Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Plating Or Coating Metals with Metals, Bände 1-2


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Seite iii - Patents are now so numerous and costly as to render their purchase inconvenient to a large number of inventors and others, to whom they have become indispensable. To obviate this difficulty, short abstracts or abridgments of the Specifications of Patents under each head of invention...
Seite 82 - Improvements in applying metals over hard vitrified or any other surfaces by galvanoplastie process.
Seite xvi - Exper. 3. Experiments analogous to the former, and equally simple, may also be made with many metallic solutions. If, for instance, the solution contains copper, it will be precipitated by a piece of iron, and appear on its surface. Upon silver merely immersed in the same solution, no such effect is produced ; but, as soon as the two metals are brought into contact, the silver receives a coating of copper.

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