Thoughts that Cluster Round Our Homes

1869 - 213 Seiten

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Seite 101 - And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee : for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
Seite 98 - When wicked hand, or chance, again laid waste And wrought the ruin o'er. But still her heart she kept, And toiled again — and last night, hearing calls, I looked, — and lo! three little swallows slept Within the earth-made walls. What truth is here, O man...
Seite 43 - I looked at John — John looked at me : Dear, patient John, who loves me yet As well as though my locks were jet. And when I found that I must speak, My voice seemed strangely low and weak : " Tell me again what Robert said ! " And then I, listening, bent my head. " This is his letter: " ' I will give A house and land while you shall live If, in return, from out your seven One child to me for aye is given.
Seite 84 - Or a mother's prayers to Heaven; Or only a beggar's grateful thanks For a cup of water given. Better to weave in the web of life A bright and golden filling...
Seite 83 - Better to hope, though the clouds hang low, And to keep the eyes still lifted; For the sweet blue sky will soon peep through. When the ominous clouds are rifted ! There was never a night without a day, Or an evening without a morning, And the darkest hour, as the proverb goes. Is the hour before the dawning.
Seite 58 - Who round the hearthstone used to close, After the evening prayer, And speak of what these pages said In tones my heart would thrill ! Though they are with the silent dead, Here are they living still ! My father read this holy book To brothers, sisters, dear...
Seite 45 - I would not dare To send him from her bedside prayer." Then stole we softly up above, And knelt by Mary, child of love ; " Perhaps for her 'twould better be,
Seite 134 - WHEN the lessons and tasks are all ended, And the school for the day is dismissed, And the little ones gather around me To bid me
Seite 179 - I HAVE fancied sometimes the Bethel-bent beam That trembled to earth in the Patriarch's dream, Was a ladder of song in that wilderness rest From the pillow of stone to the blue of the Blest, And the angels descending to dwell with us here, "Old Hundred" and "Corinth" and "China" and

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