Abbildungen der Seite

Shand v. Kida } consideration) Coz o: Morgan }(P D, C)




Whistler . Senith }(Cause)

Clegg v. Duncuft (CI)
In re Todd

v. Taylor

Webb o. Webb (M for de. Phillips o. Lewis Cause)

cree) Collman e. Birch (Cause) Byam o. Sutton (M for decree) Fryers v. Rogers (Cause) Cannock o. Jauncey (Cause) Graham o. Clift (Cause) Bamford v. Mousley (Cause) Rogers o. Fryer (Cause) Austin v. Crockford (F D, C). Browne o. Spiller (M for dec.) Christian o. Christian (CI) Greenwood 0. Horton (CI) Heath o. Lewis (Cause) Rowland o. Brewer (M' for Fetherstone o. Dugdale (Cau.)

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir J. STUART. decree)

PLEAS, DEMURRERS, CAUSES, &c. Kerswill o. Dingle (Cause) Clayton o. Clayton (CI)

Lockhart o. Reilly (F D, C) Paxon v. Paxon (Further con. Butt o. Binks (M for decree) Singleton v. Stiles (CI)

Hope v. Hope (F D, C) sideration) Reynolds v. Kortright (Cause) Digby v. Jackson (CI) Att..Gen. o. Dove (Canse) Murray v. Parker (M'for dec.) Bristowe, u: Nunt (Cause) Lankester v. Fidkin (Cause)

April 17

Bolton o. Wordsworth (Fur. Att.-Gen. o. Bartlett (Cause) Yorke o. Sturgis (Cause)

ther consideration) Sh Att.-Gen. o. Brooke (6 titles, Attorney-Gen. c. Lord Carew Jones o, Williams (F D, C)

Sandford v. Sanders (Cause) Blackman v. Light (F D, C) Cause)

(Cause) Stevenson o. Gullan (Sp. case) AttorneyGen. o. Robartes (F Hood o. Parker (CI)

Palmer v. Longland Cause) Taylor o. Taylor (Further con. Thomas o. Walker (M for de- D, C)

sideration) sh

M.Leod v. Mathison (FD, C) Warner v. Shand (Cause) cree) Attorney-Gen. 6. Walmsley

Norton o. Hanson (Cause, Waddington o. Howell (Cause) Shepherd o. Shepherd (M for (4 titles, F D, C)


Dawson 0. Jay (M for decree) decree) Attorney-Gen. o. Earl Walde

Foster v. Parkes (F D, C, Hedley v. Innes (CI)
Shrimpton . Laight (M for grave (Cause)

Brown o. Mott (CI)
Richards o. Curlewis (M for Walker o. Hunter (Cí, pt. hd.) Marley v. Spencer (M for dec.)

on equity reserved)
Livesey o. Livesey (M for dec.) decree)
Parker 0. Johnson (Cause)

Northcote v. Jones (M for deTierney o. Wood (Cause)

Sayre o. Cramp (Cause)

Newhouse v. Smith (Cause) cree) Sh Richardson c. Bulwer (M for Slater on. Slater }(F D,C) Urwick v. Hart (CI)

Blann v. Bell (3 tits., F D, C) Caldecoté o. Caldecott (Fur- Coleman v. Croson (Cause) SA Preeland v. Stanfield (Cause) Lee o. Howlett (M for decree)

Johns v. Tilley (CI)

Fearnhead v. Bulli. ther consideration)

Stott u. Reece
}(C1) Smith o. Angier (Cause)

>(Cause) Reade o. Steer (F D, C) Same v. Same

Hichens o. Kelly (Cause) Same o. Cracroft O'Brien o. Oxenford (Further Ludlam v. Chalkley (CI)

Gallemore o. Gill (Further Upton o. Veisey (Cause) consideration) Gerry v. Wakefield (Further


Chambers o. White (4 titles, Webster t. Boddington (Cau.) consideration) Clarke o. Mansfield M for Fletcher v. Wiglesworth (F D, Moss 0. Harter (Ca.) April 25 Bonham o Smith (CI) Sh

Cook v. Sturgis (CI, Ptn) F D, C) decree)


Archer v. Lambert (M for de. Lovegrove o. Cooper (F D, C) Rennie ó. Rennie (M for dec.) Henning o. Impey (CI)


Higgins o. Earl of Shaftesbury Hewitt v. George M for dec.) Morris 0. Morris (F D, C) Baron Londesborough v. So- Catfield v. Richards (Cause) Clarke v. Brown (Cause)

Huxtable v. Newton (Cause) (F D, C)

Chick v. Blackmore (3 titles, merville (Special case)

Leigh v. Taylor (Cause)

Thompson o. Donald (Cause) FD, C)
Same v. Same
Watson v. Knight (Cause)

Stockdale 0. Newby (M for Twiss o. Inglis (Further con.

sideration) Sh Turner 0. Templer (Further Symes v. Murray (CI) consideration) Jose v. Vincent (CI)

Ashling v. Baker (F D, C) Sh Eads o. Williams (Cause)

Taylor v. Taylor (Cause) Lewis v. Davis (Further con. Gorbell o. Davison (Orig.CI) I Mitford v. Masters (CI)

Lazonby o. Rawson (Cause) sideration) Same o. Forrest (Sup. Cl) Eaton v. Joy (Cause)

Ashley v. Hancock (Cause) Dixon o. Pyner (F D,

C) Walker Mower (Further Morris o

Warren v. Thomas (Cause Byers . (F
Hems o. Shrimpton (CI)

consideration, M)

Hobson o. Everatt (7 titles, F Fallows o. Viscount Dillon (F Before Vice-Chancellor Sir RICHARD T. KINDERSLEY.

D, C)

D, C)

Gage o. Gage (Cause) Ross v. Ibbotson (M for dec.) Carter o. Sanders (Part heard) | Stapleton v. Carter (CI)

Monypenny 0. Monypenny Attorney-Gen. o. Corporation (CI)

of East Retford (3 titles, Great Western Railway Co.o. Carr o. Russell (Cause)

F , C) Oxford, &c. Railway Co. Whittingstall o. Field (M for Ellis 6. Ellis (F D, C) and


Same v. Lee } C D in term (Part heard)

King v. Rees (3 tits., F D, C)

Goldsmith v. Russell (Cause) Curson o. Rix (F D, C) Waugh e. Aignett (M for dec.) Berkeley v. Simcoe (Cause)

Hunter D. Nockolds (Cau.) Lord Hastings v. Beavan (FD, Hodson o. Micklethwait (Fur- Williams o. Kerslake (M for

Vincent o.

Hunter (FD, C) ther consideration) decree)


Curwen v. Alexander (Cause)
Johnstone . Bleakey (CI) Elkins v. Lee (3 titles, FD, Batley o. Kitson (CI)
Cannon d. Deed (Cause)


Windett v. Humphrey (Cause)
Major 0. Major (5 titles, FD, Allibone o. Walker (3 titles, F Hayman v. Hayman (Further Dixon v. Cooke (F D, C)


. C)

D, C)
Parker 0. Sowerby (Further Irving 6. Turner (M for dec.)

Rogers v. Jones (F D, C)
Rackstrow v. Meacher (FD, Cooke o. Wagster (M for dec.)

Mesher v. Lane (Cause) consideration)

Beavan o. Lord Oxford (3

titles, Cause) Langton 8. Burton (F D, C) Same v. Same

C) Thompson o. Carnell (3 titles, Evans o. Evans (Cause) Sk

Stocks 0. Holdsworth (CI) King o. Isaacson (4 titles, Fur. Haw o. Vickers (F D, C)

Long 0. Harris (Cause) FD, C)

ther consideration) Harley o. Moon (Cause) Stephens o. Wynn (Cause)

Dewhurst v. Fillingham (M Reilly o. Lockhart (Cause) Wynn v. Stephens (Cause)

for decree) Baroness Louth o.

Strugnell v. Crouch (F D, C). Doyle

(F D, C) Att.-Gen. o. Buller (FD, C) Same v. Plunkett Appleyard 0. Holt (E)

Before Vice-Chancellor Sir W. P. Wood. Pearce v. Peck (CI)

Drew o. Sheddon (Cause) Way D. Way (Cause) French o. Brooks (F D, C)

PLEAS, DEMURRERS, CAUSES, &c. Vaughan d. Vanderstegan (4 Malleson o. Bear (Special case) Perry o. Turpin (E)

Wainman o. Field (M for de. titles, reserved by order) Harcourt o. M.Cabe (F D, C) Chadwick v. Chadwick (D) cree, Part heard) Davis o. Chanter

Adams o. Scott (D)

Alabaster v. Silver (M for Davis e. Plymsell }(Cause)

Same o. Same (D)


decree) Lord o. Colvin (Cause) Cofield o. Poole (M for dec.) Dalrymple v. Hannah (CI) Same o. Rolfe 1st CD Ramsden . Smith (Cause) Weal v. Williams (CI) Smythies v. Round (M for de Thornton v. Kempson (E, F Bourne o. Hassell (6 titles, F Cofield o. Anderson (M for cree)

D, C) D, C)


Lloyd 0. Wilkes (CI) West v. Moon (CI)

Same 1. Morgan}(FD, C)


Wynch o. Grant }(FD,C)




Lee »: Leenine} (FD, C)



Jackson v. Roberts (CI) 18t | Dent o. Dent (CI)

term, if not disposed of on those days, will be tried by adCD

Redhead o. Brayshaw (CI) journment on the days following each of such sitting days. Cousins v. Vasey (3 titles, Bleazard v. Whalley (Cause) Further consideration) Dixon v. Walker (CI)

Court of Common Pleas. Neale o. Topham (Cause) Hubback . Wilson

) Darlington v. Hamilton (Cau.) Welch o. Wilson

In Term. Thompson v. Demaid (M for Simmons v. Bates (Further decree)



April 22 Wednesday April 26 Maniere o. Leicester (M for Saturday

29 | Wednesday

May 3 v. Lee

Sherwood v. Vincent (E, F D, Hoskins v. Matthews (Cause)

After Term.
Woollams v. Nisbett (M for Friday .... May 12 Tuesday

... May 16 Dixon v. Alcock (M for dec.) decree)

The Court will sit during and after term at ten o'clock. Williams o. Williams (M for Tatlock 0. Jenkins (Further The causes in the list for each of the above sitting days in decree)


term, if not disposed of on those days, will be tried by adjourn. Vincent v. Griffiths (M for Rees v. Rees (M for decree) ment on the days following each of such sitting days. decree)

Coles o. Foster (Further con.)
Gardner v. Barber (M for de. In re Carmichael (Fur-
Hudson v. Carmichael ther

Grebequer of Pleas.
Kippen o. Marchant (Cause) con. from Chambers)

In Term.
Clive v. Clive (Special case) Avery v. Langford (Cause)
Smith v. Smith (M for decree) Hunt o. Hunt (M for decree)
Cummins v. Bromfield (CI) Martin o. Wellstead (Cause)

Ist sitting, Thursd., April 20
2nd sitting, Thursday.. 27

1st sitting, Wedn., April 26 Clifford o. Clifford (Further Nash v. Allen (Further con.). consideration) Fleming v. East (Further con.)

3rd sitting, Thursday, May 4 | 2nd sitting, Wednesd., May 3 Norton o. Steinkoff (Further Black v. Venning (M for de.)

After Term. consideration) Pratt o. Rumball (CI) Friday ..

May 12 | Wednesday ........ May 17 Schroder v. Schroder (Sp. ca.) Smith v. Pavier (Cause) Hitchcock v. Carew (Cause) Vale o. Meredith (Cause)

On and after Tuesday, April 18, the ExchEQUER Asso. Bourne 0. Hartley (Further Jebb v. Baugh (CI)

CIATE's Office will be open during term, and the sittings consideration) Parry o. Middleton (CI)

after term, from eleven o'clock A. M. to five o'clock P. M., Mitchell o. M'Isaac (M for Hart v. Tobias (M for decree)

instead of as heretofore. decree) Openshaw v. Robinson (Sp.

The Court will sit during and after term at ten o'clock. Mountain o. Young (CI) case) Baker v. Trenfield (M for dec.) Haviland o. Cox (Cause) Stedman 0. Hart (M for dec.) Lee v. Lee (3 titles, F Þ, c) COMMON-LAW CAUSE LISTS, EASTER TERM,

Wire v. Pemberton (M for Roberts v. Cooper (M for de.)
Fox 0. Harding (Further con.)

Court of Queen's Bench.
Greaves 0. White (Cause) Dormer 0. Phillips (CI)
Mann o.
Burton v. Sturgis (Further


REMAINING UNDETERMINED AT THE END OF THE SIT. Sykes v. Brandt (Cause) Brown v. Spurrell (CI)

TINGS AFTER HILARY TERM, 1854. Armstrong t. Tweddell (Cl) Millican o. Vanderplank (F D, FOR ARGUMENT. Midd.—Dowdell v. Australian Ridgway o. Sneyd (Cause) C) sh

Mich. TERM, 1853.

Royal Mail Steam Gwatkin o. Campbell (Cause) Hall o. Jordan (M for decree)

Navigation Co. Perkin v. Mann (Cause) Sh

Midd.—Bellamy o. Morrett
Gillingham o. Baker (Cause)
Harrod o. Harrod (Cause) Stobart v. Todd (Cause)

Liv'pool-Greenfield v. Sykes Lond.-Nicoll v. Oliver

Hill o. Oliver Pike v. Wilson (Cause)

Jeffreys v. Hudson
Pearson v. Wilcox (Further Midá.-Stoessiger v. South-

Brodie o. Oliver Edge v. Silver (M for decree, consideration)

Abrassart v. Moysey M) 1st CD

eastern Railway Co. Kendall 0. Bittleston (Ca.) Sh

Tomlin o. Garrett Titley v. Titley (M for dec.)

Hampstead o. Baker
Picton v. Beete (Cause)

Butcher u. Price

HILARY TERM, 1854. Ludlow o. Stevenson (Further Young o. Lee (Further con.)


Tried during Term. consideration)

Tracey v. Laurence (M for Midd.-Dowell Ashton v. Savage (Cause) decree)

Steam Navigation Midd.—Billington o. Thoma Stokes v. Morris (CI) Robertson o. Scott (CI)


Lond.-Salmen v. Horwitz.

Same 0. Ranby }(F D, C)

Same v. Same

. E) SPECIAL CASES, DEMURRERS, AND COUNTY Gerard v. Gerard (M for dec.) | Cliffe v. Cliffe (M for de.) Sh

COURT APPEAL, Tigwell 0. Forward (Cause) Dyer v. Dyer (CI)

FOR EASTER TERM, 1854. Dempster v. Webber (Further Walters o. The Northern Coal Those marked thus * are Special Cases, and thus + Demurrers consideration) Sk

Mining Co. (Cause) Nash v. Hodgson (E) Phillips o. Powell (M for de.) FOR JUDGMENT. *Gurney & ors. v. Bebrend Williams v. Williams (Cause) Thompson v. Beasley (CI) *Westbrook v. Blythe

*Lewis v. Ricketts Hodgson v. Kerry (M for de.) | Dewell v. Tufnell (Cause).

*Williams v. Lewis FOR ARGUMENT. *Williams o. Lewis +Badeley v. Vigers

Reynal v. Cox (Special Verd. COMMON-LAW SITTINGS, IN AND AFTER tOwens v. Wynne & an. *Sillem & ors. v. Thornton EASTER TERM, 1854.

tHughes v. Wynne & an. *Lucas v. Bower

TJones v. Wynne & an. *Farnell v. Warren
Court of Queen's Bench.

tR. Roberts v. Wynne & an. +Samuel v. Spencer
In Term.

+E. Roberts v. Wyn

& an. *Trustees of River Lee v. GO MIDDLESEX.


tRottesham o. Pott & ors. vernor and Co. of Ne 1st sitting .. Thurs., April 20

Wilmot v. Rose (Appeal from River 2nd sitting.. Thursday 27

1st sitting .. Wedn., April 26 Derby County Court) Tapling v. Waterhouse 3rd sitting.. Monday.. May 8 2nd sitting.. Wednes., May 3 Andrews v. Butler

+Fagg o. Nudd For undefended causes only.

+ Richards v. Blairs

tClossmann o. Lacoste & an Pearson o. Bean

+Whitmore o. Owen After Term.

*O'Toole v. Browne

#M'Gildowny o. Gregory Friday ...... ... May 12 | Tuesday ... May 16 *Crouch v. London & North-1Burchfield v. Moore The Court will sit at ten o'clock every day.

western Railway Co. *Meacher v. Trustees for Pat The causes in the list for each of the above sitting days in | *Hastings & an: v. Earl Howe ing St. Luke's Parish.

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FOR JUDGMENT. Midd.-Harmsworth v. Sar.

gent Those marked thus * are to be heard in the Bail Court. Moved Easter 1 erm, 1853.

Lond.- Hunter u. Milne

Lond.-Lawes v. Bachelor
First Day.
Holland v. Fox

Same v. Same.

Polley v. Wright *Bray o. Wall & ors.

Evans v. Elsam *In re Wickens *Edwards v. Davies


Gerry u. Morris Brown o. Mason *Reg. v. Ward Moved Mich. Term, 1853.

Watson v. Spratley In re Duncalfe

*Same o. Surveyors of the Chelmsford -Lake o. Plaxton Moved after the 4th Day of Dawson o. Williams

Highways of Tryddyn.
Notts.-Dawes o. Moss

Hilary Term, 1854.
Reeve o. Dawes

Midd.—Job v. Johnson CROWN PAPER, EASTER TERM, 1854.

Allum v. Boultbee

(Standg. over for arrangement) Anglesea...... Reg. v. Lewis.

Bodger o. Arch

Moved Hilary Term, 1854. Glamorganshire Same.

Lond.-Rawlings v. Chandler Cornwall .... On the Prosecution of Churchwardens, Midd.—Morewood v. Tupper Creed v. Rigby.

&c. of Wendron. Radnorshire .. Inhabitants of Bucknell.



Inhabs. of the Parish of Lurgashall.

Jones o. Giles (Heard Jan. 12 and 13).

· Inhabitants of East Stonehouse. London ...

Overseers of Mansergh, Westmore-


IN CHANCERY. Durham...... Trustees of the South Shields Turnpike Roads.

The Lord Chancellor, under the powers of the 16 & Middlesex .... Inhabitants of St. Giles-in-the-Fields. 17 Vict. c. 78, intituled “ An Act relating to the ApLincolnshire .. Inhabitants of Mablethorp. pointment of Persons to administer Oaths in Chancery,

and to Affidavits made for Purposes connected with Court of Common Pleas.

Registration,” has appointed the following gentlemen

to be Commissioners for administering Oaths in ChanNEW TRIALS.

cery :

To be a London Commissioner.
Allsop Brittain

Edie o. Kingsford.

Edward Futvoye, 23, John-street, Bedford-row.

To be Commissioners in England.

William Holt, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
First Day.

Second Day.

William Roberts the younger, Coleford, Gloucestershire. Dawson o. Williams

Peterson v. Ayre

John Endell Powles, Monmouth.

William Henry Bedford Tomlinson, Wakefield, York.

Dalby o. India and London Life Assurance Co.

Henry Minett, Ross, Herefordshire.
Wednesday, April 26.

London azettes.
Sweeting o. Darthez (Special case)
York, Newcastle, and Berwick Railway Co. o. Crisp & an.

FRIDAY, APRIL 7. (County Court Appeal).


THOMAS NICOLLS VOSPER, Launceston, Cornwall,

draper, dealer and chapman, April 20 at 12, and May 25 Elsam v. Denny I Lewis v. Clifton.

at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Bell ; Sols.

Ashurst & Son, Old Jewry.- Petition filed April 3.

CHARLES BUTTON, Holborn Bars, London, operative and Court of Grchequer.

manufacturing chemist, and importer of chemical apparatus, SITTINGS-EASTER TERM, 1854.

dealer and chapman, April 22 at 11, and May 19 at half

past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Cannan ; Days in Term.


Nisi Prius. Sols. Spyer & Son, 30, Broad-street-buildings.- Petition Wednesday, April 19

filed April 5. Thursday 20 Errors.

Midd. Ist Sitting. GEORGE BATTCOCK, Brighton, Sussex, apothecary, Priday... 21

dealer and chapman, April 24 at 2, and May 25 at 12, Saturday 22

Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Lee; Sol. Jones, Monday 24 Special Paper.

9, Quality-court, Chancery-lane, London.-Petition filed Tuesday:

April 3. Wednesday. 26 Special Paper. Lond. 1st Sitting. JOHN TIPPLE, Norwich, tailor, draper, dealer and chapThursday 27

Midd. 2nd Sitting. man, April 24 at 12, and May 25 at 11, Court of Bank. Friday 28

ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Lee; Sols. Mardon & Prichard, Saturday. 29 Crown Cases.

Christchurch-chambers, 99, Newgate-street, London.-Peti. Monday May 1 Special Paper.

tion filed March 27. Tuesday: 2

MICHAEL BALLARD LEE, Brighton, Sussex, jeweller, Wednesday 3 Special Paper. Lond. 2nd Sitting. dealer and chapman, April 15 and May 20 at 1, Court of Thursday

Midd. 3rd Sitting. Bankruptcy, London : Off, Ass. Pennell ; Sols. Kennett, Friday

Brighton ; Sowton, 6, Great James-street, Bedford-row.Saturday.

Petition dated Feb. 20. Monday

ARCHIBALD VICKERS, Disley, Cheshire, cotton spinner, Tuesday

April 24 and May 22 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Wednesday.... 10

Manchester : Off. Ass. Fraser ; Sol. Blair, Manchester. Thursday .... 11

Petition filed April 4.


GEORGE JARRETT, Wickham Welford, Berkshire, builder sex, linendraper, May 2 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy,

and grocer, April 15 and May 20 at half past 1, Court of London.-Larratt D. Shields, Lime-st., London, merchant, Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Pennell; Sols. Graham April 29 at half.past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.& Lyle, Mitre-court-chambers, Temple.--Petition dated Henry Braun, Old Fish-st.-hill, London, importer of foreign March 27.

glass, May 1 at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London. DANIEL FREDERICK FORD, Grosvenor-place, Com. -Henry Holman Wood, Bognor, Sussex, victualler, April 28

mercial-road East, Middlesex, draper, dealer and chapman, at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-John Bennett, April 25 at 2, and May 15 at hall-past 2, Court of Bank- Manchester, licensed victualler, April 28 at 12. District Court ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Graham; Sols. Ashurst & Son, of Bankruptcy, Manchester.-Robert Cleasby, Eccles, Lanca. 6, Old Jewry, London.-Petition filed April 4.

shire, builder, April 28 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, JAMES GUMMERY, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, drug. Manchester.- John Whitmey, Birkenhead, Cheshire, currier,

gist and grocer, April 22 and May 15 at 10, District Court May 1 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool. of Bankruptcy, Birmingham: Of. Ass. Christie ; Sols.

To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered. Saunders & Son, Kidderminster; Motteram & Knight, Bir

W. Rowditch, Exeter, Devonshire, grocer.-Thos. Davies, mingham.- Petition dated April 5. EDMŮND WHITTENBURY ROBINSON, Liverpool, Glasshouse-st., Upper East Smithfield, Middlesex, licensed

Blue Anchor-yard, Rosemary-lane, London, cowkeeper, and cotton broker, (carrying on business under the firm of Joseph victualler.—John Strachan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, common Robinson & Son), April 20 and May 11 at 11, District brewer. Thos. Henderson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, draper.-Court of Bankruptcy, Liverpool: Off. Ass. Bird; Sols. Wm. Falla, Hulme, Lancashire, builder.-John Tilbury the

Lowndes & Co., Liverpool.- Petition filed March 30.
WILLIAM MICHAEL PENISTON, Yetminster, Dorset, John Bloomer and Jonathan Philipps, Sheffield, Yorkshire,

younger, Gloucester-place, New-road, Middlesex, coachmaker. shire, railway contractor, dealer and chapman, April 20 and

joiners' tool manufacturers. May 11 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzel; Sols. Stogdon, Exeter; Messrs. Linklater,

PETITIONS ANNULLED. Sise-lane, London.-Petition filed April 5.

Josiah Bradwell, Manchester, butcher.- William ShuttleSAMUEL SHARP and WILLIAM LEAF MIDDLE. worth, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, licensed victualler

TON, Leeds, Yorkshire, printers, lithographers, and stone and innkeeper.
merchants, April 25 at 11,
and May 30 at 12, District Court

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. of Bankruptcy, Leeds : Off. Ass. Hope; Sols. Payne &

John Williams, Edward Helt, and Joseph Bowman, of Gre. Co., Leeds.-Petition dated April 6.

sham-st., London, and late of Verulam-buildings, Gray's-inn, THOMAS FLINTOFF, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northum. Middlesex, attornies, solicitors, and conveyancers, carrying on

berland, commission agent and mustard manufacturer, dealer business at Gresham-street aforesaid, (so far as concerns John and chapman, April 11 at 12, and May 23 at 1, District Williams). Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Off. Ass.

Wakley; Sols. Hodge & Harle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; John Dunn, Glasgow, cabinet maker.-W. Nairne & Son,
Toulmin, Liverpool. ---Petition filed March 24.

Perth, flax spinners.

Benjamin Miller, Landport, Portsea, Southampton, mercer,
May 2 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London,

aud. ac. and div? Who have fled their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, -H. E. Wethered, Churton-st., Pimlico, Middlesex, linen.

and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from

Process. draper, May 2 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac. and div.-R. Cleasby, Eccles, Lancashire, builder, Augustus Meymott Wiele, Pembroke, April 24 at 10, April 21 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, County Court of Pembrokeshire, at Pembroke. Thos. Ed. aud. ac. ; April 28 at 12, div.-George Pearson, Birkenhead, mondson, Greystock, Cumberland, tea dealer, April 27 at 10, Cheshire, grocer, April 19 at 11, District Court of Bank County Court of Cumberland, at Keswick.- Oliver Newey, ruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.- - Thomas Clubbe, Chester, ale Dudley, Worcestershire, clerk at an iron work, April 28 at 9, and porter brewer, April 20 at 11, District Court of Bank. County Court of Worcestershire, at Dudley.- Alez. Seyes, ruptcy, Liverpool, aud. ac.-John Mansfield, Lyme Regis, Holly Hall, near Dudley, Worcestershire, grocer, April 28 Dorsetshire, ship_builder, April 25 at 1, District Court at 9, County Court of Worcestershire, at Dudley.--Thomas of Bankruptcy, Exeter, aud. ac. ; May 10 at 1, div.- Baxter, Chester, lay clerk in the cathedral church, April 12 John August and William August, Norwich, builders, at 10, County Court of Cheshire, at Chester Castle. - William April 28 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div. Richard Fleming, Si. Lawrence, Isle of Thanet, Kent, baker, Edmund Speitigue and George Farrance, Chancery-lane, April 11 at 10, County Court of Kent, at Ramsgate.-Stephen Middlesex, booksellers, April 28 at balf-past 12, Court of Dowland, Ramsgate, Kent, stonemason, April 11 at 10, Bankruptcy, London, div.-John Smith and James Smith, County Court of Kent, at Ramsgate.-J. Foat the younger, Brighton, Sussex, and King-street, Snow-hill, London, sta- Ramsgate, Kent, out of business, April 11 at 10, County tioners, April 28 at half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon. Court of Kent, at Ramsgate.--Henry Johnson, Beccles, Suf. don, div.-Thomas Pye, Manor-street, Chelsea, Middleser, folk, carrier, April 19 at 10, County Court of Suffolk, at sawyer, April 28 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div. Beccles.-Cephas Wm. Clarke, Lowestoft, Suffolk, general -Thos. Nixon Kerr, Biggleswade, and Holme Mills, South dealer, April 19 at 2, County Court of Suffolk, at Lowestoft. hill, Bedfordshire, miller, April 28 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, - Fenning Brook, Woolpit, Suffolk, licensed victualler, April London, div.- John Robert Taylor, Chancery-lane ; 'Red 22 at 12, County Court of Suffolk, at Stowmarket.-William Lion-square ; and Cannon-row, Westminster, Middlesex, sta- Mayes Hartridge, Woodbridge, Suffolk, out of business, April tioner, April 29 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon. 21 at 2, County Court of Suffolk, at Woodbridge.-Thomas don, div.-Wm. James Buck, Shrubland Cottages, Queen's Dosser, Hollesley, Suffolk, grocer, April 21 at 2, County row, Dalston, Middlesex, dealer and chapman, May 1 at 1, Court of Suffolk, at Woodbridge.-John Eagle Nanson, Bury Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-Ann Crawford, War St. Edmunds, Suffolk, baker, April 24 at 10, County Court of den, Northumberland, paper manufacturer, April 28 at 11, Suffolk, at Bury St. Edmunds.-Wm. Browning, Marsham, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, first and Kent, farmer, April 17 at 10, County Court of Kent, at Ashfin. div.-Hodgson Lewis and James Hervey, Halifax, York. ford.—John Greensill, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, in no shire, spirit merchants, April 28 at 11, District Court of business, April 25 at 9, County Court of Staffordshire, at Bankruptcy, Leeds, div. joint est. and sep. ests.-Anthony W. Wolverhampton. J. Cavalier, Attercliffe, near Sheffield, Yorkshire, sugar refiner, April 29. at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Sheffield, The following Persons, who, on their several Petitions filed in div. - John Clifford Cullun, Bromyard, Herefordshire, grocer,

the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection April 29 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham,

from Process, are required to appear in Court as herein. aud. ac.; May 1 at 10, div.

afler mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, CERTITICATES.

Lincoln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or

according to the Statute:before the Day of Meeting.

April 21 at 10, before the CAIET COMMISSIONER. Henry Erskine Wethered, Charton-st., Pimlico, Middle. Wm. Purser, Gray-street, Duke-street, Manchester-square,


Middlesex, stay cleaner.-William Wills, Hyde-street, New Burnand, Petersfield, grocer.-Henry Smith, Portsea, builder. Oxford-street, Middlesex, carver.-Henry G. Walker, White. -Thomas G. Thorpe, Shirley, manager of brick works at chapel-road, Middlesex, tobacconist.-Wm. Robertson, Vere- Stoneham. street, Oxford-street, Middlesex, waiter.

At the County Court of Yorkshire, at YORK, April 24. April 22 at 10, before the Chier COMMISSIONER. Levi Haigh, Blakeley, near Elland, out of business.--R. Thomas Marks, New-street, Dorset-square, Marylebone, Greaves, Spofforth, near Wetherby, usher at Redhill Academy. Middlesex, baker.-James Drake, Daggenbam, Essex, farm - Joseph Benton, York, out of business.-William Bellamy, labourer. - Isaac Israel, Middlesex-street, Whitechapel, Mid- Sheffield, out of business.-Richard Kent, Leeds, dealer in dlesex, retailer of milk.-Wm. Edmonds, Kingston, Surrey, milk.—John Spink, Goole, joiner.—Jonathan Hainsworth, schoolmaster.-R. Edmonds, Kingston, Surrey, schoolmaster. Halifax, warp dresser.-Joseph Dyson, Manningham, near

Bradford, stonemason.--Samuel Watson, York, out of busi. April 24 at 11, before the Chier COMMISSIONER.

:- James Gilchrist, York, out of business.- Isaac Calam, John James, Dover-road, Newington, Surrey, shopman to a Belby, near Howden, out of business.-Radcliffe Royston, cheesemonger. Charles Brock, Waverley-road, Harrow.road, Lindley, near Huddersfield, joiner.-Ely Smith, Greetland, Paddington, Middlesex, butcher.—Daniel Williams, Mount. neat Halifax, woollen cloth manufacturer.-James Raistrick, pleasant, Brixton-bill

, Surrey, corn dealer. Charles Coote, Horton, Bradford, tailor. - Thomas Walton, Manningham, Ebenezer.cottages, Alpha-st., Park-road, Peck bam, Surrey, near Bradford, commission agent.-Joseph Longbottom, Leeds, shopman to a furniture dealer. -Robert Young, Bromley, out of business.-Henry Šick, York, and Westgate, Hud. Middlesex, out of employment.

dersfield, out of business. - Robert Hemingway, Deepcar, The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before near Sheffield, farmer.-Charles W. Saville, Sheffield, out

the Court, in Portugal-street, to be examined and dealt of business.-Wm. Eastwood, Kirkheaton, near Huddersfield, with according to the Statute:

out of business.-Won. Wigglesworth, Bradford, hairdresser. April 21 at 10, before the Chief CoMMISSIONER. Henry Crur, Farringdon-street, London, out of employ.

TUESDAY, APRIL 11. George Morton, New Oxford-street, Middlesex, assurance agent.—John Kirkpatrick, Susses-place, Rotherfield-street,

BANKRUPTS. Lower-road, Islington, Middlesex, out of business.-- James HENRY JESSE, Basingstoke, Southampton, corn factor, Bonny, Reigate, Surrey, out of business.-- John Newman, dealer and chapman, April 25 at 2, and May 23 at 12, Farnham, Surrey, furniture dealer.

Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Stansfeld ; Sols. April 21 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS.

Lamb & Co., Basingstoke; Johnson & Co., 7, King's John Rees R. Richards, Lewisham, Kent, schoolmaster.- THOMAS BISHOP and WILLIAM BISHOP, White

Bench-walk, Temple.--Petition filed April 7. Henry Marks, Gee-street, Somers-town, Middlesex, inilkman. - Robert Powell, Old Bond-street, Piccadilly, Middlesex,

Lion-street, Bishopsgate, Middlesex, builders, dealers and tailor.—John Hains, Albany-road, Old Kent-road, Surrey,

chapmen, April 19 at 2, and May 23 at 1, Court of Bank. out of business.

ruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Grabam; Sol. Wetherfield, Adjourned Hearing.

Basinghall-street.-Petition dated April 1.

EDWARD BIVEN, King William-st., City, London, watchAlgernon S. Sparke, Dean-street, Fetter-lane, London,

maker, jeweller, dealer and chapman, April 20 at 2, and tailor.

May 18 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, Londoa : Off. Ass. Bell ; April 21 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. Sol. Matthews, 2, Arthur-street West, London-bridge. Charles Wickhan, Ifield-terrace, Larkhall-lane, Stockwell, Petition filed April 8. Surrey, milkman.- James Wrench, Whittlebury-st., Euston- EDWARD CARTER, Murray.street, Hoxton, Middlesex, square, St. Pancras, Middlesex, cabriolet proprietor.-Charles builder, dealer and chapman, April 21 at half-past 11, and Pritchard, East-place, Walcot-place, Lambeth, Surrey, May 23 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. plumber.—Samuel Clark, Oval-cottages, Hackney-road, Mid- Johnson ; Sol. Brown, 21, filed dleses, out of business.- Barnett Nathan, Ratcliffe-highway,

April 6. Middlesex, oilman.

WILLIAM JOHN WARD, Folkstone, Kent, innkeeper, April 22 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS.

dealer and chapman, April 22 and May 26 at 1, Court of

Bankruptcy, London : "Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Jones, James W. Cole, East-street, Red Lion-square, Middlesex,

Quality-court, Chancery-lane, London. Petition filed civil engineer.-Joseph Steele, Dame-street, Islington, Mid

March 28. dlesex, out of business. — John O'Hara, Talbot-villas, St. CHARLES JAMES MATHEWS, Lyceum Theatre, Strand, Colomb's-road, Paddington, Middlesex, clerk to a builder.

Middlesex, lessee and manager of the theatre, bookseller April 22 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner MURPHY. and commission agent, April 24 and May 27 at 12, Court of Henry Lack, Queen-street, Hoxton, Middlesex, pig jobber.

Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore; Sol. Hare, 5, April 24 at 11, before the CHIEF COMMISSIONER.

South-square, Gray's-inn.-Petition filed April 7.

ALFRED GUY, Upper Rosoman-street, Clerkenwell, Mid. Martin Grimes, Newton-street, Holborn, Middlesex, out dlesex, lamp manufacturer, April 24 and May 25 at 1, of business.- Frederick Blayney, Argyll-street, New-road, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Edwards ; Sol. Middlesex, accountant.-John Henry Morgan, Metropolitan Pearce, 2, Giltspur-street, London.-Petition filed April 7. Coffee-house, City-road, Middlesex, dealer in wines.- Charles BENNETT ALFRED BURTON and HENRY MORTI. Hunt, Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, Middlesex, artist.-C. MER BURTON, John's-place, Holland-street, Southwark, Allwork, Bloomfield-street North, Dalston, Middlesex, out of Surrey, engineers, dealers and chapmen, April 19 at halfbusiness. — Samuel Arnold, Bermondsey-street, Southwark, past 12, and June 3 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, LonSurrey, baker.

don: Off. Ass. Nicholson ; Sols. Holmer & Robinson, 26, April 24 at 11, before Mr. Commissioner PAILLIPS. Bridge-street, Blackfriars.---Petition dated April 8. John Wood, Lausina-road, New Peckham, Surrey, shoe- WILLIAM EDWARDS BROOKING, St. Stephens by maker. – Thomas Salmon, Sussex-road, Coldharbour-lane, Saltash, Cornwall, coal merchant, dealer and chapman, Surrey, out of employment.-Edward Scott, Epsom, Surrey, April 24 and May 22 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, letter carrier.- Simon Jonas, Clifton-street, Finsbury, Mid- Plymouth : Off. Ass. Hirtzel ; Sols. Jeffery, Devonport; dlesex, dealer in watches.-Joseph Page, Weymouth-place,

Elworthy, Plymouth.-Petition filed April 7. New Kent-road, Surrey, accountant.


Rochdale, Lancashire, cotton spinners and manufacturers, The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before

(carrying on business under the name of James Schofield), a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt April 27 and May 25 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, with according to the Statute:

Manchester : Off. Ass. Hernaman ; Sol. Harris, Rochdale. At the County Court of Hampshire, at WINCHESTER,

- Petition filed April 7. April 21.

MEETINGS. John Voller, Landport, near Portsea, builder.-Edward John Brown, Sheffield, Yorkshire, chemist, May 27 at 10,

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