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War Department, contracts and purchases..

5 23
contingent expenses of...

contingent expenses of the military establishment.

4 22
general annual militia returns...

5 34
War, Secretary of, letter transmitting a report on Gen. Patterson's route
from Matamoras to Victoria.,..

4 13
letter transmitting a statement relative to the national

4 20
letter transmitting reports of Colonels Abert and Hughes

relative to supplying Washington city with water... 5 33
War steamers.

1 1 224
Water, supplying Washington city with

5 33
Ways and Means...

3. 11 12
Whittlesey, Elisha, letter transmitting, a list of balances (see Doc. 49).

5 40
letter transmitting a list of balances (see Doc. 40).

5 49


Yards and Docks, report of Com. Joseph Smith .

1 1


[blocks in formation]

WASHINGTON, March 1, 1851.
I have the honor herewith to transmit to the House of Representatives
manuscript No. 2 of the opinions of the Attorneys General, prepared
pursuance of its resolution of July 24, 1850.

To the Hon. HOWELL COBB,

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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