It is not out of place to state briefly the rules of the premises for non-repair, it appeared that the plaintiff in landlord and tenant. In the Code Civil, b. 3, tit. 8, arts. 1843 assigned the lease to the defendant; that in Octo- 1719, 1720, 1754–1756, it is declared that “the lessor ber, 1851, the defendant assigned to one T.; that in is bound by the nature of the contract, and without June, 1852, T. assigned to H. Evidence was given for the necessity of any particular stipulation, to mainthe plaintiff, that when H. held the lease the premises for which it was taken.

tain the thing demised in a state fit for the purpose

The lessor is bound to were out of repair, and T. stated he put the premises in deliver the thing in a state of complete repair. He no better state than when he received them from the must make in it, during the continuance of the lease, defendant. No further evidence was given, and the de- all the reparations which may become necessary, other fendant was not called as a witness. It was held that than tenant's repairs. Tenant's repairs, or ordinary the judge was right in directing the jury to give sub- reparations, to which the lessee is bound, if there be stantial damages, and that the jury were warranted in

no agreement to the contrary, are those marked out

as such by the usage of places; and, among others, the presuming that the dilapidations took place during the reparations to be made are—to hearths, chimney-backs, time that the defendant held the lease. (Smith v. Peat, jambs, and chimney-pieces; to the plastering of the 9 Exch. 161). Parke, B., referred to Lord Holt's opi- bottom of the walls of apartments, and other places of nion, that the measure of damages was the amount it habitation, to the height of a metre; to the pavement would require to put the premises into repair, but said unless it be broken by hail

, or other extraordinary

of chambers, when some of it only is broken; to glass, that view had been departed from, and that Cole- accidents, or superior force, for which the tenant shall ridge, J., had ruled that the amount of damages was not be responsible; to doors, casernents, bars or shutters the amount of injury done to the possession by the of shops, hinges, window-bolts, and locks. None of the premises being out of repair. Martin, B., said, “In reparations deemed to belong to tenants are chargeable my opinion the measure of damages is the loss the on lessees when they are only occasioned by age or landlord would undergo if he sold his reversion in the superior force. The cleansing of wells and privies are

charges of the lessor, if there be no agreement to the market."

contrary.” Eighthly, a covenant to repair runs with the land, so as to bind the assignee of the land or the reversioner, A WIFE'S EQUITY AGAINST HER HUSBAND'S (Martyn v. Clue, 22 L. J., Q. B., 147, where the ques

ASSIGNEE FOR VALUE. tion, as to allowance of timber being a condition precedent under the terms of the lease, was also considered), v.C., decided,

according to the learned reporter's mar

In Tidd v. Lister, (10 Hare, 140), Sir G. J. Turner provided it is contained in an instrument under seal, ginal'note, that a married woman, whose husband doe but otherwise not. (Standen v. Christmas, 10 Q. B. not maintain her, is not entitled, as against a particula 135). In the latter case, the party to the agreement assignee of the husband, to maintenance out of the inmay sue the other party to it for non-repair, though come of the real and personal estate to which she wa the former may have assigned the reversion. (Bickford entitled in equity for her life; or, (as the marginal not v. Parson, 5 C. B. 920).

proceeds to state), “as against purchasers from the hus

band of the life interest of the wife, equity will follow Ninthly, an important question, not finally settled, the law which gives to the husband the power of deal is the liability of a landlord or his tenant for an injury ing with the income of his wife's property, and will no caused to a third person by want of repair of the pre- I put in force the rule, that he who comes into equity

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