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5 Appease the Son with due respect,

Your timely homage pay:
Lest he revenge the bold neglect,

Incensed by your delay.
6 If but in part his anger rise,

Who can endure the flame! Then blest are they, whose hope relies

On his most holy Name.


From the i. Psalm of David
COW blest is he, who ne'er consents

By ill advice to walk,
Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits

Where men profanely talk;
2 But makes the perfect law of God

His business and delight; Devoutly reads therein by day,

And meditates by night. 3 Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams,

With timely fruit does bend,
He still shall flourish, and success

All his designs attend.
4 Ungodly men, and their attempts,

No lasting root shall find; Untimely blasted, and dispersed

Like chaff before the wind.


From the iii, Psalm of David

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VIOU, gracious God, art my defence;

On thee my hopes rely: Thou art my glory, and shalt yet

Lift up my head on high.
2 Since whensoe'er, in my distress,

To God I made my prayer,
He heard me from his holy hill ;

Why should I now despair ?
3 Guarded by him, I lay me down

My sweet repose to take ;
For I through him securely sleep,

Through him in safety wake. 4 Salvation to the Lord belongs;

IIe only can defend ;
His blessing he extends to all

That on his power depend.

5 Their guilt shall strike the wicked dumb

Before their Judge's face: No formal hypocrite shall then

Among the saints have place. 6 For God approves the just man's ways;

To happiness they tend :
But sinners, and the paths they tread,

Shall both in ruin end.



From the il. Psalm of David.
VHUS God declares his sovereign will :

“ The King that I ordain, Whose throne is fix'd on Sion's hill,

Shall there securely reign.” 2 Attend, 0 earth, whilst I declare

God's uncontroll'd decree : “Thou art my Son, this day my lieir

Have I begotten thee. 3 “ Ask, and receive thy full demands;

Thine shall the heathen be; The utmost limits of the lands

Shall be possessed by thee.” 4 Learn then, ye princes ; and give ear,

Ye judges of the earth;
Worship the Lord with holy fear;

Rejoice with awful mirth.


From the iv. Pealm of David. YOXSIDER that the righteous man

Is God's peculiar choice; And when to him I make my prayer,

He always hears my voice. 2 Then stand in awe of his commands,

Flee every thing that's ill; Commune in private with your hearts,

And bend them to his will.

3 The sacrifice of righteousness

Present to God on high ;
And let your hope, securely fix’d,

On him alone rely. 4 While worldly minds impatient grow

More prosperous times to see,
Still let the glories of thy face
Shine brightly, Lord, on me.

Thou wilt fulfil thy promised word,

And grant me all my prayer.


5 So shall my heart o'erflow with joy,

More lasting and more true Than theirs, who stores of corn and wine

Successively renew. 6 Then down in peace I'll lay my head, And take


needful rest; No other guard, O Lord, I crave,

Of thy defence possess'd.

From the viii, Psalm of David.




From the v. Psalm of David.
EGARD my words, O gracious Lord,

Accept my secret prayer;
To thee alone, my King, my God,

Will I for help repair. 2 Thou in the morn my voice shalt hear,

And, with the dawning day,
To thee devoutly I'll look up,

To thee devoutly pray.
3 Lord, I within thy house will come,

In thy abundant grace;
And I will worship in thy fear,

Tow'rd thy most holy place.
+ Lct those, O Lord, who trust in thoe,

With shouts their joy proclaim ;
Let them rejoice whom thou preservist,

And all that love thy Name. 5 To righteous men, the righteous Lord

His blessing will extend;
And with his favour all his saints,

As with a shield, defend.

THOU, to whom all creatures bow

Within this earthly frame, Through all the world how great art thou

How glorious is thy Name !
2 In heaven thy wondrous acts are sung,

Nor fully reckon'd there;
And yet thou mak'st the infant tongue

Thy boundless praise declare. 3 When heaven, thy beauteous work on high

Employs my wondering sight;
The moon, that nightly rules the sky,

With stars of feebler light;
4 0, what is man, that, Lord, thou lov'st

To keep him in thy mind ?
Or what his offspring, that thou provost

To them so wondrous kind ?

5 IIim nest in power thou did create

To thy celestial train ;
Ordain'd with dignity and state

O'er all thy works to reign. 6 They jointly own his powerful sway;

The beasts that prey or graze ;
The bird that wings its airy way;

The fish that cuts the seas.


From the vi. Psalm of David.

7 0 Thou, to whom all creatures bow

Within this earthly frame, Through all the world how great art thou

How glorious is thy Name!

IN mercy, not in wrath,


From the ix. Psalm of David.

To colebrate thy praise, O Lord,


Rebuke me, gracious God ! Lest, if thy whole displeasure riso,

I sink beneath thy rod. 2 Touch'd by thy quickening power,

My load of guilt I feel; The wounds thy Spirit hath unclosed,

O let that Spirit heal. 3 In trouble and in gloom,

Must I for ever mourn? And wilt thou not, nt length, O God,

In pitying lovo return ? 4 O come, ere life expire,

Send down thy power to save; For who shall sing thy Name in death,

Or praise thee in the grave ? 5 Why should I doubt thy grace, Or yield to dread despair ?

I will my heart prepare ;
To all the listening world thy works,

Thy wondrous works, declare.
2 The thought of them shall to my soul

Exalted pleasure bring ; Whilst to thy Name, O thou Most High.

Triumphant praise I sing.

3 The Lord for ever lives, who has

Ilis righteous throne prepared, Impartial justice to dispense,

To punish or reward.

4 All those who have his goodness proved,

Will in his truth confide;

None took religion for their guide,

Not one of all the sinful race.

Whose mercy ne'er forsook the man

That on his help relied. 5 Sing praises therefore to the Lord,

From Sion, his abode ;
Proclaim his deeds, till all the world

Confess no other God,

3 How will they tremble then for fear,

When his just wrath shall them o’ertake ! For to the righteous God is near,

And never will their cause forsake. 4 Oh, that from Sion he'd employ

His might, and burst th' oppressive band ! Then shouts of universal joy

Should loudly echo through the land.

The Lord a holy temple hath,


From the ai. Psalm of David. HE

And righteous throne, above; Whence he surveys the sons of men,

And how their counsels move.

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From the 1s. Psalm of David.
ORD, who's the happy man that may

To thy blest courts repair,
Not, stranger-like, to visit them,

But to inhabit there?
2 'Tis he who walketh uprightly,

Whom righteousness directs;
Whose generous tongue disdains to speak

The thing his heart rejects.
3 Who never did a slander forge,

His neighbour's fame to wound; Nor hearken to a false report

By malice whisper'd round. 4 Who vice, in all its pomp and power,

Cau treat with just neglect; And piety, though clothed in rags,

Religiously respect.
5 Who to his plighted vows and trust

Has ever firmly stood ;
And, though he promise to his loss,

He makes his promise good. 6 Whose soul in usury disdains

His treasure to employ ;
Whom no rewards can ever bribe

The guiltless to destroy.
7 The man, who by this righteous course

Has happiness insured, When earth's foundation shakes, shall stand,

By Providence secured.

HOW long wilt thou

forget me, Lord ?

Must I for ever mourn ?
How long wilt thou withdraw from me,

Oh! never to return ?
2 O hear, and to my longing eyes

Restore thy wonted light;
Dawn on my spirit, lest I sleep

In deatlı’s most gloomy night.
3 Since I have always placed my trust

Beneath thy mercy's wing,
Thy saving health will come; and then

My heart with joy shall spring. 4 Then shall my song, with praise inspired,

To thee, my God, ascend;
Who to thy servant in distress
Such bounty didst extend.

From the xiv. Psalm of David.
VIIE Lord look'd down from heaven's higii

And all the sons of men did view,
To see if any own'd his power,

If any truth or justice knew;
2 But all, he saw, were gone aside,

All were degenerate grown, and basc;

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From the xvi. Psalm of David.
Y grateful soul shall bless the Lord,

Whose precepts give me light;
And private counsel still afford

In sorrow's dismal night.
2 I strive each action to approve

To his all-seeing eye ;
No danger shall my hopes remove,
Because he still is nigh.


3 Therefore my heart all grief defies,

My glory does rejoice;
My flesh shall rest, in hope to rise,

Waked by his powerful voice. 4 'Trou, Lord, when I resign my breath,

My soul fr m hell shalt free;
Vor let thy Holy One in death

The least corruption see.
Ő Thou shalt the paths of life display,

Which to thy presence lead;
Where pleasures dwell without allay,

And joys that never fade.


From the xviii. Psalm of David.


No change of time shall ever shock

My firm affection, Lord, to thee; For thou hast always been my rock,

A fortress and defence to me. 2 Thou my deliverer art, my God ;

My trust is in thy mighty power:
Thou art my shield from foes abroad,

At home my safeguard and my tower. 3 To thee I will address my prayer,

To whom all praise we justly owe ;
So shall I, by thy watchful care,
Be guarded safe from every foe.

PART II. L. M. 1 Thou suit'st, O Lord, thy righteous ways

To various paths of human kind;
They who for mercy merit praise,

With thee shall wondrous mercy find. 2 Thou to the just shalt justice slow;

The pure thy purity shall see :
Such as perversely choose to go,

Shall meet with due returns from thee. 3 That he the humble soul will save,

And crush the haughty's boasted might, In me the Lord an instance gave,

Whose darkness he has turn d to light. 4 Who then deserves to be adored,

But God, on whom my hopes depend ? Or who, except the mighty Lord,

Can with resistless power defend ? 5 Let the eternal Lord be praised,

The rock on whose defence I rest! To highest heavens his Name be raised,

Who me with his salvation bless'd! 6 My God, to celebrate thy fame,

My grateful voice to heaven I'll raise ; And nations, strangers to thy Name, Shall learn to sing thy glorious praise.

From the xix. Psalm of David.

THE heavens declare thy glory, Lord,

hich that alone can fill;
The firmament and stars express

Their great Creator's skill.
2 The dawn of euch returning day

Fresh beams of knowledge brings ;
And from the dark returns of night

Divine instruction springs.
3 Their powerful language to no realm

Or region is confined ;
'Tis nature's voice, and understood

Alike by all mankind.
4 Their doctrine does its sacred sense

Through earth's extent display;
Its bright contents the circling sun

Does round the world convey.
5 From east to west, from west to east,

Ilis ceaseless course he goes;
And, through his progress, cheerful light
Aud vital warmth bestows.

1 Gou's perfect law converts the soul,

Reclaims from false desires;
With sacred wisdom his sure word

The ignorant inspires.
2 The statutes of the Lord are just,

And bring sincere delight;
Ilis pure commands, in search of truth,

Assist the feeblest sight.
3 Ilis perfect worship here is fix'd,

On sure foundations laid;
Ilis equal laws are in the scales

Of truth and justice weigh'd;
4 of more esteem than golden mines,

Or gold refined with skill;
More sweet than honey, or the drops

That from the comb distil,
5 My trusty counsellors they are,

And friendly warnings give :
Divine rewards attend on those

Who by thy precopts live.
6 But what frail man observes how oft

He does from virtue fall ?
O cleanse me from my secret faults,

Thou God that know'st them all! 7 Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord,

Dominion have o'er me;
That, by thy grace preserved, I may

Tho gront transgression flee.

MAYA da chear us in distress;

8 So shall my prayer and praises be

With thy acceptance blest;
And I, secure on thy defence,
My strength and Saviour, rest.

From the xx. Pealm of David.
AY Jacob's God defend

And hear us in distress;
Our succour from his temple send,

Our cause from Sion bless! 2 May he accept our rowe,

Our sacrifice receive,
Our heart's devout request allow,

Our holy wishes give !
3 O Lord, thy saving grace

We joyfully declare ;
Our banner in thy Name we raise

66 The Lord fulfil our prayer ! ” # Now know we that the Lord

His chosen will defend;
From heaven will strength divine afford,

And will their prayer attend. 5 Some earthly succour trust,

But we in God's right hand :
Lo! while they fall, so vain their boast,

We rise, and upright stand. 6 Still save us, Lord; and still

Thy servants deign to bless :
Hear, King of heaven, in times of ill,
The prayers that we address.


1 LIKE water is my life pour’d out,

My joints are out of frame;
My heart dissolves within my breast,

Like wax before the flame.
2 My strength is like a potsherd dried,

My tongue is parch'd with drought; And to the dismal shades of death

My fainting soul is brought.
3 Like dogs, to compass me, my foes

In wicked council meet;
They pierced my inoffensive hands,

They pierced my harmless feet. 4 My body's rack’d, till all my bones

Distinctly may be told;
Yet such a spectacle of woe

As pastime they behold.
5 As spoil, my garments they divide.

Lots for my vesture cast: Therefore, O leave me not, my God,

But to my succour haste.

From the xxii. Psalm of David



Y God, my God, why leav'st thou me,

When I with anguish faint ?
Oh! why so far from me removed,

And from my loud complaint ? 2 Lo! I am treated like a worm,

Like none of human birth ;
Not only by the great reviled,

But made the rabble's mirth.
3 With laughter all the gazing crowd

My agonies surveys
They shoot the lip, they shake the head,

And thus deriding say:
4 "In God he trusted, boasting oft

That he was Heaven's delight;
Let God come down to save him now,

And own his favourite."
5 Withdraw not, then, so far from me,

When trouble is so nigh ;
O send me help! thy help, on which

Alone I can rely.

1 Lord, to my brethren I'll declare

The triumphs of thy Name;
In presence of assembled saints

Thy glory thus proclaim :
2 “Ye worshippers of Jacob's God,

All you of Israel's line,
O praise the Lord, and to your praiso

Sincere obedience join.
3 Ile ne'er disdain'd on low distress

To cast a gracious eye;
Nor turn'd from misery his face,

But hears its humble cry.”
4 Thus in thy sacred courts, will I

My cheerful thanks express;
In presence of thy saints perform

The vows of my distress.
5 The meek companions of my grief

Shall find my table spread;
And all that seek the Lord shall be

With joys immortal fed.
6 Then shall the glad converted world

To God their homage pay ;
And scatter'd nations of the earth

One sovereign Lord obey. 7 'Tis his supreme prerogative

O'er all mankind to reign; 'Tis just that he should rule the world,

Who does the world sustain. 8 The rich, who are with plenty fed, His bounty must confess;

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