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Letter to the King of Sweden, they reject them, my fate shall Sir and Brother,

not be separated from theirs. BeThere is nothing on earth so

fore, bowever, I convoke the valuable to me as the satisfaction

Diet, I desire that two important of a good conscience. This I have points may be previously arranged. never forfeited ; and I still desire

First, That the bases of the that my conduct may be directed walo

ay be directed union be accepted by Sweden, unas honour and as duty prescribe. der the guarantee of the four

It is with these sentiments | powers wbose envoys are present.' bave been induced to place myself,

Secondly, That the deliberations at the head of a people, who, re

te be free and mature, and to this leased from their allegiance to

end that a suspension of hostilitics their king, sigh only for indepen. De

c vich only for indepeo be agreed on. deace, and have tendered to me

I am sensible that the advan. all their affections and confidence.

tages to result from a suspension of I have sworn to defend the consti

arms demand sacrifices on my tution, and shall readily lay down si

side. These sacrifices are expressmy life in support of their rights ed in the projet of armiştice wbicb and independence. I have not for. I annex. The envoys of the allied gotten, however, that I am likewise powers have contended that the responsible for their happiness.

Swedish troops should occupy the Now tbat all Europe has de

fortresses; but I have not been clared against Norway, against that

able to concede this point, both cause which I defend with no other

because the constitution restrains means than those afforded by my

me, and because I well knew, country, such considerations pre

from the character of my nation, sent a necessity against which it that they would not suffer, without would be impossible to contend.

opposition, the entrance of SwedThat I have never been misled ish troops within their frontiers. by personal motives, I shall evince

I am compelled, therefore, to pre. by restoring the crown into the fer the misfortunes of a foreign hands of the nation who conferred to

rred to the horrors of a civil war. I it on me. I choose rather to save confidentiy rely, however, on your Norway than to reign over her:

wisdom, Sir, in assenting to the bat before I consent to separate

means of avoiding a war which myself from a people to whom I

would render the projected union am at present united by the most

inadmissible, and entail upon the sacred ties, I am anxious to secure

Swedish nation as many calamities their happiness by a guarantee of

as on the people whom you desire the constitution, and other stipu

to govern, and whom you cannot lations, 'to serve as bases to the

conciliate so effectually as by union with Sweden. I shall as.

measures of mildness, by a respect semble the Diet, and make the

for public opinion, and a relaxaconditions known to the nation. I tion of the blockade; measures shall point out to them all the which will be considered as derived perils to which they will be expos

expose from your generosity, and your reed by a brave but fruitless perses gard for the welfare of this people. verance in the contest. If the na- My situation is painfal, but niy tion accept the conditions, I shall affection for the Norwegians reinstantly abdicate the throne : if mains ihe same.

2 F2

• Is you accept the terms of the gard to importation and exportsarmistice, and the bases of the tion, be restored to the ports of union, I pledge my word to em- Norway, and likewise, that perploy all the influence I possess in mission to ship grain and other persuading the people of Norway provisions for Norway, be immeto submit to the union as the only diately given in Denmark, and in means of security in tbeir power. the ports of the Baltic, as well as · Honour me, Sir, with your in England, Holland, and the confidence. I liave deserved it, in White Sea. If the exportation of cheerfully subscribing myself, corn from Archangel for the proYour Majesty's, &c.

vince of Drontheim, for Nordland CHRISTIAN FREDERICK. and Finmark must be limited, I Christiania, July 13,1814. require 25,000 zetverts.

I would again call your attenNorc to the Envoys of the Allied tion to the situation of the King Powers.

of Denmark, as it affects this Note B.

country. You will admit that the Although you, Gentlemen, en- King of Denmark has done the voys of the allied powers, charged utmost in his power to carry the with a special mission in Norway, treaty of Kiel into effect. The have declared that you are not evils which he assists in imposing mediators between Norway and upon his ancient subjects, who Sweden, it is doubtless insepara- have given to him unexampled ble from your character to be the proofs of their fidelity, exceed guarantees of such stipulations as those limits which humanity preshall be agreed to between the scribes to sovereigns. It is fit that two kingdoms. It is with this be revoke these rigorous measures. view that I invite you to give me The circumstances in which I am the assurance that you will guaran- placed direct my conduct; the tee the bases of union wbich the King of Denmark can have no inKing of Sweden may accept, as fluence on the fate of Norway. It well as the armistice, in all the is consequently cruel to make bim points that may be definitively ar- answerable; and I invite you to ranged for the period of its duration. employ your good offices with

If the commissioners of the allied your respective sovereigns to repowers acquiesce, I am equally lieve him from this obligation, and desirous that they should assist in that his subjects, after so many settling differences of a serious sufferings, may have no mare nunature, which may arise during merous and foreign armies to mainthe armistice; and I shall submit tain. to their decision whether the pe- I require your answer to this riod ought to be so far prolonged note, Gentlemen, before you quit as to enable the Diet to close its Norway, accompanied, be assured, deliberations without interruption by the good wishes of all those

I require of you to guarantee, so who have had the opportunity of long as the armistice shall conti- knowing you, and who have learnnue, the raising of the blockade byed to esteem you as highly as does the maritime forces of England - Your's, &c. and Russia, in order that commere

CHRISTIAN FREDERICK. and free navigation, both with re- Christiania, July 13, 1814.



Answer of the Envoys to his High With respect to the guarantee ness Prince Christian Frederick. of the bases of union, the armis

tice, and of all the points that The undersigned have received shall be definitively arranged and the communications which bis accepted by Sweden, the underHighness Prince Christian Frede- signed are convinced, that none of rick of Denmark has thought pro- the Powers of whom they are the per to transmit to them.

representatives, nor even Sweden In presenting their note of the herself, will object to this act of 7th ult. they had flattered them. justice. Indeed, the raising the selves that in entering into the blockade, if his Swedish Majesty views of his Highness for the con- shall consent to it, necessarily invocation of the Diet, and the nego. volves the revocation of all those ciation of an armistice, they would belligerent measures which were probably succeed in removing taken against Norway. The other every considerable difficulty, and servations added by his Highness. obtain a confidence which might with respect to the painful situation admit their propositions without of Denmark, induce the undere restriction. Not one of the three signed to remark, that the resolu. points, however, submitted by the tion of the Prince to place himself undersigned, has been fully ace at the head of an illegitimate opcepted as part of the basis of an position, is the sole cause of the armistice. Each has suffered mo- misfortunes of his true country, difications which, if they do not and that he might at once have annul the general effect, at least spared to Denmark the suspicions render doubtful the concurrence of of the Allied Powers, and to the his Swedish Majesty.

undersigned the chagrin of stating Without entering into any de, this io an official note. tails which could only give rise to At the close of this communi. fresh discussions, they feel them- cation, the undersigned have the selves obliged to declare, that the honour to ask of his Highness, a concessions demanded as bases of last proof of his frankness, in the the union are not compensated by publication of their official notes any advantages afforded by the as speedily as possible. They deproposed armistice.

mand this on the principle that The undersigned are therefore Norway should be informed of all con pelled to rest their hopes of the dangers to which she is exthe success of their negociation posed, and of the real object of upon the generosity of the King their mission. of Sweden ; and painful as it is The departure of the underto see all their efforts for the signed being irrevocably fixed for accomplishment of a pacific union Sunday the 17th of July, they have frustrated, they are still happy to the honour to present to his Highsubmit entirely to the conscience ness, their homage, and the rei. of bis Swedish Majesty the accept, terated assurances of their profound ance of his Highness's proposi. respect. tions, in order thereby to furpish STEIGENTEsch. FORSTER. him with an occasion of commenc

MARTENS. ing by a signal benefit the exercise Christiania, July 15, 1814. of his influence over Norway.


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nion. Those who dccline coni, Belucci his Royal Highness the tinuing their services shall be pecPrince Royal of Sweden, in the

sioned according to the laws of the

coustry. name of the King of Sweden, on

Art. 7. His Majesty the King of the one part, and the Norurgian Government on the other pari,

Sweden shall enploy his good concluded at Moss, riug. 14.

's offices with his Majesty the King

of Denmark, to procure the revoArt. 1. His Royal Highness cation of the ordinances or edicts Prince Christian shall, as soon as promulgated since January 14, possible, couroke the States Ge. 1814, against the public funcneral of the Kingdom of Norway, tionaries, and the kingdom of Noraccording to the mode prescribed way in general. by the existing constitution. The Done at Moss. Aug. 14, 1814, Diet shall be opened on the last Ratitied, CHRISTIAN FREDERICE. day of September; or, if this be impracticable, within the first Pope's Bull re-establishing the eight days of October.

Jesuits, • Art. 2. His Majesty the King of PIUS, BISHOP, SERVANT OF THE Sweden shall communicate directly

SERVANTS OF GOD. with the Diet by one or more Com- (Ad perpetuam rei memoriam.) missioners whom he shall appoint. The care of all the churches con

Art. 3. His Majesty the King fided to our humility by the Divine of Sweden promises to accept the will, not witstanding the lowness of Constitution framed by the De. our deserts and abilities, makes it puties of the Diet of Ewswold. our duty to employ all the aids in His Majesty will propose such our power, and which are furnisbed changes only as are necessary to to us by the mercy of Divine Prothe union of the two kingdoms, vidence, in order that we may be and engages to make none other able, as far as the changes of times but in concert with the Diet. and placés will allow, to relieve the · Art. 4. The promises of his spiritual wants of the Catholic Swedish Majesty, and of the world, without any distinction of Prince Royal, to the Norwegian people and nations. people, shall be strictly fulfilled, Wishing to fulfil this duty of and confirmed by his Majesty to our Apostolic Ministry, as soon as the Norwegian Dict.

Francis Karen (ilien living) and Art. 5. T'he Diet shall assemble other secular priests resident for at Christiania.

many years in the vast empire of Art. 6. His Majesty the King Russia, and who had been mem. of Sweden declares, that no person bers of the company of Jesus snp. shall be molested, directly or in pressed by Clement XIV. of happy directly, for any opinions here. memory, had supplicated our pertofore expressed adverse to the mission to unite in a body, for the union of the two kingdoms. The purpose of being able to apply Norwegian civil and military func-. ibemselves more easily, in confortionaries, or those who are fu- mity with their institution, to the reigners, shall be treated with all instruction of youth in religion and regard and courtesy. None of good morals, to devote themselves thein shall be harassed for his opi- to preaching, to confession, and


the administration of the other sa- craments. By the same brief we craments, we felt it our duty the received the congregation of the more willingly to comply with company of Jesus under our iintheir prayer, inasmuch as the then mediate protection and dependence, reigning Emperor Paul I, had re- reserving to ourselves and our succommended the said priests in his cessors the prescription of every gracious dispatch, dated the 11th thing that might appear tous proper of August, 1800, in which, after to consolidate, to defend it, and lo setring forth his special regard for purge it from the abuses and corrupthem, be declared to us that it iion that might be therein introducwould be agreeable to him to see ed; and for this purpose we expressly. the company of Jesus established abrogated such apostolical constiin bis einpire, under our authority; tutions, statutes, privileges, and and we, on our side, considering indulgencies granted in contradicattentively the great advantagestion to those concessions, especially which these vast regions might the apostolic letters of Clement thence derive ; considering bow XIV. our predecessor, which beuseful those ecclesiastics, whose gin with the words, Dominus ac morals and doctrine were equally Redemptor Nosier, only in so far as tried, would be to the Catholic reli- they are contrary to our brief, begion, thought fit to second the wish ginding Catholicae, and which was of so great and beneficent a prince. given only for the Russian empire.

In consequence, by our brief, A short time afier we had ordated the 7th of March, 1804, we dained the restoration of the order granted to the said Francis Karen, of Jesuits in Russia, we thought it and his colleagues residing in Rus- our duty to grant the same tavour sia, or who should repair thither to the kingdom of Sicily, on the from other countries, power to warm request of our dear son in forn themselves into a body or Jesus Christ, Kirg Ferdinand, who congregation of the company of begged that the company of Jesus Jesus ; they are at liberty to unite in might be re-established in his do- . one or more houses to be pointed out minions and stares as it was in Rusby their superior, provided those şia, from a conviction that, in these houses are situated within the Rus. deplorable times, the Jesuits were sian empire. We named the said instructors most capable of forning Francis Karen general of the said youth 1o Christian piety and the congregation : we authorised ıhem fear of God, which is the beginning to resume and follow the rule of of wisdom, and to instruct them in St. Ignacius of Loyola, approved science and letters. The duty of and confirmed by the constitutions our pastoral charge leading us to of Paul III. our predecessor, of second the pious wishes of these happy memory, in order that the illustrious monarchs, and having companions, in a religious union, only in view ihe glory of God and might freely engage in the instruc- the salvation of souls, we, by our tion of youth in religion and good brief, beginning Per alias, and dated letters, direct seminaries and col. the zoth of July, 1804, extended to leges, and with the consent of the the kingdom of the Two Sicilies ordinary, confess, preach the word the same concessions which we of God, and administer the sacra. had made for the Russian Empire,


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