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2 But all, he saw, were gone aside,
All were degenerate grown, and base;
None took religion for their guide,
Not one of all the sinful race.

3 How will they tremble then for fear,
When his just wrath shall them o'ertake!
For to the righteous God is near,

And never will their cause forsake.

4 Oh, that from Sion he'd employ

His might, and burst th' oppressive band!
Then shouts of universal joy
Should loudly echo through the land.


From the xv. Psalm of David.

LORD, who's the happy man that may

To thy blest

Not, stranger-like, to visit them,
But to inhabit there?

2 'Tis he who walketh uprightly,
Whom righteousness directs;
Whose generous tongue disdains to speak
The thing his heart rejects.

3 Who never did a slander forge,
His neighbour's fame to wound;
Nor hearken to a false report
By malice whispered round.

4 Who vice, in all its pomp and power,
Can treat with just neglect;
And piety, though clothed in rags,
Religiously respect.

5 Who to his plighted vows and trust
Has ever firmly stood;

And, though he promise to his loss,
He makes his promise good.

6 Whose soul in usury disdains
His treasure to employ ;

Whom no rewards can ever bribe
The guiltless to destroy.

7 The man, who by this righteous course
Has happiness insured,

When earth's foundation shakes, shall stand,

By Providence secured.

From the xvi. Psalm of David.

MY grateful soul shall bless the Lord,

precepts give me

And private counsel still afford
In sorrow's dismal night.

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4 Thou, Lord, when I resign my breath,
My soul from hell shalt free;
Nor let thy Holy One in death
The least corruption see.

5 Thou shalt the paths of life display,
Which to thy presence lead;
Where pleasures dwell without allay,
And joys that never fade.


From the xviii. Psalm of David.

N° to thee;

change of time shall ever shock

For thou hast always been my rock,
A fortress and defence to me.

2 Thou my deliverer art, my God;

My trust is in thy mighty power: Thou art my shield from foes abroad,

At home my safeguard and my tower. 3 To thee I will address my prayer,

To whom all praise we justly owe;
So shall I, by thy watchful care,
Be guarded safe from every foe.


1 THOU suit'st, O Lord, thy righteous ways
To various paths of human kind;
They who for mercy merit praise,

With thee shall wondrous mercy find.

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2 Thou to the just shalt justice show; The pure thy purity shall see: Such as perversely choose to go,

Shall meet with due returns from thee. 3 That he the humble soul will save,

And crush the haughty's boasted might, In me the Lord an instance gave,

Whose darkness he has turn'd to light. 4 Who then deserves to be adored,

But God, on whom my hopes depend? Or who, except the mighty Lord,

Can with resistless power defend? 5 Let the eternal Lord be praised,

The rock on whose defence I rest!
To highest heavens his Name be raised,
Who me with his salvation bless'd!

5 My God, to celebrate thy fame,

My grateful voice to heaven I'll raise; And nations, strangers to thy Name, Shall learn to sing thy glorious praise.


From the xix. Psalm of David.


THE heavens declare thy glory, Lord,
Which that alone can fill;
The firmament and stars express
Their great Creator's skill.

2 The dawn of each returning day
Fresh beams of knowledge brings
And from the dark returns of night
Divine instruction springs.

3 Their powerful language to no realm Or region is confined;

'Tis nature's voice, and understood Alike by all mankind.

4 Their doctrine does its sacred sense
Through earth's extent display;
Its bright contents the circling sun
Does round the world convey.

5 From east to west, from west to east,
His ceaseless course he goes;
And, through his progress, cheerful light
And vital warmth bestows.


1 GOD's perfect law converts the soul,
Reclaims from false desires;
With sacred wisdom his sure word
The ignorant inspires.

2 The statutes of the Lord are just, And bring sincere delight;

His pure commands, in search of truth,
Assist the feeblest sight.

3 His perfect worship here is fix'd,
On sure foundations laid;
His equal laws are in the scales
Of truth and justice weigh'd;

4 Of more esteem than golden mines,
Or gold refined with skill;
More sweet than honey, or the drops
That from the comb distil.

5 My trusty counsellors they are,
And friendly warnings give:
Divine rewards attend on those
Who by thy precepts live.

6 But what frail man observes how oft
He does from virtue fall?

O cleanse me from my secret faults,
Thou God that know'st them all!

7 Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord,
Dominion have o'er me;

That, by thy grace preserved, I may
The great transgression flee.

8 So shall my prayer and praises be
With thy acceptance blest;
And I, secure on thy defence,
My strength and Saviour, rest.


From the xx. Psalm of David.
AY Jacob's God defend
And hear us in distress;
Our succour from his temple send,
Our cause from Sion bless!

2 May he accept our vow, Our sacrifice receive.

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4 Now know we that the Lord
His chosen will defend ;

From heaven will strength divine afford,
And will their prayer attend.

5 Some earthly succour trust,
But we in God's right hand:
Lo! while they fall, so vain their boast,
We rise, and upright stand.

6 Still save us, Lord; and still

Thy servants deign to bless :
Hear, King of heaven, in times of ill,
The prayers that we address.


From the xxii. Psalm of David.

Y God, my God, why leav'st thou me,

Oh! why so far from me removed, And from my loud complaint? 2 Lo! I am treated like a worm,

Like none of human birth; Not only by the great reviled,

But made the rabble's mirth.

3 With laughter all the gazing crowd My agonies survey;

They shoot the lip, they shake the head, And thus deriding say:

4" In God he trusted, boasting oft
That he was Heaven's delight;
Let God come down to save him now,
And own his favourite."

5 Withdraw not, then, so far from me,
When trouble is so nigh;

O send me help! thy help, on which
Alone I can rely.

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