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Sickness and sorrow, pain and death,

Are felt and feared no more.
Ő When shall I reach that happy place,

And be forever blest ?
When shall I see my Father's face,

And in Ilis bosom rest?
6 Filled with delight, my raptured soul

Can here no longer stay; Though Jordan's waves around me roll,

Fearless I'd launch away.

JERUSALEM, my happy home!


Name ever dear to me!
When shall my labors have an end,

In joy, and peace, and Thee! 2 Thy walls are made of precious stones,

Thy bulwarks diamond-square, Thy gates are all of orient pearl :

O God! if I were there !
3 O my sweet home, Jerusalem !

Thy joys when shall I see?
The King that sitteth on Thy throne

In His felicity!
4 Tby gardens, and Thy goodly walks,

Continually are green, Where grow such sweet and pleasant flow


As nowhere else are seen. 6 Right through Thy streets, with pleasing

sound, The living waters flow, And on the banks on either side,

The trees of life do grow. 6 Those trees each month vield ripened fruit;

For evermore they spring, And all the nations of the earth

To Thee their bonours bring. 7 Oh, mother dear; Jerusalem,

When shall I come to Thee?
When shall my sorrows bave an end ?

Thy joys when shall I see?

IIYMN 273. P. M. DAY

AY of wrath ! that day of mourning!

See fulfilled the prophet's warning, Heaven and earth in ashes burning ! 2 Oh, what fear man's bosom rendeth,

When from heaven the Judge descendetb,

On whose sentence all dependeth ! 3 Lo! the trumpet's wondrous swelling

Peals through each sepulchral dwelling,

All before the Throne compelling. 4 Death is struck, and nature quaking,

All creation is awaking,

To its Judge an answer making. Ő Lo, the book, exactly worded,

Wherein all hath been recorded ;

Thence shall justice be awarded. 6 When the Judge His seat attaineth,

And each hidden deed arraigneth,

Nothing unavenged remaineth. :7 What shall I, frail man, be pleading ?

Who for me be interceding,

When the just are mercy needing ? 8 King of majesty tremendous,

Who dost free salvation send us,

Fount of pity! then befriend us ! 9 Think, kind Jesus, my salration

Cost Thy wondrous Incarnation ;

Leave me not to reprobation! 10 Faint and weary Thou hast sought me,

On the cross of suffering bought me;

Shall such grace in vain be brought me ? 11 Righteous Judge! for sin's pollution

Grant Thy gift of absolution,

Ere that day of retribution.
12 Guilty, now I pour my moaning,

All my shame with anguish owning;
Spare, O God, Thy suppliant groaning i

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a eye To Canaan's fair and happy land,

Where my possessions lie.
2 Oh, the transporting, rapturous scene,

That rises to my sight!
Sweet fields arrayed in living green,

And rivers of delight!
3 O'er all those wide, extended plains

Sbines one eternal day;
There God the Son forever reigns,

And scatters night away. 4 No chilling winds, nor poisonous breath, Can reach that healthful shore;

IIYUN 275.


13 Thou the harlot gav'st remission,

Heard'st the dying thief's petition;

Hopeless eise were my condition. 14 Worthless are my prayers and sighing,

Yet, good Lord, in grace complying,
Rescue me from fires undying !

15 With Thy favoured sheep, oh, place me!

Vor among the goats abase me;

But to Thy right hand upraise me. 16 While the wicked are confounded,

Doomed to flames of woc unbounded,

Call me, with Thy saints surrounded. 17 Bow my heart in meek submission,

Strewn with asbes of contrition ;

IIelp me in my last condition. 18 Day of sorrows, day of weeping,

When in dust no longer sleeping,

Jan awakes in Thy dread keeping ! 19 To the rest Thou did:t prepare him

By Thy Cross, O Christ, upbear him;
Spare, O God, in mercy spare him.

RIEF life is here our portion,

Brief sorrow, short-lived care;
The life that knows no ending,

The tearless life is there.
Oh, happy retribution !

Short toil, eternal rest;
For mortals and for sinners,

A mansion with the blest. 2 And now we fight the battle,

But then shall wear the crown
Of full and everlasting

And passionless renown.
The morning shall anaken,

The shadows pass away,
And each true-hearted servant

Shall shine as doth the day.
3 Oh, sweet and blessed country!

The home of God's elect;
Oh, sweet and blessed country,

That eager hcarts espect !
Jesus, in mercy bring us

To that dear land of rest;
Who art with God, the Father,

And Spirit, ever blest,


IIYUN 274.

Le nors Thion King Eternal

ET me not, Thou King Eternal,

Enter hell's domain infernal !
Where is grieving, where is sadness,
Where is sorrow, where is madness,
Where despair is ever sighing,
Where the worm is never dying,
Where the shameless are astounded,

Where the guilty are confounded. 2 Vc, may Zion welcome, saved ;

Tranquil city, seat of David ;
God its builder, lig!ıt immortal ;
Orient pearl each blazing portal ;
Crystal gold its streets; the nation
Of the blest its population;
Living rock the walls that bound it,

Christ the guard that dwells around it. 3 With what joyous gratulations

Throny Thy gates the festive nations ! What the warmth of their embracing ! What the gems Thy walls enchasing ! Through that city's streets are wending, Holy throngs their anthems blending; There may 1, with inyriads glorious, Chant Thy praise in psalms victorious !

HYSIN 276.

, ! With milk and honey blest; Beneath thy contemplation

Sink heart and voice opprest.
I know not, oli! I know not

What joys await me there;
What radiancy of glory,

Wbat bliss beyond comparc. 2 They stan:1, those halls of Zion,

All jubilant with song,
And bright with many an angel,

And all the martyr throng.
There is the throne of David,

And there, from toil released,
The shout of them that triu.npli,

The song of them that feast. 3 And they, who with their Leader,

Ilave conquerel in the fight;
Forever, and forever,

Are clad in robes of white.
Oh, land that seest no sorrow !

Oh, state that fear'st no strife!
Oh, royal land of flowers !

Oh, realm and home of life! 4 Oh, sweet and blessed country! The home of God's elect!.

Oh, sweet and blessed country,

That eager hearts expect ! Jesus, in mercy bring us

To that dear land of rest; Who art, with God the Father,

And Spirit, ever blest.

HYMN 277.

2 Oh one, oh only mansion !

Oh Paradise of joy!
Where tears are ever banished,

And smiles have no alloy ;
Thou hast no shores, fair ocean !

Thou hast no time, bright day ! Dear fountain of refreshment

To pilgrims far away.
3 Oh, sweet and blessed countrs,

The home of God's elect!
Oh, sweet and blessed country,

That eager bearts expect !
Jesus, in mercy bring us

To that dear land of rest;
Who art, with God the Father,

And Spirit, ever blest.

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Abide with me! fast falls the eventide Jesus Christ is risen to-clay. Old English. 233

Lyte. 264 ' Jesus, let Tlıy pitying eye.. Wesley. 226
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed. Watts. 228 , Jesus, the very thought of Thee
All hail the power of Jesus' name

St. Bernard, 253
Duncan. 258 Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness,
Asleep in Jesus ! blessed sleep. Vackay. 269

Zinzendorf. 252
Awake, my soul, to joyful lays.. lleilley. 257 Just as I am-without one plea.. Elliott. 230
Before the Lord we bow..


Key. 242 Let me not, Thou King Eternal. Ancient. 274
Blow ye the trumpet, blow. Wesley. 213 Lord God, the IIoly Ghost. Montgomery. 237
Bread of the world, in mercy broken Lord, Thý glory tills the heaven
Kchle, 245

Ancient. 256
Brief life is here our portion...

Brightest and best of the sons of the

My dear Redeemer and my Lord.... 227
Ileber. 225 My faith looks up to Thee.

By cool Siloam's shady rill. .IIeber. 246 My God, accept my heart this day

Inknown. 244
Come let us join our friends above

My God, I love Thee, not because
Wesley. 216

Xavicr. 254
Conie, my soul, thy suit prepare

My Saviour as Thou wilt..... . Schmolck. 263

Newton. 243
Creator Spirit! by whose aid... Dryden. 236 Nearer, my God, to Thec... 1dams, 207

Now gird your patient loins again
Day of wrath! that day of mourning

Croswell, 220
Ancient. 253
Depth of mercy! can there be.. Wesley. 249 Oh! for a heart to praise my God

Iesley. 260
Far from the world, () Lord, I'd flee

Oh, sacred head, now wounded

Gerhardt. 231
Cowper. 266

O Lord, my best desire fulfil....louper. 202
For ever here my rest shall be.. Il’esley. 251
For ever with the Lord..... Jlontgomery. 270

O Lord, Thy sign shall be

Bp. Doane. 221
For thee, oh dear, dear country.Ancient. 277
Forth in 'Thy naine, O Lord, we go

On Jordan's stormy banks I stand

Stennet, 272
Tresley. 205
Glorious things of thee are spoken

See IIe coincs ! whom every nation..... 219

Neuton. 215 Spirit of Truth ! on this Thy day. Ileber. 235
Go to dark Gethsemane. ... Montgomery. 230 Sun of my soul! Thou Saviour dear
Great God, as seasons disappear

Keble. 265
Unknown. 241

The atoning work is done.... Unknown. 232
Hail the day that sees Ilim rise. Jailan. 234 The Son of God goes forth to war. IIcher. 217
Hail, Thou once despised Jesus

The strain praise of joy and praise..... 259

Bakewell. 229 There is a fold whence none can stray
Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding..... 218

East. 261
Ilurk! what mean those holy voices

There is a fountain filled with blood
Cawood. 223

Couper. 214
Holy Father, great Creator

Thou art gone to the grave, but we will
Bp. Griswold. 239 not deplore thee....

. Ileber. 247
IIosanna to the living God.......lleber. 222 Thou, whose Almighty word.. Jarriott. 210
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

Newton, 255
Where high the heavenly teniple stands

Loyan, 235
Jerusalem iny happy home...Unknown. 271 While with ceaseless course the sun
Jerusalem the golden...


Veuton. 224

Once more,




Table of Contents.

The Ratification of the Book of Common Prayer.
The Preface..
The Order how the Psalter is appointed to be read...
The Order how the rest of the Holy Scripture is appointed to be read.
Tables of Lessons of Holy Scripture, to be read at Morning and Evening
Prayer throughout the Year.

The Calendar
Tables and Rules for the Moveable and Immoveable Feasts, together with

the Days of Fasting and Abstinence throughout the Year
Tables for finding the Holydays..
The Order for Daily Morning Prayer.
The Order for Daily Evening Prayer.

The Litany, or General Sapplication, to be used after Morning Service on
Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays..

Prayers and Thanksgivings upon several Occasions, to be used before the two
final Prayers of Morning and Evening Service...

The Collects, Epistles, and Gospels, to be used throughout the Year....... 37
The Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion 189
The Ministration of Public Baptism of Infants, to be used in the Church. 204
The Ministration of Private Baptism of Children, in Houses ...,

The Vinistration of Baptism to such as are of Riper years, and able to an-
swer for themselves.

1 Catechism; that is to say, an Instruction to be learned by every person
before he be brouglıt to be confirmed by the Bishop.

The Order of Confirmation, or Laying on of Ilands upon those that are bap-

tized, and come to years of Discretion.
The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony.

The Order for the Visitation of the Sick..

The Communion of the Sick.....

The Order for the Burial of the Dead.

The Thanksgiving of Women after Child-birth, commonly called, The
Churching of Women..

Forms of Prayer to be used at Sea..

A Forin of Prayer for the Visitation of Prisoners.

A Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for the Fruits of the
Earth, and all the other Blessings of his merciful Providence..

Forms of Prayer to be used in Families...

Selections of Psalms, to be used instead of the Psalms of the Day, at the dis.
cretion of the Minister.

The Psalter, or Psalıns of David.

Articles of Religion....

The Form and Manner of Making, Ordaining, and Consecrating Bishops,
Priests, and Deacons.

The Litany and Suffrages.

The Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion, 450
The Form of Consecration of a Church or Clapel...

An Olice of Institution of Ministers into Parislies or Churches.



Selections from the Psalms of David, in Metre..
Table of First Lines of Psalms.
Table of Subjects of Psalms.
Ilymns suited to the Feasts and Fasts of the Church.
Gloria Patri...
Table of First Lines of llymns..
Table to find lymns suited to particular Subjects, et...
Additional llymns.


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