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Thongh the evils of war have reign Prince of the United Netherbeen felt among you longer than lands. we bad hoped, I am at least con- To the People of Belgium greetscious that I have neglected no- ing. thing to alleviate the burden.

Europe owes its deliverance to The peace, which has given re- the magnanimity of the allied sopose to Europe, is going to con- vereigns; soon it will owe to their firm the happiness of the people wisdom a political system, which of Belgium and Holland: already will ensure to agitated nations long connected by the natural bonds of years of prosperity and repose. a common descent, of common The new destination of your industry and virtues, you will find beautiful provinces is a necessary the pledge of your durable prospe- part of this system; and the negority in the strict conformity of your ciations which are going to be administration.

opened at Vienna will have for Belgium, under the government their object to have it recognized, of the Serene House of Orange, and consolidate the extension of under a system the most favour- Belgium on a basis conformable to able to its commerce, and with your interests, to that of your the preservation of its religion and neighbours, and of all Europe. manners, will soon be restored to Called to the government of its ancient lustre. Your fine ci- your country for the short interties, Ghent, Bruges, Ostend, Ant- val which still separates us from werp, &c. the monuments of your the future so long desired, I come national industry, which languish- among you with the wish of being ed in the late unhappy times, will useful to you-with all the sentiagain rival in industry and prospe- ments of a friend, of a father. I rity the first cominercial nations. desire to be assisted by the most

People of Belgium! the general enlightened, the most respected interest of Europe destines you an among you, in the honourable enviable fate; an indissoluble tisk assigned me by the confidence union shall ensure its duration, un of the allied monarchs, and of der the most venerable guarantee which I hasten to acquit myself in that humao power can give. person.

Permit me, after having in these To put an end to the evils which difficult tin:es struggled with you still bear heavy upon Belgium, against adversity, to indulge a notwithstanding the firm, wise, hope that you will soinetimes re- and liberal conduct of Baron de member me in the days of your Vincent in the difficult times in prosperity.

which he has exercised the ofBaron de Vincent. fice of governor-general; to honour Brussels, July 31st.

and protect your religion; to give

the nobility the splendour due to At the same time the following its merit; lo encourage agriculture, was published in Dutch and commerce, and all branches of French :

industry; these will be my most

delightful duties, the objects of any William, by the Grace of God, Prince of Orange Nassau, Sove

most incessant carc.


Happy if, in multiplying my been too dearly purchased by the claims to your esteem, I shall suc- blood and patriotic efforts of our ceed in preparing and facilitating subjects, that we should hesitate a the union which is to fix your des- single instant to render them tiny, and which will permit my effectual, and to support them by love to make no difference between all the means which Providence you and that people, whom nature has placed at our disposal. berself seems to have destined to For all the sacrifices by which form with Belgium one powerful we have contributed to the geneand prosperous state.

ral deliverance of Europe, we Given at Brussels, ist August. have desired no other reward but

(Signed) William. the future peace and tranquillity of By his Royal Highness,

the Scandinavian Peninsula. It (Signed) A. R. FALCK. was to facilitate the happy union

of Norway to Sweden, and to

cement it by all the principles of Proclamation of the King of Swe honour and good faith, that we den to the Norwegians.

consented to restore to the King of

Denmark the most valuable of bis At the moment when our well. continental possessions, conquered beloved Son, the Prince Royal of and then occupied by our victoriSweden, is about to put himself at ous troops and those of our allies. the head of our forces, by sea and It was in consideration of this obland, in order to take possession of ject, so much desired, that we the kingdom of Norway ; we can- hastened at once to put a stop to not refuse to our paternal heart the payment of all the contributhe satisfaction of once more open- tions which had already been iming the path of peace and concilia- posed on the Danish provinces; tion to our misled subjects, before that we solemnly renounced all the calamities inevitable from the the old claims wbich we were en. entrance of an armed force con- titled to make on the court of found the innocent with the guil- Copenhagen in favour of our sub

jects, and that we added to these Icihabitants of Norway! Your disinterested conditions of peace political existence has been irrevo- otters still more considerable, and cably decided by the great results sacrifices very painful to our heart, of the war, and sanctioned by the as an ulterior indemnity for the most solemn treaties. A few fac- peaceable cession of Norway. tious persons, who would deceire Unfortunately a single individual your truth and good faith, no lon- has hitherto disregarded all our efger have it in their power to oppose forts, and those of our august allies. obstacles to the establishment in That individual is the late governor the North of a new order of things, of his Danish Majesty, who takes which bas been unanimously gua- upon him to abuse your confidence, ranteed by all the preponderating in order to make you act crimipowers of Europe.

nally towards the powers who The incontestable rights of Swe have sanctioned the union of the den to the union of Norway Lave Scandinavian states, and who have


all recognized the justice of our prince, publicly disavowed by his cause, and the moderation of our own sovereign. copduct.

It was, therefore, to make trial In vain would Prince Christian of every measure of mildness to. rest upon the independence of your wards our new subjects, that we existing position ; an independ- have hitherto delayed establishing ence equally contrary to your own our legitimate right by force of interests, and to the invariable arms. In this interval the gover, principles of sound policy ; for if nor of Norway took upon himself the King of Denmark absolved to constitute there a representation you from your oath of fidelity to of the people conformable to his him, he imposed upon you at the private views, but in no respect same time the indispensable duty consistent with the ancient usages of contracting with us and the of Norway, Foreign agents, concrown of Sweden, the same obli- nected with this prince by mutual gations which previously attached interests, have taken part in the you to the Danish monarchy; and deliberations of this assembly, it was only in consequence of the where an armed force had more assurances given us, that on our influence than the voice of patriotpart concessions so important were ism and the freedom of opinion; yielded.

and the results of this assembly People of Norway! It is to the have answered the intentious of its frankness of your national charac- chief, rather than the true interests ter that we again address these of the nation. words of peace and confidence, In such a state of affairs, a too before enforcing the justice of our great indulgence on our part could cause by arms. In vain did we have no other effect but to encouoften summon Prince Christian to rage crime and the dark schemes obey the voice of honour and of of these enemies of public repose, duty. In vain did we address to who will never cease to labour you proclamations which should against the happiness and indehave enlightened you as to our pendence of the Scandinavian beneficent intentions, and dispers- peninsula. A prince equally a ed all the illusions by which some stranger to Sweden and to Norway, intriguing and factious men hoped and solely attached to the interests to conceal from you your true of Denmark, has already authoposition in regard to the other rized the most violent measures in powers of Europe.

order to constitute you rebels Influenced, however, by the against your legitimate sovereign, feelings of our paternal heart, to and to place you in a state of open consider the Norwegians in no hostility with England, Russia, other light but as the ancient bro. Prussia, and Austria. thers of our Swedish subjects, we A crisis like this ought not to long flattered ourselves with being last, and cannot last much longer, able to avoid every rigorous mea without becoming essentially dansure, that sooner or later the na- gerous to all the neighbouring tion would loudly declare against states, which are uniting their the criminal audacity of a foreign efforts to suppress in its origin that

spirit of faction and discord which manner whatsoever. We alike already threatens to shut up from order by these preseots, all stranthe North of Europe the beneficial gers who are now in Norway to effects of the general peace. depart from the kingdom fortb

Invoking, therefore, the assist with, or to take the oath of subance of the Almighty in favour of mission and fidelity before our conthe justice of our cause, we have stituted authorities, under pain of ordered our well-beloved son, the being punished as rebels or spies. Prince Royal, to advance with all And to manifest yet more our our forces, supported by those of paternal sentiments for our new our allies, upon the frontiers of subjects, we promise, in the most Norway, to take possession of that solemn manner, favour and parkingdom, and there to convoke in don to all our native subjects of our name, and under our royal Noway, who may have been conauthority, ao assembly of the states sidered until now, as seduced by of the Norwegian people, who foreigners, if they basten to return after having been freely elected, to their duty as subjects, and to will be entitled to deliberate on a obey with zeal and submission all new constitution, calculated to the laws and ordinances which we establish the future happiness of have caused to be published to the nation, and which shall then that effect.

CHARLES. be submitted to our royal approbation.

We repeat, on this occasion, Proclamation of the Prince Roval with pleasure, that far from desiring of Sweden to the Norwegians. ever to infringe on any right or privileges which our Norwegian Norwegians, subjects have enjoyed to the pre- Destined by nature to an union sent hour, we continue them anew, with the Swedish nation, your fate and in the most solemn manner; was decided when the King of persuaded that the happiness and Denmark ceded to Sweden, by the the future tranquillity of the Scan- peace of Kiel, his rights over dinavian peninsula will require no- Norway. The advantages wbich thing of the two nations but the your old sovereign derived from indissoluble union of their recipro- ihat peace are known to you. He cal interests.

obtained, immediately after its We therefore, by these presents, signature, the evacuation of the declare the diet convoked by Prince duchies of Schlesvig and Holstein, Christian criminal and in contempt the restoration of the fortresses of of our rights as well as those of all Gluckstadt and Fredericsort, an lawful sovereigrs, and even of acknowledgment of the Sognd dathose of the Norwegian nation. ties, the giving up of more than We farther declare all the acts of twelve millions of contributions authorities constituted by that imposed on the ducbics, the rediet null, and of no value nor nunciation of an equal sum for obligation; and we expressly for- captures made during peace; a bid all our Norwegian subjects to considerable sum in money, of pay obedience to them, or to con- which part has been paid : and form themselves to them, in any finally, the promise of the cession


of Pomerania, upon the surren- and Norway united, and lending der and occupation of the fortress each other mutual support, will of Kongswinger, Frederickshall, present on every side an impregFrederickstadt, and Aggerhuus. Dable front. Insulated and dis

These great sicrifices were made united, they will have every thing to Denmark, only because she to fear both from themselves and promised that you would peace- from others. Look at England, ably, and witbout opposition, ac- that island, so famous, founded knowledge the authority of the her prosperity on a similar union. king of Sweden; and you will That of Norway to Sweden is appreciate them, on reading the guaranteed by the first powers of treaties which united Sweden, Rus- The world. sia, England, Prussia, and Aus- An experience of many centutria, against the common enemy. ries proves that the divisions of Norwegians! If in this age these the North always led to its ruin. treaties could be elnded by civiliz. Tois idea had struck the great ed nations, good faith would no Gustavus. After having laid the longer exist upon earth.

foundation of the peace of Europe, At the period when your govern- and consolidated the Protestant ment furnished to France some faith, his plan was to effect your thousands of seamen to man ships union with Sweden : death put an of war, Sweden perceived the in- end to his design. Its consequences dispensable necessity of rendering have been pernicious 10 you. Iterself independent of the conti- Norwegians! After the memonent; she refused to bow before rable battle of Leipsic, your intethe idol of the day, and confident- rests must have told you, that ly relying on herself, and on her your union with Sweden could constitutional laws, she dared to alone constitute your happiness invoke them in favour of her chil- and establish your security. The dren, and rejected the demand of great powers wish this union. All an equal number of seamen : she of them have recognized that it did more, she unites herself at a was time to put an end to the disperiod the most critical recorded in sensions which must result from our annals, with a monarch whose the separation of the two nations. destruction Napoleon had sworn. Will you alone oppose the general She feels proud, however, in hav- will? Will you alone combat the ing anticipated the resolution of so Swedes and the sovercigns who many other nations.

have guaranteed your upion with Norwegians ! Small states are us? Their glory, their interests, always moved by the more power the sanctity of treaties, in fine, defol: you cannot form an insulated mand its accomplishment. government; and the plan of the I come in the midst of you, with man who misleads you is to unite the hope that you will treat as one day the crown of Norway to that brothers that brave army which I of Denmark; but nature, in accord- lead back from a campaign as glo. ance with sound policy, wills that rious as astonishing. Neither ihis the Norwegians and the Swedes army, nor that which has been for should be friends and brothers. It a year stationed on your frontiers, is also as brothers that the Swedes desire laurels wbich must be ting. wish to live with you. Sweden ed with your blood. The Swedes


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