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countries which cease to belong to to serve it for information and as France, or contracted for their in- a starting point. ternal administration, shall remain Art. XXIV. The judicial depoa cbarge on these same countries. sits and consignments made into An account shall in consequence the chest of the sinking fund in exbe kept for the French government, ecution of the law of the 28th cornmencing with the 22d Decem- Nivose, year 13 (18th of January, ber, 1813, of such of those debts 1815), and which belong to the inas have been converted into in- habitants of countries which France scriptions in the great book of the ceases to possess, shall be restored public debt of France. The titles within a year, dating from the exof all such as have not been pre- change of the ratifications of the pared for the inscription, nor have present treaty, into the hands of been yet inscribed, shall be given the authorities of the said countries, up to the governments of the re- with the exception of such despective countries. Statements of posits and consignments as French all these debts shall be drawn up subjects are interested in ; in which by a mixed commission.

case they shall remain in the chest Art. XXII. The French Govern- of the sinking fund, not to be rement, on irs side, shall remain stored but on proofs resulting from charged with the repayment of all the decisions of the competent authe sums paid by the subjects of thorities. the above mentioned countries into Art. XXV. The funds deposited the French chests, whether under by the communes and public estabthe head of cautionments, deposits, lishments in the chest of service or consignments. In like manner and in the chest of the sinking French subjects, servants of the fund, or in any other government said countries, who have paid sums chest, shall be repaid to them by under the head of cautionments, fifths from year to year, reckoning deposits, or consignments, into from the date of the present treaty, their respective treasuries, shall be with the deduction of advances faithfully reimbursed.

which shall have been made to Art. XXIII. The titulars of places them, and saving the regular subjected to cautionments, who claims made upon these funds by have not the handling of the mo- creditors of the said communes and ney, shall be repaid with interest, public establishments. until the full payment at Paris, by Art, XXVI. Dating from the fifths and annually, commencing ist of January, 1814, the French from the date of the present Government ceases to be charged treaty.

with the payment of any pension, With regard to those who are civil, military, or ecclesiastical, accountable, the payment shall pension or retirement, or half-pay, take place, at the latest, six nonths to any individual, who is no longer after the presentation of their ac- a French subject. counts, the case of malversation Art. XXVII. The national doalone excepted. A copy of the mains acquired for a valuable conJast account shall be transmitted to sideration by French subjects in the the Government of their country ci-devant departinents of Belgium,

; the

the left bank of the Rhine and of have been engaged on both sides the Alps, without the ancient li- in the present war, shall send Piemits of France, are and remain nipotentiaries to Vienna, in order guaranteed to the purchasers, to regulate, in a General Congres

Art. XXVIII. The abolition of the arrangements necessary for the droits d'aubaine, detraction, completing the dispositions of the and others of the same nature in present Trealy. the countries which reciprocally Art. XXXIII. The present stipulated it with France, or which Treaty shall be ratified, and the had been antecedently annexed to ratifications exchanged within 3 it, is expressly confirmed.

fortnight, or sooner if practicable. Art. XXIX. The French Go. In testimony whereof the revernment engages to cause to be spective Plenipotentiaries have restored the obligations and other signed the same, and affixed theretitles which shall have been seized to the seal of their arms. in the provinces occupied by the Done at Paris, ihis 30th of May, French armies or administrations; in the year of our Lord 1814. and in cases where restitution can

(Signed) not be made, these obligations and (L. S.) The Prince of BENEVENT. titles are and remain annihilated. (

LS.) The Prince of METERArt. XXX. The sums which

NICH. shall be due for all works of pub. (L. S.) J. P. Count Stadion. lic utility not yet terminated, or terminated posterior to the 31st of December, 1812, on the Rhine, ADDITIONAL ARTICLE. and in the departments detached The High Contracting Parties, from France by the present treaty, wishing to efface all traces of the shall pass to the charge of future unfortunate events which have possessors of the territory, and weighed heavily on their people, shall be liquidated by the com- have agreed explicitly to annul the mission charged with the liquida. effects of the Treaties of 1805 and tion of the debts of the districts. 1809, in as far as they are not al

Art. XXXI. All archives, charts, ready actually annulled by the plans, and documents whatsoever present Treaty. In consequence belonging to the countries ceded, of this declaration, his most Chrisand connected with their admini- tian Majesty engages that the destration, shall be faithfully restored crees issued against French, or reat the same time with the coun- puted French subjects, being, or tries; or, if that be impracticable, having been in the service of his within a period not more than six Imperial and Royal Apostolic Mamonths after the surrender of the jesty, shall remain without effect, said countries.

as well as the judgments which This stipulation is applicable to may have passed in execution of archives, charts, and plans, which those decrees. may have been carried off in coun. The present additional Article tries for the moment occupied by shall have the same force and effect the different armies.

as if it had been inserted in the Art. XXXII. Within a period of patent Treaty of this date. It shall two months, all the Powers who be ratified, and the ratification shall


be exchanged at the same time. In count Castlereagh, Privy Counsel. testimony whereof, the respective or of his Majesty the King of the Plenipotentiaries have signed it, United Kingdom of Great Britain and affixed thereto the seal of their and Ireland, Member of his Parlia. " arms.

ment, Colonel of the Regiment of Done at Paris this 30th May, Londonderry Militia, and his Prin1814. (Signed)

cipal Secretary of State for Foreign (L. S.) The Prince of BENEVENT. affairs, &c. ; inny (L. S.) The Prince of METTER- George Gordon, Earl of Aber. NICH.

deen, Viscount Formartin, Lord (L. S.) Count Stadion.

Haddo, Tarvis, and Kellie, &cone

of the 16 Scotch Peers, Knight of The same day, at the same time the most ancient order of the and place, the same treaty of defi. Thistle, and his Ambassador Exnitive peace was concluded be- traordinary and Plenipotentiary to tween France and Russia; between his Imperial, Royal, and Apostolic France and Great Britain; between Majesty, France and Prussia ; and signed, William Shaw Cathcart, Visviz.:

count Cathcart, Baron Cathcart • The treaty between France and and Greenock, Counsellor of his Russia :

said Majesty, Knight of the Order For France, by M. Charles Mau. of the Thistle, and of several Ruse rice Talleyrand-Perigord, Prince of sian Orders, General in his armies, Benevent (ut supra);

and his Ambassador Extraordinary And for Russia, by M.M. Count and Plenipotentiary to his Ma-, Rasomouffsky, Privy Counsellor of jesty the Emperor of Russia ; his Majesty the Emperor of all the And the Hon Charles William Russias, Knight of the orders of Stewart, Knight of the most hoSt. Andrew, St. Alex. Newsky, nourable Order of the Bath, MemGrand Cross of that of St. Wolo- ber of his Parliament, Knight of dimir of the ist class : and Charles the Prussian Orders of the Black Robert Count Nesselrode, Privy and Red Eagle, and of many others, Counsellor of his said Majesty, and his Envoy Extraordinary and Chamberlain, Secretary of State, Minister Plenipotentiary to his MaKnight of the Order of St. Alex. jesty the King of Prussia. Newsky, Grand Cross of that of The Treaty between France and St. Wolodimir of the 2d class, Prussia :Grand Cross of the Order of Leo- For France, by C. M. Talleypold of Austria, of that of the Red rand-Perigord, Prince of Benevent, Eagle of Prussia, of the Polar Star (ut supra.) of Sweden, and of the Golden And for Prussia by M. M. Eagle of Wurtemberg.

Charles Augustus Baron HardenThe treaty between France and berg, Chancellor of State to his Great Britain.

Majesty the King of Prussia, For France, by M. Charles Mau- Knight of the Orders of the Black rice Talleyrand-Perigord, Prince and Red Eagle, and of many other of Benevent (ut supra);

Orders, and Charles William B."on And for Great Britain, by the Humboldt, Minister of State of Right Hon. Robert Stewart, Vis- his said Majesty, and Envoy ExVol, LVI.

2 E


traordinary and Minister Plenipo. ples of natural justice, and the tentiary to his Imperial, Royal, lights of the times in which we and Apostolic Majesty.

live, engages to unite at a future With the following additional Congress, all his efforts to those articles :

of bis Britannic Majesty, in order

to cause all the Powers of ChristenArticle Additional to the Treaty dom to proclaim the abolition of with Russia.

the Slave Trade, in such mapper The Duchy of Warsaw having that the said trade may cease uni. been under the administration of versally, as it shall cease defini. a provisional council established tively, and in all erents, on the by Russia ever since that coun-' part of France, within a period of try was occupied by her arms, five years, and that besides, pendthe two high contracting parties ing the duration of this period, no have agreed to appoint immedi- trader in slaves shall be at liberty ately a Special Commission, com- to import or sell them elsewhere, posed on both sides of an equal but in the colonies of the state to pumber of Commissaries, who which he belongs. shall be charged with the exami- Art. II. The British Governnation and liquidation of their re- ment and the French Government spective claims, and all the ar. will immediately appoint Commis. rangements relative thereto. saries to liquidate their respective

The present additional article expenses for the maintenance of shall bave the same force and prisoners of war, for the purpose effect, as if inserted verbatim in of coming to an arrangement on the patent creaty of this date. It the manner of paying off the ba. shall be ratified, and the ratifica- Jance which shall be found in fations exchanged at the same time; vour of either of the two powers. Io testimony whereof the respec- Art. III. The prisoners of war tive Plenipotentiaries have signed respectively shall be bound to disthe same, and affixed thereto the charge, before their departure seal of their armis.

from the place of their detention, Done at Paris, this 30th of May, the private debts which they may 1814.

have there contracted, or at least (Signed)

to give satisfactory security, (L. S.) The Prince of Benevent. Art. IV. There shall be on both (L. S.) ANDREW Count Rasu. sides, iminediately after the ratiMOUFFSKY.

fication of the present Treaty, a (L, S.) CHARLES ROBERT Count removal of the sequestration which, NESSELHode.

since the year 1792, may have

been placed on the funds, revenues Articles Additional to the Treaty debts, and all other effects what

with Great Britain. ever of the high contracting powers, Article I. His most Christian or of their subjects, Majesty, participating without re. The same Commissaries menserve in all the sentiments of his tioned in Art. II. sball employ Brionic Majesty relative to a themselves in the examination and species of commerce which is liquidation of the claims of his equally repugnant to the princia Britannic Majesty upon the French



Government, for the value of pro- those words in the treaty of this perty, moveable or immoveable, day. They shall be ratified, and unduly confiscated by the French the ratifications shall be excbangauthorities, as well as for the total ed at the same time. lo faith of or partial loss of their debts or which, the respective plenipotenother property, unduly detained tiaries have signed them, and af. under sequestration since the year fixed the seal of their arms. . 1792.

Done at Paris, the zoth of May, France engages to treat in this in the year of Grace, 1814. respect the subjects of England

(Signed) with the same justice that the sub

The Prince or Benevent. jects of France have experienced

(Signed in England ; and the English go

CASTLER EAGH. verament wishing, on its part, to

(Signed) concur in this new testimony that the allied powers have given to his

(Signed) most Christian Majesty of their

CATHCART. desire to remove entirely the con

(Signed) sequences of the epoch of misfor CHARLES STEWART, Lieutenanttune, so happily terminated by the

General present peace, engages on its side (as soon as complete justice shall

Additional Article of the Treaty be done to its subjects,) to renounce the whole amount of the

with Prussia. excess which may be found in its Although the treaty of peace favour, relative to the maintenance concluded at Basil, the 5th of of the prisoners of war, so that the April, 1795, that of Tilsit of the ratification of the result of the oth of July, 1807, the convention labours of the undersigned com- of Paris of the 20th of September, missioners, and the payment of 1808, as well as all the conventhe sums, as also the restitution of tions and acts whatsoever, conthe effects which shall be adjudge cluded since the peace of Basle beed to belong to the subjects of his tween Prussia and France, are Britannic Majesty, shall render its already in fact annulled by the renunciation complete

present treaty, the high contractArt. V. The two high contract- ing parties have judged it nevering powers, desirous to establish theless proper to declare again exthe most amicable relations be- pressly, that the said treaties cease tween their respective subjects, to be obligatory, both in the artireserve to themselves a promise to cles that are expressed, and those come to an understanding and ar- that are secret, and that they mu. rangement as soon as possible, on tually renounce every right, and their commercial interests, with disengage themselves of every obthe intention of encouraging and ligation which might result from augmenting the prosperity of their them. raspective states.

His Most Christian Majesty The present additional articles promises, that the decrees issued shall have the same force and vali- against French, or reputed French disy as if they had been inscrted in subjccts, bcing or having been in


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