Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River, in 1820: Resumed and Completed, by the Discovery of Its Origin in Itasca Lake, in 1832. By Authority of the United States. With Appendices, Comprising ... All of the Official Reports and Scientific Papers of Both Expeditions

Lippincott, Grambo, and Company, 1855 - 596 Seiten

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Seite 171 - ... cash value, per hundred weight. The traders smelt the ore upon the island, in furnaces of the same construction used at the lead mines of Missouri, and observe that it yields the same per cent of metallic lead.
Seite 197 - ... part of the valley of the Mississippi. It is already the seat of several flourishing plantations, and only requires the extinguishment of the Indian title to the lands, to become one of the most attractive fields for the emigrant.
Seite 385 - September, it frequently produces two or three weeks of fair weather, in which the air is perfectly transparent, and the clouds, which float in a sky of the purest azure, are adorned with brilliant colors. If at this season a man of an affectionate...
Seite 196 - The country around Chicago is the most fertile and beautiful that can be imagined. It consists of an intermixture of woods and prairies, diversified with gentle slopes, sometimes attaining the elevation of hills, and irrigated with a number of clear streams and rivers, which throw their waters partly into lake Michigan, and partly into the Mississippi river.
Seite 389 - ... excursions, the animal is frequently killed without any necessity, and no other part is then preserved but the tongue. "There is something extremely novel and interesting in this pursuit. The immense plain, extending as far as the eye can reach, is spotted here and there with droves of buffaloes. The distance and the absence of known objects render it difficult to estimate the size or the number of these animals. — The hunters approach cautiously, keeping to the leeward, lest the buffaloes,...
Seite 192 - The echoes of its vaults are eloquent ! The stones have voices, and the walls do live ; It is the house of Memory.
Seite 587 - ... have attained many hundred feet in height above the water. The action of such an immense liquid area, forced against these crumbling walls by tempests, has caused wide and deep arches to be worn into the solid structure at their base, into which the billows rush with a noise resembling low pealing thunder. By this means, large areas of the impending mass are at length undermined and precipitated into the lake, leaving the split and rent parts from which they have separated, standing like huge...
Seite 30 - To ascertain the views of the Indians in the vicinity of Chicago, respecting the removal of the six nations to that country.
Seite 385 - This charming season is called the Indian Summer, a name which is derived from the natives, who believe that it is caused by a wind which comes immediately from the court of their great and benevolent God, Cautantowwit, or the Southwestern God, the God who is superior to all other beings; who sends them every blessing which they enjoy, and to whom the souls of their fathers go after their decease.
Seite 295 - ... and cost; that from the detached masses of metal, which to the last had daily presented themselves, they supposed there might be ultimately reached some body of the same, but could form no conjecture of its distance...

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