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his Majesty with some slight of captains inclusively, who served variations.

under his banners; and generally, His Majesty, on January 23rd, all who in any way abetted the issued the following decree cause of the usurpation. With relative to the establishment of these exceptions, all the other four free ports in the peninsula. fugitives are permitted to return,

“ The King having had under under certain prescribed condihis consideration the exposition tions, one of which is, that they of the deputies of the boards of shall fix their domicile in a detertrade and revenue, and desirous mined place, at a prescribed of giving new vigour to trade by distance from the capital and every possible facility in mercan. royal palaces. tile operations, by opening new

Various circumstances channels which may obviate delay began to press hard upon the and the accumulation of charges, financial system of this country ; as well as for the supply of the and upon April 3rd his Majesty provinces of the peninsula, as for thought proper to address a royal the ports of America, and with a decree to his minister Don Martin view to afford every possible de Garay, concerning the means advantage to the inhabitants of of giving credit to the capitals both; his Majesty has been called the Royal Vales, that they pleased to order that, for the might become productive, instead present, Santander, Corunna, of remaining in their present Cadiz, and Alicant, are declared unproductive state. His Majesty free ports, under the conditions said, that he had directed the which the Directors of the Reve. attention of his councils towards nues have pointed out in their this object; and the result of report of the 29th of November their deliberations was, that it was in the last year ; and they are impossible to attain it by the charged, in conformity thereto, punctual payment of the interest to prepare the necessary regula. in specie, since the nation, im. tions and instructions, paying the poverished by numerous advermost particular attention to avoid sities, could not easily find reand guard against any abuse sources sufficient for the annual which, under the cloak of this discharge of the excessive sums to concession, might be attempted which that interest now amounts. to the prejudice of the revenue, And though, he observed, I might, or the national manufactures." at the expence of extraordinary By order of his Majesty, sacrifices for my people, create

(Signed) GARAY. some confidence in the Vales, The Gazette of Madrid dated still their credit would be always March 1st contains a definitive precarious, and dependent on the edict relative to the Spanish slightest political event, which exiles. It banishes for ever from might render it necessary to their country, all those who have augment the expences of the acted under the usurper in quality state, and to suspend a system of of counsellors, ministers, &c.; all economy which I have adopted. military officers down to the rank His Majesty then proceeded to


consider the radical vice of the to the year 1814, may be paid in Vales, that of serving for stock. non-consolidated vales, which jobbing speculations; and by bear no interest, but are allowed way of a remedy, he said he had to be paid in discharge of the deliberated on a plan for bringing fifth of the custom duties, at the a part of them into active and rate of discount at which they useful circulation. For this pure may be in the market. The vales pose, without prejudice to the which may not be exchanged by means adopted, and which will their holders for the above mensoon be published for the intended tioned kinds of consolidated and consolidation of the general credit non-consolidated, are to be called of the state, he judged it right to common vales," and will conresolve as follows:

tinue their present form, the inArticle 1. The Royal vales, terest being paid as the state of whose holders wish to avail them- public credit and obligations conselves of the proposed advan- tracted by the state may permit. tages, shall be converted into The 18th and last article directs two classes, viz. consolidated the manner in which the holders vales, and non-consolidated vales. must apply to have their existing

Art. 2. The consolidated vales paper converted into consolidated shall be formed of the third part and non-consolidated. of each vale which may be offered; On March 30th, the king of and the non-consolidated, of the Spain issued a royal decree, remaining two-thirds ; so that a addressed as before, to Don vale of 150 pieces (may be re. Martin de Garay, for the purduced or exchanged for a con- pose of establishing ports of solidated vale of 50, and a non- deposit in the Peniosula. In his consolidated vale of 100. The introduction he says, that he consame thing will take place with siders the establishment of ports the vales of 300 and 600 pieces of deposit a means of commercial respectively.

encouragement, because it affords Art. 3. The consolidated vales to native and foreign speculators will bear an interest of 4 per cent

a year's relief from the payment per annum in specie, from the 1st of duties, and a general warehouse January, 1st March, and 1st of wherein their goods may be deSeptember, of the present year, posited with full security, accordaccording to their respective ing to the attention and respect creations.

which the laws dispense to indi. Art. 4, 5, 6, &c. regulate the vidual property. If said he) the payment of the interest, &c. One consequences of these establishfifth of the produce of the custom ments correspond with my hopes, duties is mortgaged for that pur- as I confidently promise myself pose. It is also provided, that they will, I am determined farther the consolidated vales shall be to improve the advantage, and to received for the full value they make other ports, consistently represent in payment of the with their local and commercial custom duties, royal contribu. circumstances, participate in the tions, &c. Debts due by towns same favour. With this view,


and for the government of these as a rebel, and be subject to the deposit ports, I have ordered, and same punishment as natives, havdo order, as follows:

ing a due regard to the different 1. Articles of legal commerce

ranks in which they serve. proceeding from foreign ports, A note was transmitted on the whether belonging to Spanish or 12th of June to the high allied foreign merchants, shallbe allowed powers, by the cabinet of Madrid, to be deposited free of import relative to the situation of South duties. The products and mer. America, of which the following chandize of America, accompan is the conclusion: nied by certificates, shall enjoy

His Majesty received the the same advantage.

answers of his High Allies with 2. Foreign property shall be the greatest satisfaction. They placed under the guarantee of cleared the way to very important the laws, and will never be liable negotiations, and led the powers to any reprisal on account of war to interpose in the unfortunate between governments, except circumstances in which America that of reciprocity in the case of was placed, in order that measures articles the property of Spanish of prudence and vigour might be merchants not being respected, adopted to reduce the revolted

3. The deposits shall continue provinces, and to put a period to one year, if the accommodation the immorality and political conof the owner require that time; tagion arising from such an order and the period may be prolonged of things. To follow up proceedfor extraordinary causes, by the ings so happily commenced, his authority of the minister of Majesty considers, that the finance.

moment is arriver? when he ought 4. To defray the expense of solemnly and categorically to rethe warehouses and clerks, 2 per present to his High Allies, the cent shall be levied on the mer. principles which he has prescribed chandize, one half on the entry, to himself to produce the good and the other half on the removal. which he has in view, and such

The subsequent articles, in all as, from his sentiments of huma31, contain minute regulations nity, they ought to expect. respecting the management of Accordingly, and in reference the warehouses, the mode of ad. to the propositions he has already mitting and removing the deposits, made, his Majesty declares, that levying the duties, &c.

the following are the points on The king of Spain, having heard which he is invariably fixed : the opinion of his supreme coun 1. General amnesty to the incil of war on the 27th of Febru- surgents on their submission. ary last relative to foreigners who 2. Admission of native Amerimake common cause with the in- cans, endowed with the requisite surgents of Spanish America, qualifications, to all offices in has decreed that every foreigner common with European Spaniards. who shall be taken with arms in 3. Regulation of the commerce his hands in his majesty's domi- of the provinces with foreign nions of America shall be treated states, according to free princiVol. LX.



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ples, and conformably to the interim, D. Joseph Imaz, my present political situation of these Counsellor of Finances, and first countries and Europe.

Director-General of Rentes." 4. A sincere disposition on the Signed by the King's hand, at part of his Catholic majesty to the Palace, Sept. 14. 1818. accede to all measures which, in the course of the negotiations,

PORTUGAL. may be proposed to him by his High Allies, and which shall be Portugal appeared to treat with consistent with the support of his great neglect the possessions rights and dignity.

which it retained in Europe ; and We are afterwards informed the return of its Sovereign to that his Majesty has made a this country seemed to be a cirnumber of new promotions in the cumstance very little within excourts of Mexico, Quito, Guati- pectation. The territory of Montemala, and other parts of South video continued to remain attached America.

to the Portuguese dominion. The following official articles, The King of Portugal has pubin the form of Royal Decrees, lished a Royal alvara, or law, were issued at Madrid on Sept. dated Rio Janeiro, May 6, 1818, 17th.

to enforce the articles of the late “ Having judged it expedient convention with the British Goto remove D. Joseph Garcia vernment for the abolition of the Leon y Pizarro from his office of slave-trade, north of the Equator. my Secretary of State and Dis- It fixes the penalties to which patches, I appoint as his successor, those traders are liable who per interim, the Marquis de Caza engage in the prohibited traffic, Irujot, my Honorary Counsellor and makes the necessary regulaof State. By these presents it is tions for the protection and supmade known, in order that it may port of those slaves who in conbe communicated to all whom it sequence of these penalties shall may concern."

be declared free. The following « I have removed D. Joseph are some of its provisions : Vasquez Figueroa from his office Art. 1. All persons, of whatsoof Secretary of State and the ever quality or condition, who Marine, and by virtue hereof shall proceed to fit out or prepare appoint it to be filled by Lieu- vessels for the traffic in slaves, in tenant-General D. Hidalgo de any part of the coast of Africa Cisneros, Capt. General of the lying north of the Equator, shall department of Cadiz.”

incur the penalty of the loss of « In consideration of the bad the slaves, who shall be declared state of the health of D. Martin free, with a destination hereinde Garay, and that he may be afterwards mentioned. The vesenabled to recover it, I have sels engaged in the traffic shall be removed him from his office of confiscated, with all their tackle Secretary of State and of the and appurtenances, together with Finances, of Spain and the Indies. the cargo, of whatever it consist, I appoint, as his successor, per which shall be on board on ae


count of the owners or freighters service of the navy, the fortresses, of such vessel, and the owners of agriculture, or public offices, as such slaves. The officers of such may be thought most convenient, vessel, to wit, the captain or being for that purpose enrolled master, the pilot and supercargo, in the respective stations; or shall be banished for five years shall be hired out to individuals to Mosambique, and each shall of known property and probity, pay a fine equivalent to the pay who shall be bound to support, or other interests which he was clothe, and instruct them, teachto gain by the adventure. Policies ing them some handicraft or of insurance cannot be made on labour that may be agreed upon, such vessels, or their cargoes; during the stipulated period ; the and if they are made, the assurers terms and the conditions of which who shall knowingly make them shall be renewed as often as shall be condemned in triple the necessary, till the 14 years are amount of the stipulated pre. expired; the time of servitude mium.

may be shortened by two or more 2. The same penalty of the years, according as the good loss of the slaves shall attach to conduct of these persons may persons

of whatever rank or con entitle them to the enjoyment of dition who shall import slaves full freedom. In case these freed into Brazil in foreign vessels. men are destined for the public

3. Declares that one half of service, the officer who shall have the confiscated property shall be authority in the respective station given to the informer, and the to which they are assigned, shall other brought into the royal trea- nominate a person capable of sury. If there is no informer, fixing their term, who shall be the whole produce of the cargo, responsible for their education and the whole sum of the fine, and treatment. They shall have shall go to the royal treasury. as curator a person of known

4. Regulates the mode of probity, who shall be nominated proceeding in cases where infor- every three years by the judge, mation is given, fixes the authori- and approved of by the judicial ties before whom the prosecution council or governor and captainis to be brought, and appoints the general of the province. To him manner in which the sentence is it shall belong to provide every to be executed.

thing which may contribute to 5. The slaves consigned to the their well-being, to rectify abuses royal treasury, and all those that may affect them, to procure declared free by the above article them release after their proper (as it would be unjust to abandon term of service, and enforce them without support), shall be generally for their benefit the obdelivered up to the judge of the servance of the laws 'prescribed district before whom the condem. for the protection of orphans, in nation shall take place (whose as far as those laws are applicable powers shall be enlarged with that to them, to the end that whatever jurisdiction), to serve as freed is ordered concerning them may men for 14 years, in any public be strictly executed.

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