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6 Fear him, ye saints; and you will then
Have nothing else to fear;

Make you his service your delight,
Your wants shall be his care.


1 APPROACH, ye children of the Lord,
And my instruction hear;

I'll teach you the true discipline
Of his religious fear.

2 Let him who length of life desires,
And prosperous days would see,
From slandering language keep his tongue,
His lips from falsehood free:

3 The crooked paths of vice decline,
And virtue's ways pursue;
Establish peace, where 'tis begun,
And where 'tis lost, renew.

4 The Lord from heaven beholds the just
With favourable eyes;

And, when distress'd, his gracious ear
Is open to their cries:

5 But turns his wrathful look on those
Whom mercy can't reclaim,

To cut them off, and from the earth
Blot out their evil name.

6 Deliverance to his saints he gives,
When his relief they crave;
He's nigh to heal the broken heart,
And contrite spirit save.

7 Great troubles may afflict the just,
Yet God will save them still;

The righteous he will keep from harm,
And guard from every ill.

8 The wicked, from their wickedness,
Their ruin shall derive;

Whilst righteous men, whom they detest,
Shall them and theirs survive.

9 For God preserves the souls of those
Who on his truth depend;
To them, and their posterity,
His blessing shall descend.



From the xxxvi. Psalm of David..

LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope, The highest orb of heaven transcends ; Thy sacred truth's unmeasured scope Beyond the spreading sky extends. 2 Thy justice like the hills remains, Unfathom'd depths thy judgments are; Thy providence the world sustains, The whole creation is thy care. 3 Since of thy goodness all partake, With what assurance should the just Thy sheltering wings their refuge make, And saints to thy protection trust! 4 Such guests shall to thy courts be led, To banquet on thy love's repast; And drink, as from a fountain's head, Of joys that shall for ever last. 5 With thee the springs of life remain, Thy presence is eternal day; O let thy saints thy favour gain,

To upright hearts thy truth display.


From the xxxvii. Psalm of David

PART I. II. 2.

THOUGH wicked

rich or great,

Yet let not their successful state
Thy anger or thy envy raise;
For they, cut down like tender grass,
Or like young flowers away shall pass,
Whose blooming beauty soon decays.
2 Depend on God, and him obey;
So thou within the land shalt stay,
Secure from danger and from want:
Make his commands thy chief delight;
And he, thy duty to requite,

Shall all thy earnest wishes grant.
3 In all thy ways trust thou the Lord,
And he will needful help afford,
To perfect every just design:

He'll make, like light, serene and clear,
Thy clouded innocence appear,
And as a mid-day sun to shine.

4 With quiet mind on God depend,
And patiently for him attend,

Nor envy the success of crime:
For God will sinful men destroy;
While they his presence shall enjoy,
Who trust on him and wait his time.


1 THE good man's way is God's delight: He orders all the steps aright

Of him that moves by his command;
Though he sometimes may be distress'd,
Yet shall he ne'er be quite oppress'd,

For God upholds him with his hand.
2 With caution shun each wicked deed,
In virtue's ways with zeal proceed,
And so prolong your happy days:
For God, who judgment loves, does still
Preserve his saints secure from ill,

While soon the wicked race decays. 3 The upright shall possess the land, His portion shall for ages stand;

His mouth with wisdom is supplied, His tongue by rules of judgment moves, His heart the law of God approves; Therefore his footsteps never slide.


1 THE wicked I in power have seen,
And like a bay-tree fresh and green,
That spreads its pleasant branches round:
But he was gone as swift as thought;
And, though in every place I sought,
No sign or track of him I found.

2 Observe the perfect man with care,
And mark all such as upright are;
Their roughest days in peace shall end
While on the latter end of those
Who dare God's sacred will oppose,
A common ruin shall attend.

3 God to the just will aid afford,
Their only safeguard is the Lord,
Their strength in time of need is he:
Because on him they still depend,
The Lord will timely succour send,
And from the wicked set them free.


From the xxxviii. Psalm of David.


HY chastening wrath, O Lord, restrain,
Though I deserve it all;

Nor let on me the heavy storm

Of thy displeasure fall.

2 My sins, which to a deluge swell,
My sinking head o'erflow,

And, for my feeble strength to bear,
Too vast a burden grow.

3 But, Lord, before thy searching eyes
All my desires appear;

The groanings of my burden'd soul
Have reach'd thine open ear.

4 Forsake me not, O Lord, my God,
Nor far from me depart:
Make haste to my relief, O thou,
Who my salvation art.


From the xxxix. Psalm of David.

LORD, let me know my term of days,

How soon my life will end:

The numerous train of ills disclose,
Which this frail state attend.

2 My life, thou know'st, is but a span,
A cipher sums my years;

And every man, in best estate,
But vanity appears.

3 Man, like a shadow, vainly walks,
With fruitless cares oppress'd;
He heaps up wealth, but cannot tell
By whom 'twill be possess❜d.

4 Why then should I on worthless toys
With anxious cares attend?

On thee alone my steadfast hope
Shall ever, Lord, depend.

5 Lord, hear my cry, accept my tears,
And listen to my prayer,
Who sojourn like a stranger here,
As all my fathers were.

6 O spare me yet a little time;
My wasted strength restore,
Before I vanish quite from hence,
And shall be seen no more.

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From the xl. Psalm of David.

WAITED meekly for the Lord,

Who did his gracious ear afford,

And heard from heaven my humble cry.
2 The wonders he for me has wrought
Shall fill my mouth with songs of praise;
And others, to his worship brought,
To hopes of like deliverance raise.
3 For blessings shall that man reward,
Who on th' Almighty Lord relies;
Who treats the proud with disregard,
And hates the hypocrite's disguise.

4 Who can the wondrous works recount,

Which thou, O God, for us hast wrought! The treasures of thy love surmount

The power of numbers, speech, and thought. 5 I've learnt that thou hast not desired Offerings and sacrifice alone;

Nor blood of guiltless beasts required For man's transgression to atone. 6 I therefore come-come to fulfil The oracles thy books impart: 'Tis my delight to do thy will; Thy law is written in my heart.

7 In full assemblies I have told

Thy truth and righteousness at large,
Nor did, thou know'st, my lips withhold
From uttering what thou gav'st in charge;

8 Nor kept within my breast confined

Thy faithfulness and saving grace:
But preach'd thy love, for all design'd,
That all might that and truth embrace.

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