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ladies present (amongst whom the building, and erecting a cowere many of high distinction), vered bridgeway, opening from scarcely inferior to that in the various parts of the Galleries, the Guildhall, and by the arrange- Ladies were at all times enabled ments made in the forming the to pass with perfect ease, to and communications to the different from their respective seats, and to apartments of Mr. Comptroller's partake of the refreshments which bouse, and the Irish chambers, by were provided for them. çatting through the stone walls of

The following Illustrious Noble and Distinguished Personages were present at this festival.

The Prince Regent's List.

His Royal Highness the Duke of York.
His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.
His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge,
His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester.
The Lord Steward, Earl of Cholmondeley.
The Lord Chamberlain, Marquis of Hertford.
The Master of the Horse, Duke of Montrose.
The Lord of the Bed Chamber in Waiting, Lord Boston.
The Groom of the Bed Chamber in Waiting.
The Equerry in Waiting.
The Page in Waiting.
The Vice Chamberlain, Viscount Jocelyn,
The Treasurer of the Household, Lord Charles Bentinck.
The Comptroller of the Household, Lord George Beresford.
The Captain of the Yeoman of the Guard, Earl of Macclesfield.
Sir William Congreve, Bart.
Colonel Bloomfield."
The Gold Stick, Earl of Harrington.
The Silver Stick, General Barton.
William Adam, Esq. Chancellor to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent,
Joseph Jekyll, Esq. Attorney General. .' I To His Royal Highness
William Draper Best, Esq. Solicitor General the Prince Regent.

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The King of Prussia's List.

Prince Royal of Prussia,
Prince William Son of the King,..
Prince Frederick Nephew of the King,
Prince Henry Brother of the King,
Prince Wiljam Brother of the King,
Prince Augustus Cousin of the King,
Prince Charles of Mecklenburgh,
Prince Radzivil, (Royal)
Prince Hardenberg,
Duke of Saxe Weimar, (Royal)
Marshal Prince Blucher,
Le General Comte de Yorck,
Le General Comte de Bulow,
Lieutenant General de Knerabutt,
Lieutenant General de Haak,
Le Minister de Humbold,
Le Minister de Bulow,

Le Minister de Jacobi Kloest,
Le General de Rauch,
Le Grand Ecuyer General de Yago,
Le Chambellan de Humbold,
Le Colonel de Nabsmer,
Comte de Schwerin,
Le Major Brareshetz,
Le Lieutenant Colonel Thule, .
Comte de Brandenberg.
Conseiller d'etat Ancellan,
Conseiller de cabinet Albruht,
Le Chambellan Comte de Bruhl,
Le Chambellan Comte de Arnine,
Le Major de Hedeman,
Le Major de Roeder,
Le Major Comte Norlitz.

Great Officers of State.

Archbishop of Canterbury.
Earl of Harrowby, Lord President of the Council
Earl of Westmorland, Lord Privy Seal.
Marquis Camden.
Earl of Buckinghamshire, President of the Board of Controul.
Earl Bathurst, His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State, War Department.
Earl of Liverpool, First Lord of the Treasury.
Right Honourable William Fitzgerald.
Honourable B. Paget.

Lords Commissioners of the
Viscount Lowther.

C. Grant, Jun. Esq.
Earl Mulgrave, Master General of the Ordnance.
Viscount Sidmouth, His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State, Home Department.
Viscount Castlereagh, His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State, Foreign Department,
Viscount Melville, First Lord of the Admiralty.
Admiral Sir Jos. S. Yorke.
Rt. Hon. Wm. Dundas.
Admiral G. J. Hope. (Lords Commissioners of the
Sir George Warrender, Bart.

John Osborn, Esq.
Lord Henry Paulet.
Viscount Palmerston, Secretary at War.
Lord Bishop of London.
The Speaker of the House of Commons
The Master of the Rolls.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Right Hon. Charles B. Bathurst, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,
The Treasurer of the Navy.
Right Honourable Charles Long.
Ri. Hon. Frederick Robinson.

ngo} Paymasters of the Forces.
The Vice Chancellor.
Right Hon. Robert Peel, Secretary of State for Ireland.

English English Nobility and Persons of Distinction.

Duke of Devonshire.
Duke of Atholl.
Marquis of Lansdown.
Marquis of Stafford,
Marquis Wellesley.
Marquis of Huntley.
Countess of Liverpool.
Earl of Chichester.
Earl Grey.
Earl of Upper Ossory.
Earl of Aberdeen,
Earl of Yarmouth.
Lady Castlereagh.
Lord Holland.
Lord Erskine.
Lord Beresford.
Lord Hill.
Lord Combermere.
Lord Lyndock.
Lord Burghersh.

Lord Stewart.
Right Hon. Sir John Borlase Warren, Bart.
Right Hon. George Ponsonby.
Samuel Whitbread, Esq.
Right Hon. George Tierney.
T. w. Coke, Esq.
Sir Arthur Pigott.
Warren Hastings, Esq.
General Turner.
Rr. Hon. C. Arbuthnot
S. R. Lushington, Esq.

of the
George Harrison, Esq. Treasury.
Rt. Hon. J. H. Addington,
John Beckett, Esq.

W. Hamilton, Esq.

Major-General Bunbury, ( of State.
Henry Goulburn, Esq.
Rev. Mr. Birch."
Francis Frecling, Esq.
Admiral Blackwood.



· Foreign Nobility and Persons of Distinction.

Foreign Ministers. His Serene Highness the Prince of Count Fernan Nunez, (Spanish). Lambasa Orange.

Coupe Merveldt, (Austrian)
His Royal Highness the Prince Royal of Mons. H. Fagel, (Dutch) S sadors

Baron Rehausen, (Swedish) .
His Royal Highness the Prince Royal of Count St. Martin d'Aigle, (Sardinia)

Baron Vander Duyn de Maasdam, (Dutch).
His Highness the Duke of Orleans. Mon. de Ploffet, (Bavaria)
Prince Metternich, (Austrian).

Count de Boraldingen, (Wirteraberg) Prince Lichtenstein, Do.

Mon de Bourke, (Danish). Count Hardenberg, (Hanoverian)

Count Munster, Hanoverian) Mons. le Comp. de Chatre.

Mon. Ramadani, (Turkish)

Robert Chester, Esq. Master of the Ceremonies.

The Judges of the Realm.
William Mellish, Esq. Jeremiah Harman, Esq.
Governor, and Deputy Governor, of the Bank of England.

John Inglis, Esq.
Deputy Chairman of the Hon. East India Company.

Samuel Thornton, Esq.; A. H. Sutherland, E.,.;
Chairman, and Deputy Chairman, of the Russia Company,

In consequence of the Grand Duchess of Oldenburg and several Russian Ladies of Distinction having been included io she list sent by order of the Emperor of Russia, it was thought proper that the Lady Mayoress should be present to receive the Grand Duchess and the other Rassian Ladies, and her Ladyship was accordingly present, as also the Counters of Liverpool, Lady Castlcreagh, and Miss L. Dorosille, the Sister of the Lady Mayoress, who were invited on the occasion.


The following Royal Personages, Noblemen, and Gentlemen of diso tinction were invited, but could not be present in consequence of indise position or other peculiar circumstances :

His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence.
His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, (on the Continent).
His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex.
The Lord Chancellor.
Duke of Nortolk.
Duke of Richmond,
Lord Grenville.
Lord Niddry.
Portuguese Ambassador.
Sicilian and Hessian Ministers,
Hon, F. Elphinstone, Chairman of the Hon. East India Company.
Sir Samuel Romilly.
Edward Cooke, Esq. Under Secretary of State.
J. W. Croker, Esq. Secretary to Admiralty.
T. Brooksbank, Esq. | Private Secretaries to the First Lord of the
A. Rosenhagen, Esq. / Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, to give a proper effect to this magnificent entertainment, determined on going in state, with the full splendour of his court. Orders were accordingly issued to all the officers to be in readiness at St. James's Palace to attend his Royal Highness.

About two o'clock the streets east of Temple Bar were lined on both sides with nearly eight thousand troops, regulars, militia, and volunteers, aided by detachments of cavalry.

Soon after four o'clock the cavalcade departed from Carlton House in the following Order :

The Eleventh Dragoons.
Seven of the Prince Regent's Carriages, in which were the Officers of

his Household, and Foreign Officers of distinction.
The State Carriages of the Prince of Orange, Dake of Cambridge, Duke of

Kent, and Duke of Gloucester, each drawn by Six Horses.
These illustrious individuals were accompanied by several of the Foreign Princes.
The State Carriage of the Duke of York, who was accompanied by

Two Princes of Prussia.
The Speaker of the House of Commons in his State Carriage.
Between each of these Carriages were Sections of the Royal Horse Guards.

Then came the Carriages of His Majesty's Ministers,
Which were followed by two Troops of the Horse Guards, ir new Uniform.

Then came a Carriage and Six Bays,

Carriage and Six Horses occupied by the Prince Regent's Officers of State.
Six Royal Carriages, with the Suite of the King of Prussia, Foreign

Noblemen, Officers, &c. ,
A Detachment of Hussar Cavalry.

Officers of the Yeomen of the Guard.
One Hundred Yeomanry of the Guard in their ancient Cosome, with

Halberts on their left shoulder.
The full Band of Gentlemen Pensioners

Officers of Arms, viz :


Provincial Provincial Kings of Arms.

Garter, Principal King of Arms.
The Prince Regent, dressed in full Military Uniform, wearing the English, Russian,

Prussian, and French Orders, in the State Carriage,
Drawn by Eight beautiful Cream Coloured Horses, with Scarlet Ribbons, and

Attended by the Knights Marshalmen.
The King of Prussia sat on the right side of the Prince Regent.
In the fore seat sat the Prince of Orange, and the Prince Royal of Prussia.

A vast number of other Carriages, containing Foreign and English Noblemen, and

Persons of Distinction.
A strong Detachment of the Scotch Greys closed this Cavalcade.

About five o'clock the Prince Regent was followed by the Emperor of Russia, in the following Order:

Horse Guards.
The Prince Regent's State Chariot and Six white Hanoverian Horses,

Decorated with blue Ribbons.
The Emperor of Russia, dressed in Scarlet and Gold, occupied the same with his

Illustrious Sister,

The Duchess of Oldenburgh. His Imperial Majesty was cheered in the loudest manner by the Spectators, which

He returned, by bowing uncovered.

: Guards.
A Royal Carriage with two Russian Princesses and many

Private Carriages.
The Ninth Regiment of Cavalry and the Scotch Greys

Brought up the Rear.

The Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, in state carriages, with the Aldermen and City Officers had previously arrived at Temple Bar, and, until the approach of the procession, they were accommodated in the house of Messrs. Child and Co. bankers. On its arrival they mounted horses which were decorated for the occasion with crimson ribbons. The first part of the cavalcade having entered the City, on the carriage of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent drawing up, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, &c. advanced, and the Lord Mayor presented the Sword of State to his Royal Highness, who was graciously pleased to return the same to his Lordship. They then joined the Procession, immediately preceding his Royal Highness's carriage, in the following Order :

Sheriff's Officers,
The City Marshals.

The Lord Mayor's Footmen.
The Band of the London Militia playing “ God Save the King."

The City Officers.
Sixteen Aldermen, in their Robes, bare headed.
The Common Crier bearing the City Mace, and the Sword Bearer wearing the

Cap of Maintenance.
The Lord Mayor, bare headed, carrying the Sword of State, dressed in a rich Crimson

Velvet Robe, trimmed with Ermine.

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