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zeal and knowledge, and from will be guilty of High Treason, representations made to me from and as such subject to capital punishvarious parts of the kingdom, ment, whether he perform the in which are expressed the repug- same by deed, by writing, or by nance and disgust with which both words, moving and exciting, or in the Constitution formed by the any other way exhorting and perGeneral and Extraordinary Cortes, suading that the said Constitution as well as the other political esta. and Decrces be kept and observedl. blishments recently introduced, are And in order that, until public regarded in the provinces; con- order be restored, together with the sidering also the mischiefs which system observed in the kingdom bave sprung therefrom, and would prior to the introduction of these 'increase, should I assent to and novelties, for the altainment of swear to the said Constitution, which suitable measures shall be acting in conformity to such ge. taken without delay, the adminisneral and decided demonstrations tration of justice may not be inof the wishes of my people, and terrupted, it is my will that in the also because they are just and well mean time the ordinary Magistrafounded; I DECLARE, that my royal cies of towns shall be continued as intention is, not only not to swear now established, the Courts of nor accede to the said constitution, Law where there are such, and the nor to any decree of the General audiencias, intendants, and other and Extraordinary Cortes, and of judicial tribunals; and in the pothe Ordinary at present sitting, litical and administrative branches, those, to wit, which derogate from the common councils of towns, ibe rights and prerogatives of my according to their present constisovereignty, established by the tution, until the Cortes, who shall constitution and the laws under be summoned, being heard, the which the pation has lived in times stable order of this part of the past, but to pronounce that con. Government of the kingdom be stitution, and such decrees null assented to. And from the day on and of no effect, now, or at any which this my decrec shall be other time, as if such acts had published and communicated to never passed, and that they are the President for the time being entirely abrogated, and without of the Cortes at present met, the any obligation on my people and said Cortes shall cease their sittings; subjecte, of whatever class and and their acts with those of the condition, to fulfil or observe them. preceiling Cortes, together with Aud as be who should attempt to whatever documents or dispatches support them, and sball thus con- shall be in their office of archives tradictiny royal proclamation, and secretaryship, or in the posadopted with the above agreement session of any other individual and assent, will attack the prero- whatever, shall be collected by the gatives of my sovereignty, and the person charged with the execution happiness of the nation, and will of this my Royal Decree : and shall cause discontent and disturbance be deposited for the present in the in my kingdoms, I declare, who. Guildhall of the city of Madrid, eyer shall dare to attempt the same the room in wbich they are


placed being locked and sealed up: mities of nations, by a solid peace, the books of their library shall be founded on a just distribution of conveyed to the royal library; and force between the Powers, and whosoever shall endeavour to ob- containing in its stipulations the struct the execution of this part of guarantee of its duration ; and my Royal Decree, in any way his Majesty the Emperor of Auswhatever ; I also declare him tria, King of Hungary and Boguilty of High Treason, and that hemia, and his Allies, no longer as such the punishment of death wishing to exact from France, at shall be inflicted upon him. And the present moment, wben being from this day shall cease in every replaced under the paternal gotribunal of the kingdom all pro- vernment of her Kings, she thus ceedings in any cause, now pend. offers to Europe a pledge of secuing for any infraction of the Con- rity and stability, conditions and stitution, and those who, for such guarantees which they had to decauses, have been imprisoned or mand with regret under her late arrested, shall be immediately set government; their said Majesties at liberty. Such then is my will, have appointed Plenipotentiaries to because the welfare and happiness discuss, conclude, and sign a of the pation require it.

treaty of peace and friendship; Given at Valencia, the 4th

that is to say: of May, 1814.

His Majesty the King of France I. The King.

and Navarre, M. Charles Maurice Pedro de Macanaz, Secre- Talleyrand-Perigord, Prince of Be

tary of Decrees. nevento, Grand Eagle of the LeAs Captain General of New gion of Honour, Grand Cross of Castile, Political and Military Go- the Order of Leopold of Austria, vernor of the whole Province, and Knight of the Order of St. Andrew by order of his Majesty Don Fer- of Russia, of the Orders of the dinand VII. whom God preserve, Black and Red Eagle of Prussia, I cause it to be published. &c. his Minister and Secretary of

FRANCISCO RAMON DE State for Foreign Affairs; and his

EGUIA Y. LETONA. Majesty the Emperor of Austria, Madrid, May 11, 1814. King of Hungary and Bohemia,

M. M. Prince Clement Wenceslas

Lothaire of Metternich-WinneTreaty of Peace between the Allied burg-Ochsenhausen, Knight of the : Powers and France. Golden Fleece, Grand Cross of the

In the name of the most Holy Order of St. Stephen, Grand and undivided Trinity.

Eagle of the Legion of Honour, His Majesty the King of France

Knight of the Russian Orders of and Navarre, on the one part, and St. Andrew, St. Alexander Neusky, his Majesty the Emperor of Aus- and St. Anne, of the ist class, tria, King of Hungary and Bohe. Knight Grand Cross of the Prusmia, and bis Allies, on the other, siap Orders of the Black and Red being animated by an equal wish Eagle, Grand Cross of the Order to put an end to the long agita. of St. Joseph of Wurtzburg, tions of Europe, and to the cala, Knight of the Order of St. Hubert

of Bavaria, of that of the Gold the line of demarkation fixed by Eagle of Wurtemberg, and many the following article: others; Chamberlain, actual Privy Art. III. On the side of BelCouncillor, Minister of State, of gium, Germany, and Italy, the Conferences, and for Foreign Af- ancient frontier, such as it existed fairs, of his Imperial, Royal, and on the ist January, 1792, shall be Apostolic Majesty; and Count re-established, the same commence John Philip de Stadion Thann- ing from the North Sea, between bausen and Warthausen, Knight Dankirk and Newport, even una of the Golden Fleece, Grand Cross the Mediterranean between Cagnes of the Order of St. Stephen, and Nice, with the following rectiKnight of the Russian Orders of fications :St. Andrew, St. Alex. Neusky, 1. In the departinent of Jemand St. Anne of the ist Class, mappes, the cantons of Dour, Grand Cross of the Prussian Orders Merbes-le chateau, Beaumont, and of the Black and Red Eagle, Chimay, shall remain to France ; Chamberlain, Privy Counsellor, the line of demarkation, wbere Minister of State and Conferences it touches the canton of Dour, to his Imperial, Royal, and Apos- shall pass between that canton and tolic Majesty; who after exchange those of Boussu and Paturage, as ing their full powers, found to be as well as, farther on, between in good and due form, have agreed that of Morbes-le-Chateau, and upon the following Articles :- those of Bincb and Thuin.

* Article I. There shall be, reck. 2. In the department of the oning from this date, peace and Sambre and Meuse, the cantons of friendship between his Majesty Valcourt, Florennes, Beauraing, the King of France and Navarre, and Godume, shall belong to en the one part, and his Majesty France; the demarkation, upon the Emperor of Austria, King of reaching this department, shall Hungary and Bohemia, and his follow the line which separates the Allies, on the other part, their fore-mentioned cantons, from the heirs and successors, their respec- department of Jemmappes, and tive states and subjects in per- from the rest of that of the Sambre petuity.

and Meuse. The high contracting parties 3. In the department of the shall apply all their cares to main- Moselle, the new demarkation, tain, not only between themselves, where it differs from the old, shall but also as far as depends on them be formed by a line to be drawn between all the States of Europe, froin Perle as far as Fremersdorf, the good agreement and under- or by that which separates the standing so necessary to its re- canton of Tholey from the rest of pose.

the department of the Moselle. Art. II. The kingdom of France 4. In the department of the preserves the integrity of its limits Sarre, the cantons of Saarbruck such as they existed at the period and Arnwal, shall remain to of tbe ist of January, 1792. It France, as well as that part of the shall receive besides an augmenta- canton of Lebach which is situated tion of territory compriscd within to the south of a line to be drawn

along placed being locked and sealed up: mities of

the Rhine, the books of their library shall be founde

; the bounconveyed to the royal library, and force

e and Ge:whosoever shall endeavour to ob- CO

Rbine, the struct the execution of this part of

of the river, my Royal Decree, in any way

yundary; the whatever; I also declare hir

which may guilty of High Treason, and t' ?

· of tbe river, as such the punishment of

t on the proshall be inflicted upon him,

bich are found from this day shall cease

possession of these tribunal of the kingdor

be replaced under the ceedings in any cause,

form as at the period of the ing for any infractior

creaty of Luneville. stitution, and those

6. In the Department of the causes, have been uau hav- Doubs, the frontier shall be drawn, arrested, shall 1 .1792, formed so as to commence above La Raoat liberty. S int in Germany, conniere, near the Loell, and fol. because theus beyond her fron- low the crest of the Jora between of the pati art of the departments of Cerneaux Pequignot and the vil. Given atonnerre and the Lower lage of Fontenelles, so far as that

o in order to join the fortress summit of the Jura which lies

ndau and its district to the about seven or eight miles to tbe of the kingdom. The new north-west of the village of La markation, proceeding from the Brevine, where it will turn back int where, at Obersteinbach within the ancient limits of which remains without the French France, frontier), the frontier enters the 7. In the department of the department of the Moselle, and Leman, the frontiers between the that of Mont Tonnerre, joins the French territory, the Pais de Vaud, department of the Lower Rhine, and the different portions of the shall follow the line which sepa- territory of Geneva, (wbich shall rates the cantons of Wissenburgh make a part of Swisserland,) reand Bergzabern (on the side of maln as they were before the in. France) from the cantons of Pir- corporation of Geneva with France, masens, Dahn, and Anweiler, (on But the canton of Frangy, that of the side of Germany) to the point St. Julien (with exception of that where these limits, near the village part lying to the north of a line to of Wohnersheim, touch the an- be drawn from the point where cient district of the fortress of the river of La Laire enters near Landau. Of this district, which Chancey into the Geneveseterremains as it was in 1792, the new ritory, along the borders of Sesefrontier shall follow the arm of the guin, Laconex, and Sesenenre, river Queich, which in leaving which shall remain witbout the this district near Queichheim limits of France), the canton of (which rests with France), passes Regnier (with exception of that near the villages of Merlenheim, portion which lies eastward of a Kniltelsheim, and Belheim (also line following the borders of the






the line of demarkation food br lowing article:

On the side of Bel", and Italy, the


.. shall be

Cornier, The Allied Courts assure to rench France the possession of the prin

cipality of Avignon, the Venaisin, the county of Montbeliard, and all hecnclosed districts once belonging

to Germany, comprised within the er above indicated frontier, which had Those been incorporated with France beines se- fore or after the ist of January, Jos which 1792. those which The Powers preserve mutually

the full right to fortify whatever department of Mont point of their states they may rance shall obtain the judge fitting for their safety. lecture of Chambery, (with To avoid all injury to private Leptions of the cantons de property, and to protect on the 1 Hopital, St. Pierre d'Albigny, La most liberal principles the posRocette and Montmelian,) the sessions of individuals dorsiciliated Subprefecture of Annecy, (with on the frontiers, there shall be exception of that part of the can- named by each of the States adton of Faverges, situated to the joining to France, Commissioners, East of a line passing between to proceed jointly with French Oarechaise and Marlens on the Commissioners, to the demarcaFrench side, and Marthod and tion of their respective boundaries. Ugine on the opposite side, and So soon as the office of these Comwhich then follows the crest of the missioners shall be completed, inmountains to the frontier of the struments shall be drawn up, canton of Thones.) This line, signed by them, and posts erected with the limits of the afore-named to mark the mutual limits. cantons, shall constitute the new Art. IV. To secure the comfrontier on this side.

munications of the town of Geneva On the side of the Pyrennees, with the other parts of the Swiss the frontiers remain as they were, territory on the Lake, France conbetween the two kingdoms of sents, that the road by Versoy France and Spain, on the ist of shall be common to the two counJanuary, 1792. There shall be tries. The respective Governappointed on the part of both, a ments will have an amicable unmutual Commission, to arrange derstanding on the means of pretheir final demarcation.

venting smuggling, the regulation France renounces all claims of of the posts, and the maintenance sovereignty, supremacy, and pos- of the road. session over all countries, districts, Art. V. The navigation of the towns, and places whatsoever, si. Rhine, from the point where it tuated without the above stated becomes navigable to the sea, and frontier. The principality of Mo. back, shall be free, so as to be innaco is replaced in the same situa. terdicted to no person. Principles tion as on the 1st of January, shall be laid down at a future 1792.

Congress, for the collection of the

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