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To the Memory



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Dear friend, and christian father! unto thee,

Few months gone by, my grateful thoughts were bent

These unelaborate verses to present,
For long, unwearied kindness shown to me:
But it hath pleased Him, who doth not see

As mortals do what most with good is blent,

Such fondly-purpos’d offering to prevent; Let this, then, GRATITUDE'S MEMORIAL be! No praise of man should mar the opening page

Of him whose volume treats of themes divine,

Nor needs thy cherish'd memory praise of mine;
Yet may thy bright example prayers engage
For faith, love, meekness, greenness in old age,
And every gift of grace so richly thine.

B. B.

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It was at one time the Author's intention to have published the following Devotional Verses without any prefatory Address : his choice of plan and subjects appeared to himself so plain and

unpretending, that it seemed scarcely necessary to deprecate for his little volume the criticism, that a more elaborate performance might naturally be expected to elicit, but which a manual, so unassuming as the present, might, he hoped, quietly escape. It has, however, been suggested to him, that his choice itself, both of plan and subjects, requires some prefatory explanation, if not apology; and that, as both may differ widely from those anticipated

by some readers, he is bound to state, : briefly, what his aim and object have been.

The Author is far from denying, that a volume, bearing the title of “Devotional Verses, founded on Select Passages of Scripture,” may excite

expectations which the following pages are little adapted to realize. In the many affecting and striking incidents recorded in holy writ; in the numerous glimpses afforded in its earlier pages of pastoral and patriarchal life; in the imposing pictures so graphically painted in its historical parts, of events as sublime as marvellous ; in the gorgeous splendours of the Jewish ritual; as well as in the simple, touching beauty of the narrative

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