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the quay:

oyster beds.


all extremes were avoided ; that a guard of honour drawn up along he discouraged pilgrimages, &c. It appears also that he protected 8. Brighton.-The long cona professor who had distinguished tinuance of a calm sea has himself by his skill in liberal enabled our fishermen to make a learning, after a mandate had more accurate survey of the beds been issued against him by the of oysters discovered off_this Pope, on the ground that he had coast about 2 years ago. From ascertained the accusations in the repeated trawlings they have cal. mandate to be unfounded. culated, that for an extent of 70

The Bishop is supported by all miles S. E. and S. W. this body the clergy of his extensive of shell fish lie in prodigious diocese, and indeed by nearly all quantities. The shortest breadth the clergy of Catholic Germany. is seven miles. The oysters caught Among the Lay Catholics there to the S. W. are of excellent flais but one opinion concerning vour; several speculators have him.

examined the line of coast, in Spring Guns.--Yesterday morn- order to find a spot for forming ing died, Charles Grant, Esq., an

Shoreham-harbour eminent Russian broker, of Globe- is mentioned as a most desirable road, Mile-end. On Sunday spot, as the bed of the river conse’nnight, about 10 at night, he sists of a fine black sand. From took his usual walk round his the facility of carriage-conveyance ground, previous to retiring to to the metropolis, it is likely that

Not being aware his ser this new source of trade will vants had set the spring-gun enable the proprietors to supply which had recently been placed a vast proportion of the conthere, in consequence of the sumption of oysters in the Lonnumerous depredations

don market in the course of mitted, he trod upon the wire, another year. and received 5 slugs in the back

« Kew Palace, Sept. 14. part of his thigh. Sir W. Blizard “ The Queen has not had a extracted the slugs, and faint good night, but her Majesty is hopes were entertained of his the same as she was yesterday. recovery until Saturday night,

“ F. MILLMAN. the fifth, when a mortification

6 H. HALFORD.” ensued and terminated his ex 15. Manchester-With the existence. He has left a wife and ception of a very few persons, we two children.

believe the spinners are 7. Dover.-Their Royal High- more following their respective nesses the Duke and Duchess of employments; the mills now beKent, and suite, arrived here ing in full motion. After so yesterday evening at 6 o'clock, long an absence from all profitand upon alighting immediately able employment, the workmen embarked on board the Royal are convinced that they have Sovereign yacht, lying in the neither the right nor the power harbour, under a salute from the to dictate, as a body, to their guns at the heights, the yards employers; and the latter, we of the yacht being manned, and fully believe, are sincerely dis




posed, now submission has been the proposition submitted by the made, to pass over the attempt to Council of State of Fribourg to take the management of their the Sovereign Council for the reaffairs out of their own hands; establishment of the Jesuits :forgiving and forgetting the in - The Grand Council had, in its sults they received during the last Session, and after two deli. turn out, and the loss which so berations, acknowledged that the much capital, so long unemploy- Company of Jesus had rendered ed, had unavoidably occasioned. great services to the religion and The major part of the weavers state of the Canton until their in this neighbourhood, we under- suppression, and the establishment stand, are again at their looms, of this company presented some with advances of various rates on essential advantages to education the prices lately paid for weav. in assuring the unity of principles ing; for it was impossible, how- and the uniformity of instruction. ever feasible the plan might For these considerations, a wish seem, to raise the prices in one was expressed by a great majoindiscriminate ratio. There are rity that this company should be however some of this most valu. re-established in the College of able class of population still dis. St. Michael in that city, being satisfied, who refuse to return to fully convinced of the utility and labour till the original demand of necessity of this restoration. To seven shillings in the pound is promote the paternal views of complied with. This feeling, we the Sovereign Council, the Counare told, operates in a great cil of State has the honour of degree in the neighbourhood of submitting to its examination Bolton, where dissatisfaction still the project of a decree, as prevails, although very consider- follows: able additions have been made Article 1. The Company of by the manufacturers to the Jesus shall be re-established in prices recently paid, and which, the College of St. Michael in it is stated (viewing the present this city, to pursue there a relistocks on hand, and the present gious life, and to give public indemand), cannot at the present struction, conformably to the inmoment be advanced farther, stitutions of its Holy Founder, without increasing the privations approved by the Bull of the of which weavers, in very many Pontiff

, dated the 7th of August, cases with too much justice, have 1814. complained; since the continued 2. This


shall be put accumulation of stock, at a greater in possession of the property expense in manufacture, would annexed to the College. induce, if not force, the holders 3. It shall project and present to suspend the fabrication of to the Government a plan of eduparticular articles; and many cation and public instruction. weavers, now employed, would 4. It shall enjoy the proof course be left for a time perty annexed to the College, entirely without work.- Man. but without

power, chester Herald.

pretext, of alienating or of dis. The Jesuits. The following is posing of any of the funds with


under any

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out the express authority of the appoint it to be filled by Lieut.Government.

General D. Balthasar Hidalgo de 5. All the revenues of these Cisneros, Capt. General of the funds shall be employed for the Department of Cadiz. Until his use and exclusive support of the arrival in the capital this departhouse established at Fribourg, ment is under your charge. without the power of transferring Signed by the King's hand, them to other houses.

at the Palace, the 14th Sept. 6, 7, 8, 9. These articles refer 1818. to internal regulations, respect. “ To Don Francois Eguia.” ing the admission of members,

66 In consideration of the bad and the duties of professors and

state of the health of D. Martin teachers. 10. After 30 years of instruc

de Garay, and that he may be tion, they shall'obtain a retired enabled to recover it, I have pension, which, out of the house, removed him from his office of is fixed at 400 Swiss francs ; and Secretary of State, and of the in the house, with lodging and Finances of Spain and the

Indies. board, at 160 francs.

I appoint, as his suc11. The house established in cessor, par interim, D. Joseph the College of St. Michael shall Imaz, my Counsellor of Finances, be submitted to the ordinary.

and First Director-General of It is known that this project Rentes. By these presents it is was adopted on the 15th by the

. Sovereign Council of Fribourg.

“ Signed by the King's hand,

at the Palace, the 14th Sept. “ Madrid, Sept. 17. 1818. Official Article.-Royal Decrees. “ To Don Francois Eguia.” “ Having judged it expedient Kew-palace, Sept. 18.

remove D. Joseph Garcia 66 The Queen has had a very Leon y Pizarro from his office bad night, and her Majesty conof my Secretary of State and tinues very much indisposed this Despatches, I appoint as his suc. morning. " cessor, par interim, the Marquis

A Privy Council was held at de Caza Irujot, my Honorary Dublin Castle on Saturday the Counsellor of State. By these 19th, when Mr. Charles Grant presents it is made known, in

was sworn into office as Chief order to be communicated to all Secretary for Ireland.

The whom it may concern.

Lord-Lieutenant presided, and “ Signed by the King's hand, after the ceremony was perat the Palace, the 14th Sept. formed, Mr. Grant took his seat 1818.

at the Council Board. “ To Don Francisco Eguia." His Majesty the King has

“I have removed D. Joseph issued the following Cabinet Vasquez Figueroa from his office Order, respecting the memorial of Secretary of State and the of the two last wars, to be erected Marine, and by virtue hereof near Berlin :

" To


To the Defenders of the Coun were raised to the highest pitch

try, in the Years 1813, 1814, by the late events in Siwas (Seand 1815.

basti), by which some families « Now that monuments to the

of the Janissaries had suffered; fallen heroes have been erected and by the late promotion of the on the remarkable fields of battle, Aga, who was hated by that danit is my wish to erect also a mo gerous soldiery; and the citizens nument of iron, in the capital of were already living in anxious the kingdom, to my faithful terror of the near explosion of people, and in particular to all acts of violence, which was anthose who shared in the struggle nounced by several placards ; for liberty and right, as a common

when early in the morning of acknowledgment of generous de. that day a fire broke out in the votion to their King and country. house of the former Kuscha The first stone of the foundation Baschi, Lieutenant of the Police, has been this day laid.

The and spreading with the rapidity solemnity of this act was heigh- of lightning, turned the gloomy tened by the presence of my expectations into certainty. The august friend and ally, his Ma- fire raged the whole day through, jesty the emperor of Russia. In and till past midnight, and prethe of a year this monu

sented a most dreadful spectacle space ment will be completed, an ho. of the destruction of several quarnourable recollection for the ters of the city. Some thousand valiant combatants of the memo

houses, two Christian churches, rable period, and a serious warn

and two small mosques, were ing to the youth of the kingdom laid in ashes. The presence of to emulate them in valour, and the Sultan and of all the Minisin true attachment to their king ters, indeed, animated the zeal

of the persons employed in ex“ FREDERICK WILLIAM.” tinguishing the flames; but the « Berlin, Sept. 19.”

narrowness of the streets in that

closely-built quarter of the city, Kew-palace, Sept. 20. the heat and fatigues of the day, « The Queen has not slept increased by the smoke, impeded quite so well last night as in the the attempts to save the houses, two preceding ones. The symp- and delayed assistance. Meantoms of her Majesty's complaint time the commotion among the are much the same as those of

people became more and more yesterday.

alarming, and the fears of the (Signed) “ F. MILLMAN,

tumult increased. 66 H. HALFORD.”

It is affirmed, that in the pla22. Vienna,---From Turkey:- cards the instigators demanded The 13th of August was a day the deposition of the Grand Viof terror for Constantinople. zier, of the High Admiral, the The fermentation and dissatisfac- removal of the favourite, Halet tion which have prevailed for Effendi, of the Dharabhana

time among the people, Emini, Abdurrahman Bey, and

and country.


of some others.

Fears were

ment, fully relying on the zeal entertained for the lives of these and support of the well-disposed and several other persons.

inhabitants of the capital and of The whole of the following the empire, had no apprehension day passed in anxious expecta- from the intrigues of some distion, till at length towards the turbers of the public peace, and evening it was announced that would know how to punish them the Siek Itsch-Ili-Ahmed Pacha with all the rigour of the laws. (hitherto Captain Pacha) was The Chiefs of the several removed to Brussa, and Hassan regiments of Janissaries also Pacha, Governor of that Place, appeared, to exculpate those sent for to fill the office of Ligh under their command from the Admiral.

accusation of having been conDuring these events the Go- cerned in causing the fire. They vernment doubled its vigilance, were dismissed, with injunctions to which alone we owe the most to look after all such persons perfect tranquillity and safety, among their body as were suspiespecially in the quarter of the cious and capable of incendiary Franks, where not only the guards plots, and in case of detection were augmented and ordered to to punish them with all the rigour patrol without interruption both of the statute of the corps. night and day, but several sus- Lastly, to indulge the prejudices picious persons were arrested and of the people, who are accusput into prison. It was in vain tomed to regard the elephant as that some malicious persons en an ánimal of ill omen, and to deavoured to terrify the public attribute all fires to the presence by fresh alarms of fire, and to of these animals in Constantin delay the re-opening of the public nople, it was resolved to banish market, which had been cleared all the elephants from the metroof the goods on account of the polis, which resolution has been threatening danger. All foreign already carried into effect. legations were requested by the That in all these troubles, over Porte strictly to enjoin all per- which the Government has with sons of their respective nations equal dexterity and prudence not to go out after dark without thrown a veil, the hand of a lanterns, in order to prevent un- seditious party was at work, pleasant consequences.

appears from the execution (on On the 17th of August there the 18th) of a public officer was a great extraordinary meeting equally distinguished by his of the Council of State, in the immoral character and his rehouse of the Mufti. After it markable talent for legal subtlebroke

up, an Imperial Firman ties, by name Kaubur Suleimann was published, in which the Effendi, of the Court of Justice people were exhorted to keep at Galati. He had been several peace and order, and to re-open times exiled from Constantinople the shops that remained shut in for his licentiousness, and had the public markets; and the assur obtained towards the end of the ance was added, that the Gorern- Ramadan, as it is at ed, on the


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