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6 Thy testimonies I have kept,

And constantly obey’d; Because the love I bore to them

Tly service easy made.
7 From strict observance of thy laws

I never yet withdrew;
Convinced that my most secret ways

Are open to tly view.

PART XXII. TAU. C. M. | To iny request and earnest cry

Attend, O gracious Lord ;
Inspire my heart with heavenly skill,

According to thy word.
2 Let my repeated prayer at last

Before thy tlırone appear ; According to thy plighted word,

For iny relief draw near.
3 Then shall my grateful lips return

The tribute of their praise,
When thou thy counsels last reveal'd,

And taught me thy just ways.
4 My tongue the praises of tlıy word

Shall thankfully resound;
For thy commands are right, thy laws

With truth and justice crown’d. 5 Let ihy almighty arm appear,

And bring me timely aid ;
For I tlic laws thou last ordaiu'd

WIy heart's free choice have maile. 6. My soul has waiteil long to see

Thy saving grace restored ;
Nor comfort knew, but what thy laws,

Thy heavenly laws, afford.
? Prolong my life, that I may sing

My great Restorer's praise;
Whose justice, from the depthis of woe,

My fainting soul shall raise. 3 Though like a sheep that's lost I've stray’d,

And from thy ways declined,
Do thou. O Lord, thy servant seek,

Who keeps thy laws in mind.

3 Shelter'd beneath th' Alınighty's wings,

Thou shalt securely rest,
Where neither sun nor moon shall thee

By day or night molest.
4 From common accidents of life

The Lord shall guard thee still; 'Tis even he that shall preserve

Thy soul from every ill.
5 At home, abroad, in peace, in war,

Thy God shall thee defend;
Conduct thee through life's pilgrimage,

Safe to thy journey's end.

From the cxxii. Psalın of David.
O 'TWAS a joyful sound to hear

Our tribes devoutly say, Up, Israel, to the temple haste,

And keep your festal-day!
? At Salem's courts we must appear,

With our assembled powers,
In strong and beauteous order ranged

Like her united towers.
3 'Tis thither, by divine command,

The tribes of God repair, Before his ark to celebrate

His Name with praise and prayer. 4 O, ever pray for Salem's peace;

For they shall prosp'rous be, Thou holy city of our God,

Who bear true love to thee 5 May peace within thy sacred walls

A constant guest be found ; With plenty and prosperity

Thy palaces be crown'd. 6 For my dear brethren's sake, and friends

No less than brethren dear, I'll pray-May peace in Salem's towers

A constant guest appear.
7 But most of all I'll seek thy good,

And ever wish thee well,
For Sion and the temple's sake,

Where God vouchsafes to dwell


From the cxxi. Psalın of David. To Nion?s hill I lift my eyes,

From thence expecting aid ; l'rom Sion's hill and Sion's Goil,

Who licaven and earth has made

Israel say,



From the cxxiv. Psalın of Davia.
AD not the Lorul, may

On Israel's side engaged,
The foe hind quickly swallow'd ns,

So furiously he raged 2 Had not the Lord himself vouchsafed

To check his fierce control,
The adversary's dreary flood

Had overwhelm'd our soul.

He will not let tlıy foot be moved,

Tly guardian will not sleep ; Beholil, the God who slumbers not Will favour'd Israel keep.

And grant him all his days to see

Jerusalem's success.

3 But praised be our eternal Lord,

Who left us not his prey ;
The snare is broke, his rage disarm'd,

And we again are free.
4 Secure in God's almighty name

Our confidence remains; The God who made both heaven and earth,

Of both sole monarch reigns.

WHO place on Sion's God their trust,


From the cxxv. Psalm of David.

Like Sion's rock shall stand;
Like lier immovably be fix'd

By liis almighty hand.
2 Look how the hills on every side

Jerusalem enclose; So stands the Lord around his saints,

To guard them from their foes. 3 Be good, O righteous God, to those

Who rigliteous deeds affect; The heart that innocence retains,

Let innocence protect. 4 All those who walk in crooked paths,

The Lord shall soon destroy ; Cut off tlı’ unjust, but crown the saints

With lasting peace and joy.


From the cxxx. Psalm of David.
ROM lowest depths of woe

To God I sent my cry;
Lord, hear my supplicating voice,

And graciously reply.
2 Should'st thou severely judge,

Who can their trial bear ?
But thou forgiv'st, lest we despond,

And quite renounce thy fear. 3 My soul with patience waits

For thee, the living Lord;
My hopes are on thy promise built,

Thy never-failing word. 4 My longing eyes look ont

For thy enlivening ray,
More duly than the morning watch

To spy the dawning day. 5 Let Israel trust in God,

No bounds his mercy knows; The plenteous source and spring from

Eternal succour flows:
6 Whose friendly streams to its

Supplies in want convey ;
A healing spring, a spring to cleanse

And wash our guilt away.

Froin the cxxxi. Psalm of David.
LORD, for ever at tlıy side

Let my place and portion be:
Strip me of the robe of pride,

Clothe me with humility.
2 Meekly may my soul receive

All thy Spirit hath reveal’d;
Thou hast spoken-I believe,

Though the oracle be seal'd. 3 Humble as a little chill,

Weaned from the mother's breast,
By no subtleties beguiled,

On tlıy faithful word I rest. 4 Israel! now and evermore

In the Lord Jeliovalı trust;
Iliin, in all his ways, adore,

Wise, and wonderful, and just.

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From the cxxvii. Psalm of David,
WE build with fruitless cost, unless

The Lord the pile sustain;
Unless the Lord tlie city keep,

The watchian wakes in vain. 2 In vain we rise before the day

And late to rest repair,
Allow 10 respite to our toil,

And eat the bread of care.
3 Supplies of life, with ease to them,

Ile on his saints bestows;
He crowns their labours with success,

Their nights with safe repose.

From the cxxviii. Psalm of David.
VIIE man is blest that fears the Lord,

Vor only worship pays, But keeps liis steps confined with care

'To his appointed ways.
2 He shall upon the sweet returns

Of his own labour feed;
Without dependence live, and see

His wislies all succeed. 3 Who fears the Lord shall prosper thus ;

Him Sion's (iod shall bless,


From the cxxxii. Psalm of David. O WITH due reverence let us all

; And, prostrate at his footstool fall'n, Pour out our humble prayer.


2 Arise, O Lord, and now possess

| 2 Praise him, all ye that in his house Thy constant place of rest;

Attend with constant care; Be that, not only with thy ark,

With those that to his outmost courts But with thy presence bless’d.

With humble zeal repair. 3 Clothe thou thy priests with righteousness, 3 For God his own peculiar choice Make thou ily saints rejoice;

The sons of Jacob makes; And, for thy servant David's sake,

And Israel's offspring for his own Hear thy anointed's voice.

Most valued treasure takes. 4 Fair Sion does, in God's esteem,

4 That God is great, we often have All other seats excel;

By glad experience found; His place of everlasting rest,

And seen how he, with wondrous power, Where he desires to dwell.

Above all gods is crown'd. 5 Her store il' Almighty will increase, 5 For he, with unresisted strength, Iler poor with plenty bless;

Performs his sovereign will, Her saints shall shout for joy, her priests In heaven and earth, and watery stores His saving health confess.

That earth's deep caverns fill.

6 Their just returns of thanks to God

Let grateful Israel pay ;
From the cxxxiii. Psalm of David.

Nor let anointed Aaron's race
COW vast must their advantage be,

To bless the Lord delay.
How great their pleasure prove, ✓ Their sense of his unbounded love
Who live like brethren, and consent

Let Levi's house express;
In offices of love!

And let all those who fear the Lord, 2 True love is like the precious oil,

His Name for ever bless.
Which, pour'd on Aarou's head,

8 Let all with thanks his wondrous works Ran down his bearı), and o'er his robes

In Sion's courts proclaim;
Its costly fragrance shed.

Let them in Salem, where he dwolls, 3 'Tis like refreshing dew. which does Exalt his holy Name.

On Hermon's top distil;
Or like the early drops that fall

On Sion's favour'l hill.

From the cxxxvi. Psalın of David. 4 For Sion is the chosen seat

TO God, the mighty Lord,

Your joyful thanks repeat;
Where the Almighty King

To hii due praise afford,
The promis'd blessing has orilain’d),

As good as he is great.
And life's eternal spring.

For God does prove

Our constant friend;

His boundless love
From the cxxxiv. Psalm of David.

Shall never end.
LESS God, ye servants, that attend

2 To him, whose wondrous power
Upon his solemn state ;

All other gods obey,
That in his temple's hallow'd courts

Whom earthly kings adore,
With humble reverence wait.

Your grateful homage pay. 2 Within his house lift up your hands,

For God, &c.
And bless his holy Name :

3 By his almighty hand From Sion bless thy Israel, Lorul,

Amazing works are wrought.
Who earth and heaven did'st frame.

The heavens by his command

Were to perfection brought.

For God, &c.
From the cxxxv. Psalm of David.

4 Ho spread tho ocean round

About the spacious land;
And magnify his Name;

And bade the rising ground
Let all the servants of the Lord

Above the waters stand. llis worthy praise proclaim.

For God, &c.


O PRAISE the Lord with one consent,

5 By him the heavens display

Their numerous hosts of light,
The sun to rule by day,
The moon and stars by night.

For God, &c.
6 Hle, in our depth of woes,

On us with favour thought;
And from our cruel foes
In peace and safety brought.

For God, &c.
7 He does the food supply

On which all creatures live : To God, who reigns on high, Eternal praises give.

For God will prove

Our constant friend;
His boundless love

Shall never end.

4 For God, although enthroned on high,

Does thence the poor respect;
The proud, far off, his scornful eye

Beholds with just neglect. 5 Though I with troubles am oppress'd,

Ile shall my foes disarm, Relieve my soul when most distress’d,

And keep me safe from laim.
6 The Lord, whose mercies ever last,

Shall fix my happy state;
And, mindful of his favours past,

Shall his own work complete.

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From the cxxxix. Psalm of David. THOC, Lord, by strictestscarch hast known

My rising up and lying down,
My secret thoughts are known to thee,

Known long before conceived by me. 2 Thine eye my bed and patlı surveys,

My public haunts and private ways:
Thou know'st what 'tis my lips would vent,

My yet unutter'd words' intent.
3 Surrounded by thy power I stand,

On every side I find thy hand :
O skill for human reaclı too high'

Too dazzling bright for mortal eye! 4 From thy all-seeing Spirit, Lord,

What hiding-place does earth afford ?
O where can I iliy influence shun,

Or whither from ilıy presence run ? 5 If up to heaven I take iny flight, 'Tis there thou dwell'st enthroned in

light'; If to the world unseen, my God,

There also last thou thine abode.
6 If I the morning's wings could gain,

And fly beyond the western main;
E'en there, in earılı’s remotest land,
I still should find thy guiding hand.

3 0 Salem, our once happy seat,

When I of thee forgetful prove,
Let thien my trembling land forget

The speaking strings with art to move! 4 If I to mention thee forbicar,

Perpetual silence be my doom; Or if my chiefest joy compare

With thco, Jerusalem, my home!

SELECTION 112. C. M. From the cxxxviij. Psalm of David.

WITH my whole heart, my God and 7 Or, should I try to shun thy sight

, Tly praise I will proclaim; Before the inignty I will sing,

And bless thy holy Name. 2 I'll worship at thy sacrel scat,

Au), with thy love inspired, The praises of thy truth repeat,

O’er all tlıy works admired. 3 Thion graciously inclin’ılst thine car,

When I to thee did cry; And, when my soul was press'd with fear,

Didst inward strength supply.

Beneath the sable wings of night;
One glance from thee, one piercing ray,

Would kindle darkness into day. 8 The veil of night is no disguise,

No screen from thy all-searching eyes; Tlırough inidnight shades thou findst thy

As in the blazing noon of day.
9 Thou know'st the texture of

My reins, and every vital part:
I'll praise thee, from whose hands I came
A work of such a wondrous frame

my heari,

10 Let me acknowledge too, O God,

That since this maze of life I trod,
Thy thoughts of love to me surmount

The power of numbers to recount. 11 Far sooner could I reckon o'er

The sands upon the ocean's shore;
Each moru, revising what I've done,

I find th' account but new begun. 12 Search, try, O God, my thoughts and heart,

If mischief lurk in any part;
Correct me where I go astray,
And guide me in thy perfect way.

6 Do thou, O Lord, from all my foes

Preserve and set me free;
A safe retreat, a hiding-place,

My soul implores from thee. 7 Thou art my God, thy righteous will

Instruct me to obey;
Let thy good Spirit lead and keep

My soul in thy right way.
8 0, for the sake of thy great Name,

Revive my drooping heart; For thy truth's sake, to me distress'd

Thy saving health impart.


From the cxli. Psalm of David. LORD, in thay sighi, olet my prayer

My lifted hands accepted be

As evening sacrifice. 2 From lasty language curb my tongue,

Aud let a constant guard
Still keep the portal of my lips

silence barr'd. 3 From wicked men's designs and deeds

My heart and hands restrain ;
Nor let me share their evil works,

Or their uurighteous gain.
4 Let upright men reprove my faults,

And I shall think them kind;
Like healing oil upon my head

I their reproof shall find.


From the cxliv. Psalm of David, LORD, what's in man, that thou should’st

love Of him such tender care to take? What in his offspring could thee move

Such great account of him to make ? 2 The life of man does quickly fade,

His thoughts but empty are and vain, His days are like a flying shade,

Of whose short stay no signs remain. 3 To thee, almighty King of kings,

In new-made hymns my voice I'll raise ; And instruments of many strings

Shall help me to adore and praise

Withi wary



From the cxliii. Psalm of David, LORD, hear my prayer, and to my cry

Thy wonted andience lend;
In thy accustom'd faith and truth

A gracious answer send.
2 Nor at thy strict tribunal bring

Thy servant to be tried ;
For in thy sight no living man

Can c'er be justified. 3 To thee my hands in humble prayer

I fervently stretch out;
My soul for thy refreshment thirsts,

Like land oppress ‘d with drouglıt. 4 Ifear ine with speed, my spirit fails;

Thy face no longer hide,
Lest I become forlorn, like them
That in the grave

5 Tlıy kindness early let mo hear,

Whose trust on thco depends;
Teach me the way where I should go,
My soul to thico ascends.

From the cxlv. Psalm of David.

NHEE will I bless, my God and King,

Thy endless praise proclaim;
This tribute daily I will bring,

And ever bless thy Name. 2 Thou, Lord, beyond compare art great,

And highly to be praised;
Tly majesty, with boundless height,

Above our knowledge raised.
3 Renowu'd for mighty acts, thy fame

To future time extends;
From age to age thy glorious Name

Successively descends.
4. Whilst I thy glory and renown,

And wondrous works express.
The world with me thy might shall own

And tly great power confess.
5 The praise that to thy love belongs,

They shall with joy proclaim;
Tly truth of all their grateful songs

Shall be the constant theme.
6 The Lord is good; fresh acts of grace

His pity still supplies;

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