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An Account of the UNFUNDED Debt and Demands Outstanding on the 5th Day of Junuary, 1814.

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Lelter from his Excellency Don him; and manifesting, that he was

Joseph Luyando to his Excel- acquainted and satisfied with the lency the Ambassador of his Brin sacrifices which the nation had tannic Majesty.

made for his Royal Person, -with

the brave and unalterable conMadrid, Jan. 10, 1814. stancy of his faithful sobjects, the Sir,—The Regency of the king- persevering assistance of England, dom orders me to communicate the admirable conduct of her Ge. to your Excellency every thing neral-in-Chief, Lord Wellington, that has occurred since the arrival and of the Spanish Generals wbo of the Duke of San Carlos in Mac had distinguished themselves, drid, until his departure from that his Majesty declared, that he had capital. Your Excellency will see been spontaneously invited by the in this communication an unequi- Emperor Napoleon, through the vocal proof of the frankness with medium of his Ambassador, the which the Government has acted Count de Laforest, to adjust a in this affair, and in the declara- treaty of peace upon propositions tions made to the said Duke. You founded on the restoration of his will also see therein a proof still Royal Person ; the integrity and more distinguished of the fidelity independence of the Spanish of the Government to those prin- States; and exempt from every ciples which it has recognised, clause unconformable to the honot choosing even to enter into nour, the dignity, and interest of explanations, however flattering the Spanish nation; in consethey might be, without the inter- quence of which, his Majesty bad vention and concurrence of the authorised the Duke of San Carlos British Cabinet, as well as of those to treat in the name of his Maother Cabinets which, having en- jesty, about an object so important, gaged in this war, are guided by with Count Laforest, the Plenipothe same principles of honour to tentiary named by Napoleon to defend a cause as just as it is sa. that effect; and that this treaty cred.

being happily concluded, be had The Duke of San Carlos arrived sent it to the Regency by the said at Aranjuez in the night of the Duke, in order that the ratifications 4th instant, and being presented to might be drawn up in due form. The Regency, he delivered to them Your Excellency will sec this a letter from the King of Spain, treaty in the copy subjoined. Don Ferdinand VII., dated Valen- The Regency, without vacillat. cay, in which, after mentioning ing, without entering into any exthe good stale of his health, and planation or analysis of the artiof that of his dear brother and his cles of the treaty, solely looking uncle, the infants Don Carlos and to the decree of the General and Don Antonio, who were with Extraordinary Cortes of the ist of


January, 1811, which ordains that animated by the same sentiments, no agreement, treaty, or even form will feel convinced of the necesof truce, shall be entered into with sity of continuing the same efforts France, until his Majesty is at till the Chief who governs France perfect liberty ; influenced also by shall be reduced to an incapacity the treaty with Great Britain, of of again disturbing the tranquillity which one of the articles pre- of Europe, so many years the scribes, that there shall not be victim of his insatiable ambition. peace with France without the I have the honour to be, &c. intervention of that power; con

Josepụ LUYANDO. fined themselves to giving, as their only reply to the Duke of San Carlos, a letter for his Majesty, in KIBL, Jan. 14. which the above-named decree was inserted, and his Majesty was in. Treaty of Peace between his Ma. formed, that it was impossible to jesty the King of Sweden on the ratify such a treaty, which besides one part, and his Majesty the was entirely null in all its parts. King of Denmark on the other.

Notwithstanding that this transaction was completely terminated In the name of the most holy in the above manner, the Regency and ever blessed Trinity : have thought it their duty to com- His Majesty the King of Swemunicate the same to the Cabinet den, and his Majesty the King of of their Allies, thus proving the Denmark, impressed with a wish rectitude of their principles. It is to put an end to the calamities of in pursuance of their orders there. the war which has unfortunately fore, that I have the honour to subsisted between them, by means beg your Excellency to transmit of a salutary peace, and to restore this document for the information good understanding between their of bis Royal Highness the Prince States, have for this purpose, and Regent of Great Britain. The upon bases which will secure the Regency view only in this new duration of peace, respectively ap. step of Napoleon, the disgraceful pointed the following Plenipotennecessity in which he has seen tiaries, viz. : his Majesty the King himself placed, of recanting the of Sweden, the Baron Gustaf Von very principles which he had pro. Wetterstedt, Court Chancellor, claimed with so much arrogance. Commandant of the Polish Order The Regeocy further feel them- of the Star, Knight of the Prusselves compelled to devote all their sian Red Eagle of the First Class, cares to the continuance of the Member of the Swedish Academy ; war, deeply convinced that its and his Majesty the King of Denresult must be fortunate, and en- mark, Mr. Edmund Von Bourke, courageil by the idea of the diffi- Great Cross of the Order of Dane. cult situation of France, announced brog, and Knight of the White by propositions and measures so Eagle; who, having exchanged contrary to the haughty character their full powers in good and due of her Chief. The Regency flatter form, have agreed upon the folthemselves, in short, that Britain, lowing articles :

Art. I. Art. 1. There shall hencefor- Majesty, and in the full conviction ward be peace, friendship, and that the most earnest wishes ar good understanding between his cherished on their side to restore a Majesty the King of Sweden, and speedy peace, as they have som his Majesty the King of Denmark; lemnly declared before the breakthe high contracting parties shall ing out of hostilities, engages to do every thing in their power to take an active part in the common maintain perfect harmony between cause against the Emperor of the each other, their respective states French, to declare war against that and subjects, and avoid all mea- Power, and in consequence to join sures which might be prejudicial an auxiliary Danish corps to the to the peace happily restored be- Army of North Germany, under tween them.

the orders of his Royal Highness Art. II. As his Majesty the the Crown Prince of Sweden ; and King of Sweden has unalterably all this according to and in pordetermined, in no respect to sepa- suance of the convention that has rate the interests of the Allies been settled between bis Majesty from his own, and as his Majesty the King of Denmark, and his the King of Denmark is desirous Majesty ihe King of Great Britaia that his subjects may again en- and Ireland. joy all the blessings of peace; and IV. His Majesty the King of as bis Majesty has also received, Denmark, for himself and his sucthrough the instrumentality of his cessors, renounces for ever and irRoyal Highness the Crown Prince revocably all his rights and claims of Sweden, positive assurance on on the kingdom of Norway, tothe part of the Courts of Russia gether with possession of the and Prussia, of their amicable dis- Bishopricks and Dioceses of Christposition, to restore their old con- iansand, Bergenhuus, Aggerhous, nections of friendship with the and Drontheim, besides Nordland Danish Court, such as they ex. and Finmark, as far as the fron. isted before the breaking out of tiers of the Russian empire. hostilities; so they solemonly charge These bishopricks, dioceses, and and bind themselves on their side provinces, constituting the kingto neglect nothing that may tend dom of Norway, with their inhato a speedy peace between his Ma. bitants, towns, harbours, for jesty the King of Denmark, and tresses, villages, and islands, along their Majesties the Emperor of the whole coast of that kingdom, Russia and King of Prussia; his together with their dependencies, Majesty the King of Sweden en. (Greenland, the Ferroe Isles, and gages to use his mediation with his Iceland, excepted); as well as all high Allies, that this salutary ob. privileges, rights and emoluments ject may be as speedily as possible thereto belonging, shall belong in arlained.

full and sovereign property, to the Art. III. His Majesty the King King of Sweden, and make one of Denmark for the purpose of with his united kingdom. For giving a manifest proof of his wish this purpose his Majesty the King to renew the closest relations with of Denmark binds himself in the the high Allies of his Swedish most solemn manner, as well for

him as for his successors and the ratification of this treaty, and shall whole kingdom, henceforward to bring this affair to a conclusion as make no claim, direet or indirect, speedily as possible, and at least beon the kingdom of Norway, or its fore the expiration of the present bisbopricks, dioceses, islands, or year; with this understanding, any otber territory thereto belong- however, that the King of Sweden, ing. All the inhabitants, in virtue as Sovereign of Norway, shall be of this renunciation, are released responsible for no other portion of from the oath which they have the debt contracted by Denmark. taken to the King and Crown of than that for which Norway was Norway.

liable before its separation.. V. His Majesty the King of VII. His Majesty the King of Sweden binds himself on the other Sweden, for himself and his suchand, in the most solemn manner, cessors, renounces irrevocably and to cause the inhabitants of the for ever, in behalf of the King of kingdom of Norway and its de Denmark, all rights and claim to pendencies, to enjoy, in future, all the Dukedom of Swedish Pomerathe laws, franchises, rights and nia, and the Principality of the privileges, such as they have hi- island of Rugen. therto subsisted.

These provinces, with all their VI. As the whole debt of the inhabitants, towns, havens, forDanish Monarchy is contracted, as tresses, villages, islands, and all well upon Norway as the other their dependencies, privileges, parts of the kingdom, so his Ma- rights, and emoluments, shall bejesty the King of Sweden binds long in full sovereignty to the bimself, as Sovereign of Norway, Crown of Denmark, and be incorto be responsible for a part of that porated with that kingdom. debt, proportioned to ihe popula. For this purpose his Majesty the tion and revenue of Norway. By King of Sweden engages, in the public debt is to be understood that most solemn manner, both for himwhich has been contracted by the self, his successors, and the whole Danish Government, both at home Swedish Kingdom, never to make and abroad. The latter consists of any claim, direct or indirect, on the Royal and State obligations, bank- said provinces, islands, and terri. bills, and paper money formerly tory; the inhabitants whereof, in issued under Royal authority, and virtue of this renunciation, are renow circulating in both kingdoms. leased from the oath which they

An exact account of this debt, have taken to the King and Crowa such as it was on the ist of Jan. of Denmark. 1814, shall be taken by Commisa VIII. His Majesty the King of sioners appointed to that effect by Denmark solemnly engages in like both Crowns, and shall be calcu- manner, to secure to the inhabiJated upon a just division of the tants of Swedish Pomerania, the popolation and revenues of the islands of Rugen and tbeir depenkingdoms of Norway and Den- dencies, iheir laws, rights, franmark. These Commissioners shall chises, and privileges, such as they meet at Copenbagen, within one now exist, and are contained in the month after the exchange of the acts of the years 1810 and 1811.


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