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23. Sbields. Resolutions exoressive of sympathy for

the exiled Trish patriots.

24. Smart. Bill to regulate publication of the laws

of the U, S...

25. Quinney, Nenorial of .

26. Smith. Social independence of Amer.laborer.

27. Snart. Seizure.. of the vara ue Georgiana of Maine

Menorio Susan Goud of Mass.

28. Olds. Soeech on Mr. Corwin's conne tion with tbe

Gardiner el 2in,
29. Gwin, Lower California exo edition,
30. Inquiry into tbe constitutionality of 12.13.& 25t)

sections of judiciary act of 1789.
Sehage. Inmigration into the U.S. of America, from a

statistigali..,00int of view, .

32. Maynard. Review of the report into the conduct &

200 ounts of William Cullon.

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