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De Ecclesiasticæ Britonum Scotorumque Historiæ Pontibus :

disseruit Carolus Guielielmus Schoell.

The History of Palestine from the Patriarchal Age to the Pre-

sent time. By John Kitto, D.D., F.S.A.

1. German Language in One Volume, containing :- 1. A Prac-


tical Grammar, with Exercises to every Rule—2. Undine :

a Tale. By De La Motte Fouqué.' With Explanatory

Notes on all difficult Words and Phrases—3. A Vocabulary

of 4,500 Words synonymous in German and English.

Fourth Edition.

2. Practice in German, adapted for Self-Instruction; containing

the First Three Chapters of “ Undine :” a Tale, by De La

Motte Fouqué. With a Literal Interlinear Translation and

Copious Notes.

3. A First German Reading-Book ; containing Das Fäubchen;

or, the Dove. A Tale for the Young. By C. Schmid.

With an Introductory Grammar, and a Vocabulary contain-

ing every Word occurring in the Text.

4. In What Manner Henry Von Eichenfels came to the Know-

ledge of God : a Tale for the Young. By C. Schmid. With

a Complete Vocabulary, and a Collection of Familiar Sen-

tences and Dialogues.

5. The Self-Instructor in German. Containing-1. Der Muth-

willige, a Comedy in Five Acts. By Frederick Von

Schiller. With á Vocabulary and Copious Explanatory


6. The Wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl. By Adelbert


7. Egmont: a Tragedy. By Goethe. The Original German

Edition. With a Cornplete Vocabulary.

The Illustrated Catalogue of the Exhibition.

The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott. One Vol.

The Whale. By Herman Melville. Three Volumes.

Views of Canada and the Colonists. By James B. Browne.

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1. Auricular Confession and Special Judicial Absolution : Exa-

mined by the Canon of Holy Scripture, and by the Ordi-

nances of the Church of these Realms. By W. Peace, Esq.

2. The History of the Confessional. By John Henry Hopkins,

D.D., Bishop of the [Protestant Episcopal Church in the

State or] Diocese of Vermont.


Examples of the Architecture of Venice. By John Ruskin. 229

Life in the Sandwich Islands; Or, the Heart of the Pacific as it

Was and Is. By the Rev. Henry T. Cheever.


The Goth and the Hun. By A. A. Paton.


A Catechism, or Institution of Christian Religion, to the learned

of all Youth, next after the Little Catechism appointed in the

Book of Common Prayer, commonly called the Second or

Middle Catechism. By Alexander Nowell, D.D., Dean of

St. Paul's, London.


History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac. By F. Parkman.


The Ansayrii and the Assassins. By Lieut. the Honourable F.

Walpole, R.N.


1. A Manual of Romish Controversy: being a Complete Refu-

tation of the Creed of Pope Pius IV. By the Rev. E. P.

Blakeney, B.A.

2. A Handbook of the Romish Controversy: being a Refutation

in Detailof the Creed of Pope Pius the Fourth on the Grounds

of Scripture and Reason. By Charles Stuart Stanford, A.M.,

Prebendary of St. Michan's.


Synopsis Papismi; or, a General View of the Papacy...... with

Confutations of Romish Errors from the Scriptures, Fathers,

Councils, &c. By Andrew Willet, D.D.


An Introductory Lecture delivered at the London Hospital

Medical School at the Commencement of the Session 1851-52.

By Patrick Fraser, M.D., Knight of the Ancient and Most

Noble Order of the Tower and Sword, Assistant Physician to

the London Hospital.


Fairy Tales; with Coloured Designs.


The Rambler in Worcestershire; or, Stray Notes on Churches

and Congregations. By John Noake.


Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China. By M. Huc.


1. The Order for the Visitation of the Sick, with a Series of

Supplemental Services founded thereon, and Generally Ex-

pressed in the Language of the Church : to which are added

the Communion of the Sick, and the Ministration of Private

Baptism of Children in Houses. By the Rev. R. French Law-

rence, M.A., Vicar of Chalgrove.

2. Lectures for the Use of Sick Persons. By the Rev. H. B.

Bacon, M.A.


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Footsteps of our Lord and His Apostles in Syria, Greece, and

Italy: a Succession of Visits to the Scenes of New Testa-

ment Narrative. By W. H. Bartlett.


The Use of Sunshine. By S. M.


The Hunchback's Chest. By the Rev. W. Wickenden, B.A. 246

Homer's Iliad ; with a Copious Vocabulary. By James Fer-

gusson, M.A., F.E.I.S.


Olympus and its Inhabitants. By Agnes Smith.


The Bible of Every Land; or a History, Critical and Philological,

of all the Versions of the Sacred Scriptures, in every Lan-

guage and Dialect into which Translations have been made ;

with Specimen Portions in their own Characters, and Ethno-

graphical Maps.


Stories and Catechisings in Illustration of the Collects.


The Monthly Packet of English Readings for the Younger

Members of the English Church.


May's Doll; where its Dress came from: a Book for Little Girls 248

A Dictionary of the French and English Language. By Gabriel



Dialogues on the Early Church 1. Rome. 2. Smyrna. 3. Car-

thaye. By Henry Hayman, M.A., Fellow of St. John's, Oxford. 248

Allerton and Dreux; or, the War of Opinion. By the Author

of a “Rhyming Chronicle."


The Weaver of Quellbrunn ; or, the Roll of Cloth.


The Advent of Charity, and other Poems. By Thomas Bailey 250

A Popular Account of Discoveries at Nineveh. By Austin

Henry Layard, Esq., D.C.L.


Post Office London Directory,


Grace Overton ; or, the Service of the Heart.


The Fair Carew; or, Husbands and Wives.


Daughter Deborah. By the Author of “The Miser's Secret." 252

The Magazine for the Young.


The Gawthorn Correspondence. The Archbishop of Canter-

bury and the Budenell Barter's “ Few Words."



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