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Pallas (Voyage dans les Provinces Crimea and EcatherMeridionales de la Russie, t. ii. p. inoslaw ......... 240,000 347,) they amount to 120,000 Siberia............ 62,898 males. The statements respecting Caucasus .......... 4,800 the Tartar population of this government are very imperfect. The Total ............... 449,128 Tartars have long been in the But as all the statements of the habit of withdrawing themselves population of these people show from the revision. On that ac- that the number of females is incount the estimate of Pallas is the ferior to that of males, it may be most probable. .

necessary tostrike off about 30,000 The Tartars of Perme, accord- on this account. Their number ing to Mr. Bakarewitsch, in his will then be conformable to the work, entitled, Statistical Descrip- statement of Mr. Storch, wbo, tion of Siberia drawn up from the estimating ihe Russian Tartars at Reports made to the Minister of 200,000, and those upited to the Interior., published in 1810, Russia by the treaties of peace of amount to 5,629 males, and the 1774, 1783, and 1791, at 214,318, Tartars of Tobolsk to 25,820; makes the sum total amount to making together 31,440 males. 414,318 individuals.

Tartars of Caucasus. --The re- The Baschkines, the Metscbeturns of 1802 mark only those of raeques, the Boucharzi, the Tasch: Tarkow, to the number of 1200 kinzi, the Jakoutes, and the Kir. families.

gises, are likewise of the Tartar From these data there are, race. Tartars of Kasan ...... 95,602 According to the statements of

Astrachan ......... 45,828 1802 and 1803 there were

Baschkines and Metscheraeques, in the govern-1, .. ment of Perm ........................]

opero 13,508 males Boucharzi and Taschkinzi, in the governments ! 2.805

of Tobolsk and Tomsk ..................... Jakoutes of Tobolsk ........

........................ 258 Jakoutes of Irkoutch.. ......

....... 50,676

67,337 'Or 134,674 individuals; soihat Males ............ 37,658 the sum total of Tartars is 583,802. Females .......... 32,203 But we must strike off 30 or 40,000 on account of the defici Individuals. ........ 69,861 ency of women. This will reduce The statements of 1804 make the number to 550,000.' :....! ** Males .... ' IV. Inhabitants of Caucasus

Females ........... 29,240 subject to Russia.

Individuals ........ 64,089 The statements of 1803 make their number

V. Samojedes. Hai !


The statements of 1803 and And besides 23:090 individuals 1804 give 3,000 families of Samo. who were exempt from the imjedes.

posts : about 140,225 males, or The American tribes are not 298,450 individuals. numerous. The numbers given in The known number of all these the above-meutioned statements tribes does not surpass. 300,000 are,

individuals. Alioutari......... 246

I add a general statement reJoukagires........ 505 specting all the nomades of Russia. Karagassi......... 163 In 1803, according to the state. Kamischadales .... 1,782 ments laid before the Minister of Koraeques........ 1,224 the Interior, they amounted to Kouriles ........ 100

Males .......... 652,000

Females ........ 472,000 4,020 males Or 8,040 individuals. These, Individuals ..... 1,124,090 with 12,000 Sarnojedes, make

All the reports show that these 20,040 individuals.

tribes have a deficiency of women; Nothing can be more imperfect but it is true likewise that the than the enumerations of these

women are not so carefully retribes in the north of Siberia.

gistered as the men, because they Several are not even known. Even

pay no imposts. in the present year (1810) several

The preceding results gives us tribes of Jakoutes sent a deputa- the following table of the people tion to Tobolsk bearing the act of

subject to the Russian empire that their submission ; for, say they are not Russians : we have learnt that our brethren are happy under your dominion. Poles ............. 6,800,000 His Majesty our august Emperor

Finlanders ......... 2,500,000 ordered each of these deputies to Tartars ........... 550,000 receive a sabre as an honorary dis

Caucasians ......... 60,000 tinction.

Samojedes, and other

Siberians,....... 300,000 VI. Tribes of Mongoles and Mantschoux.

10,210,000 According to the statements

This is the probable number made to the Minister of the Interior there are,

resulting from the statements at

present in our possession. But it Buraetes or Bratzki.... 58,767 is proper to remark that all the Calmucks of Tobokk .. 1,158 statements respecting the popuCalmucks of Astrachan, 5 lation of Russia, being drawn up

or 13,005 families. . . 50,000 for financial or military purposes, Mongoles... ......... 96 are very exact respecting those inTunguses of Irkoutzk .. 12,832 cluded in the class of revisionaries, Tunguses of Tobolsk... 1,998 but very inaccurate as far as reLamuti.............. 976 spects the other classes, and conTschapogiri .......... 308 sequently upon the whole always


below the truth. We may there And these 31 millions of Rosfore reckon in the empire teo sians have the inestimable advanmillions and a balf of subjects who tage of a concentrated population, are not Russians.

'while the other nations are spread The pumber of inhabitants at over a prodigious extent of country. present in Russia is 41,253,483, The Russian nation forms the and this number is certainly a mi- centre of this immense empire, nimum.

it inhabits the best cultivated : According to these data the provinces, and is the best sinumber of Russian inhabitants tuated for communicating both amounts to 31,043,483, and the by land and water. The south of foreigners subject to the empire Russia begins to be peopled by do not exceed one quarter of the the surplus of the Russian popuwhole people. This is a propor- lation. All these advantages doution very advantageous for the ble the force of the Russian nation, ruling nation. The variations in and ensure it the most decided the total amount will not alter this preponderance. proportion.

Official Account of the Festival given by the City of London to the

Emperor of Russia, the King of Prussia, the Prince Regent of England, and other Royal and Noble Personages.


το THE

Of the City of London in Common Council assembled.
We of your Committee appointed by this Honourable Court the
cighth day of June last, consisting of

Aldermen. Sir William Lewis, Knight

Sir William Curtis, Bart. Sir Richard Carr Glyn, Bart..

Sir John Eamer, Knight. Sir James Shaw, Bart.

Sir Charles Flower, Bart. Sir Claudius Stephen Hunter, Bart. George Scholey, Esq. Samuel Birch, Esq.

Matthew Wood, Esq. Christopher Smith, Esq.

Samuel Goodbehere, Esq. Christopher Magnay, Esq.

George Bridges, Esq. William Heygate, Esq.

Robert Albion Cox, Esq,

Commoners. Robert Fisher, Esq. Deputy

Mr. William Hardy, Samuel Weddell, Esq. Deputy

Mr. John Pearson, John Ord, Esq. Deputy

Mr. James Pearsall, Sir William Rawlins, Knt. Deputy

Mr. Robert Waithmart, William Child, Esg. Deputy

Mr. John Dyster, Mr. John Ryland Mauder,

John William Goss, Esq. Deputy Mr. Samuel Hale,

Mr. Thomas Whitby, Mr. Charles Williain Hick,

Mr. Joseph Turner,


Mr. Edward Frisby,
Thomas Greenaway, Esq. Deputy
Samuel Hayward, Esq. Deputy
Mr. Thomas Marriott,
William Box, Esq. Deputy
Francis Paynter, Esq. Deputy
Mr. James Jacks,

Joseph Daker, Esq. Deputy
Daniel Purder, Esq. Deputy
William John Reeves, Esq. Deputy
Mr. Thomas Ayres,
Edward Colebatch, Esq. Deputy
Mr. Samuel Dixon,
Mr. Thomas Bell,

to prepare the Addresses of this the following day, (10th of June), Honourable Court, to be pre- That his Lordship had had an sented to his Imperial Majesty, audience with the Prince Regent, the Emperor of all the Russias, who was pleased graciously to and his Majesty the King of Prus. accept the invitation of this Hosia ; and to consider what further norable Court to the dinner at steps might be necessary to be Guildhall, and took upon himself adopted on the part of the Corpo- to communicate the invitation to ration of London, to evince the His Illustrious Visitors, His Im. sense they entertained of the High perial Majesty the Emperor of all Honour conferred on the Metro. The Russias, and His Majesty the polis of this Empire, by the pre- King of Prussia, who, he had no sence of such illustrious visitors ; doubt, would be as happy as him. and who by their report of the fol- self to wait upon the Corporation lowing day (9th June last), re- of the City of London, your Comcommended, that an Entertain. mittee were fully empowered by ment suitable to the dignity of this Honorable Court, to proceed this City should be provided at the in preparing the proposed enterGuildhall, at which His Royal tainment in such manner as they Highness the Prince Regent, also should see fit, and to give every His Imperial Majesty the Em, necessary direction accordingly. peror of all the Russias, and His Do certify, that your Committee Majesty the King of Prussia met on the same day immediately should be requested to honor this after the adjournment of the City with their presence; which Court; and having appointed Mr. Report was unanimously approved Alderman Birch Chairman of the by this Honourable Court, and Commitiee, we gave directions to the Lord Mayor, Recorder, and the Clerk of the Works, to take Sheriffs attended by the Remem- such immediate measures for prebrancer, were directed to wait on paring Guildhall for the Royal His Royal Highness the Prince Festival, and to employ such arRegent, the Einperor of all the tificers and workmen as he might Russias, and the King of Prussia, think necessary, in order to insure and bumbly request them in the the completion of the whole name of this Honorable Court, to within the short space of time honor this Corporation with their allowed for that purpose. (SaRoyal Presence at dinner in the gurday the 18th of June, having Guildhall of this City, and upon been appointed by his Royal Highthe Representation made by the ness the Prince Regent for the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor, çelebration of the Festival), and to this Honorable Court on the we desired him to prepare a plan


of the Hall, properly arranged for was executed in a stile of the first the reception of the Prince Liegent magnificence and splendor. and his Illustrious Visitors.

Your Committee having diYour Committee being anxious rected Mr. Remembrancer to prothat every thing should be exe- cure lists of the persons in the cuted in the most superb manner, Suites of His Royal Highness the on tbis bighly important occasion, Prince Regent, the Emperor of gave immediate directions for pre Russia, and the King of Prussia, as paring a sumptuous and splendid well as of the Great Officers of entertainment, and finding it would State, Foreign Princes, Ministers, be impracticable to complete in Noblemen, and persons of diso time the numerous arrangemenis tinction then in London, found necessary to be effected, unless that the number together with the different departments were placed English Nobility and persons of under the management of distinct distinction, whom it was thought Sub-committees, we appointed the proper to invite on the occasion, following, viz.

totally precluded the possibility of ist. For directing and superio- entertaining the ladies of the memtending the various fittings up in bers of the Corporation in the body the Hall, and the making proper of the Hall : at the same time and commodious avenues thereto. your Committee considering, that

2d. For providing and taking the general effect of the coup charge of the plate to be used on d'ail of the Entertainment would the occasion.

be lost without their presence, 3d. For providing the necessary directed spacious galleries to be china, glass, linen, and all other erected in the Hall for their acarticles and things in the butlerage commodation, and Mr. Towndepartinent.

Clerk, and Mr. Comptroller having 4th. For providing the most handsomely offered the use of rare and choice wines, for taking their houses, the same were accare of and superintending the re- cepted, and the latter was wholly ceipt and delivery of the same. appropriated to the accommodation

5th. For managing, directing, of the Ladies, as being more conand superintending the necessary venient from its situation and faregulations for the admission of cility of access to the Galleries, the company, the conducting the drawings of which galleries we ceremonies to take place, and for have caused to be made ; but your the general appropriation and ac- Committee recommend, that a commodation of the company in perspective view of the whole the Hall and the Galleries. should also be made as being more

By the foregoing classification, explanatory than any written deand the permanent sitting of the scription, or architectural draw. Grand Committee, to receive and ing. confirm from time to time the The Worshipful Company of several proceedings of the Sub- Coopers having also obligingly committees, as well as to give fur- granted the use of their kitchen, ther instructions and powers as your Committee were enabled to circumstances required, the whole provide an entertainmert for the

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