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Literature of Asia, Verbatim from the Calcutta Edition. By Sir W. JONE E others. Ten Volumes, Octavo, 61.

THE REMAINS of HENRY KIRKE WHITE, of Nottingham, late of John's College, Canabridge; with an Acconnt of his LIFE, by BOBERT SOUTBE A New Edition, in Two Volumes Octavo, with an elegant Head of the Arti and other Plates, price 16s. boards.

A NARRATIVE of the EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES and I FERINGS, by Shipwreck and Imprisonment, of DONALD CAMPBELL, Esq. Barbreck; with the singular Humours of his Tartar Guide, Hassan Artes; com prising the Occurrences of Four Years and Five Days, in an Overland Journey India. Faithfully extracted from Captain Campbell's “Letters to his Son. New Edition, in Royal 18mo. with Plates, price 4s. boards.

GOLDSMITH'S HISTORY OF THE EARTH AND ANIMATED NI TURE, Abudged ; containing the Natural History of Animals, Birds, Fishes, Re niles, and Insects. Ou the Plan recommended by Miss Hannah More. For Mee of Schools, and Youth of both Sexes. By Mrs. PILKINGTON. A Xex Es tion on fine Paper, illustrated with Plates, price 75. boards.

THE CASTLE OF OTRANTO; a Gothic Story, by HORACE WALPOLL. Earl of Orforil, with Ten elegant Engravings, cut in Wood by Branston, from Mr. Craig's Designs, Foolscap 8vo. 4s. 6d. boards.

THE CITIZEN OF THE WORLD, by OLIVER GOLDSMITH, 2 Vols. Rovi 18mo, with beautiful Plates, 12s. boards.

THE MIRROR, a Periodical Work, uniform with the above, 3 Vol. De 1910, with elegant Plates, 18s, boards.

HELVETIUS'S OBSERVATIONS ON MAN, translated by Dr. Hooper a new Edition, improved, 2 Vols. 8vo. 168..--or on Royal Paper, 11. 4s, boards

BECKFORD'S THOUGHTS ON HUNTING, in a Series of Letters to a Friend, a new Edition, with Ten elegant Plates, engraved by Scott. Octare. 1os. 60.-Royal paper, 159. boards.

THE LETTERS OF PLINY THE CONSUL, with occasioval Remarks, be WILIAM MELMOTH, Esq. With portraits, 2 Vols. 8vo. 12s. boards.

MIDDLETON'S LIFE OF CICERO, a new Edition, with portraits, 3 Vol. Octavo, 11. 73. boards.

OBSERVATIONS ON POPULAR ANTIQUITIES; including the whole of Mr. BOURNES ANTIQUITATES VULGARES, with ADDENDA to ever Chapter of that Work, and an APPENDIX, containing such Articles on the si ject' as liave been omitted by that Author. By John Brand, A.B. of LineCollege, Oxford. New Edition, neatly printed in 8vo. ou fine paper, price 10s Ed. boards.

SHERIDAN IMPROVED; or, a GENERAL PRONOUNCING AND EX PLANATORY DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, for the Use of Schools, Foreigners, &c. 0:1 the Plan of Mr. Sheridan. Considerably as birged by Selections from Asli, Bailey, Barclay, Buchanan, Dyche, Elphinston, Euuck, Fry, Johnson, Johnston, Kenrick, Lemon, Marriot, Marin, Nares, Perry Rider, Scot, and Walker. By STEPHEN JOnes. The Author bas carefully a proced th's Edition throughout. The Type is new and elegant, and the accentuation is larger and more distinct than any Work of the kind.

V. B. This is the only genuine and improved edition by Mr. Stephen Jones. THE FARMER'S BOY, RURAL TALES, and WILD FLOWERS. B1 ROBERT BLOOMFIELD. Elegantly printed in Two Volumes, Post lomo. Witba Head of the Anthor, price 8s. boards.

The same Works may be had separate, viz.
FARMER'S BOY, f. c. boards, As.
The RURAL TALES, f. c, boards, 4s.
The WILD FLOWERS, f.c. boards, 4s. 6d.

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