List of Works in the New York Public Library Relating to Criminology, Pt. [1]-7


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Seite 330 - Thy people ; that all things may be so ordered and settled by their endeavours, upon the best and surest foundations, that peace and happiness, truth and justice, religion and piety, may be established among us for all generations.
Seite 669 - Society for the Prevention of Pauperism, in the city of New York, read and accepted, Feb.
Seite 261 - Defects in the criminal administration and penal legislation of Great Britain and Ireland, with remedial suggestions.
Seite 526 - An, of the origin and object of the Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge upon the Punishment of Death, and the Improvement of Prison Discipline...
Seite 572 - An Account of the principal Lazarettos in Europe ; with various Papers relative to the Plague ! together with further observations on some Foreign Prisons and Hospitals, and additional Remarks on the present state of those in Great Britain and Ireland.
Seite 498 - An act to amend chapter 755 of the laws of 1873, entitled "An act supplemental to the act entitled 'An act to reorganize the local government of the city of New York...
Seite 478 - Minutes of the Evidence taken before the Committee appointed by the House oF Commons to Inquire into the State of Mendicity and Vagrancy in the Metropolis and its Neighbourhood.
Seite 527 - Bradford, William. An enquiry how far the punishment of death is necessary in Pennsylvania. With notes and illustrations. By William Bradford, Esq. To which is added, An account of the gaol and penitentiary house of Philadelphia, and of the interior management thereof.
Seite 397 - CHRISTISON. Life of Sir Robert Christison, Bart., MD, DCL Oxon., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in the University of Edinburgh. Edited by his SONS. In 2 vols.
Seite 570 - J.) Prison Discipline, and the Advantages of the Separate System of Imprisonment ; with a detailed account of the Discipline now pursued in the new County Gaol at Reading.

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