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You have broke the treaty, Monsieur, said the lady, who had no more slept than myself.- I begg'd a thousand pardons --- but insisted it was no inore than an ejaculationshe maintain d 'twas an entire infraction of the. treaty– I maintain'd it was provided for in the clause of the third article.

The lady would by no means give up her point, tho’ she weakened her barrier by it; for in the warmth of the dispute, I could hear two or three corking pins fall out of the curtain to the ground.


Upon my word and honour, Madame, said I – stretching my arm out of bed by way of afleveration

-I was going to have added, that I would not have trespass’d against the remotest idea of decorum for the world

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-- But the Fille de Chambre hearing there were words between us, and fearing that hosti

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lites vonld ensue in course, had crept filently out of her closet, and it being totally dark, had stolen so close to our beds, that she had

got herself into the narrow passage which separated them, and had advanc'd so far up as to be in a line bet wixt her mistress and me

So that when I stretch'd out my hand, I caught hold of the Fille de Chambre's



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