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any port within the

of Justiciary, at Glasgow, for (From the Richmond Compiler, the murder of Andrew Love, in American paper, of Oct. 5.) the parish of New Monkland, in


force of Buenos Ayres.the county of Lanark. From the evidence adduced in support the vessels of war regularly com

The following list comprises all of the charge, it appeared that missioned by the Republic of the prisoner had for some time

Buenosborne malice of the strongest cruise in the Atlantic Ocean.

s-Ayres, and destined to nature against the deceased, who There possibly may be other was eighty years of age, and a

cruisers, which have obtained, man of the most peaceful and industrious habits. One Sunday the Buenos-Ayrean Government;

and still hold commissions from morning they, chanced to meet but having subsequently pronear a coal-pit in the neighbour, cured others from Artigas, to hood, when the prisoner attacked the deceased with a pick-axe, qualify them for capturing Portusuch as are used in collieries, guese vessels, they have forfeited

the former; nor dare they show and him some gave


themselves in wounds on different parts of the head and body, under which he and are liable to be captured

jurisdiction of Buenos Ayres, languished till the Thursday when fallen

in with by the regular following, and then died. The armed vessels of that Governson of the deceased was the principal witness; but the whole of whose infamous proceedings we

are of the evidence was so conclusive, that the Jury, without a moment's

have had so many accounts; it hesitation, found him guilty.

is with vessels of this stamp that Lord Gillies, the presiding of Buenos Ayres have been un

the lawfully constituted cruisers Judge, then gave the prisoner a most impressive address on the justly associated in the public enormity of the crime of which mind, and it is for their crimes he had been so justly convicted that the flag of the new republic

so by the Jury. The learned Judge sentenced the prisoner to be. stigmatised. Besides the vessels taken back to the prison, to be

here enumerated, there are many fed on bread and water, and to

others cruising in the Pacific and be executed on Wednesday, the of a large class :

Indian Oceans, some of which are 4th day of November, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, his Ship Vigilencia, Ross ...... 16 body to be then delivered to Dr. Union, Brown ............. 14 Jeffray, Professor of Anatomy in Brig Invincible, Jewett ...... 20 the University, for public dissec Rio de la Plata, Davy... 16 tion. The prisoner heard this Independencia del Sud, awful sentence with the utmost

Grinnals .... 15 apathy. He kept his eye con. Creolio, Paul

12 stantly fixed on the Judge, and Pueyrredon, Franklin... 13 heard the solemn address without Scho. Buenos-Ayres, Dietor.. 10 in the least being moved.

Julia des Forrest, Wilson 8




bered at one period in the memory Corso, Chaytor

of the oldest merchant. Congressio,

The port of Hull has particiVinegar Act.—Some proceed. pated greatly in the general inings having been instituted by crease of the trade and revenue the Commissioners of Excise, of this country during the last under the 7th clause of this Act, year. The following is a stateof a nature not contemplated by ment of the number of ships, &c. the framers of the law, a memo- and amount of duties in the corrial was addressed to the Lords responding quarters of 1817 and of the Treasury, by certain res- 1818, ending the 10th of October, pectable merchants and others viz. :who were affected by that constriction of the clause. To this Vessels with car 1817. 1818. memorial the following reply has


from fo f. £. been given :

reign ports...

230 620 To Messrs. A. B. and Co.

No. of entries Gentlemen ;- The Lords Com

of goods and missioners of his Majesty's Trea

shipping in sury having had under considera

and out...... 5,800 7,500 tion the Memorial signed by Gross receipt of yourselves and others, complain Customs...... 131,900 180,600 ing of the vexatious operation of the 7th clause of the act of last The following Circular was on session, cap. 65, I have it in com. Saturday last sent from the Admand to acquaint you, that my jutant-General's office to the Lords, under the circumstances Commanding Officer of every stated in your Memorial, have regiment which it is not in the been pleased to direct the com- contemplation of Government to missioners of Excise to suspend entirely reduce any proceedings for enforcing the observance of the said clause, by

(CIRCULAR.) any persons other than persons

Horse Guards, Oct. 10, 1818. engaged or concerned in the ma. nufacture of Verjuice, Vinegar, or

Sir ;-I am directed by the

Commander-in-Chief to desire Acetous Acid, or dealing therein; and I am to request you will you will transmit a nominal return communicate the above informa

of such non-commissioned officers tion to the several persons who and privates of the regiment under signed the said Memorial. your command, as you would reI am, Gentlemen,

commend being discharged in your obedient servant,

the event of permission being (Signed) Geo. HARRISON. given for that purpose. Treasury Chambers, Oct. 6.

His Royal Highness is desirous There are at this time in the that this return should be preport of Bristol, a greater number pared as accurately, and furnished of vessels in the harbour, for as soon, as possible; and that it unloading, than ever was remem should contain a distinct specifi


cation, opposite each man's idle fellow like you." She had name, of the reason* for recom no sooner uttered these words mending his discharge.

than he struck her with some. (Signed) J. MACDONALD, thing. She staggered and fell on Deputy Adjutant-General. her back, exclaiming, “I am

murdered ; pull the knife out of Saturday mornirg, the 10th, as


The husband appeared Mr. Bowles, of Spalding, and his

sober. nephew, were taking the diversion of shooting, near Crowland, what he stated at Queen-square

Richard Clark, in addition to the dog sprung a covey of part- police-office, said, that he had a ridges, which #ew into an adjoin- distinct view of the husband by ing field. The nephew, in his the light of a candle in a haireagerness to follow them, jumped dresser's shop; he did not obover a hedge. The uncle, Mr.

serve him have any knife, but B., following very quick, unfortunately his piece went off

, and before he struck the deceased ;

saw him fumbling in his pockets lodged the contents in the body after he struck her, and before of the youth, who is only 16 she fell to the ground, she exyears of age. Surgical assistance

claimed, “O my God, I am was immediately obtained, but he died in a few hours afterwards. knife out of me?" "Witness stept

murdered; will any one take the “ The Queen has not had a forward to keep her up, but she good night; and her Majesty fell before he reached her, and feels a want of that refreshment then uttered the same exclamawhich she has lately derived from tion; don't know who pulled the sleep. • F. MILLMAN,

knife out: conceives that neither 6 Oct. 12. HENRY HALFORD."

she nor the husband were in

toxicated. Murder at Chelsea.-Yesterday

Mr. William Treadaway, 2, evening the 12th an inquisition George-street,

Sloane - square, was taken at the Triumphant coal-merchant, was present at Chariot, Pembroke-mews, Gros- the horrid transaction; just as venor-place, on view of the body the deceased fell, he heard a of Mary Ann Losch :

scream of murder; he stepped Mrs. Ann Daynan, of Lawrence towards her, and saw part of her court, Jews'-row, Chelsea, stated, bowels; she said, “ take the that on Friday night, while she knife out of me.” Elizabeth was conversing with the deceased, Harrison cried out to the husband, the husband of the latter, who You have murdered your wife : was standing near them, came saw no knife ; but the husband forward, and said to her, “ Come was standing by her ; he said, “I home, you are drunk.” She am the murderer, take me.” The replied, “ If I am drunk, it is by husband had kicked her before, prostituting myself to support an during the evening, very violently.

The evidence of Elizabeth * Age, under size, wounds, dis. Harrison and the watch-houseease, long services.

keeper corroborated the above.

Mr. John

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Mr. John Kitchen, house sur. which it is not easy to discover, geon at St. George's Hospital. two overseers, who were just The deceased was brought to the delivering out powder, 18 miners, hospital on Friday evening a one woman, and three children, little past 8 o'clock; she was in were blown to pieces and burnt, excruciating pain. She had a and four miners and one child wound on the right side of the mortally wounded, at least so that abdomen about 6 inches in length, their recovery is despaired of. apparently inflicted with a sharp The unhappy persons have most instrument. The greater part of of them left families unprovided the bowels and part of the stomach for. protruded. The bowels were cut A Coroner's inquest was held on through. She lingered until 5 Oct. 27th, before Roger Callaway, o'clock the following morning. Esq. Coroner, of Portsmouth, on The bowels had been wounded the body of Thomas Huntingford, in four different places.

aged 71, a shipwright in this The jury instantly returned a dock-yard, who was found dead verdict of wilful and deliberate in his bed, covered with blood, murder against Francis Losch, early on the morning of Saturday the deceased's husband, who is last, at his lodgings in Orangein custody.

street, Portsea. A verdict of On Thursday the fifteenth, wilful murder wasreturned against Mr. Fisher, an officer belonging his wife, Sarah Huntingford, to the Dorothea, Capt. Buchan, aged about 60, who has been arrived at the Admiralty with consequently committed for trial. dispatches, announcing the return Huntingford and his wife reof that ship and her consort, the tired to their bed-room, being Trent sloop, from the North Pole. the front garret, at their usual It appears that the highest lati. hour on Friday night; it did not tude the ships ever attained was appear that either of them was about 80° 30, longitude 12 east. intoxicated. About three o'clock They attempted proceeding to on Saturday morning, Samuel the westward, but, as in the case Bately, a superannuated shipof Captain Phipps, in the Race- wright, who occupies the back horse, in 1773, they found an part of the same house, was impenetrable barrier of ice. The awoke by the steps of some person ships proceeded nearly over the coming down stairs, which persame space as Captain Phipps son he heard go out at the back did, and met with similar impedi. door. He immediately threw ments as experienced by that open his window, when he disofficer. The Dorothea and the covered a female in the yard Trent are on their way to Dept. walking to and fro, with some ford.

garment wrapped round her head. 22. Clausthal in the Hartz. He called but received no answer; Yesterday afternoon a powder. he saw the person return into the magazine, containing 20 cwt. of house. He put on part of his gunpowder, unhappily blew up. clothes, and opened his door, By this explosion, the cause of when he discovered Mrs. Hun


tingford going up into her own ford said, that two men had been room, with a lighted candle. She there and murdered her husband. appeared alarmed, shook much, The truth of this assertion was and, on his speaking to her, she instantly denied by all the indropped her candle, which went mates of the house, who had out, and she exclaimed, “I am heard no noise whatever, and who murdered and robbed.” Bately found no violence had been used took up the candle, and went on the doors. In reply, Mrs. into the land-lady's (Mrs. Jen- Huntingford said, her husband nings's) room, the front room on had been down the yard before the first foor, where he lighted he went to bed, and had forgotten the candle. Mrs. Jennings and to fasten the door on his return. Mrs. Huntingford went up stairs; She was asked why she had not Bately followed so soon as he made a noise ; she replied, they had dressed himself, and also had threatened her with death went into the room, when the if she did so ; that one was tall, deceased was discovered lying in and had a tomahawk in his hand, the bed, covered with clotted and one a short man, who had a blood ; a great profusion of blood lanthern; and both their faces was upon the bed, and blood was were blacked. She also said, that also spattered on the wall at the she was in bed at the time; that head of the bed, and on the floor. they asked for money, and on her Bately immediately called some husband's making resistance, the neighbours, and went for a Sur tall man struck him and killed geon, who on seeing the deceas. him: that they made no noise, ed, pronounced be had died from because, she said, they had no bursting a blood vessel—the idea shoes on. Upon being asked why of his having been murdered not she should have gone into the at all being then presumed ; but yard without giving alarm, she before he went away, he desired denied she had been into the that a handkerchief, which was yard; but Bately swore positied round the deceased's throat tively to her being in the yard, and head, might be removed, to and to his having met her in the ascertain if he might not have way, going up stairs from the been strangled ; on removing yard to her own room ; that she which five wounds were found in remained on the second step the forehead, four of which had from the first landing-place, fractured the skull ; several other while Bately lit the candle she wounds were also found on the had dropped, by the candle which head, particularly one on the left was in Mrs. Jennings's possession; temple, where the bone was so who also saw her at the same depressed, that a finger could time. An instrument, of the reach the brain, all of which ap shape of a common bill-hook, but peared to have been made with a heavier and more sharp, was heavy cutting instrument. When found in the coal-hole at the foot Mrs. Jennings and Bately went of the stairs ; and past which spot into the room, and discovering Mrs. Huntingford went on her the dead body, Mrs. Hunting- going and returning from her


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